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Title: Best VR Pornsites Right Now

In the last five years, VR technology has grown by leaps and bounds, so it is no surprise that the adult industry would jump on the bandwagon, too, especially considering that porn has always kind of been at the forefront of technological advancements. But since you are here, you already know that. I am Paul, your resident VR sexpert from, here to keep you in the loop about the sites producing the best content in the metaverse. So strap on your headset, find your fave scene from my list below and get ready to take a raunchy ride.

Bang Babes on VR Bangers

While saving the best for last has its appeal, I am way too impatient for that! VR Bangers is the site to watch, especially as the niche becomes popularized in the mainstream. When studios are passionate about VR, they are usually motivated to create the next big thing. And that is exactly what VR Bangers does by producing their content in a crystal clear 8K resolution that no one else is shooting right now, offering competitive and customizable subscription rates, and filming with the most popular babes working today.

Two things about the site really stand out to me. The first is that they offer their own media player called Play’a, which is a streamlined way to consume their content, making the experience foolproof. The second is their interactive VR porn game Dezyred, which allows you to maneuver a choose-your-own-adventure style game that lets you decide where you cum, how you cum, and who you cum with! Almost as good as real life, huh?

Pump Up the Virtual Real Porn

With hundreds of videos on the site, some of which are exclusive and interactive, Virtual Real Porn knows how to provide the ultimate viewing adventure in VR. They shoot with a range of performers, so if you are looking to get down and dirty with a legendary lady like Bridgette B or have a more intimate girlfriend experience with a starlet like Arietta Adams, the site has you covered! I was super impressed by the model diversity, as well as their customizable payment plans and unlimited download and streaming perks. 

Similar to VR Bangers’ game Dezyred, Virtual Real Porn also created their own game called VR Love, where porn performers are digitally tracked and then recreated as CGI characters to fulfill all your fantasies. In-game, you can personalize the models’ physique and opt to purchase clothing items for them. But the whole point is to see them naked anyway, right? And the kicker? You can level up in the immersion department by synchronizing your Lovense teledildonic with every single slow and steady stroke. 

Bounce Over to BaDoink VR

It is no wonder that BaDoink VR is at the top of its game. They proved it, too, having been voted VR Site of the Year from industry-leading award shows like AVN and XBIZ. They advertise a stellar selection of 500+ VR scenes with some of the hottest pornstars, unlimited downloads, and they even gift you with a free video each week from another site on the network like Babe VR or VR Cosplay X. They are also super interested in what members want to see and offer a feedback option – I love when my porn is personalized and the creators have a rapport with their clients. 

To stand out from the crowd, sites have to offer something special. While BaDoink VR doesn’t have its own media player or specialty porn game, they do offer a reality-bending escapade called BaDoink AR. Right now, it is free, which is a huge plus, but basically what they have done is capture the 3D likeness of your favorite pornstars through volumetric scanning so that you can virtually transport them into whichever real-life location you choose to get yourself off. It was mind-blowing when a babe in a bikini danced on my coffee table! 

Connect to the Future of Cyberspace

Today, the highest quality VR scenes are shot in 8K on VR Bangers, but most sites are offering between 4K and 6K, which is good enough if we take into consideration the state of headset technology and its limitations. Whether you are watching on a phone-powered viewer like the Google Cardboard, or a powerful PC VR-powered HMD like the Index, there is an almost endless collection of clips that will satisfy your deepest virtual desires. Can you imagine what the niche will look like in five or ten years?


Bad Bunny Star Jayla is coming to Melbourne! 

Bad Bunny Star Jayla is coming to Melbourne on October 8th, 2019

Perth’s number one adult entertainer and Bad Bunny owner Jayla is coming to Melbourne headlining shows across Melbourne’s three top Strip Clubs! Get ready to be mesmerized by Jayla’s exotic moves that ooze classy sexiness in three of the most highly-rated Melbourne strip clubs.

jayla bad bunny

Jayla is kicking start the excitement at Kittens, before heading for the Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Club. She’ll end the tour with a tantalizing performance the Goldfingers, which is one of the best strip clubs known its risque ambiance.

