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It’s a BOY! Well, it will be!

I know I’m a little slow on announcing it but hey maybe there are others out there like me who didn’t know either. 🙂


Former Digital Playground contract star has been busy lately preparing for the arrival of her baby. She tells her fans via twitter that she is due on April 16, 2014 and that it will be a boy that she will be naming James Raymond.

Congrats Bibi Jones!

You can follow Bibi Jones via twitter @_BiBiJones



Jesse Jane nails 6 XBIZ Award Nominations


Jesse Jane’s 2014 XBIZ Awards Recognitions Include Female Performer of the Year, Crossover Star of the Year and 2 Best Actress Nominations

Jesse Jane, Digital Playground’s exclusive contract star, is nominated for 6 prestigious awards by adult industry trade publication, XBIZ Media. The 2014 XBIZ Awards will be held in Los Angeles, California on January 24, 2014 at the Century Plaza Hotel.  The award nominations include top honor Female Performer of the Year, as well as Crossover Star of the Year, which recognizes an adult performer’s impact in mainstream entertainment.

Jesse Jane


Jesse Jane’s complete list of nominations is as follows:

  • Female Performer of the Year
  • Crossover Star of the Year
  • Best Actress – Feature Movie, Bridesmaids (Digital Playground)
  • Best Actress – Couples – Themed Release, Love Jesse (Digital Playground)
  • Best Scene – Feature Movie, Code of Honor (Digital Playground)
  • Best Scene – Feature Movie, Bridesmaids (Digital Playground)

“I am beyond thrilled to be nominated for the 2014 XBIZ Awards, especially Female Performer of the Year” Jesse Jane says.  “I’m so happy and grateful to all my supporters, my fans, and everyone at XBIZ!  Thank you for recognizing all my hard work, and dedication.  I can’t wait for the show in January – hope to see you all there!”

The multiple Best Actress nominations showcase Jesse Jane’s range as an adult performer, breathing life into complex characters and plots for Digital Playground’s couples-friendly feature films. In 2013, Jesse’s critically acclaimed sex scene in Mothers & Daughters was honored with XBIZ’s award for Best Scene – All-Girl.

Digital Playground’s Online Product Manager, Brian Tassels, says, “Jesse Jane is a real star. She’s the face of Digital Playground, and her having 6 nominations is a true testament of her dedication and star power in the industry.  That’s our girl, and we’re grateful to have her.”

For more information regarding Jesse Jane, you can follow her on twitter @JesseJane.




Jesse Jane Leaves the Boys Behind

It looks like the rumors are true … porn sensation Jesse Jane has opted to no longer perform on camera with male talent (at least for now).  She’s saving it all for her real life man and new fiance.  It doesn’t seem to however have hurt her popularity as she comes in yet again as the #1 contract star in the world over at Fame Registry this month.

Mike South first reported this rumor last week and my sources are saying the rumor looks to be true.

Some Things Never Change

The other day I was reading a tweet by an affiliate having a laugh at the person put in charge of the Digital Playground affiliate program. Some of the tweets were things like … guess we know one thing Manwin isn’t spending their money on and that’s training their new employees.  But apparently another thing Manwin doesn’t spend their money on is paying the production crew for their movies.

So beware before you accept work from Digital Playground … GET CASH UP FRONT!


Some Things Never Change, Scott Justice Running Things At Digital Playground [source]

This is from a reader with some background tossed in by me.

It seems that Manwin’s first major DP feature, a “parody” on Act of Valor, has ended up with a lot of the crew (not sure about talent) not being paid what they were owed. They are in the third-fourth week of payments being delinquent for locations and crew and the production wasn’t on a “payroll company” system like Wicked usually is.

The feature was directed by Robbie D, in conjunction with Mark Kramer “putting the production together.” Word is also that Scott Justice (formerly Sin City) is “running things” at DP now.

Imagine that….Scott was the guy that bailed Jules Jordan for Manwin and took Half of the company with him. But Scott has a long history in porn.  When he left Sin City as General Manager he too to contacting girls on onemodelplace representing himself as the “Owner of High Society Magazine” and trying to set up “auditions” with them. See this post Scott is a long time scumbag in the adult industry, figures he would end up with Manwin…birds of a feather and all.

