Stop obsessing about your #sex number

A research study on sex revealed that men lie about sex. I know, shocking right? It turns out that when asked, men tend to exaggerate how many people that have had sex with.

Unlike the women surveyed, men wanted their number to be big, or bigger than it was. They had no problem with the whole concept of nsa sex either (no strings attached sex). They wanted to bang as many woman is they could.

Women on the other hand apparently didn’t agree and when asked in this survey about their sex lives, they tended to lie too. Only unlike men, they toned down their number of sexual partners, instead preferring people to think they had far less partners than they actually did.

This study done by Ohio State University at Mansfield men associated the total number of sexual partners in their lifetime with being a “real man”.

When so many people lie about sex, how in the hell did these researches get people to fess up? They took 293 college students between the ages of 18 and 25 and hooked them up to a lie detector. Well not at first. When they first came in they asked them a bunch of questions like how many people have you had sex with. Then later on they hooked them up to a lie detector and asked them the same questions. That of course is how they found out that men tended to lie and say they had sex with more women than they really did and women tended to say they had sex with less men than they really did.

What I don’t get is why people still think your number is that big of a deal?

I remember watching some stupid movie where the premises was that if you had sex with more than 20 people you were doomed to a lie of misery — In other words, you were going to whore hell!

Why is sex still seen as a bad thing for women? Don’t people realize that sex is a good thing?

Men joke about wanting no strings attached sex and how great it is, but what they should be doing is sharing that knowledge with the women in their lives because truth is, there is nothing like a quick roll in the hay with some hot guy.

We don’t need relationships to enjoy sex and who cares if you’ve been with 10 guys or 1,000? That doesn’t make you a whore, that just makes you more experienced in knowing what you want and knowing what your body needs to feel good!

Vote for the best dressed at AVN

Who do you think was the best dressed at the 2011 AVN awards? Place your vote here!  Below are photos of what each of the girls wore that night on the red carpet.  You can also “click here” to view the entire red carpet photo gallery.  I went through all the pictures from that night and found the best ones for you (see pictures below) and they are Alexis Ford, Bree Olson, Jesse Jane, Kagney Linn Karter, Katsuni, Kayden Kross, Sophie Dee, Sunny Leone and Tabitha Stevens.  So who do YOU think is the best dressed?  Vote now!

Bree Olson
Tabitha Stevens


Alexis Ford


Sarah Vandella (left) with Kagney Linn Karter (right)


Kayden Kross


Jesse Jane


Sophie Dee


Alexis Ford (left) with Sunny Leone (right)

iPhone users have more sex?

iPhone Users Have Most Sexual Partners, Study Says

Your cellphone might define your sex life.

That’s what a study by dating site OKCupid infers in its study of 9,785 users.

People who own iPhones are having more sex than those who use BlackBerrys or Android phones, OKCupid says.

In the study, men with iPhones had an average of 10 sexual partners by age 30, compared to 8.1 partners for those who own BlackBerrys. Male Android-based users had six partners on average.

Women with iPhones had an average of 12 sexual partners, compared to 8.3 partners that use BlackBerrys, according to the study. Female Android users had six partners on average.


Top 100 porn stars, or not?

Genesis Online has recently announced their list of the top 100 porn stars of 2009. They state that they come up with the list based of several factors:

We look at a ton of factors in ranking these top stars in the porn world. Whether it’s the amount of a girl’s name recognition, her looks, the heat of her scenes, her accomplishments in and out of hardcore, the number and quality of movies she’s made, or even something as simple as what she does and doesn’t do on camera, all of this gets put into our little system and then we spit out her spot on “Porn’s Hot 100.” It’s not a science by any means, but rather the opinion of our staff and some select industry insiders.

Of course opinion are like assholes, every one has one! We wanted to compare their list to the likes of more scientific data, like the Fame Registry top 100. compiles a list of top rated porn stars and ranks them in order of popularity based on a variety of information. Every porn star is rated on a special point system that is complied by tracking publicly available information such as their Alexa ranking, Google Term Frequency, # of MySpace friends, Overture Keyword Rating, Wordtracker Searches for their first and last name, Estibot Domain name values, the number of times they’ve appeared in magazines like Penthouse, Hustler and Genesis magazine and last but not least the number of awards each porn star has won from AVN, XRCO and FAME.

Genesis top 15 porn stars:

  1. Sasha Grey
  2. Jenna Haze
  3. Jesse Jane
  4. Tera Patrick
  5. Stormy Daniels
  6. Bree Olson
  7. Briana Banks
  8. Belladonna
  9. Joanna Angel
  10. Gianna Michaels
  11. Jessica Drake
  12. Teagan Presley
  13. Sunny Leone
  14. Alexis Texas
  15. Eva Angelina

Fame Registry’s top 15 porn stars:

  1. Jenna Haze (Last Month # 1)
  2. Belladonna (Last Month # 2)
  3. Jesse Jane (Last Month # 3)
  4. Tera Patrick (Last Month # 4)
  5. Mary Carey (Last Month # 5)
  6. Sunny Leone (Last Month # 6)
  7. Briana Banks (Last Month # 7)
  8. Aria Giovanni (Last Month # 8 )
  9. Eva Angelina (Last Month # 9)
  10. Gina Lynn (Last Month # 10)
  11. Brittney Skye (Last Month # 14)
  12. Taylor Rain (Last Month # 11)
  13. Nikki Benz (Last Month # 12)
  14. Jessica Drake (Last Month # 13)
  15. Janine Lindemulder (Last Month # 20)

Genesis put Sasha Gray number one on their list, Fame Registry has her at #28! Janie Lindemulder comes in at #15 on the Fame Registry list, and Taylor Rain is #11, but neither one of them are even included on the Genesis list!  That is a huge difference! Jesse Jane is #3 on both lists as is Tera Patrick’s #4 ranking! Stormy Daniels ranks #5 on the Genesis, but comes in #19 of Fame Registry. Another big difference is Bree Olson, who ranks #6 on the Genesis list, but only #23 on Fame Registry.