You’ll get to enjoy the seductive moves that befit Jayla’s growing reputation as the in-demand striptease dancers for any bucks parties. It’s been a long wait for Jayla’s fan, but she’s now heading to Melbourne for real!

We managed to catch up Jayla, and she could barely contain her excitement. “I’m looking forward to giving my fans a thrill they can’t forget”, claimed Melbourne Stripper Jayla.

Catch Jayla performing in these venues.

Oct 8th – 10th, 2019

68 Cecil St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Home – Kittens Stripclub Melbourne

Oct 15th- 17th, 2019

Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Club
14 King St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Clubs

Oct 22th – 24th, 2019

584 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC

If you’ve been following Jayla for a while, you wouldn’t want to miss her performances or the exclusive lapdance that follows. The lucky crowd will get to mingle with Jayla after the performance, and grab some selfies with the sexy performer. On top of that, you’ll get every opportunity to enjoy and resist the temptatious lapdance from none other than Jayla herself. It’s a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with the hot performer.

We can’t promise another such opportunity if you missed out on her coming shows. But you can follow Jayla at Twitter

She’s constantly keeping her fans updated with teasing pics and videos as she blazes through Australia with her wild and sensual act.

Free up your October nights for Cindy’s exclusive performance in Melbourne’s Top 3 gentlemen’s club.

Schedule an exclusive appearance with Jayla here.

Get in touch with Jayla at or call 0458 622 149.


Virtual Reality With Your Favorite Pornstar

When it comes to adult entertainment, Virtual Reality (or simply known as VR) has been taking over the market in the last 3 years.

Watching adult content in VR allows consumers to feel much more engaged when they are viewing this type of movies and it provides them with a feeling that they are interacting with their favorite pornstars rather than just watching a normal porn video on their browser.

Today, VR is one of the most searched content on the internet and a lot of people are purchasing VR headsets to have fun. Plenty of adult actresses have been shooting in VR because they know that the public have been doing the switch.

A VR headset is indeed required to view Virtual Reality porn and plenty of them are available to purchase online, from cheap headsets to very expensive ones. Low-cost headsets like the Google Cardboard, Homido and Zeiss have a retail price of below $100, they don’t have a great streaming quality, they are not that comfortable to wear and they tend to break down fast. On the other hand, top of the line headsets like the HTC Vive, PSVR and Oculus Rift are very expensive ($400+) and they are mostly designed for savvy video game players who play games all day long.

A great headset that has been produced simply to watch VR porn, is the IRIS VR Headset by This headset is made in the US, has a retail price of $199 and it’s been designed for adult content. The streaming quality is excellent, it has a superior optical system and it provides users with a great VR experience when it comes to porn. Consumers who are not into video games and who are looking for a great device to view VR porn movies should definitely look into this device.

In addition, users who own this headset would also gain free access and free VR movies through which is basically a collection of VR movies that gets updated weekly with new content and that allows people to save on monthly subscriptions from the major VR porn studios.

In conclusion, VR is expanding rapidly more and more. People who haven’t tried VR should start looking around and think that there is a better option to satisfy their needs. The IRIS has been satisfying a lot of consumers so if you are thinking of trying something new, then this is the way to go. You’ll have a lot of fun.


HIV Positive John Stagliano Caught With His Pants Down Yet Again

In 2013 TMZ broke a story that the HIV positive owner of Evil Angel was being sued for failing to disclose that he was HIV positive before he sexual interaction with a girl on the set of an Evil Angel shoot.

The woman behind the lawsuit was Katie Summers — who claimed she was paid to appear in the film back in 2009 … and the role involved sexual interaction with John Stagliano (aka Buttman).

To those of us who have been in the industry for a while, knew that John Stagliano is HIV positive. We’ve all known for years and wrongly just assumed that everyone knew.

But new girls come in the industry every single day, young girls just turning 18 who have no idea who the heck John Stagliano is or that he is HIV positive. Most of the girls were just being born when he was first diagnosed with HIV.

HIV Positive John Stagliano with porn agent Spiegler

HIV Positive John Stagliano with porn agent Spiegler

Fast forward five years, and it’s happened again since the Katie Summers ordeal. We now have a new batch of performers and these girls, like those before her, have no idea that the owner of Evil Angel is HIV positive.