Another Reader wrote of Justice when he joined Jules Jordan, yet another scumbag:

Doesn’t anyone else find it amusing that Jules Jordan hired Scott Justice to run his company? Jules has a reputation of having his eye on every nickel that flows in and out of his office, and agonizing over every detail. Scott’s reputation is that of the person who plundered hundreds of thousands of dollars out of Sin City. Everyone knew he skimmed every budget before it made it to the director’s hand. How long til Jules catches Scott with his hand in the cookie jar?

And as a side note — rumor is that the feature ran $50k over the $300k allotted budget. What the fuck is it with budgets running over by tens of thousands of dollars recently, yet no one appears to be getting paid? I thought that shit had stopped when Bryn Prior left the industry.

As for APHSS….I wrote the entire APISS thing off as another FSC shakedown attempt (similar to the 2257 “protection money racket” of 2007/08)

So, anyone been able to link Fabian to collusion with Weinstein at AHF yet? Is it purely a coincidence that Derrick Burts became an AHF poster boy, after he allegedly contracted HIV during a shoot with a “condom only” Manwin owned gay production arm in Florida, and now Fabian is all up into the business of talent testing?

More on Fabian and Talent Testing coming later.

Riley Steele Leaves Porn

I must say, I am truly shocked to announce that arguably one of the most beautiful woman in all of porn,  Riley Steele is leaving the adult industry for good.

[source] Digital Playground contract star Riley Steele tearfully announced in a short and cryptic video posted Wednesday evening to her MobyPicture feed that she is done with porn. This comes less than 48 hours after fellow DP girl BiBi Jones abruptly announced her own exit from the business. In the video, tagged “the truth,” Steele said, “I just wanted to post a video stating that I am quitting porn. I’m not going to do anything else. I’ve … just as BiBi Jones has been promised a lot of things, and I have not been owned up to anything. I am so sorry to all my fans. I didn’t want to let anyone down. I’m very sorry, and … I just have to let this go.”

Steele first signed with Digital Playground in 2008, making her debut in DP founder Joone’s blockbuster Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge. She was an instant sensation, and a year later landed her first mainstream role in the horror comedy Piranha 3-D, which in turn earned her AVN’s 2011 award for Crossover Star of the Year … during the same ceremony she was co-hosting. Then at the 2012 AVN Awards, she swept all four of the Fan Awards, as voted upon by the general public.

It seems Riley Steele either had a change of heart or really was just kidding.   Here is the update to the story ……


Not so fast! The flaxen-haired beauty just tweeted moments ago at 4:48 p.m. PDT that she isn’t going anywhere.

Come on guys it was all in good fun I am not quitting or retiring I love porn and theres no way I’m leaving DP” she said at @rileysteele.

Steele is slated to host a series of events at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino this weekend on behalf of AVN to commemorate the upcoming 15th anniversary of the Adult Entertainment Expo and the 30th anniversary of the AVN Awards.

And just in case the video of her crying does disappear, here is a copy of it.


Good Riddens to Bad Rubbish

AVN is reporting that Bibi Jones is leaving porn.  My parents always told me if I don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all, so on that note … I will just post for you AVN’s story regarding the matter. 

Digital Playground contract star BiBi Jones has decided to end her performing career.

In a video posted to her Facebook page under her real name, Britney Maclin, a clearly emotional Jones quotes from Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and says that she’s leaving her performing career behind. Jones’ Facebook page was made private earlier this morning.

“I’m only 20-years-old,” she says in the video. “The earlier I get out of this industry, the better it’s going to be. I have nothing negative to say about porn or the people involved in it. It’s not for me.”

Jones, who was nominated for Best New Starlet at the 2012 AVN Awards, made her Digital Playground debut last May in Assassins, after signing with the company in December 2010.

Before signing the deal with Digital Playground, Jones worked for a brief time under the name Britney Beth, and shot for Hustler Video, Twistys, JM Productions, Immoral Productions and North Pole Enterprises, among others.

She’s appeared on the cover of a plethora of men’s magazines and gained mainstream notoriety last year when a photo of her wearing the jersey of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (with a shirtless Gronk standing next to her) went viral.

“I guess [I’ll] start fresh and try to become a better person,” she said. “I’m truly sorry to Digital [Playground], Manwin and everyone I let down.”

Is Kayden Kross a High Priced Hooker?

