“The Wet Nurse” Dire Desires Bows Juicy New Salley Cakezz Scene

Popular Pro-Am Site Features Fun New Fetish Content with Thick-Bottom Beauty

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Last week Dire Desires dropped Giaa Lovee’s porn debut with the curvy sex queen playing a maid. This week the popular Pro-am site continues the fetish-themed fun with a juicy new release starring thick-bottom beauty Salley Cakezz.

In “The Wet Nurse” she plays Jay’s mom’s nurse, who develops an erotic obsession with Jay. Showing up in her sexy little outfit early, she corners Jay and makes her move. Hypnotized by Salley’s out-of-this-world oral abilities the thick dick stud happily gives Cakezz what she came for and more!

“My mom’s nurse showed up, but my mom wasn’t home yet,” Jay said. “The nurse told me she was here for a different patient. Lo and behold I ended up on the couch and my dick ended up in her throat. I always wanted to fuck this nurse.”

Salley Cakezz deeply enjoyed her experience working for Dire Desires.

“This was a dope experience with Jay,” said Salley. “I like that he came up with the idea of the scene. He purchased the outfit and had lines and everything, lol. And man, I didn’t think his dick was that big but yeah, he stretched me out!”

See their intense sexual encounter now at https://diredesires.com/members/the-wet-nurse/.

ICYMI, Jay has another new interview out, this time with Captain Jack at Adult DVD Talk. They discuss his ten years in the industry, how he started, his time as a performer, being nominated for Urban X Awards, launching Dire Desires, and more.

Read the full interview now at https://interviews.adultdvdtalk.com/dire-desires/.

Read Jay’s recent AVN interview now at https://avn.com/business/articles/video/jay-from-dire-desires-a-performer-director-entrepreneur-920928.html.

Catch the first episode of Jay’s new YouTube podcast, “From Broke to 60K A Month Doing Porn” and subscribe to his channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6_K–B1EYo.

Follow Salley Cakezz on X at https://twitter.com/Salleyboo2.

Follow Dire Desires on X at https://twitter.com/TheDireDesires and visit their OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/d_desires.

Dire Desires Drops Giia Lovee’s Porn Debut

Popular Pro-Am Site Bows Taboo New Fetish Scene “Maid To Fuck”

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Award-nominated pro-am site Dire Desires has a sweet surprise for their fans this week with the release of their latest scene, “Maid To Fuck” starring sumptuous beauty Giia Lovee making her porn debut. A well-established staple of fetish cosplay and roleplaying, the maid costume has been a favorite of men and couples for years. The curvy seductress is an erotic vision of pure lust in her outfit, playing the lusty servant who demands to clean up her boss.

“I thought my maid would be done cleaning by the time I came home,” Jay said. “After cleaning the last room, she said she wanted to do some extra cleaning. My wife wasn’t home so, I let her clean ME up!”

Giia wasn’t sure what to expect since it was her first time shooting a scene, but things worked out just fine for the talented temptress.

“So this was my first time shooting a scene,” Giia explained, “so I was a little nervous but I knew I wanted to fuck Jay. He made me feel so comfortable and it made the sex so much better.”

See them together now at https://diredesires.com/members/maid-to-fuck/.

Jay has another new interview out, this time with Captain Jack at Adult DVD Talk. They discuss his ten years in the industry, how he started, his time as a performer, being nominated for Urban X Awards, launching Dire Desires, and more. The Captain asks about his shooting style and if it is POV and Jay gives him a surprising and enlightening answer.

“No, it’s only me,” Jay tells him, explaining that he has put an enormous amount of energy into what may look effortless.

“Now we’re going to dive into my, not to sound arrogant, my filming genius. There’s a female that I’m going to be shooting with soon and she asked if I have a camera guy because it looks like it. No, I just studied film for so long from YouTube University. But I studied film so long, I had to do background acting on sets. I was an extra on SVU, Power, a lot of TV shows. When I was on set, I would ask the camera guys some questions. When I’m filming, I’m also thinking. As I’m filming, I’m thinking about how I want to edit it. I’m thinking about sex, filming, lighting, all of that while I’m filming. Let’s say I have to change the angle of the camera and I have the female in doggie style. With sex, it’s in and out, in and out so if I know I have to change the camera, I’ll pause on the out, So when I cut it and edit it, it looks like the camera guy just moved the camera.”

