Your Ad Goes Here …. Well It Can

I want to do a special series here at but it cost money to do, so I talked Ryan Rayzer into letting me sell a few choice banner ad spaces on the site to raise the money I need.  The cost of the ad is $500, payable via paypal.

So here is what you get.  I will run a story / post about your site, product, service, company (whatever is applicable) and it will be “featured” for a minimum of 30 days.  This means it will be one of the top 3 stories at the site that have a rotating intro graphic off the main page.  You can help me draft the story / post about your company / product / service / movie, etc. or I can write the whole thing myself.  Whatever you want is fine with me.  In short, it will be a post promoting your <whatever>.  Once the 30 days is up the post will remain on the site, however it just won’t have the featured link on the main page.

In addition, you will get a banner ad on our left sidebar that can be no wider than 150 pixels wide.  That banner will remain on the site for a minimum of 3 months.

In addition, Ryan Rayzer or really anyone from this site will be prohibited from posting anything negative about your company, product, service, movie (or whatever you chose to promote) during this time.  No matter how tempted he may be, he absolutely promises that no matter what he will keep his big yap shut.  How can you totally not love that? LOL

But seriously, if you are interested in this very limited ad space click the SUBMIT NEWS link from the main menu and email Ryan.

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