Korina Kova’s Appearance on Tanya Tate’s Skinfluencer Success Podcast Garners Mainstream Media Attention


For Immediate Release: June 28th, 2023

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Korina Kova's [https://twitter.com/korinakova] recent guest appearance on Tanya Tate's Skinfluencer Success podcast has generated significant mainstream media buzz, with two prominent UK news sites featuring headlines about the episode. The Daily Star and The Sun both recognized the compelling story shared by Korina during her interview, further propelling her inspiring journey into the spotlight.

In Episode 14, titled "Korina Kova - From Blindness To Career Blessed" [Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYaFu6kJdxg], Tanya Tate, the host of the Skinfluencer Success podcast, delves into Korina's extraordinary experiences. Korina shares her remarkable story of overcoming complications from cosmetic eye surgery that left her blind, and how she not only regained her eyesight but also transformed her life, becoming an innovative solo content creator and achieving remarkable success.

The Daily Star highlighted Korina's captivating story, with their article titled "My Circus Boobs Won't Stop: Korina Kova's Inspiring Journey to Success" [Link: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/real-life/my-circus-boobs-wont-stop-30039648]. The publication recognizes Korina's resilience and determination to triumph over adversity and how her story resonates with audiences worldwide.

Daily Star revisited Korina's story for a follow-up piece titled "I got cosmetic eye surgery to look like mum but went blind – it's my biggest regret" [Link: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/real-life/i-cosmetic-eye-surgery-look-30055916]. This time the focus is on Korina's loss of sight due to cosmetic eye surgery and the challenges she faces in regaining her vision.

The Sun, known for its wide readership, also featured an article titled "OnlyFans Star Korina Kova's Inspiring Journey with 'Circus Boobs' Condition Making Headlines" [Link: https://www.the-sun.com/news/8192112/onlyfans-star-circus-boobs-condition-making-money/]. The Sun highlights Korina's journey from blindness to career success, capturing the attention of readers who are inspired by her determination and achievements.

Reflecting on her appearance on the Skinfluencer Success podcast, Korina Kova expressed her gratitude, stating, "I am honored to have had the opportunity to share my story on Tanya Tate's podcast. It was an incredibly empowering experience, and I am thrilled that my journey has resonated with listeners and readers alike. I hope that my story can inspire others to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams fearlessly."

Writing on Twitter, Korina posted, "A lot of tears and snot in this interview, but I finally felt safe enough to share my most traumatic journey. Thank you, Tanya Tate for providing me with a safe space to share my full story. This was a very hard interview as I tell the most traumatic incident of my life, my emotions are raw, and I have overcome so much from being blind to coming back in the industry."

Tanya Tate, host of the Skinfluencer Success podcast, commented, "Having Korina on the podcast was a privilege. Her unwavering commitment to her dreams is truly inspiring. I am grateful to have provided a platform for her to share her incredible journey with our audience. Korina's story is a testament to the power of determination and self-belief."

Korina Kova's appearance on Tanya Tate's Skinfluencer Success podcast showcases her remarkable journey of triumph over adversity, captivating audiences around the world. The recognition from esteemed UK news sites, such as the Daily Star and The Sun, further solidifies Korina's influence and impact in both the adult industry and mainstream media.

Korina Kova is making headlines! Find out everything you need to know about this amazing erotic content creator by listing to Tanya Tate presents Skinfluencer Success!

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Statement Regarding Labor Commission Decision

From Richard Freeman Esquire – Counsel for Direct Models and Derek Hay

Today, June 15, 2020, the State Labor Commissioner issued a Decision in the Matter of Jane Does 1-5 vs. Direct Models, Inc. and Derek Hay following a hearing conducted in September and November 2019.  In a 55 page Decision, the Hearing Officer rejected 3 of the 10 Claims brought by the five Adult Entertainers.  However, the Commissioner awarded an aggregate amount of $24,206.49 for various breaches of the Exclusive Agency Agreements of the five performers, holding both Direct Models and its Owner, Derek Hay liable for the award.

