Spotlight on Ivy Maddox: An Exclusive Interview on Daily Sport


Exciting news, fellow fans of Ivy Maddox! Prepare to embark on a captivating journey as the sensational Ivy Maddox takes center stage in an exclusive interview on the Daily Sport website. In the article "Midweek 5 Minutes With Ivy Maddox."

Delve into Ivy's world through her exclusive interview on the Daily Sport website. Discover her favorite movies, gaining insight into the cinematic gems that have inspired her creative journey. Uncover the personal significance behind Ivy's mesmerizing tattoos, as she shares the stories and meanings behind each inked design. And, of course, get excited for the future as Ivy tantalizes fans with hints about upcoming scenes, promising intense performances that will leave you wanting more. Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore the captivating world of Ivy Maddox in "Midweek 5 Minutes With Ivy Maddox" - available now on the Daily Sport website. Get ready to be captivated by Ivy's charm, artistic spirit, and thrilling future endeavors! Read the article here:

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Korina Kova’s Appearance on Tanya Tate’s Skinfluencer Success Podcast Garners Mainstream Media Attention


For Immediate Release: June 28th, 2023

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Korina Kova's [] recent guest appearance on Tanya Tate's Skinfluencer Success podcast has generated significant mainstream media buzz, with two prominent UK news sites featuring headlines about the episode. The Daily Star and The Sun both recognized the compelling story shared by Korina during her interview, further propelling her inspiring journey into the spotlight.

In Episode 14, titled "Korina Kova - From Blindness To Career Blessed" [Link:], Tanya Tate, the host of the Skinfluencer Success podcast, delves into Korina's extraordinary experiences. Korina shares her remarkable story of overcoming complications from cosmetic eye surgery that left her blind, and how she not only regained her eyesight but also transformed her life, becoming an innovative solo content creator and achieving remarkable success.

The Daily Star highlighted Korina's captivating story, with their article titled "My Circus Boobs Won't Stop: Korina Kova's Inspiring Journey to Success" [Link:]. The publication recognizes Korina's resilience and determination to triumph over adversity and how her story resonates with audiences worldwide.

Daily Star revisited Korina's story for a follow-up piece titled "I got cosmetic eye surgery to look like mum but went blind – it's my biggest regret" [Link:]. This time the focus is on Korina's loss of sight due to cosmetic eye surgery and the challenges she faces in regaining her vision.

The Sun, known for its wide readership, also featured an article titled "OnlyFans Star Korina Kova's Inspiring Journey with 'Circus Boobs' Condition Making Headlines" [Link:]. The Sun highlights Korina's journey from blindness to career success, capturing the attention of readers who are inspired by her determination and achievements.

Reflecting on her appearance on the Skinfluencer Success podcast, Korina Kova expressed her gratitude, stating, "I am honored to have had the opportunity to share my story on Tanya Tate's podcast. It was an incredibly empowering experience, and I am thrilled that my journey has resonated with listeners and readers alike. I hope that my story can inspire others to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams fearlessly."

Writing on Twitter, Korina posted, "A lot of tears and snot in this interview, but I finally felt safe enough to share my most traumatic journey. Thank you, Tanya Tate for providing me with a safe space to share my full story. This was a very hard interview as I tell the most traumatic incident of my life, my emotions are raw, and I have overcome so much from being blind to coming back in the industry."

Tanya Tate, host of the Skinfluencer Success podcast, commented, "Having Korina on the podcast was a privilege. Her unwavering commitment to her dreams is truly inspiring. I am grateful to have provided a platform for her to share her incredible journey with our audience. Korina's story is a testament to the power of determination and self-belief."

Korina Kova's appearance on Tanya Tate's Skinfluencer Success podcast showcases her remarkable journey of triumph over adversity, captivating audiences around the world. The recognition from esteemed UK news sites, such as the Daily Star and The Sun, further solidifies Korina's influence and impact in both the adult industry and mainstream media.

Korina Kova is making headlines! Find out everything you need to know about this amazing erotic content creator by listing to Tanya Tate presents Skinfluencer Success!

