Luke Ford … by the numbers … 5 years later

In 2012 we posted about some of the most popular posts on the site over a 6 year period. At the time the top 3 posts were ….

  1. Shawna Lenee Did Her 1st Anal and Someone Almost Went to Jail
  2. Hanna Hilton Leaves The Porno Business
  3. Hot Porn Stars Under 25

But what about now, 5 years later? What are the most popular posts

Well 5 years later and the most popular post on this site (over the years combined views) is the Shawna Lenee post! Over the years since the post was originally made it has received over 3.8 million views!

  1. Shawna Lenee Did Her 1st Anal and Someone Almost Went to Jail
  2. Savannah Gold Found Dead
  3. Hanna Hilton Leaves The Porno Business
  4. Hot Porn Stars Under 25
  5. Hanna Hilton The $750 an hour hooker
  6. Genital Warts
  7. From Playmate to Porn Star. Oh yah! A Bunny Goes Hardcore.
  9. Is Erik Everhard Fucking Girls To Death?
  10. Jenna Jameson is now doing real webcam shows


Fake Twitter Warning – Hanna Hilton

@TheHannaHilton is not the real Hanna Hilton

We’ve posted this before but apparently some people don’t listen.  The person who runs @theHannaHilton is not Hanna Hilton.   I understand running “fan” accounts or pages but this jack is is tweeting pretending to be the actual and real Hanna Hilton and that is what pisses me off.  Block this person and report them for spam to get rid of this faker!

The person who runs this account  is a jack ass formerly known as “Vivid Vixens” or “Your Vixens” who was behind a lot of fake porn star twitter drama (like the fake Lanny Barby suicide story) and a ton of fake porn star accounts.  This guy who is a Vivid Cash affiliate

His website has been taken down but he also had a blogger site or two or 3.

@TheHannaHilton is not the real Hanna Hilton.  She has nothing to do with this twitter account.

DO NOT SUPPORT THIS GUY BECAUSE the person tweeting is pretending to be her, trying to defraud her fans.


Another FAKE twitter account

It seems anymore there are more fakers out there and a good number of the fake porn star profiles come from Vivid Cash affiliates “Your Vixens” formerly “Vivid Vixens”.  Today we are highlighting the fake profile they created for fromer Vivid contract star Hanna Hilton.  The fake profile in question is …… @TheHannaHilton

TheHannaHilton on Twitter is Fake

TheHannaHilton on twitter is not the real Hanna Hilton

Notice they don’t say “fan profile” or “dedicated to”.  Instead they try and play it off like the profile actually belongs to Hanna Hilton.

These douche bags have created fake profiles for many other porn stars including Lacei Heart, Meggan Mallone, Gianna Michaels and Lanny Barby where they at one time pretended she killed herself.  So what they do isn’t just to make money, they also fuck with the fans.  What kind of sick fuck does shit like that?

And even worse, why does Vivid allow it?

On this Hanna Hilton fake account they tweet things pretending to be her and say things like “Starting to get sleepy finally. Good to talk you all. #Kisses” and “Going to a shoot later on. Nothing big but glad to be getting out there again.”


Boobs! Can’t get enough of them!

When we talk about porn stars we often refer to their breast measurements.  You hear talk about someone being an “a” or even a “d” or whatever.  But what the heck does that even mean?  Well breast size really refers to bra classification and goes from the smallest A, B, C, D, and DD F, G, H and sometimes even larger.  But you will find with the much larger sizes, those girls have to get their bras custom made or from a specialty store.  It’s not like a porn star with size G breasts can just go to their local JC Penny to buy a bra.

So I thought it would be a great idea to actually show you the various cup sizes.

A Cup (Morgan Dayne’s tits)

B Cup (The Love Twins)

C Cup (Meggan Mallone)

D Cup (Tory Lane)

DD Cup – all natural (Hanna Hilton)

DD Cup (Brea Lynn)

[nggallery id=30]

Something I’ve always wanted to know is, why do breasts sag as woman get older?  Well turns out there is a very simple reason for it and it has nothing to do with gravity. 🙂  Apparently breasts get fatter as you get older. When you’re in your twenties, mammary glands are comprised of fat, milk glands and collagen. As woman get older, the collagen and milk glands get replaced by more fat. Unfortunately, the fat doesn’t make the breasts larger. It makes them sag more.

Also you also hear people joking about how her tits must way 10 pounds or whatever.  Well experts say that breast fat doesn’t really weigh all that much.  An “A” cup weighs in at a quarter of a pound while a “D” cup is about one pound.