All they know is that they go on set to film a scene and they get “molested” by some “old creepy guy,” who they are later told is the owner of the company.

I know it’s a little too late, but I need to be clear here – John Stagliano from Evil Angel is HIV positive, and this has been known since January of 1997. It’s a sad truth that new girls coming into the industry have no way to know that because he damn sure doesn’t disclose it.

Let me repeat, so there is no confusion…

John Stagliano from Evil Angel is HIV positive.

He does not test like the rest of the performers in the adult industry do and is not part of the PASS system. So why then is he on a porn set having sexual contact with a performer?

This Katie Summers ordeal wasn’t the only time John Stagliano would have sexual relations with an active performer without protection, risking tainting the entire talent pool. In August of 2013, Sheena Shaw revealed she had been having UNPROTECTED sexual relations with the HIV positive John Stagliano and he had even gotten her pregnant.

But that’s not the only time. In fact, here is some actual proof

John Stagliano owner of Evil Angel, his wife and now AVN has claimed that during the production of his Stretch Class series he did not have sexual contact with the female performers so there was no need to reveal his HIV positive status.

Here is photographic proof, with his dick in hand, here he appears to be having unprotected sexual contact with a female performer.

Remember this is something John Stagliano and his wife denied. Can anyone say oops, busted?

And this isn’t the only time he’s had sexual contact with a performer while on an Evil Angel set. See here also from 2013.

So now let’s talk about today’s case. It’s between Jenny Blighe and Ginger Banks, neither of which seem to have an agent. That in itself is an issue. If they had an agent I would have hoped their agent would have warned them.

But these girls apparently booked this scene on their own and being new to the industry, they didn’t know of his history or medical condition and apparently, he didn’t bother telling them either.

So now you have two girls on set making what they thought was a normal movie. Then the owner of Evil Angel comes out and according to Jenny Blighe and Ginger Banks, John Stagliano molested both of them.

Jenny Blighe and Ginger Banks were on the set of an Evil Angel movie where they say John Stagliano “molested” them. To make matters worse, they only recently found out he was HIV positive.

Jenny Blighe still wants to come forward and fight it while Ginger Banks as the newly announced head of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (The APAC is the performer branch of the FSC (Free Speech Coalition), decided it was in her best interest not to speak out until she was more famous.

Yep, she actually said that.

John Stagliano knows that he can afford lawyers to quiet any female performer who comes forward to complain.

So I can see why many girls don’t.

The movie in question was Cam Girls The Movie, what is being advertised as Ginger Banks and Jenny Blighe’s first pro-hardcore scene.

They are contractually obligating to promote it on twitter. That has to be awkward.

Meet and fuck and nothing else?

So sex dating is now really popular, heck everybody is talking about it! Well, maybe not your parents or family, but anyone who is single knows that they can just get laid without much hassle if they are brave enough to venture around the right dating sites. But as fun of a concept, as it is, the reality is that some people just don’t have it in them to just ‘meet and fuck’; instead they need emotions and commitment to be part of the whole process. The question is: can you handle a sex meet without any of the usual emotions associated with relationships, and what does such naughty activity actually bring to your table?

Lust is strong

When we read books and watch movies, we often see that couples need love in their lives; it brings them emotional fulfillment that cannot be brought on by anything else. But the reality for other people can be completely different, where they don’t rely on love as much as they enjoy the feeling of lust. Lust is basically a very strong attraction you can feel towards someone when you just want to get naked and have sex with them. In fact, lust can be so strong that many of us have confused it with love. Whilst love and lust are two very different things, they rival each other in terms of intensity. Basically, if you can feel lust, then you can have sex without other feelings, it just depends on how honest you are with yourself and how in tune with your feelings you really are.