Read the full interview now at https://interviews.adultdvdtalk.com/dire-desires/.

Read Jay’s recent AVN interview now at https://avn.com/business/articles/video/jay-from-dire-desires-a-performer-director-entrepreneur-920928.html.

Catch the first episode of Jay’s new YouTube podcast, “From Broke to 60K A Month Doing Porn” and subscribe to his channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6_K–B1EYo.

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For podcast inquiries, contact info@diredesires.com.

Dire Desires Bows New Layla Luxx Scene & Podcast

Popular Pro-Am Site Drops “The Dire Interview Episode 2: Layla Lux”

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Award-nominated pro-am site Dire Desires recently launched a brand-new podcast via YouTube with inspiring owner Jay answering some of the top questions he’s been asked by fans, sharing his backstory, business decisions along his porn journey, as well as his vision for the future.

Episode Two featuring Layla Luxx just released, and it is wild! The free-spirited and voluptuous bartender from New Jersey shares her part-time dive into the adult industry. Jay delves into her funny virginity story, discussing whether or not she’s a “size queen”, her favorite ex-boyfriend, one-night stand stories, and her many sexual fantasies.

See it now at https://youtu.be/UjGaU8WCdMU.

The two had such a fantastic time together, they shot a scene after the podcast ended! He got her talking about sex and that was all it took to get her hot and bothered, the deluge of erotic memories. Jay and Layla have a natural chemistry that grows with each new scene.

“Ms. Layla Luxx wanted some dick and since the cameras were still charged and lights still on, we got down to it and man Layla put it down,” Jay explained.

Layla loved her experience from start to finish.

“I enjoyed my interview because I was able to be myself and Jay always makes me feel comfortable in his presence,” Luxx said. “This is my third time shooting with Jay and I love it more this time than the previous two. What more can you ask for, he’s tall, handsome, has great sex, and has a big dick. I can say dick, right?”

Watch them make magic together in “The Dire Interview Episode 2: Layla Lux” now at https://diredesires.com/members/the-dire-interview-episode-2-layla-luxx/.

And don’t miss the first episode, “From Broke to 60K A Month Doing Porn” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6_K–B1EYo.

Jay also has a new interview with AVN Magazine out now. “Jay of Dire Desires: Shooting for Gold in the Pro-Am Game” by Michael McGrady Jr. posted to their site early Wednesday evening. Michael opens by describing the perils of the crowded, creator-driven adult entertainment industry for newcomers lacking vision and dedication, which he praises Jay for possessing.

The Atlanta-based director shares his background, how he got into the industry, his decision to launch Dire Desires, and how he continues to grow and push the envelope. Jay also gets personal, explaining how he stays close with his family and friends.

“You know, nobody looks at me any different,” he said proudly. “Thanksgiving is still in my house every year.”

Read the full interview now at https://avn.com/business/articles/video/jay-from-dire-desires-a-performer-director-entrepreneur-920928.html.

Follow Layla Luxx on Instagram at @AmberXBartending.

Follow Dire Desires on X at https://twitter.com/TheDireDesires and visit their OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/btsofdesires.

For podcast inquiries, contact info@diredesires.com.

Princess Emily Makes Spellbinding Return to Dire Desires

Popular Pro-Am Site Releases Incendiary New Scene

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Summer may be rapidly coming to an end for the year, but Dire Desires continues to keep the heat up! This year they’ve dropped one burning hot scene after another, driving fans wild with a series of incendiary pro-am performers with perfect bubble butts and an insatiable hunger for big cock.

