What porn stars have won the most awards?

Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again – yes, it’s officially awards season! So it got me thinking, what porn stars have won the most awards? I keep track of this data over at my website Fame Registry. My adult industry awards database tracks the winners of the AVN, XBIZ, XRCO, Nightmoves, …

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#PR: The Bad Guy Is Back! DERRICK PIERCE Reprises Lex Luthor Role For Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parody

The multi-award winning actor was recently profiled by TheSexpose.com

For Immediate Release: September 1st, 2016

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Adult entertainment superstar Derrick Pierce (https://twitter.com/thedpierce) returns to the role of super-villain Lex Luthor for Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parody. After wowing critics and fans with his portrayal of the iconic DC Comics character in Batman V. Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, Derrick adds even more depth and nuance to his evil character. Derrick appears on screen with The Enchantress, Riley Steele, who demonstrates her allegiance to the mad tyrant with her persuasive oral skills.

“I have a lot of fun playing the bad guy,” said Derrick. “Not only do I attempt world domination, but I get one of the girls as well. It’s a win across the board. I’ve received a lot of great feedback from the comic book fans on my version of the character and it’s very inspiring. I look forward to hearing their reactions to this movie.”

Wicked Pictures’ Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parody was lensed by acclaimed director Axel Braun. The trailer can be found on Axel’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-o0M6AgGehA. Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parody is available now from adult retailers.

The Sexpose caught up with Derrick to discuss his recent projects and the growth of his career. Noting the success Derrick has attained with porn parodies, the interviewer delved into the attraction to parody roles and his favorite performances. The Sexpose interview with Derrick Pierce can be found here: http://thesexpose.com/qa-derrick-pierce.

Derrick Pierce is back as Lex Luthor! See him sex up Riley Steele in Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parody.


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Riley Steele Leaves Porn

I must say, I am truly shocked to announce that arguably one of the most beautiful woman in all of porn,  Riley Steele is leaving the adult industry for good.

[source] Digital Playground contract star Riley Steele tearfully announced in a short and cryptic video posted Wednesday evening to her MobyPicture feed that she is done with porn. This comes less than 48 hours after fellow DP girl BiBi Jones abruptly announced her own exit from the business. In the video, tagged “the truth,” Steele said, “I just wanted to post a video stating that I am quitting porn. I’m not going to do anything else. I’ve … just as BiBi Jones has been promised a lot of things, and I have not been owned up to anything. I am so sorry to all my fans. I didn’t want to let anyone down. I’m very sorry, and … I just have to let this go.”

Steele first signed with Digital Playground in 2008, making her debut in DP founder Joone’s blockbuster Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge. She was an instant sensation, and a year later landed her first mainstream role in the horror comedy Piranha 3-D, which in turn earned her AVN’s 2011 award for Crossover Star of the Year … during the same ceremony she was co-hosting. Then at the 2012 AVN Awards, she swept all four of the Fan Awards, as voted upon by the general public.

It seems Riley Steele either had a change of heart or really was just kidding.   Here is the update to the story ……


Not so fast! The flaxen-haired beauty just tweeted moments ago at 4:48 p.m. PDT that she isn’t going anywhere.

Come on guys it was all in good fun I am not quitting or retiring I love porn and theres no way I’m leaving DP” she said at @rileysteele.

Steele is slated to host a series of events at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino this weekend on behalf of AVN to commemorate the upcoming 15th anniversary of the Adult Entertainment Expo and the 30th anniversary of the AVN Awards.

And just in case the video of her crying does disappear, here is a copy of it.


How many people Google’d You Today?

Companies pay search engines like Google money to advertise every time people like me and you search for specific keywords.  The more people per month search a specific keyword or keyword phrase, the more money Google and other search engines can charge that company for that ad.

The interesting part of that whole dynamic is that is also gives us a unique insight into the popularity of your favorite porn stars.   Sites like Fame Registry use this data to help determine the overall popularity of your favorite stars.

So I decided to take a closer look today at the number of searches for some of your favorite stars.  Just curious really how many people really do Google them.  I grabbed some porn stars names which are some of the better known porn stars.   These are all stars we kn ow and love but which of them gets Googled the most?