Meeting new partners is fun

Some people say that sex dating is just nasty and devoid of all emotions, but the truth couldn’t be more different. There is a huge human element that simply cannot be denied when you are meeting with all those new people, even if it’s just to have sex. Take a look online and find a meet and fuck site, and check it for yourself! You don’t simply ask for sex, instead, you contact people and you approach them as respectfully as you can. You chat, you exchange ideas, and even if it doesn’t lead to a date then you will still have spent some time socializing with new people. Of course, it’s not all flowers and roses; you do need to get to the point and not waste people’s time too much in idle chat, but this will always be the case with any type of dating; not just sex dating.

So is it for you?

You’ve got to sit down and think about it: are you lonely, do you want to have fun? Just because it is only sex doesn’t mean that it won’t bring any benefits to you. Sex is part of a well-balanced life, and you’re much better with it than without. It’s not about being a pervert or being someone who disrespects women and treats them like meat. In fact, the fact that there are many ladies sex dating shows that the activity isn’t just for men. You are not imposing yourself on anyone, they are here because they want to have fun; just the same way that you do. Sure love won’t be a huge part of the equation, but you will still be satisfying your lust. At least you will be quite clear about what urge you are trying to satisfy, so next time you get into a serious relationship you will actually be able to make the difference between being in love and simply feeling some naughty desires. The bottom line is: we can all learn something from sex meetups, and it can make us be better lovers in the future.

Getting into shape so you can start dating again

Before we even get started we would like to say this: in no way are we in favor of physical elitism. We get that love comes in all shapes and sizes. What you look like should be what love is all about, and even sex knows no physical limits.

This article is mainly there to make suggestions about getting yourself on track for your next date, and we are taking the physical approach because we believe that it can also help with psychology and increasing confidence. What we are saying it: you don’t need to be that ‘Hollywood fit’ nonsense that is getting pushed onto people and making a lot of us feel insecure. No, we are saying to embrace your body and who you are; we just want to make a few suggestion for activities that might help to clear your head before that next date.


This is possibly the simplest thing that a lot of people can do. We spend a lot of time stuck indoors staring at computers and sometimes we just get stuck in that reality. Sometimes you just need to switch all of it off, and what better way than walking out and leaving it all behind. Don’t get us wrong we all need those computers, especially when we’re dating online, might is be for love or even sex. But sometimes, you just need to go out and take some fresh air.


If you enjoy water and you want to switch off, why not go for a swim early morning at your local pool. This is not a play on words, swimming is very immersive. When you out your head under water, you’re in another dimension altogether. This helps to forget your problems by bGettringing you into a drastically different universe altogether. You don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer, just spend some time enjoying the water is all… Also, it’s good for your heart too!


For people who are a bit more obsessed about cardio, then running is a good choice. Not only that but the endorphins released when you running can give that very enjoyable ‘runner’s high’. Basically, your body is in pain so your endorphins are kicking in, bringing your mind and body into a very Zen place. If you’ve got problems and you’re anxious about dating, thinking about it during a run will bring some different perspectives to your attention. Again no need to run miles, just find somewhere you can run around for a bit.

Redirecting focus

Basically, you can choose any other sport you want, might it be cycling or table tennis. The idea is to redirect your negative focus into a more positive light so that you can feel more confident about dating. This will work both for traditional dating or adult dating, using sites like the sex chat site .The beneficial side-effects of sports will give you a healthier glow, it’s not necessarily about getting fit. Beyond this, you might actually find an activity which you really enjoy doing, bringing something else into your life that will contribute to your happiness and confidence. A happier and more confident person is always more dateable!

US Student Turned Porn Star Breaking No Rules

The Porn industry has lots of social issues, especially when the students are involved. Well, legally, as it appears, there are no issues.

Belle Knox, a freshman from Duke University, went to Los Angeles to become a porn star. She claims she has no money, and her year tuition fee was $60,000. This issue brought her an idea to start her career as a porn actress.

Furthermore, the student emphasizes the fact that even though it’s not her dream job, she does not feel ashamed. Knox enjoys acting.

Belle Knox is her stage name, a young American pornographic actress came up with two components: “Belle” is a beauty of Walt Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, “Knox” is after a charming and popular actress Amanda Knox. Thus the nickname combines the symbols of beauty and charm.

Belle’s father was a military doctor, and so the family used to move a lot from place to place until they finally settled in the state of Washington. She attended the Catholic Church and organized a charity event in aid of the inhabitants of El Salvador.