This week the popular Pro-Am site keeps the heat up with the release of their latest scene “The Princess Returns” starring site favorite Princess Emily. The delightful diva with the knockout body and mesmerizing sex skills is an absolute pleasure to watch from start to finish. Dire Desires’ Jay explained after the last time together, he knew he had to have more of the hypnotic beauty.

“After our first encounter I knew I had to have some more of Emily just didn’t know when that was going to happen,” Dire Desires Jay said. “I normally sleep with my phone on silent but I forgot to this one night. I get a call from Emily telling me to open the door. I thought she was capping but she walked in with no panties no bra and fucked my brains out.”

Princess Emily offered similar sentiments about her sexy costar, praising his professionalism and style along with his shocking sexual abilities.

“Jay is always a pleasure to work with. This second video we did felt so effortless and I really enjoyed myself. He’s one of my favorites to work with.”

See the amazing pair in action now at https://diredesires.com/members/the-princess-returns/.

ICYMI, last week Dire Desires launched a brand-new podcast via YouTube. Jay kicks off the new interview-themed vlog by answering some of the top questions he’s been asked by fans, sharing his backstory, business decisions along his porn journey, as well as his vision for the future.

Check out “From Broke to 60K A Month Doing Porn” now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6_K–B1EYo.

Follow her on X at https://twitter.com/princessemilyle

Follow Dire Desires on X at https://twitter.com/TheDireDesires and visit their OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/btsofdesires.

“Welcome Ritaa Bang” Dire Desires Unleashes Amazing New Scene

Popular Pro-Am Site Also Launches Podcast on YouTube

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Dire Desires has another amazing new pro-am release on their award-nominated site! “Welcome Ritaa Bang” features the foxy cutie with an irresistible booty showing off all her skills! A feisty lover, Jay admits her passion and energy brought the scene to the next level, earning the luscious babe a creamy reward!

“So here we have this little firecracker Ritaa Bang,” Jay said. “Who I have wanted to work for a long time, she was worth the wait let’s say. But I don’t think that Rita expected the dick to be as good as she told me it was. I loved her energy and it ended with an unexpected creampie.”

Ritaa said she enjoyed the experience from start to finish.

“It was wonderful you know, he made sure I was comfortable, kept in contact before and after working, not like most overly horny dudes out here.,” said Bang, adding “he’s a real cool gentleman, gave me some pointers and details on how to up my content some more and what I could do better.”

She also shared what the actual sex was like in the scene, working with Jay, and how much she enjoyed it!

“Now that we got that out the way let’s talk about the sex. The man is amazing. It’s like he knows sex is an art, our body/room is the canvas and we’re the artists if I’m making sense. I wouldn’t mind working with him over and over again. You don’t meet too many men like that.”

Experience their erotic artistry now at https://diredesires.com/members/welcome-ritaa-bang/.

Dire Desires doesn’t just make hot scenes, they’ve also launched a brand-new podcast via YouTube. Owner Jay kicks off the new interview-themed vlog by answering some of the top questions he’s been asked by fans, sharing his backstory, business decisions along his porn journey, as well as his vision for the future.

Check out “From Broke to 60K A Month Doing Porn” now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6_K–B1EYo.

Follow Ritaa Bang on Twitter at http://twitter.com/bitesizeri.

Follow Dire Desires on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TheDireDesires and visit their OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/btsofdesires.

Interview With Renaud Plante

April Fools!

You guessed it, What Puppets Can Do is not a real upcoming Adult Time series, but we had a blast working on the concept. Our goal was to create a stop motion parody of current trends in adult animation using papier-mâché puppets, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Although What Puppets Can Do is not an actual series, we would like to provide you with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the stop motion trailer and the talented studio behind it. Check out our interview below with co-director Renaud Plante from Les Films de l’Ampoule.


Can you tell us more about yourselves and Les Films de l’Ampoule?

Les films de l’ampoule is our production company. We are from Montreal. Matthieu and I have been working together for some years now. We are making stop motion short films, tv work and commercials. I’ve always been a huge fan of stop motion. I had a fiction film background and Matthieu was working at the National Film Board in animation. We met because we had both a film presented at the same festival. We began talking and realized we should work together. Our creative universe was similar. We both liked to mix daily routines and a fantasy approach in our creations.


