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If you’re a writer, someone who likes to write freelance, or someone who can get their hands on good gossip specific to the adult industry email us with what you’ve got.  We would love your photos too! When submitting photos with your news story please be sure and include who the photo is of, where it was taken and what they were doing. Also if you want someone to get specific credit for the photo be sure and include that data as well. Such as : Photo credit goes to Ryan Rayzer of or simply Photo Credit goes to

Attention ladies, if you want your club appearance or live cam show to appear in our calendar just email it to me and I’ll get it added as soon as possible. When you email me about your appearance please make sure and include dates, times and time zone (ie: 4 pm EST or 6 pm PST) and any other relevant information that your fans will need to know to come see you.

Don’t forget you can always “click here” to register for a free account and post comments or feedback on any story we have already posted.

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  6. i have an idea for you: a section of “where are the now” for the old time porn-stars
    for exemple: i would like to know where are tiffany mynx and jill kelly- and how do they look now

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