Someone submitted a comment today about Digital Playground contract star Kayden Kross saying she was a high priced hooker working under the fake name of Angelika.  I had to take a look.  Could it be true?  Well if you believe OC Escorts listing, then it is.   [source]

For $400 she will make you holla

Angelika is real hot and fun. She has a lovely all “natural” figure and what a seductive face. However her moves are even better !!! Seeing is believing. She lives for fun and ready to turn your dreams into reality.

Kayden Kross is a contract star for the Manwin owned Digital Playground.  At the time of this posting there was no response from Manwin as to what their legal department may think of their contract girls being part-time hookers.

I should also point out in all fairness there is no way to know for sure if this rumor of Kayden Kross escorting is true or not.  Could be a fake, like many other escort sites, they often use fake photos to trick customers and TBH $400 an hour? Really?  That seems kinda cheap to me considering she’s also a Penthouse Pet.  Surely she could get more than $400 an hour.  Don’t you agree?

We can’t be right all the time, right Mike?

Mike South posted a story on his site the other day which claims Manwin owned DP as long ago as September 2010 stating DCMA information as evidence but that actually isn’t the case at all.  He forgets that long before Manwin bought DP, they took over running their websites and that is why you see Manwin related texts dating back to September 2010 in association with Digital Playground.  [source]

Digital Playground Owned By Manwin As Far Back As Sep 2010

By MikeSouth – May 10th, 2012

Look at this dmca notice I found, note the dates:  Fabian claimed he never had anything to do with DP until Dec of 11  Totally not true…

Declaration of Assignment of Copyright Protection Agent


A Multimedia Copyright Protection Company

Hereby I Fabian Thylmann on behalf of Froytal Services Ltd. the main copyright holder for the contents produced under the following brand titles:

distributed via……….The respective Websites via the designated member area…open to age verified paying customers ……declare Degban Ltd as the Copyright Protection Agent to protect contents produced under the brands..Indicated above. by.Froytal Services Ltd.
This assignment gives Degban Ltd. the power and permission to execute legally permissible actions against any person or entity that is:

  • Infringing the copyrights in regards to aforementioned brand.
  • Is assisting in infringement of copyright in regards to aforementioned brand.
  • Misusing the brand or products of aforementioned brand and copyright holders generally or in regards to the terms of service and sale.

These actions include but are not limited to contacting concerned legal bodies or private and public entities involved and concerned. This assignment allows Degban Ltd. to communicate such concerns with involved or suspected persons or entities. This assignment is valid parallel to the validity of the contract between Degban Ltd and … Froytal Services Ltd. This assignment does not grant right or shift the responsibility of seeking judgment against suspected persons by Degban Ltd. from a court of law.

Signature of Copyright holder or authorized representative:
Name: …. Fabian Thylmann…..
Company: ……. Froytal Services Ltd….
c/o Webexpansions Cyprus Ltd
Kermia Building
4 Diagorou Street, Office 204
Nicosia, Cyprus 1097
Telephone: +35722662320
Website: www.manwin.com
Email: fabian@manwin.com
DATE: 24/September/2010

Suite 12412, Second Floor, 145-157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PY United Kingdom
Phone: +44 02031298795
Fax : +44 02033573100

Porn Hackers Strike Again

A few weeks ago news broke that Manwin’s sites have been compromised and tens of thousands of customers information may have been compromised.  This hack included the Brazzers’s forums.  Anyone who had an account there had their information compromised.  While they were busy backtracking claiming the hack was no big deal they apparently forgot to sure up the security on their other assets because on February 23rd YouPorn got hacked [source] which compromised an estimated 1 million accounts and the hackers even posted the list of YouPorn users and their email addresses.

This is a big deal for a few reasons …

  • First and foremost it directly links you to a site that illegal streams stolen porn which means that could potentially be used against you in those “John Doe Lawsuits” which could cost you hundreds or even a few thousands of dollars, depending on how active int he youporn site you were.
  • Next it’s a big deal because the hackers posted every users email address and that means every jack ass spammer out there has taken that list and put it in their database.  Now you are going to start getting way more spam.
  • Now people know you are into porn.  If you have enemies and are in a situation that viewing porn online could compromise you, well … an enemy could use that list against you.
  • And last but surely not least, it’s a big deal because more often than not people use the same email address and password for multiple sites so if they stole them for one site, they may now have access to your other accounts like paypal and amazon and whatnot.  So BE SURE AND CHANGE ALL YOUR PASSWORDS IMMEDIATELY!