How did you get involved in making this April Fools’ Day joke?

Eric Falardeau knew our work and approached us a year ago to ask if we would be willing to create for April Fools’ a trailer for a fake stop motion sex show. We were automatically interested. Why wouldn’t we want to work on a stop motion sex show? Where everything is possible. Every absurdity. Every intimate detail. No holds barred by reality. When you do it in animation it gives a distance that is quite amusing. The true question was why a fake show Adult Time? Why not do a real one?


What was behind your idea?

The possibilities are infinite when you work in animation. The question was what would we want to see in a Stop motion sex series? That’s when the idea of pornstar dreaming of things they wish they could see or live came. What would a porn performer would have never seen in their line of work? And what Puppets could do that humans would not. That’s how What Puppets Can Do was born. At the same time, we thought it was fun to have Tommy Pistol and Siri Dahl talking to each other about their sexual visions.


How did you make the Tommy and Siri puppets?

Our puppets are made mainly with paper, foam core, lego parts and glue. We looked at films and pictures of them but the idea was not to do an identical reproduction of Tommy and Siri. We wanted to play with certain aspects of their look and personality and inject it in a puppet. A puppet not totally realistic looking but not totally cartoony either.


What are the stages of making a stop motion scene?

When we have our screenplay, our puppets and our dialogue track. We’re ready to shoot. We sit down and begin thinking about how to improve our storyboard. The actions, the way the characters move. How to give life to those characters with their mimics.  It takes a lot of time to shoot. It takes 24 pictures per second to create the movements of the puppet. So if the film is a minute and 15 seconds. You do the math. It moves slowly but with assurance. We are always very prepared. It gives us time to dive into the creation aspect of it, ad lib things but also to think about other crazy projects we might do. Stop motion filmmaking requires patience from its filmmakers. It’s a bit like going fishing. We are patient, steady and always ready to capture the next incredible thing. That we never saw before.


Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us!

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International Porn Super Star Kitana Montana Hits the Airwaves!

Busty Sex Goddess Visits Pornstache Podcast and After Hours Radio

HOLLYWOOD, CA – International porn super star Kitana Montana doesn’t just love having sex, she loves talking about it too! That’s why the exotic beauty has been busy being a guest on two different podcasts recently when she was off set.

Kitana was a guest recently on the Pornstache Podcast. The kinky, inked slut fit right in on the award nominated show with the raunchy crew of three so-called ‘average guys’ discussing a sex blanket mishap, a porn injury story, deepfake porn, and much more!

“I had a really great time on the show,” Kitana said. “Check out my episode! You’re going to love it.”

Find all the links to the Pornstache Podcast to pick which way you want to listen to the show, including Apple and Spotify, at https://linktr.ee/pornstachepodcast.

The Argentine born beauty also went on After Hours Radio on Youtube recently to talk about loads of porn news and plans. The blonde bombshell talks feature touring, news scenes she has planned this year on her OnlyFans, her favorite kinds of scenes to shoot, her bucket list, and much more!

“I really enjoyed going on After Hours Radio,” Kitana said. “They made me laugh a lot. It’s a fun interview. We talk about a lot! Watch it and let me know what you think.”

Watch her After Hours interview now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DniByLUsNYs.

XBIZ announced their Creator Awards last week and opened nominations submissions.

Kitana is encouraging her fans to visit https://creatorawards.xbiz.com/noms/ and submit her for Best Female Premium Social Media Star and more! The show will once again serve as the closing event of the XBIZ Miami conference. The last day for entries is Tuesday, March 21.

ICYMI ‘Twenty Questions with Hot Porn Starlet Kitana Montana’ by Holly Kingstown features the gorgeous Argentinian dishing about her goals, hobbies, childhood, how she got in the business, her fetishes, what’s next, and so much more! Read the full interview now at https://fleshbot.com/8918923/twenty-questions-with-hot-porn-starlet-kitana-montana-2/.