Direct Models and Derek Hay will immediately file an Appeal for ‘trial de novo’ in the Los Angeles County Superior Court where the entire matter will be re-adjudicated after full and complete pre-trial discovery is permitted and conducted (the Labor Commission Hearing proceeded with no pre-hearing discovery depriving Respondents of a meaningful opportunity to address the allegations and charges).  The filing of the Appeal renders this Decision moot.

Derek Hay and his Attorney are disappointed in the initial findings of the Labor Commissioner but are confident that Derek Hay and Direct Models will be completely vindicated after a full and complete opportunity to answer the allegations in an actual Trial (a jury trial) with all the witnesses and all the evidence heard according to the Superior Court rules of evidence.

From Derek Hay – Owner of Direct Models

Contrary to the claims of the counsel of the Jane Doe women, “that he never seeks to try a case in the media”, he has in fact done exactly that throughout, as have his clients in a voluminous amount of postings on this case on social media and statements to many and varied adult industry media. This was self-evident from the very outset, when AVN was informed that the suit existed, some 17 days prior to the suit being served to us, even before we ourselves were able to actually read it.

Nonetheless, this case will not be tried in the media, but ultimately will be heard and adjudicated in a fit and proper trial in Superior Court.

The hearing before the Labor Commissioner had no pretrial discovery, and it was therefore not possible to mount a meaningful defense, having no idea of the evidence that would be brought forth to support the charges, and not least of which, that much of the evidence brought forth was standalone testimony by the Jane Doe’s, unsupported by any relevant documentation or other evidence with which to support it, and much of which, would be classified as hearsay in any other courtroom.

Whilst we always felt it would be very difficult to get a fair trial and a favorable outcome in the administrative hearing, and the nature of the hearing, finding us always working from the back foot,  we are nonetheless very disappointed at this finding, as we do not feel that the counts found against us were sufficiently proven, whilst three of them were dismissed. That said – at the same time, we always knew that the ‘ trial de novo’ is the avenue through which we will have an opportunity to examine the evidence in detail before trial and with the benefit of the provision of documents including phone and financial records aforehand and for which we will be afforded the opportunity to have pre- trial depositions of the plaintiffs (under oath), that is the process, by which this case will ultimately be determined.

We are very confident that the decision of the ‘trial de novo’ will be contrary to that of The Labor Commissioner, and that the name of Direct Models and that of my own personally, will be cleared of such charges at the final outcome of that trial.



CAM4 Presents A Live Kenzie Taylor Cam Show On April 30th


Cam4 taps the award-winning adult actress as a brand ambassador.

For Immediate Release: April 28th, 2020

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Kenzie Taylor (https://twitter.com/thekenzietaylor/) is ready to wow fans with a special three-hour live show on Cam4. On April 30th, Cam4 users will have the chance to spend an exciting night with Kenzie as she tempts and teases viewers with an epic erotic display. The event starts at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT at https://www.cam4.com/thekenzietaylor.

The April 30th Cam4 event will be Kenzie's second show this month on the platform. April 18th, Kenzie went live and dazzled fans with an interactive performance that exceeded all expectations. Now, the powerhouse performer is ready to turn up the heat and turn on her viewers.

"I had such a great time doing my last Cam4 show," said Kenzie. "The fans were great; the platform was on point and easy to navigate. It was an extremely positive experience. I'm excited to be back on there again, April 30th. We are going to have an incredible time."

Recognized as one of the adult industry's most versatile and professional performers, Cam4 has seen fit to tap Kenzie as a brand ambassador. Possessing a larger than life personality that is complemented by her intoxicating beauty, Kenzie makes an adept representative for the company. As a brand ambassador, Kenzie will factor into the marketing strategy of the company.

In 2019, Kenzie's personal brand, #KenzieFrenzy, had seen significant growth due to well-received scenes, award-winning performance in the blockbuster pop culture parody Captain Marvel XXX and placement in the EXXXOTICA marketing campaign.

April 30th, Kenzie returns to Cam4 for a special three-hour cam show! Save the date! This is an event you don't want to miss.

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(818) 298-6939

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TTS Guidance on Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Talent Testing Service (TTS) has been at the forefront in providing best-in-class testing services since 2005 in order to achieve one primary mission – the safety of the Adult Performers. We have been monitoring the constantly evolving global events surrounding the Coronavirus 19 (COVID-19).