So now it seems the hackers have struck another Manwin owned site again.  Manwin (aka Brazzers) recently took control of Digital Playground including their family of websites and what they apparently forgot to do is make sure security was strong, especially after the their other sites started to get hacked.

So tonight Jesse Jane tweeted about her site being down, it’s been down over an hour now and her site isn’t alone.  The main Digital Playground site is down as well.


There is no official news who has hacked the site yet or what information (if any) will be exposed for the Digital Playground customers but since their DVD store was also hacked, it could potentially be a very big deal, including the loss of username and passwords as well as email addresses and credit card numbers and maybe (possibly) your home address!


Manwin Buys DP for rumored $50 Million

Everything you are reading here should be considered a rumor – as in an unproven fact.  These rumors may or may not be true, in part or in whole.  You should never consider a rumor as a fact.  What you read here may be in part true, or in whole completely false.  That’s the thing about rumors, you never really know.  I am only sharing with you water cooler stories I have been hearing.  They may or may not be true.  THEY ARE RUMORS.

Last June we reported that Manwin was in talks to buy Digital Playground.  Truth be told, by the time we had posted that story they had been in talks for awhile and had already started to take over the day to day operations of the DP family of websites.

It would take another two months however before the buyout would take place.  It took so long because according to rumors DP was over valuing their catalog.  Well, at least in the eyes of the buyers.

It was during this time Jesse Jane had decided not to renew her contract with Digital Playground and made a very public to do about it.   Jesse Jane’s people went into talks with several other companies including taking a meeting with Brazzers.  Just days later she announced she had resigned with Digital Playground.  Insiders are now saying it was actually a deal with Manwin that Jesse Jane did her new deal with because at that time they had already secretly bought out the company.  So the insinuation that the contract girls would be cast aside after AEE in Vegas, is ridiculous.

Mike South and Adult FYI are reporting buyout sum was $50 million but I have a source that says that number is very wrong.  It includes a large up front cash payment that is nearly double that and over the next five years additional payments will be made.  He doesn’t know an exact amount but estimates it to be around $150 million over a period of 5 years.

The rumor is now that Manwin is in talks with Vivid.  My sources are saying these talks have been going on for a few months now and are all but a done deal.  One Vivid insider says that Hirsch made his money off of some big Playboy deal a few years ago and since then he just doesn’t give a fuck. He’s been looking for an excuse to leave porn since then anyway.

Another insider is saying that the Vivid deal will not include a continuation of the Axel Braun contract.  According to a few different people he is to hard to work with.  “Not worth the bullshit that comes with working with him”.    “His ego an antics make him to much of a liability“.

So who does that leave us with?  If Manwin buys Vivid that means they control all the major studios except Bluebird Films.  Think about it …… there is Wicked Pictures, Vivid Entertainment, Digital Playground and Bluebird Films.  They are the big 4 in the jizz biz, making the big budget features.

Will Bluebird Films cave and join the other major studios?  My sources say “not in a million fucking years”.  Owner Paul Chaplin was once quoted as saying he was never in the porn business to make money, he makes the movies he wants to watch.  Perhaps that will be the one thing that keeps Manwin at bay.  We shall see.

In the mean time we have a few other Manwin rumors to address.  Not to long ago there were reports that Zero Tolerance were in “financial dire straights” that the only thing making them any sort of money was their toy line but with their venture with the now bankrupt Store Program ended, things took a turn for the worse, even in that division of the company.  This made them prime for takeover by Manwin.  While to date Manwin hasn’t really made any move on the lower tier “gonzo type studios” like Zero Tolerance, Red Light District, Elegant Angel, etc. because Zero Tolerance is considered to be the best in that category there was always the chance that Manwin would consider it but my sources are saying to date that is not the case.  They would rather just freeze out the smaller guys and let them go out of business than waste their money and resources on trying to acquire them.

One Brazzers insider said that Manwin might have considered Zero Tolerance a little more seriously if their collection of websites weren’t run so piss poorly.  I don’t know how much if any of that is true, but that is what I am hearing.

Next I heard a rumor about Manwin in talks to buy out a network company like Webquest.  I talked to my source who said “Webquest? LOL  Why would Manwin buy them?  They have no real value.  They are only worth the value of their biggest contract which they could lose at any time.  Then what would they be worth?”

So if they aren’t going to go after traffic networks, I wonder what they will focus on buying next?  AVN?  Maybe XBIZ?