If you’re not keeping up with Kitana’s OnlyFans, you are missing out for sure! Don’t miss a second. Sign up now for her OnlyFans at http://onlyfans.com/kitanamontana!

Follow Kitana Montana on Twitter at https://twitter.com/kitanamontana and on Instagram at https://instagram.com/kitana.montana1/. Visit her OnlyFans at http://onlyfans.com/kitanamontana. Buy her replica pussy at https://mypornboutique.com/kitana-montana-pussy.html.

PR for Kitana is provided exclusively by Rising Star PR. Visit our website, http://risingstarpr.com and follow us on Twitter, @RisingStarPR. For interviews or media inquiries, contact RisingStarPR@gmail.com. For more information about Kitana, visit http://risingstarpr.com/rising-stars/kitana-montana/.

A Sinful Year – An Interview with 3X West

Desperate times call for desperate pleasures… and from January 12 to 19 we celebrate Modern-Day Sins’ 1st anniversary! 


We recently sat down and took some time with showrunner 3X West to talk about the idea behind the new studio Modern-Day Sins and what to expect next.


Is it possible to briefly introduce yourself and explain to us your role as Modern-Day Sins’ showrunner?

I’d be honored to introduce myself! Some members might recognize the name 3X West – it’ll certainly pop up from time to time around Adult Time on an admin comment or writing credit. But for those that don’t, I’ve been the pre-production manager for Adult Time since even before its inception, working on all our main brands like Girlsway, Pure Taboo, Fantasy Massage, and the like to plan content ideas for our various episodes, series, and films.

With Modern-Day Sins, I was gifted an even rarer opportunity, to not just come up with the initial idea but also showrun the project from launch! “Showrunning” is a term usually used in the world of television, but since we have ongoing releases similar to TV episodes, it similarly applies here. Basically it means providing input and advice in all creative decisions related to the project, even ones outside your usual territory, to make sure that everyone’s contributions to the larger collaboration stay cohesive and true to your vision. 

So for Modern-Day Sins I was a lot more involved than usual in all sorts of decisions such as logo designs, music choices, ad copy and slogans, even ideas for how to get the studio on people’s radar! … in addition to all the ways I’ll usually support a project like brainstorming episode concepts, providing casting recommendations, and absorbing member feedback and viewership data to fuel future creative decisions.


How would you describe the first year of the studio?

It’s been a whirlwind, to be sure! Showrunning has been a very challenging but VERY rewarding new set of responsibilities, and has given me the opportunity to work with immensely talented people from all facets of our operations. Everyone has put their heart and soul into making a big splash with Modern-Day Sins in its first year, and I’d like to believe that shows in the final results we’ve seen so far. For example, we’ve had many of our scenes go viral either on our platform or on others we partner with, leading to some Modern-Day Sins clips having already reached the eyeballs of over MILLIONS of viewers in 2022! The studio also got nominated for best new imprint by both XBIZ and AVN this past November. Annnnd we’ve gotten the fortunate opportunity to cast and collaborate with truly, truly amazing pornstars since launch – we’ve really been blessed to be able to boast some of the most iconic names in the industry in our studio’s roster of Sinners after just a single year. The year hasn’t been without its challenges, but I’m very proud of the amazing accomplishments we’ve been able to make together for such a young project, and I can only hope that we’ll be able to keep that upward momentum through into its second year.


What are your favorite scenes amongst all our releases? 

Oh gosh, how to even choose! I think I’d be doing a huge disservice to the theme of the studio if I don’t at least name one favorite per sin, and I’d like to make sure I cover every sexual preference if I can, so with that in mind I think I’d pick…

But there are a ton of honorable mentions missing from that list that I’m equally in love with. And I think it’d be a lot of fun to hear from our fans too – go ahead and tell us YOUR favorite episode from the past year, in the comments below!


What do you think is the highlight of the last year for the studio?