  • Sunny Leone  – 5,000,000
  • Jesse Jane – 1,220,000
  • Jenna Jameson – 1,220,000
  • Bree Olson – 1,000,000
  • Jenna Haze – 673,000
  • Nikki Benz – 673,000
  • Riley Steele – 450,000
  • Gemma Massey – 246,000
  • Jessica Drake – 201,000

Sunny Leone has been heating up the search engines lately with all of her new found fame over in India.  Between her appearance on the reality show Big Brother, her being cast in I think 2 or maybe 3 mainstream movies over in Bollywood and not one but two different endorsement deals, including one for a cell company over there, you can see why she has so many fans searching their hearts out to find everything they can about her.

Much to my surprise Jesse Jane gets Google’d just as much as Jenna Jameson did … well at least last month.  I’m sure after the whole Jenna Jameson DUI thing her numbers next month will be much higher but at least for now she’s about on part with Jesse Jane.

Next we have the Goddess herself, Bree Olson.  Despite having been out of the media circus for awhile now, she still gets an impressive number of searches each day.

Jenna Haze who has recently dropped in the rankings over at Fame Registry but still ranks very high in overall popularity and is on par in searches with Nikki Benz who was last year’s Penthouse Pet of the Year.

Riley Steele comes in below them with an impressive 450,000 searches a month and below that is British porn sensation Gemma Massey.  Both of them are really the newest performers on the list.  While all the others have years of experience on them, these two young starlets are holding their own with the best of them.

And below all of them is Wicked Contract girl Jessica Drake.  Considering how long she has been with them I’ve very surprised at how low her numbers are.  She’s below Madelyn Marie (who has 301,000 searches last month) who hasn’t been in a single movie or adult promotional event in what … like two years now?  It’s nothing personal … just seems a little off to me.  I just don’t know why her numbers are so low.

So now you know how the top stars rank each month, at least in terms of how many times each day someone goes out there and Google’s them.  Jesse Jane coming in line with Jenna Jameson is a very impressive feat.  A huge congrats to her and all the other stars on the list!  They’ve all done an amazing job at keeping their fans busy wanting more and more of them, which is what gets them Google’d in the first place.




Riley Steele in new Adult Swim show

I’m laying in bed last night, half out of it while watching TV.  I can’t even remember what I was watching but it was some show on Adult Swim.  Before long a commercial came on and I caught a glimpse of a familiar face.  Did I really just see Riley Steele?  I pressed pause on my TV and then rewind (so love that feature on my TV) …. sure enough it was her.  I had just seen a commercial promoting the very sexy and alluring Riley Steele who will be featured in an upcoming series on adult swim.

Today I got the official press release for it.  I’ve posted it for you below.

2010’s Crossover Star of the Year is Featured in the Adult Swim Series “NTSF:SD:SUV”

August 31, 2011 — VAN NUYS, Calif. — Digital Playground’s Riley Steele will appear opposite Jeff Goldblum in an upcoming episode of the series “NTSF:SD:SUV” airing September 1st on Adult Swim. “NTSF:SD:SUV” debuts after CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL Thursday nights at 12:15am (ET/PT) on Adult Swim.

“NTSF:SD:SUV:” is described as a 15-minute live action show that will choke your brain & mentally punch your balls. Adult Swim is bringing terrorism to its knees and then terrorism is resting its ass on its heels. Because that’s. More. Comfortable. Check out Jeff Goldblum as Gunnar Gerhardt and Riley Steele as Erica from their episode entitled CRUISE ROYALE airing September 1st.


Fans of Riley Steele can also check out her latest Digital Playground release “Fighters” at:

For some one-on-one time with Riley Steele, catch her live web chat on Tuesday, Sept. 6th at 7pm PST only on http://www.digitalplayground.com/

