#NEWS: Wish ALEXIS FAWX A Happy Birthday TODAY


Did you know that today, June 23rd, is the birthday of adult entertainment superstar Alexis Fawx! It is! Read on to find out what is the best way to help this stunning beauty celebrate her special day!

Yes, popular pornstar Alexis Fawx is celebrating a birthday today! Let's take a look at the ways you can help make this an awesome day for her.

1.) Wish her a "Happy Birthday" via social media. Alexis is very active on Twitter (https://twitter.com/AlexisFawx) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/alexisfawxlive/). So if you roll by any of her spots on those platforms you can let her know you are thinking of her.

2.) Get Alexis Podcasting. Have you seen her official Amazon Wishlist? Aside from books on several topics, she has also listed some podcasting equipment like a mic, mic stand, and new laptops. If you want to hear Alexis on the regular maybe gifting her some equipment might be your way of treating her. She also listed some other things for around the house. So, if you want to help make her place be a bit cozier, take a look at Alexis' official Amazon wishlist and send her a gift. http://bit.ly/AlexisWL.

3.) Drink some High AF Coffee! you don't have to send Alexis a gift to brighten her Birthday - you can treat yourself to some of her new coffee! In case you didn't know, Alexis sells High AF Coffee and has a couple of different flavors like Sumatran (Dark Roast) and AJ’s Blend (Dark Roast). Take a look at the entire selection here: http://highafcoffee.com. Alexis posted on Twitter  "June 23rd is my birthday! Instead of Gifts 👉🏽 Buy my Coffee! Take a pic with the bag of coffee & you enjoying a cup & Tag @HighAFCoffee I’m following my coffee loving supporters!"

4.) See Alexis and friends in person! July 19th, Alexis' show High As Fawx returns to the El Cid in Los Angeles. High As Fawx is a variety show hosted by Alexis and features comedians, musicians and more. It's a wild, exciting night and you never know what to expect. Laugh, smoke and enjoy some entertaining people. Tickets and other info on the High As Fawx show can be found here: http://highasfawxshow.com.


So there are four ways to celebrate Alexis Fawx's birthday! How are you going to do it?

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#NEWS: STAR FACTORY PR Hits 15,000 Followers On Instagram!


Woo-Hoo! Tanya Tate's Star Factory PR has hit 15,000 followers on Instagram! Are you one of them? Read on to find out why you should be!

Are you following us on Instagram? If so, THANK YOU! You are among the 15,000 followers @StarFactoryPR  currently has. Thank you for your support as we strive to keep you informed on everything our superstar clients are up to.

If you not you are not, you're missing out on some exciting additional content that might not get posted here on this site. The Star Factory PR Instagram profile is obviously more image and real-time friendly. While this site has Bios, Links, News Articles, Video Embeds, Press Releases and more, the @StarFactoryPR profile has easier to digest bits and to keep you dialed in.

So join us on Instagram as we head toward 20,000 followers! Be part of the party and let Star Factory PR know what YOU want to see! We have some amazing clients and want you to have all the info on every amazing thing they are doing!

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#PR: Secure A Shout Out From Cam Model KELLEY CABBANA On Cameo


The sexy streamer is now available from the celebrity shoutout site.

For Immediate Release: June 18th, 2019

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Cam model Kelley Cabbana (https://www.cameo.com/kelleycabbanaxoxo) is now available from celebrity "shout out" site Cameo. The popular performer has signed on to the site and can be booked by fans to record personalized messages. Be it for a special celebration or "just because", Kelley will record a unique video with her phone and, via the site's platform, have it delivered to the person that ordered it. Cameo is populated with dozens of celebrities, actors, athletes, influencers, models and more.

"Cameo is an awesome platform," said Kelley. "Fans can book me to record a special message for them or their friends. It's fun, sexy and perfect for any occasion or event."

Another way fans can connect with Kelley is via her weekly webcam shows. Every Wednesday at 6:00 PM EDT, the buxom blonde goes live from her Florida home to tempt and tease viewers. Kelley loves to virtually play with fans and act out explicit fantasies. Those looking to join Kelley for some naughty fun can do so from her official website - https://kelleycabbana.com.

Get a personalized message straight from cam model Kelley Cabbana! Head over to Cameo and order yourself a special shout out!

For more Kelley Cabbana, visit her network:
Kelley Cabbana Amazon Wishlist

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Greg Hamilton

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#PR: KENZIE TAYLOR Wants You To Join Her On AddKenzie.com


The popular performer hooks up with Anna Foxxx for an exciting new scene in Axel Braun’s Girlfest 2 for Wicked Pictures.

For Immediate Release: May 16th, 2019

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Adult entertainment superstar Kenzie Taylor (https://twitter.com/thekenzietaylor) debuts her new premium social media spot AddKenzie.com. Fans will be able to connect with the sexy star in an exciting new way. Once joining, members have access to Kenzie's premium Snapchat profile which will contain exclusive videos and images. Kenzie intends to share her sexy adventures with members. Part of the AddFriends network, membership to AddKenzie.com also includes a full archive of all Kenzie's past snaps in the AddFriends.com members area.

"AddKenzie.com is the only premium platform I'll be using from now on," said Kenzie. "It will feature a lot of exclusive content from my life on and off film. This is something that fans who want candid access to me will love. And best of all I reply to all of my private messages!"

Kenzie will continue to utilize a free public Snapchat account which will still feature fresh content, but not as intimate or as hardcore as can be found on AddKenzie.com. Kenzie's public Snapchat can be found here: https://www.snapchat.com/add/kenzietaylorxxx.