I mentioned a few very important milestones to us a little before, which all mean a lot to me and to everyone, but my most personal highlight for Modern-Day Sins was getting to launch our first fully sexually-inclusive brand. We have a very unique opportunity within our platform to produce and release content of all types, since our sexual preferences filters let members curate the type of content they like (and weed out what they don’t). And this has led to us producing several flagship series like Girlsway, Transfixed, and Jerk Buddies that cater to a specific target audience but are able to be housed within a single member area. 

But not all projects HAVE to be segregated this way – we saw very early on that there was massive potential for bringing popular series like Pure Taboo and Hentai Sex School to new audiences by expanding which sexual preferences we produced them for. We had developed a recipe for success and an established name with these brands and series – why couldn’t lesbian, trans, or bisexual audiences enjoy those same series with content produced just for them? Just because a series started as straight-only shouldn’t mean we had to stay locked into that forever. And so we had a really exciting idea for Modern-Day Sins – if we were going to launch our next big studio from scratch, why not launch it in a way that’s accessible to as many audiences as possible?

It was a bit of a bold idea to propose – very few competitors will even market to more than one or sometimes two sexual preferences within a single product, but you do see it now and then (a straight site that includes some lesbian updates is the most common type, but you’ll sometimes see straight+bisexual, straight+trans, bisexual+gay, or some other combination within their content mix). But to my knowledge, no single studio has ever tackled all five sexual preferences at once. So we knew we were doing something unprecedented.

Sometimes new or risky ideas get a lot of pushback, but everyone was really on-board and supportive from the start. And the results have been really amazing to see! Across pretty much every sexual preference in our member’s area, we’ve seen strong metrics for Modern-Day Sins suggesting that it’s been a hit for all audiences, regardless of orientation. This has emboldened us to launch other new series with audience inclusivity in mind – Oopsie! and all of our newest Adult Time pilots, for example – as well as expand more of our other series to now include (or at least have the option to include) content of whichever sexual preferences fit the brand in the future. It’s been a total gamechanger for us and it’s all thanks to taking the plunge for the first time with Modern-Day Sins!


Modern-Day Sins was also the brand that hosted the first all-gay production for Adult Time. How has this niche developed over the past year? 

We knew we wanted to start producing gay original content sooner or later, and for the reasons I just described above, Modern-Day Sins felt like the perfect fit and the right timing to make it happen. But we always knew that those first scenes would just be a precursor. We worked hard behind the scenes to scale up our gay production capacity very quickly, so that we could start releasing weekly updates by late 2022. We’re still really in the experimental phase – some of our goals thus far have been to develop lasting relationships with gay pornstars to build up our talent roster, to release some gay episodes of our already-established series and pilots, and to try several new things one after another to see what sticks. As we start to grow a dedicated gay audience on our platform, we look forward to seeing which projects are people’s favorites so that we can produce even more of what our fans love most! So far I’m happy to say the gay Modern-Day Sins episodes have been some of our most successful gay releases to-date, so we’re also going to keep producing these for as long as they continue to strike a chord with our gay viewers!


What can members expect this year?

We have some very exciting ideas for directions to take the studio in its second year. You can already preview some of these in the upcoming section of the site – for example, we have our first lesbian Greedy Creampies episode (yes, you heard that right!) starring Jayden Cole and Vicki Chase, as well as the studio debut of the illustrious Emma Hix in a four-way squirt extravaganza co-starring Vanna Bardot, Rocky Emerson, and Nathan Bronson. We have our first bisexual foursome in the works. And looking a little farther ahead, we’re hoping to bring some extra notoriety to the studio later in the year by introducing a couple of first-time anals or DPs, although these are still in the works so I can’t make any promises yet. I guarantee you’ll hear plenty about these once any details are finalized!


Do you have anything else you would like to share with us?

I just want to share an extra special thank you to all the people who have supported Modern-Day Sins since its inception – whether you’re a fan, one of our staff, any of the amazing talent and crew who have put their all into making the launch possible, or even just a curious bystander who has followed along with the studio’s journey so far! It takes a helluva lot to make a new studio possible, let alone successful, but we’ve been truly fortunate to have been able to propel this project forward and we hope to be able to continue to do so for years to come!