Also known as the National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle::, is a clandestine team of government agents working together to protect San Diego from numerous terrorist threats coming in daily from such evil countries as Mexico, Canada, Guam and more.  This team of highly trained operatives has only one job:  saving your ass so you can drive your hybrid and see your movies in 3-D without worrying about living in a country run by no-good terrorists.  As with many other acronym-ed police procedurals that dominate the airwaves, the NTSF:SD:SUV:: season of 15-minute episodes is ripped from the headlines and full of suspense, action, drama, cliffhangers, yelling, passionate love-making, more yelling, death and plenty of pregnant pauses.  NTSF:SD:SUV:: is created by Paul Scheer and stars Scheer, Rebecca Romijn, Rob Riggle, Kate Mulgrew, Brandon Johnson, June Diane Raphael, Martin Starr and S.A.M., the first sentient robot on television.  Guest stars include Jeff Goldblum, Jerry O’Connell, Gabrielle Union, Adam Scott, JK Simmons, Wilmer Valderama, Moon Bloodgood and many more.  Also, in their first role, a fleet of gas-guzzling SUVs with full accessories and leather packages.  NTSF:SD:SUV:: is produced by Abominable Pictures, Inc.  Paul Scheer and Jonathan Stern are executive producers.  Curtis Gwinn is co-executive producer.  Series premieres Thursday, July 21 at 12:15 a.m. (ET/PT) on Adult Swim.

About Digital Playground:
Digital Playground is the world leader in adult filmmaking and interactive formats boasting the largest HD library available, as well as sexy and powerful novelty lines to compliment blockbuster films. Since the Company’s inception in 1993, Digital Playground has earned over 300 awards, currently garners more than 80% of high definition sales within the adult market, and is a leading provider of Blu-ray™ titles. Female owned and operated, Digital Playground emphasizes quality first, employing fastidiously high production values in erotic film for women, men and couples. Digital Playground’s commitment to excellence, innovative technology, brilliant full-length productions and exclusive Contract Stars are the secrets to its success and makes Digital Playground the most highly demanded supplier of content for hotel, IPTV, cable, pay-per-view and mobile networks worldwide. For additional information, visit www.digitalplayground.com, www.facebook.com/DigitalPlayground, www.twitter.com/dpxxx.

XCritic Bitch Slaps Digital Playground

I think it’s probably not a surprise to many that I love Jesse Jane and Riley Steele. I think they are probably two of the most beautiful people in the adult business so when I seen Xcritic posted a new review about them, I couldn’t wait to read it. Imagine my surprise when they rated the movie 2 out of 5 stars and then recommend readers not even bothering buying it.

My first thing is wow, DP must have really dropped the ball in production values here to make a movie THAT bad. I mean hell Bill Fisher and the likes have made some horrible movies. One time he hired a hooker for $50 off of the street and filmed the nasty girl and xcritic rated that movie higher than this one.

So I had to read the summary just to see what was so bad about this movie that it got such a horrible rating.

Turns out the answer was that the reviewer felt the girls were to skinny and the sex was to aggressive to them …. in a movie named Power Fuck : Fast and Furious – which in the title implies it is aggressive sex. So to punish a movie for being the type of sex of the genre is just ridiculous. I was like wow, the reviewer trashed a movie about aggressive sex, for having aggressive sex. That totally makes sense!

I’ve read more than a few reviews at xcritic and one time I read “the sex was great but …”. I was like wait …. what? There is no but. This is porn. Really does ANYTHING beyond great sex matter? Do you really care if a girl wears pink or black or you would rather her be in a more natural setting? -rolls eyes-

So at this point I couldn’t help but get a chuckle. Not because of what I was reading, but instead because at that exact moment I was on a conference call with a client who decided not to advertise with xcritic. While xcritic hasn’t given any bad reviews for this client, they have been trashing many others lately and in some cases for no apparent reason. I mentioned this review, where they advised their visitors not to buy this movie because the girls were to skinny and the sex was to aggressive in a film that was about aggressive sex and that was that. It seems the theory is, if they are so quick to turn on other companies for no apparent reason, who is to say they won’t do the same to us later on down the line?

In the end, I’m not going to tell other people who I don’t know how to run their business but I will say in today’s economy with ad rates going down the tubes, is it really a good idea to allow your reviewers to post reviews unchecked?

I’m not trying to imply that you can’t post honest reviews, if the movie is bad, then I get it. But after reading that review and more than a few more, it seems like to me, sometimes the reviewer sounds a little jaded by their years of watching far far to many movies. Their jaded bitterness is now affecting your bottom line.

So I guess the question really is, who did someone at Digital Playground piss off to get a review like that?

Riley Steele Wants To Share Her Pussy With You


Find out How You Can Win Riley Steele’s Pussy!

Digital Playground Contract Superstar Riley Steele graces the cover of the August 2011 issue of Video World Magazine, on newsstands now. The magazine is offering one lucky winner the chance to win a Riley Steele Fleshlight. To enter the contest, pick up a copy of Video World Magazine today.