Another fun boobie fact … did you know that an estimated 250,000 woman a year get a boob job?   The majority of women getting boob jobs will go up two full cup sizes and in the U.S. more than 2 million woman have breasts implants.

Top 10 models of 2009 at FreeOnes

Here is a list of the top 10 most popular models of 2009 at   They said that Hanna Hilton comes up as the most popular girl of 2009 and that the biggest change is that Shyla Stylez NOT being in the top 3 anymore after 2 years in a row of being the number 1 pornstar on the FreeOnes list.

  1. Hanna Hilton
  2. Lisa Ann
  3. Priya Rai
  4. Jayden Jaymes
  5. Shyla Stylez
  6. Gianna Michaels
  7. Carmella Bing
  8. Eva Angelina
  9. Kagney Linn Karter
  10. Sara Jay

Meggan Mallone Leaves Vivid

Ready for this shocker? My sources are telling me that Meggan Mallone didn’t renew her contract with Vivid. Her contract was due to expire around the first of December and everyone expected her to resign, as she was one of the most active Vivid girls, attending all of the Vivid related publicity events and taking up extra scenes with others flake out during filming.

However at last minute for whatever reason she didn’t resign with them. We don’t have the exact reason for her departure from Vivid as of yet, but one rumor is it has something to do with Hanna Hilton’s exit from the business as well, yet while another source said “she is doing great, just needed a break”.

There is yet another source who says Meggan will return to work for other companies after the new year, but I can’t get anyone who can confirm that to be true or not.   I don’t know much else about Meggan right now.  I am still digging for more information on this story and will update you when I find it.

Meggan Mallone

Hanna Hilton Leaves The Porno Business

Some of you may have noticed that Hanna Hilton has deleted both her twitter and myspace page and wondered what in the hell was going on. Well it turns out Hanna Hilton has taken a sudden and quite unexpected exit from the porno business. That of course would explain why she wasn’t anywhere to be found during Exxxotica NY with the other Vivid girls.

Technically she is still under contract with Vivid, so if she was to return it would be with Vivid but for now Hanna Hilton is out of the adult industry and enjoying a quiet life in her new home. Although LA Direct Models still has her listed on their page, reps from Vivid confirmed she has taken a leave of absence and has no idea when or if she plans on returning to the adult industry.

Hanna Hilton

You can click here to enjoy several of Hanna Hilton’s movies which are now available on DVD

Vivid Girls versus Digital Playground Stars

For many years Vivid Entertainment dominated the world of adult entertainment.  They had all the best movies, all the top girls under contract and won all the awards.  It was unheard of for Vivid to not come home from AVN without a handful of awards.  This is just how it was for year after year.  However lately there has been a shift and it seems there is a new studio coming into its own.  Digital Playground has recently been winning all the awards and well, what about their contract girls?  They are pretty fucking hot but are they hotter than the Vivid girls?  I’ll let you decide!!  Pictured below from left to right, top to bottom is AJ Bailey, Sunny Leone, Nikki Jayne, Savanna Samson, Monique Alexander, Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton, Jesse Jane, Stoya, Rio Valentine, Riley Steele, and last but surely not least, Katsuni.




Hanna Hilton and Her Great Tits

Hanna Hilton has some massive tits and best of all, they are all natural. That’s a rare thing to say about a porn star. While most of them do have great big titties, you can rarely find one that has such big ones that are all natural. Hanna Hilton however has been giving some thought about getting a boob job and recently asked her fans via Twitter what they thought. That got me thinking, what do you think of this? Do you think Hanna Hilton should get a boob job?

Hanna Hilton
here is a shot of Hanna Hilton’s tits from a shoot she did with Twistys


Hanna Hilton on MySpace

Hanna Hilton has had her MySpace page since long before becoming a porn star.  In fact, Hanna Hilton was discovered on MySpace and became a very popular nude, Internet model for years before making the jump into hardcore.  But recently we noticed her MySpace page was gone and I wondered what happened.  Turns out her page was deleted, and according to her messages on Twitter she isn’t sure exactly why or if she’ll get it back or why it was even deleted in the first place.

Right now she is in the middle of a big move and won’t even be going back to work in LA until September so perhaps once she is settled into her new home she will get back to work on a new MySpace page so for now you can find and keep up with Hanna Hilton at her official website, or via Twitter at

Hanna Hilton