We are basing our recommendations by following the guidance documents of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) information and adhering to CDC guidance.

How is the Virus Spread?

According to the CDC, the virus is mainly spread person to person, particularly when they are
within six (6) feet of each other. The primary way is when an infected person sneezes or coughs and
their droplets land on a nearby person’s mouth or nose or are inhaled into their lungs.
Another way is when a person touches a surface where the virus is, then touching his or her own
mouth, nose or eyes.

What are the Symptoms?

Patients typically have mild to severe respiratory symptoms, such as a cough and difficulty breathing, as well as a fever.  As with other viruses, people who are elderly and/or have underlying health conditions are more at risk.

What is the Risk for Contracting COVID-19?

In the United States, there were about 260 cases and 14 deaths as of March 6th. Thirteen (13) of these were in the state of Washington. Since mid-December, there have been 102,000 cases reported worldwide with about 80% of those cases reported in China.

Most of the people who contract COVID-19 recover in a matter of days, oftentimes at home, according to health officials. Symptoms can be more serious for the elderly and people with underlying health conditions. The overall death rate is about 3 percent.

TTS Preventive Measures, Recommendations & Outlook

  • • Effective Monday, March 16th we will be providing hand sanitizing pens to all talents that
    visit our Miami, Northridge, Las Vegas, and Oakland facilities. 00 Please note that these are in limited supply.
  •  We strongly recommend that all talent pre-register their visit to TTS Miami, Northridge, Las
    Vegas and Oakland locations online via our website at www.talenttestingservice.com. This will speed up your visit to the facility and minimize exposure if any.

Talents that have recently traveled to countries with restrictions such as China, Hong Kong,
Japan, Iran, Korea, Macau, Singapore, and the EU agree to not engage in personal contact with other talents for at least 14 days while monitoring for symptoms from home to limit the potential spread of the virus.

Please click here for an updated list of countries with restrictions.

If you feel sick with the symptoms mentioned above or any others, do not shoot and stay home.  If you develop symptoms during the 14-day window such as fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, please: 

  • Contact your agent and/or producer immediately to cancel any shoots you have scheduled.
    Seek medical care right away. Before you go to a doctor’s office or emergency room, call ahead
    and tell them about your recent travel and your symptoms.
  • Avoid contact with others.
  • Do not travel while sick. Some travel areas have implemented quarantines of those found with symptoms of illness.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing.
  • Clean your hands frequently with alcohol sanitizer or soap with water if soiled.

About Talent Testing Service, Inc. (TTS)
As the leader in setting testing standards for the industry, Talent Testing Service, Inc. (TTS)
consistently offers talents safe, courteous, affordable and convenient testing through wholly-owned
subsidiaries or collaborating sites. Since 2005, TTS has provided the most advanced infectious molecular testing for the adult industry. TTS is a privately held company with headquarters in
Miami, Florida and subsidiary offices in Los Angeles, CA, Oakland, CA and Las Vegas, NV.


AVN & XBIZ Nominations Are Coming!

Tomorrow night kicks off two nights of nominations parties for AVN and XBIZ. We hope our clients will score many nominations, and we’re excited to see what happens. Stay posted for all the awards nominations announcements here and on our Twitter at @therubpr. If you’re not following us, you should be for up-to-the-minute news on all our clients and the industry!

#NEWS: STAR FACTORY PR Clients Ranked Among Hot Movies “10 Most Popular Porn Star Interviews”


Popular VOD / DVD site Hot Movies recently posted the “10 Most Popular Porn Star Interviews” and three Star Factory PR clients have made the list!


Over at HotMovies.com, Editor-in-Chief Bridget has “compiled our ten most popular porn star interviews we've conducted over the past few years.” That list includes Star Factory PR’s clients Angela White, Ember Snow and Alexis Fawx! These three XXX superstars talk candidly about what is needed to make an explosive scene, the power women can find in porn, what exciting projects they’re doing next, and how fans can best support them.

The top ten list can be seen at this link https://www.hotmovies.com/best-of/our-10-most-popular-interviews, or you can also skip ahead to the individual interviews with Angela, Ember, and Alexis that had everyone asking for more!