“That’s right, you can win pussy!” Riley exclaims. “When Video World Magazine asked me to participate in a contest that involved winning my Fleshlight, I was all over it! The more people that get a chance to fuck my Fleshlight, the better!”

“Having a star of Riley Steele’s caliber on our cover is amazing enough,” says Video World Magazine Editor Dan Brown. “ But having her agree to take part in this very unique promotion just takes things to a whole new level. We are really excited and grateful to Riley, Digital Playground and the people at Fleshlight for making the ‘Win Riley Steele’s Pussy Contest’ possible.”

Riley also personally shot a video message for Video World Magazine readers where she talks about how happy she is to be able to ‘give her pussy away’ to the contest winner. That video can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNRxUgWYYHM

“Not only is Riley gorgeous, but she also has this fabulous sense of humor,” says Samantha Lewis, Digital Playground CEO. “She’s the perfect person to be the face of such a great promotion. Thank you to Video World Magazine and Fleshlight for making it all happen.”

Riley Steele also recently wrapped a big Digital Playground ensemble feature movie, “Babysitters 2,” starring Jesse Jane®, Kayden Kross™,  BiBi Jones™ and Stoya™. It’s set for release June 28th. You can view the box art by visiting:


Check out the just-released smoking hot trailer here: www.babysittersxxx.com


And pick up Riley’s Steele’s Fleshlight today as the perfect viewing companion:




About Digital Playground:

Digital Playground is the world leader in adult filmmaking and interactive formats boasting the largest HD library available, as well as sexy and powerful novelty lines to compliment blockbuster films. Since the Company’s inception in 1993, Digital Playground has earned over 350 awards, currently garners more than 80% of high definition sales within the adult market, and is a leading provider of Blu-ray™ titles. Female owned and operated, Digital Playground emphasizes quality first, employing fastidiously high production values in erotic film for women, men and couples. Digital Playground’s commitment to excellence, innovative technology, brilliant full-length productions and exclusive Contract Stars are the secrets to its success and makes Digital Playground the most highly demanded supplier of content for hotel, IPTV, cable, pay-per-view and mobile networks worldwide. For additional information, visit www.digitalplayground.com, www.facebook.com/DigitalPlayground, www.twitter.com/dpxxx,


Did Bibi Jones Just Cost DP Some $$?

Times are tough right now and every single deal you can make matters with the way things are going. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already fucking know. Shit sucks right now and for some two bit whore to open her stupid mouth and ruin some potentially lucrative promotional deals for Digital Playground has to be fucking the stupidest thing ever.

So what the fuck am I talking about?

Last week Bibi Jones, under a fake name sent out a series of inflammatory emails to all the gossip sites, online news sites and any other remotely relevant adult blog she could find.

In the email she called Jesse Jane fat, old and said she was jealous of her. Had she just left it at that, it might not have been so bad. Sure trashing a fellow contract girl isn’t the smartest move ever, but whatever, it wasn’t anything bad enough where it might have cost the company money.

But then the dumb cunt takes it a step further and starts laying into Riley Steele. She tells people, not really fucking sure how many but enough that the information got around, that Riley Steele is unreliable, about to be fired by Digital Playground and that she has a “serious substance abuse problem”.

Now for just a moment think about someone who might be considering working with Digital Playground for a magazine layout, an interview, a store signing for the latest release or anything of that nature? Hearing what Bibi Jones is going around spreading about Riley Steele, would you want to work with her?

That is in a nutshell the big fucking deal. Bibi Jones cost Digital Playground at least 1 deal that I know of, and who knows how much long term damage she did to the company’s reputation as well as Riley Steele’s.

The people I work with didn’t want me to make this post because they thought it might be inflammatory but I said I don’t give two shits about that. If BiBi Jones wanted attention, which you know she did by the fucking stupid emails she is sending out, I say we give it to her.

BiBi Jones sent the emails out under a fake name. She pretended she was a man. She would later go on to Twitter under a similar fake name, pretending she was an older man, well established in business.

Here are some of the problems with that. I got these from someone else, so I don’t want to take credit for coming up with them but still I am using them because they are good fucking points.