Oh, and don’t forget to keep skipping church every Sunday so you can sin with us instead!


Thank you 3X West! We look forward to what Modern-Day Sins has in store for 2023. 

Please feel free to ask us any questions in the comments section below!

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Vix Cin Interview

Age:  45
Height: 5’3″
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Chest Size: 38DD
Tattoos: 2 sleeves, 7 others
Piercings: 6 including my ears
Nationality: Hispanic
Natural or Enhanced: Boobs are enhanced
Twitter: @Vix_cin
IG: @_vixcin_
OF: @Vix_Cin

Where are you from? South of Boston

What turns you on? A man’s hands on my neck, kissing the back of my shoulder 

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be? Ludacris

What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? 30+ guy gangbang at Splash Mocha with my friend Subgirl 

What are you hoping to do on camera and who are you hoping to work with in the future? On camera… a solo gangbang… be the center of attention with 4-5 guys and get creampied by all of them… and who would I like to work with? Hmmm… Jadynn Stone, xxxEBunnz and Jay Hefner

What are you best at sexually? Riding dick and kissing 

What’s your favorite position? I love to be on top 

What was it about The Flourish company that made you want to be part of the Content team? Networking and making connections with a well-established brand in the industry. Meeting amazing people and growing relationships. 

What’s next for you? Growing my fan base, retiring my husband and more travel

The Flourish XXX is also happy to announce that they will have a booth at the upcoming Adult Entertainment Expo being held in Las Vegas from Wednesday, January 4 – Saturday, January 7, 2023. Fans can find their favorite stars signing for The Flourish in booth #2300 including Vix Cin!

For more information, visit https://adultentertainmentexpo.com/.

An Interview With Lauren Phillips

On the heels of our Black Friday campaign, we talked to our Brand Ambassador, Lauren Phillips, about her involvement with Adult Time and her future plans.

But first, watch our special, fast-paced, and funny ‘90s-style Black Friday commercial with Lauren below.

If you’re not an Adult Time member, click here to get our Black Friday deal – $7.95/month for life!


Take a look at the exclusive BTS photos after the interview!


Can you tell us more about yourself?

Hi, my name is Lauren Phillips and I am a true Jersey girl. I was born and raised in southern Jersey, where I drove the 16 hours to Florida to start my career in the adult industry. After two years of amateur/pro work, I packed up my stuff, and moved to Los Angeles to break into the mainstream adult industry. 

I am currently the ultimate ginger in the adult industry, who performs every sex act, From vanilla scenes to extreme scenes. I am also known for my curvaceous, body and raw emotions in scenes. Next year will be 10 years for me and I still have more to bring to the future.


How would you describe your work and relationship with Adult Time?

I would describe my work and relationship with AdultTime as a collaboration to help each other’s brands grow in a positive way.  


What is your favorite episode shot for Adult Time?

This is a hard question for me because every episode/scene is different and has a different experience depending on who you’re working with. Everyone brings something special to the table. So I don’t know if I could choose just one. I can say that I am extremely excited to see the AdultTime originals that I have co-directed with Bree Mills.


Can you tell us about your experience filming the special commercial for Black Friday? We heard you came to Montreal and met a very special person, Timmy?

My experience with filming this special commercial for Black Friday was so amazing and I can’t wait to come back to Montreal! Everyone there is so nice and awesome, it’s one of my favorite trips this year. I have to say meeting Timmy for the first time, put a big smile on my face.


What is it like being an ambassador for a brand like Adult Time? 

Being the ambassador for AdultTime has been a tremendous learning experience for me. I love being able to talk to everybody and really think about how we can do porn differently.


Any exciting projects coming up?

My current excitement for projects that are coming up is my co directing with Bree Mills. They have not been released and I am full of excitement for the AdultTime audience to see them.


Thanks Lauren!


Here’s some fun BTS pics from the commercial shoot! 😉

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