Title: Best VR Pornsites Right Now

In the last five years, VR technology has grown by leaps and bounds, so it is no surprise that the adult industry would jump on the bandwagon, too, especially considering that porn has always kind of been at the forefront of technological advancements. But since you are here, you already know that. I am Paul, your resident VR sexpert from VRPornSites.xxx, here to keep you in the loop about the sites producing the best content in the metaverse. So strap on your headset, find your fave scene from my list below and get ready to take a raunchy ride.

Bang Babes on VR Bangers

While saving the best for last has its appeal, I am way too impatient for that! VR Bangers is the site to watch, especially as the niche becomes popularized in the mainstream. When studios are passionate about VR, they are usually motivated to create the next big thing. And that is exactly what VR Bangers does by producing their content in a crystal clear 8K resolution that no one else is shooting right now, offering competitive and customizable subscription rates, and filming with the most popular babes working today.

Two things about the site really stand out to me. The first is that they offer their own media player called Play’a, which is a streamlined way to consume their content, making the experience foolproof. The second is their interactive VR porn game Dezyred, which allows you to maneuver a choose-your-own-adventure style game that lets you decide where you cum, how you cum, and who you cum with! Almost as good as real life, huh?

Pump Up the Virtual Real Porn

With hundreds of videos on the site, some of which are exclusive and interactive, Virtual Real Porn knows how to provide the ultimate viewing adventure in VR. They shoot with a range of performers, so if you are looking to get down and dirty with a legendary lady like Bridgette B or have a more intimate girlfriend experience with a starlet like Arietta Adams, the site has you covered! I was super impressed by the model diversity, as well as their customizable payment plans and unlimited download and streaming perks. 

Similar to VR Bangers’ game Dezyred, Virtual Real Porn also created their own game called VR Love, where porn performers are digitally tracked and then recreated as CGI characters to fulfill all your fantasies. In-game, you can personalize the models’ physique and opt to purchase clothing items for them. But the whole point is to see them naked anyway, right? And the kicker? You can level up in the immersion department by synchronizing your Lovense teledildonic with every single slow and steady stroke. 

Bounce Over to BaDoink VR

It is no wonder that BaDoink VR is at the top of its game. They proved it, too, having been voted VR Site of the Year from industry-leading award shows like AVN and XBIZ. They advertise a stellar selection of 500+ VR scenes with some of the hottest pornstars, unlimited downloads, and they even gift you with a free video each week from another site on the network like Babe VR or VR Cosplay X. They are also super interested in what members want to see and offer a feedback option – I love when my porn is personalized and the creators have a rapport with their clients. 

To stand out from the crowd, sites have to offer something special. While BaDoink VR doesn’t have its own media player or specialty porn game, they do offer a reality-bending escapade called BaDoink AR. Right now, it is free, which is a huge plus, but basically what they have done is capture the 3D likeness of your favorite pornstars through volumetric scanning so that you can virtually transport them into whichever real-life location you choose to get yourself off. It was mind-blowing when a babe in a bikini danced on my coffee table! 

Connect to the Future of Cyberspace

Today, the highest quality VR scenes are shot in 8K on VR Bangers, but most sites are offering between 4K and 6K, which is good enough if we take into consideration the state of headset technology and its limitations. Whether you are watching on a phone-powered viewer like the Google Cardboard, or a powerful PC VR-powered HMD like the Index, there is an almost endless collection of clips that will satisfy your deepest virtual desires. Can you imagine what the niche will look like in five or ten years?


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