Men and women are very different. When a man is insulting a woman he would do it different than another female would. Females are brutal and they go for the throat. Where a man would be like ah that dumb bitch, a woman will nit pick every little thing about her looks. Only another female would go into detail about how Jesse Jane is over weight. A man doesn’t give two shits about the way fat shifts in a body. Who the fuck would even think about some shit like that? Apparently another female would.

Next problem with her emails, if this really was just some random fan that supports BiBi Jones and she had nothing to do with the emails, then how would he have insider information about Riley Steele’s relationship with Digital Playground and her ability to make scheduled meetings or appointments and fulfill her contractual obligations?

Nobody that doesn’t work with DP would be privy to any of that fucking information.

Next remember the part where this fake man is claiming to be business savvy? Someone pretended to him the scenario that what Bibi Jones is doing is like some American Idol reject telling a rock legend like Bob Dylan to move aside because he’s old and doesn’t know anything. Jesse Jane is a legend in porn, Bibi Jones has made what? 2 movies? Maybe 3? Who the fuck does she think she is?

Show some fucking respect already.

G4 TV at the SEXPO South Africa


Riley Steele, the Vivacious Star of Adult Films and Piranha 3D, Hosts the Two-Hour Special Giving Fans an In-Depth Look Behind-the-Scenes at the International SEXPO Event

G4 is taking viewers to Johannesburg, South Africa to explore the erotic tradition of SEXPO – the world’s largest health, sexuality and lifestyle exhibition that has hosted hundreds of thousands of sexy adult lifestyle fans for over a dozen years. This year G4 travels outside SEXPO’s traditional Australian location for the first time ever as the expo hits the road to South Africa to spread the love. AVN nominated adult film superstar Riley Steele will host G4’s two-hour SEXPO special taking viewers through the four-day expo filled with all things adult lifestyle including erotic theater, adult toys, 3D erotic art and the world’s largest inflatable penis – Mount Peni. G4’s two-hour SEXPO SOUTH AFRICA special airs Sunday, November 14th at 10PM ET/PT.

During the show Riley is joined by her fellow adult film vixens Kayden Kross, Kirsten Price, and Jessica Drake who take a break from meeting adult film fans to check-out local bars, bungee jump and make titillating conversation that nobody should miss. Back at the expo, our lady Steele shows off the best in technological gadgetry and presents viewers with SEXPO’s hottest booth babes while also finding time to feast her eyes on scrumptious expo-goers and intently watching the amateur pole dancing competition.

In addition to keeping viewers abreast of all the expo news coming from this year’s SEXPO, Riley also experiences the South African culture and wildlife outside the SEXPO doors. While on an elephant back safari, she has face-to-face meetings with lions, cheetahs, hyenas and giraffes, showcasing all the beauty and adventure the African continent has to offer.

This year’s SEXPO SOUTH AFRICA broke an attendance record with over 51,000 attendees in four days for the event. Originating in Australia in 1996 as a forum for women to feel comfortable about buying adult products, SEXPO has extended its reach to an international level with expos in five cities in Australia, three cities in South Africa and will soon be headed to the USA. Attracting the biggest names in the adult film industry and the most prominent products for adult lifestyles, SEXPO is a leader for every erotic need.

G4 viewers can watch this exotic event on Sunday, November 14th at 10PM ET/PT.

For additional info and exclusive video please go to: g4tv.com/sexpo2010.

DP Girls at Venus Fair


Industry Members & Media Are Invited to Visit Stand #74 in Business Hall 20 to Meet Digital Playground’s Exclusive Contract Stars

BERLIN, GERMANY — Digital Playground announces the attendance of their exclusive contract stars, Kayden Kross, Stoya and Riley Steele, at the 2010 Venus Fair in Berlin, Germany from October 21 to 23. Industry members and media may visit booth #74 in Business Hall 20 to learn about Digital Playground’s developments in multiple delivery platforms including DVD, Blu-ray™ Disc, VOD, Internet, broadcast, and mobile.

Joone, the company’s Founder will hold meetings at the booth regarding content, technology, and a few new surprises that will shake up the industry. “I hope everyone stops by the booth to discover what we have on the horizon,” says Joone, “We’re excited to share the various new ventures Digital Playground is undertaking.”

Operating hours for Digital Playground’s booth #74 in Business Hall, 20:

Thursday, October 21
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Friday, October 22
11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday, October 23
11:00 am – 6:00 pm