The blonde beauty is featured in a hot new title that is sure to please fans of lesbian-themed videos - Axel Braun’s Girlfest 2 from Wicked Pictures. Kenzie is featured in an intimate scene with the luscious Anna Foxxx. Passion prevails as two of the most beautiful women in adult entertainment explore each other's bodies leading to an unforgettable display of insatiable lust. Axel Braun’s Girlfest 2 is available now on DVD from adult retailers and can be viewed online via the Wicked Pictures website: https://www.wicked.com/tour/movie/3541778/axel-brauns-girlfest-2-scene-2/.

Kenzie Taylor wants to share her sexiest adventures with you! Don't miss out on any of her erotic escapades. Connect with her at AddKenzie.com.

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Kenzie Taylor
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#NEWS: Connect With STAR FACTORY PR On Social Media!


Star Factory PR has social media accounts on various platforms! Here's everything you need to know to make sure you are dialed in!

What is your favorite social media platform? Chances are Star Factory PR has a presence there. Want to be sure? Click the links below to head over to the spots we use the most:

Star Factory PR on Twitter - https://twitter.com/starfactorypr

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While not as active, we are also on the following:

Star Factory PR on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/starfactorypr

Star Factory PR on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/StarFactoryPR

In the coming months, we'll be strengthening our presence on those platforms as well. So make sure we are connected.

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#NEWS: KELLEY CABBANA Guests On Gross Misconduct Live May 6th!


Cam Model superstar Kelley Cabbana shares some of her sexy stories on the Gross Misconduct Live this Monday.

Kelley Cabbana is a well-known cam model who loves showing off her delicious body. The busty beauty can usually be seen streaming her naughty adventures on her personal website KelleyCabbana.com. On May 6th, Kelley will check in with the Gross Misconduct crew to talk about her erotic exploits and share some of her steamy stories about her cam model life.

The Gross Misconduct Live show featuring Kelley Cabbana can be heard live on Monday, May 6th from 5.30pm PT / 8.30pm ET at www.GrossMisconductLive.com.

Can't get enough of Kelley? Make sure you are following her on Instagram! The busty beauty loves sharing sexy pictures from all of her exotic adventures and you can see everything she's up to. If you like boobilicous blondes and bikinis, make sure you follow her on IG right here: https://www.instagram.com/kelleycabbanatv/.

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#NEWS: JILLIAN JANSON Takes Over XCritic’s Snapchat May 11th!


Powerhouse performer Jillian Janson is set for a Snapchat Takeover of the XCritic account next Saturday!

One of the most popular stars in porn, Jillian Janson will take over the XCritic Snapchat account on May 11th! Be prepared for just about anything to happen as Jillian is well known for her wild and sexy adventures. The social media maven loves sharing everything with fans, so you get ready for an eyeful of the beautiful babe.

It's all going down on the XCritic Snapchat. When you hit up Snapchat, the user name is XCriticCom. So make sure you are following them on Saturday, May 11th, because it will be all Jillian, all day!

Did you know that Jillian is also on OnlyFans? Subscribe to her there for a consistent flow of hardcore photos and videos. She's posting exclusive content that will show you why she's won several awards for being a bad girl. Don't believe us? Take a taste and you'll be hooked - https://onlyfans.com/xojillianjanson.

Interview requests for Jillian Janson can be made to Star Factory PR info@starfactorypr.com

#NEWS: Wish KELLEY CABBANA Happy Birthday April 21st!


Sexy streamer Kelley Cabbana has a birthday coming up! Want to make her day XXX-tra special? Read on!

April 21st is Kelley Cabbana's birthday and if you are a fan of hers, you'll want to make sure its a happy one! How can you do this? Simply by giving her a shout out as well as follow on her social media accounts if you don't follow her already. You can find her on Twitter at @KelleyCabbana and on Instagram on @KelleyCabbanaTV.

Want to do a little more? Spoil Kelley with something sexy from her Amazon Wishlist! She has gifts she'd love to get listed on her wishlist that you can send directly to her right here: http://bit.ly/KelleyWL

And of course, you can connect with her on one of her webcam shows. Her schedule is listed on KelleyCabbana.com, her official website.

What does Kelley have planned for her actual birthday? The busty blonde is headed to Las Vegas to catch Aerosmith and hit up some clubs. So, if you are in the "City of Sin" keep your eyes open for her!

Interview requests for Kelley Cabbana can be made to Star Factory PR: info@starfactorypr.com

#NEWS: Wish TANYA TATE A Happy Birthday March 31st!


British bombshell Tanya Tate is celebrating a birthday at the end of the month! You can make sure she has an XXX-tra special day! Keep reading for all the info!

March 31st is Tanya Tate's birthday! Want to send some positive vibes her way? You can wish Tanya a Happy Birthday via one of her many social media outlets. She's verified on platforms like Instagram (over 1 million followers) and Twitter and can be found on premium sites like Verified Call and Collide. So be sure to connect with Tanya at one of those spots.


You're a dedicated fan and want to do more? Tanya has an Amazon wishlist up - http://bit.ly/TanyaWishlist! Send her something sexy or practical, either way, Tanya appreciates everything people send her

Did you know that Tanya opens the gifts people send her on her daily livestream shows? (Almost) every morning Tanya turns on the camera in her kitchen and livestreams her breakfast on Youtube. Watch her open up your gift and react to it LIVE! Subscribe to her channel - http://bit.ly/TanyaYT.

Mark the date! March 31st is Tanya Tate's birthday! Start planning your presents now!

Interview requests for Tanya Tate can be made to Star Factory PR: info@starfactorypr.com