Angela White’s interview: https://www.hotmovies.com/interviews/angela-white-talks-i-am-angela.
Ember Snow’s interview: https://www.hotmovies.com/interviews/interview-with-ember-snow.
Alexis Fawx’s interview: https://www.hotmovies.com/interviews/alexis-fawx-interview.

Interview requests for Angela White, Ember Snow and Alexis Fawx can be made to: Tanya@StarFactoryPR.com

#NEWS: BRITNEY AMBER Reveals Her 5 Favorite Songs to Fleshbot!


What songs drive bombshell babe Britney Amber wild? This naughty hottie shares her five faves with Fleshbot!

Over at Fleshbot, award-winning sex star Britney Amber shared five of her favorite songs. They consist of tunes she loves to perform to as well as ones that get her body movin'. It's an eclectic mix that includes artists like Queen and Bob Marley. Want to take a guess what else is on the list? Check out Britney's list over at Fleshbot: http://straight.fleshbot.com/8497481/fleshtunes-the-britney-amber-edition.

If you want more Britney, she gives regular updates and insights by on her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ScorpiH0.

Follow Britney on Twitter and Instagram for regular updates on all she's up to https://twitter.com/britney_amber and https://www.instagram.com/britney_amber.

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#INTERVIEW: RYDER SKYE Profiled On The Daily Sport!


Veteran XXX star Ryder Skye gets spotlighted by the UK site The Daily Sport.

Known for appearances in popular hardcore films like This Ain’t Charmed XXX, Marital Revenge, and Not Jersey Boys XXX: A Porn Musical, Ryder Skye is an undeniably accomplished porn performer. Just recently, this naughty hottie starred with Brittany Andrews & Claudia Valentine in a hot three-girl-on-one-guy Virtual Reality scene for Naughty America. Arranged by Star Factory PR, UK site The Daily Sport featured Ryder in their profile Weekend 5 Minutes with Ryder Skye and got to the heart of the sex star, discussing how she started, what she likes, and more! The profile can be found at https://dailysport.co.uk/celebs-and-gossip/weekend-5-minutes-with-ryder-skye/.

Make sure to follow Ryder on Twitter - https://twitter.com/ryderskyexxx and Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/therealryderskye/. Fans who follow will be the first to get updates on her new sex scenes, modeling photos, live appearances, signings, opportunities to purchase merch and more.

Interview requests for Ryder Skye can be made to Star Factory PR: Tanya@StarFactoryPR.com

#NEWS: Porn Valley Media Spotlights Hardcore Superstar ALEXIS FAWX


MILF queen Alexis Fawx is featured in Porn Valley Media's Porn Star Spotlight!

One of the most popular performers in the industry is undeniable Alexis Fawx. The buxom beauty is always in the conversation when it comes to incredible sex scenes.

Porn Valley Media showed some love to the cannabis enthusiast in their Porn Star Spotlight! Think you know everything about Alexis? Think again! As this feature deep dives into her career and gives you an exciting overview of this powerhouse performer.

Check out the Porn Valley Media spotlight on Alexis Fawx here: http://pornvalleymedia.com/?page_id=228

Be sure to follow Alexis on Instagram for deliciously sexy pictures and clips - https://www.instagram.com/alexisfawxlive/

Interview requests for Alexis Fawx can be made to Star Factory PR: Tanya@StarFactoryPR.com

Derek Hay Responds to NBC News Hit Piece

Back in March, NBC Los Angeles published on its website a 75-minute hit piece on leading adult industry talent agent Derek Hay and his licensed agency, LA Direct Models. The video features outlandish and incongruous claims and accusations from ax-grinding adult star Lisa Ann, “Heaux Mentor” Lydia Dupra (f.k.a. Melina Mason), and “sex work activist” Siouxsie Q. Also included are claims made by adult starlets formerly represented by LA Direct, such as Hadley Viscara and Adria Rae.

A new video was released Tuesday that examines the various claims made in the NBC piece, which was the brainchild of a man named Dan Przygoda, and demonstrates that most are wildly distorted, fabricated, or simply wrong.