XCritic Bitch Slaps Digital Playground

I think it’s probably not a surprise to many that I love Jesse Jane and Riley Steele. I think they are probably two of the most beautiful people in the adult business so when I seen Xcritic posted a new review about them, I couldn’t wait to read it. Imagine my surprise when they rated the movie 2 out of 5 stars and then recommend readers not even bothering buying it.

My first thing is wow, DP must have really dropped the ball in production values here to make a movie THAT bad. I mean hell Bill Fisher and the likes have made some horrible movies. One time he hired a hooker for $50 off of the street and filmed the nasty girl and xcritic rated that movie higher than this one.

So I had to read the summary just to see what was so bad about this movie that it got such a horrible rating.

Turns out the answer was that the reviewer felt the girls were to skinny and the sex was to aggressive to them …. in a movie named Power Fuck : Fast and Furious – which in the title implies it is aggressive sex. So to punish a movie for being the type of sex of the genre is just ridiculous. I was like wow, the reviewer trashed a movie about aggressive sex, for having aggressive sex. That totally makes sense!

I’ve read more than a few reviews at xcritic and one time I read “the sex was great but …”. I was like wait …. what? There is no but. This is porn. Really does ANYTHING beyond great sex matter? Do you really care if a girl wears pink or black or you would rather her be in a more natural setting? -rolls eyes-

So at this point I couldn’t help but get a chuckle. Not because of what I was reading, but instead because at that exact moment I was on a conference call with a client who decided not to advertise with xcritic. While xcritic hasn’t given any bad reviews for this client, they have been trashing many others lately and in some cases for no apparent reason. I mentioned this review, where they advised their visitors not to buy this movie because the girls were to skinny and the sex was to aggressive in a film that was about aggressive sex and that was that. It seems the theory is, if they are so quick to turn on other companies for no apparent reason, who is to say they won’t do the same to us later on down the line?

In the end, I’m not going to tell other people who I don’t know how to run their business but I will say in today’s economy with ad rates going down the tubes, is it really a good idea to allow your reviewers to post reviews unchecked?

I’m not trying to imply that you can’t post honest reviews, if the movie is bad, then I get it. But after reading that review and more than a few more, it seems like to me, sometimes the reviewer sounds a little jaded by their years of watching far far to many movies. Their jaded bitterness is now affecting your bottom line.

So I guess the question really is, who did someone at Digital Playground piss off to get a review like that?

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  2. Rather than take a few words out of context as a company apologist might do, wouldn’t it make more sense to read the entire review? I wonder if you even bothered since Riley Steele wasn’t even in the flick that MH reviewed (and contrary to the comments, he hasn’t reviewed enough titles to be jaded).

    Your article further suggests reviewers need to sugarcoat what they think of a movie in order to gain advertising dollars. While this may be the standard model for your works, doesn’t that weaken any hope of credibility one might have with consumers?

  3. I don’t write movie reviews so your attempted insult to me about that doesn’t really apply. As far a credibility goes, if you really want to worry about that, you might want to consider asking your reviewers to write about the quality of the movie, not obsess about their own body image issues.

    As far as the jaded issue, I was more referring to you than her. But I suspect you knew that all along.

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