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Sara St Clair Shares Her Passions in Exclusive Daily Star Interview


Performer Sara St Clair talks about her love for Video Games and the influence of Barbie in this must-read interview.

For Immediate Release: April 11th, 2023

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Sara St Clair (, the multi-talented performer, has made headlines once again, this time for her exclusive interview with the UK's Daily Star. The article sheds light on Sara's life as a video game nerd, her passion for Barbie, and how her interests have shaped her career as a performer.

The Daily Star's feature, titled "Loner Video Game Addict Turns Heads in the Adult Industry," explores Sara's love for gaming and how it has led her down the path to adult entertainment. In the article, Sara speaks candidly about how her gaming hobby helped her overcome social anxiety and connect with others.

"I was always the shy kid growing up, but when I started playing video games, I found a community of like-minded people who shared my interests," Sara says in the interview. "It gave me the confidence to pursue my passions and ultimately led me to where I am today."

Sara also talks about her fascination with Barbie and how the iconic doll has influenced her career. "Barbie was my first introduction to the world of glamour and beauty," she explains. "She inspired me to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and gave me the confidence to be myself."

Fans can read the full interview with Sara St Clair on the Daily Star website at, which also features stunning photos of the performer. The article is a must-read for anyone interested in the adult entertainment industry, video games, or the influence of pop culture on our lives.

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UK’s Daily Star Goes Deep With Jenna Starr


From a cult Christian childhood to a prolific porn star, Jenna shares all with the Daily Star.

For Immediate Release: March 8th, 2023

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) UK's Daily Star spotlights adult performer Jenna Starr in a featured interview. Liam McInerney conducted the exclusive and went in-depth into Jenna's background. Discussing her religious upbringing, Jenna reveals how traumatized she initially felt about her sexuality. The blonde bombshell also talks about how Covid wiped out her flourishing cosmetology business, which led to her starting an OnlyFans account. It's all in the jaw-dropping article.

"I opened up in a big way," said Jenna. "I shared everything with Liam. Fans who thought they knew everything about me will be in for some shocking surprises."

Read the Daily Star feature 'I cried with shame after sex due to cult Christian childhood – but now I'm a porn star' at

Recently Jenna was featured on the cover and in the pages of FHM South Africa. The January 2023 issue showcases Jenna with an interview and multipage pictorial. The bootylicious babe flaunts her sexy figure in some skimpy pink lingerie. Readers will fall in love with Jenna once they see these scorching pictures. Read the interview at

Jenna Starr is showcased on Daily Star! Find out everything you need to know about the sexy OnlyFans star.

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Tanya Tate Talks Sex Tours And Scandals On Holly Randall Unfiltered!


Mainstream UK site, Daily Star, spotlights Tanya's captivating appearance.

For Immediate Release: March 28th, 2022

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Multi-award-winning performer Tanya Tate ( makes a special guest appearance on the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast ( The newly released episode, Tanya Tate: Sex Tours, MILFs & Front Page Scandals, features an in-depth interview with Tanya, who opens up about the scandals in the UK that propelled her career, her decade of performing, and life as a legit MILF. In addition to being a performer, the evolution of Tanya's profession has also seen her take on the titles of producer, publicist, and podcaster.

"I have an interesting career," said Tanya. "It was exciting to share the stories and anecdotes that built it with Holly's listeners."

Watch the video Tanya Tate: Sex Tours, MILFs & Front Page Scandals on Youtube at Listen to the episode on podcasting platforms, including Apple, Spotify, and more.

Tanya's fascinating episode caught the attention of the popular UK mainstream news site Daily Star which featured the appearance in a detailed article titled "Mum Quits 9-5 Office Job To Work In Adult Industry After Watching Saucy DVD." Read the Daily Star piece here:

Take a deep dive into the career of one of the top British performers of all time in Tanya Tate: Sex Tours, MILFs & Front Page Scandals! Tanya tells all on Holly Randall Unfiltered!

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