It shows a surprising combination of spirituality and vice. She was twelve years old when started watching porn and was has her first intimate contact with a man in sixteen. Soon, she realized that she is bisexual, and enjoyed the close contact with the girls.

Actually, she is not the only one studying in college and acting in porn simultaneously, although this is a rare phenomenon. The first day she came home from college, and the next day worked for Exxxotica exhibition stands, in Atlantic City, where sold the panties for $ 50 per item. Belle Know quickly became popular and recognizable thanks to its activity in the porn industry. During the first year, she managed to act in more than 30 scenes of various films.

Unfortunately, this first year brought her not only fame but also shame. The Duke College got to know about her job. Professors were shocked of unprecedented debauchery of the student. One of the teachers spoke out against her activity in a local newspaper, being really rude.

Besides at that time, Duke University had already experienced a few sexual scandals. The College has a specific atmosphere where everyone seems to hate women. This was created by the combination of wealthy parents, male students’ clubs, and conservative South culture. So, when the story of a young porn star from Duke became public, Belle Knox tried influencing her new image and being a good girl. She was still hesitating whether she made a right decision or not. However, the only way to show her in a favorable light was to become a porn industry defender.

All in all, Miss Knox was a strong and intelligent woman. She was not broken, and moreover, she has equated her activity to the political struggle for women’s rights. She even has fans and those who support her political views, nowadays.

The College explained that they are fine with the fact that their students are working after the classes. It is not forbidden. Not to mention that the Duke states that the financial help for students is available.

Check on sexy Russian girls and, you’ll see another combination of softness and sexuality.


AFSC offers a scary good Halloween deal for website owners

Adult Film Star Content (AFSC) today announced their Halloween special for this year which is 666 scenes for $666.
“We are excited to be able to offer website owners a crazy good deal like this for Halloween. Times are hard and it’s nice to be able to help out where we can. It’s a scary good deal,” said Brandon Ackerman, VP at Adult Film Star Content.
The 666 scenes for $666 are for website licenses only and includes content from several great studios including Woodman, Telsev, Platinum X and AFSC Europe.
The Halloween special expires on October 31, 2016 at midnight.
Those interested can contact Brandon for licensing rights to any of the movies or photosets listed at, can email or contact him via Skype at pingpole.
Adult Film Star Content
About ADULT FILM STAR CONTENT:  Adult Film Star Content offers site owners the ability to license adult videos and high end photosets from almost 100 different studios with over 30,000 photosets, 30,000 SD scenes, 15,000 HD scenes, and 7,500 full DVDs featuring the hottest stars in the business.  AFSC has everything a website owner needs, from hookers to hand jobs and everything in between. For more information on how you can add our vast selection of photosets and videos to your website visit

Just who is Jamie Profit?

Last year some blogger was bullying yet someone else online and when that person threatened to sue him, he proudly proclaimed that @JamieProfit was representing him and that anyone who had any problem with him could take it up with his lawyer.

But just who is this Jamie Profit? Was he really even a lawyer?

He’s obviously a fan of the hate blog in  question as he had been re-tweeting their posts for awhile now. But just yesterday Jamie Profit posted on Mike South’s website stating ……………..

WOW. Good article and read. Keep up the good work Mike. You do have the best porn blog in the biz.

So apparently he had a following out with the owner of the other blog who he had previously claimed was the best blog ever.

Interesting, huh? Wonder why they would have a falling out?

Awhile ago Monica Foster even tweeted that @JamieProfit looked similar to a lawyer who was in fact working for Randazza Legal Group. Did they actually look alike?

Well they both wore glasses, so I guess they had that in common. But did Jamie Profit ever actually work for Randazza or is he even a lawyer at all?

I decided to give Randazza a call. Much to nobody’s surprise, they had never heard of this Jamie Profit nor ever had anyone with such a name working for them.

So the question is, who is Jamie Profit?

Turns out he’s just another online troll pretending who at one time pretending to be a lawyer to get some attention. Today who knows what scam he’s running but I can say for sure, he doesn’t work for Randazza Legal Group.