I found the comparison of these two lists quite interesting since there were such major differences. I guess the folks at Genesis should consider the over-all popularity of these stars and not just their likes when comprising a top 100 list!


Vivid Girls versus Digital Playground Stars

For many years Vivid Entertainment dominated the world of adult entertainment.  They had all the best movies, all the top girls under contract and won all the awards.  It was unheard of for Vivid to not come home from AVN without a handful of awards.  This is just how it was for year after year.  However lately there has been a shift and it seems there is a new studio coming into its own.  Digital Playground has recently been winning all the awards and well, what about their contract girls?  They are pretty fucking hot but are they hotter than the Vivid girls?  I’ll let you decide!!  Pictured below from left to right, top to bottom is AJ Bailey, Sunny Leone, Nikki Jayne, Savanna Samson, Monique Alexander, Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton, Jesse Jane, Stoya, Rio Valentine, Riley Steele, and last but surely not least, Katsuni.




Hanna Hilton and Her Great Tits

Hanna Hilton has some massive tits and best of all, they are all natural. That’s a rare thing to say about a porn star. While most of them do have great big titties, you can rarely find one that has such big ones that are all natural. Hanna Hilton however has been giving some thought about getting a boob job and recently asked her fans via Twitter what they thought. That got me thinking, what do you think of this? Do you think Hanna Hilton should get a boob job?

Hanna Hilton
here is a shot of Hanna Hilton’s tits from a shoot she did with Twistys


Nikki Jayne is still alive and looking quite well

People send me tips about stories almost every day. A good number of them are about Vivid or Vivid girls past and present and Nikki Jayne is no exception. I counted up this morning and I have no less than 19 emails about this British import with one bit of speculation or another.   In fact, I recently posted some information sent to me but it turns out Miss Nikki Jayne is not as lost as some would seem to have us believe.   Soon after I published that story a press release came out to say that Nikki Jayne will in fact be at a Vivid party this summer, representing Vivid at Exxxotica Miami on Saturday May 9th.

Before I give you the press release about Nikki Jayne and Vivid that was sent to me this morning I wanted to also point out that a source inside Vivid told me today that the story from about Vivid not shooting until 2010 because of the economy or money problems is total and complete bullshit that they in fact shoot no less than 4 features a month.

Nikki Jayne Vivid

This press release also lists Hanna Hilton as going to be there so it will be interesting to see how that plays out as remember Genesis is reporting that Hanna Hilton is fed up and leaving Vivid.  So we’ll see if that turns out to be true or not.  So here is the full press release about Nikki Jayne in Miami.


WHO: The world-famous Vivid Girls and adult super stars Hanna Hilton, Nikki Jayne, Meggan Mallone and Savanna Samson will host a celebration in honor of Vivid Entertainment’s 25th anniversary.

WHAT: A scorchin’ hot party to celebrate 25 years of Vivid, the world’s leading adult film studio, will be held during EXXXOTICA Miami Beach, the three-day erotic expo which will take place Friday, May 8 to Sunday, May 10.

This is Vivid’s first time at EXXXOTICA Miami Beach and it follows the studio’s successful debut at EXXXOTICA New York last September.

The party is the latest in Vivid’s 25th anniversary festivities, which are taking place throughout 2009. Visit to view an exclusive collection of box cover and behind-the-scenes photo art online.

  • WHERE: Karu & Y Ultralounge, located at 71 NW 14th Street in Miami, FL (phone: 305-403-7850).
  • WHEN: Saturday, May 9th at 11pm. Media check-in 11:30pm.
  • RSVP: Email or call 305-403-7850.

Nina Mercedez raves about her new website

I noticed today that Nina Mercedez made a Myspace post about her new website for her film studio Heartbreaker films.  It’s actually pretty hot.

Hi Everyone my new website www. HeartBreakerFilms. com has just Launched I am so excited we are now accepting members and it is being updated everyday!!! The New website www.HeartBreakerFilms. com offers tons of hardcore video, exclusive photo sets of amature never before seen girls and the hottest pornstars out there. We also offer live feeds and 24 hour chat rooms with flirt4free. Come check out all the action on this Mega Site.

On www. HeartBreakerFilms. com you’ll get all the action you need! I promise you wont be disappointed take the tour, Nina Mercedez

Jana Jordan is one busy little bee

Luke is Back recently reported that Jana Jordan has signed on to be one of the sites celebrity bloggers.  Just after she posted about her own experience with hurricane Ike.

janajordan Says: I evacuated to Austin from Houston for the hurricane. I just came back, and Houston is a fucking mess still in my area. My power is back on, and most of the street lights are working again and stores are opening up but there is still a curfew and trash/trees are still all over the place.

Now Mike South is reporting that Jana Jordan may very well be in talks and closing a deal this very second with Vivid Entertainment to become the next Vivid Girl.  He says … “This one is sketchy but the source is generally right.   Word is Jana Jordan is about to be announced as a contract girl for Vivid.

It seems that Jana Jordan has been one busy little bee.  We don’t know if there is any truth to this rumor about her signing with Vivid and our contact at Vivid had only this to say …..

It is not our normal policy to confirm nor deny that we may or may not be in talks with any given starlet.   If such a rumor turns out to be true we will make a statement at that time. She wouldn’t say much else, not even confirming if she even knew who the hell Jana Jordan even was.

Jana Jordan