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#PR: BRIANA BANKS Invites You For A 3-Way In Let’s Bang The BabySitter 4


Briana stars in another three-way love fest for Brazzers in The Loophole.

For Immediate Release: March 28th, 2017

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Legendary porn performer Briana Banks (http://brianabanks.xxx/) is back doing the dirty deeds that made her an XXX superstar in Let’s Bang the Babysitter 4. Directed by Mike Quasar for Zero Tolerance, Briana is featured in a hardcore scene where her and husband (played by Derrick Pierce) have some sexy fun with the naughty nanny played by Keisha Grey. The three-way sex fest offers fans the opportunity to see Briana seduce a nubile beauty while pleasuring her partner.

“There is nothing better than a three-way!” exclaimed Briana. “I love the fact that I am having sex with two of the hottest people in the industry and the scene is just dripping with passion. Fans are going to love watching the fun we have in the orgasmic little orgy.”

The DVD’s cover art showcases Briana’s scene as she is joined by her co-stars for this delicious tease. A downloadable trailer, a collection of hardcore promotional images and the DVD box cover for Let’s Bang the Babysitter 4 can be found here: http://bit.ly/ztlbtb4.

Briana shows off the bad girl ways she is known for in Brazzers’ The Loophole. In this hardcore video, Briana’s step-daughter (played by Taylor Sands) is caught fooling around with her boyfriend (played by Xander Corvus) but has not gone all the way as she intends to save herself for marriage. Leave it to her step-mom to show her a life hack that will preserve her “virginity,” while pleasing her boyfriend. In an unforgettable sexperience, Briana helps Taylor take Xander deep in her backside before opening herself up to anal action herself. The Loophole can be viewed here: http://www.brazzers.com/scenes/view/id/10463/the-loophole/.

The cumback queen is back in action! Briana Banks has two new three-ways to enjoy. First, she seduces the babysitter, then teaches a barely legal teen the advantages of anal sex!


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Dillion Harper and Mia Malkova star in latest Brazzers.com Release

LA Direct Model stars Dillion Harper and Mia Malkova star in latest release from Brazzers.com, ‘That Bra Isn’t Going To Take Itself Off‘.

Mia Malkova and Dillion Harper come home from going bra shopping, the girls decide to show off their new collection to one another in order to get each other’s opinion. The girls then can’t help but be curious about each other’s breasts and before you know it, these horny girls are tearing each other’s clothes off for a taste of some sweet pussy!

Dillion Harper and Mia Malkova for Brazzers Dillion Harper and Mia Malkova for Brazzers Dillion Harper and Mia Malkova for Brazzers Dillion Harper and Mia Malkova for Brazzers

For more information visit Brazzers.com or follow them on twitter @brazzers.

You can follow Mia Malkova on twitter @miamalkova and Dillion Harper @dillionharper.


Brazzers hires Gay Porn Star for Straight Movies

It seems Manwin owned Brazzers has recently put Danny D under contract. The problem? Danny D is also gay male porn star Matt Hughes. It wasn’t to long ago that Brazzers spoke out saying how they wouldn’t shoot crossovers (those guys who did both gay porn and straight porn) because of the increased risk of HIV exposure. Plus there are a lot of female stars who just flat out (and rightfully so) won’t perform with male porn stars who do gay or tranny porn and who also do straight porn.

Hey, what’s a little HIV risk between friends, right?

Today Kurt Lockwood tweeted – @christianxxx1 R U still fucking trannies bareback? Because I’m working w @CaliHayesXXX tomorrow & it sucks that you double dip & add risk

Kurt Lockwood isn’t alone in his concern over the added risk of HIV exposure when you hire those who do both gay and straight porn. So the question is, what is Manwin going to do?  Are they going to keep a gay performer under contract, to have sex with straight porn stars increasing their risk of HIV exposure?

Manwins Contract Boy Has A Gay Porn past [source – Mike South]

Remember how Brazzers/Manwin made lotsa noise about how they don’t shoot “crossovers”? Well Their newest Contract boy” Danny D, performed lots of gay porn as “Matt Hughes”.

If they had looked on their own tube sites they’d have known it.  I’m also hearing that Matt/Danny has, shall we say, some performance problems when working with the girls.

Now here’s what I REALLY don’t get…whats with the putting the gay performers in straight scenes anyway?  It seems that porners have forgotten all the rules for making successful straight porn…..No wonder this biz is in the toilet.


Manwin Rumor Alert

What I’m about to post probably won’t come as a surprise to most.  I’ve been doing some digging and talking with some Manwin employees who work at the various websites and companies bought out by the company.  Not surprisingly all were eager to chat but begged to keep their identities a secret.

“When we got bought out, I wasn’t happy.  Nobody really was.  It’s embarrassing now to tell people you work for Manwin.  You know you are working for the devil, but what can you do?  Times are tough and I need to support my family.”

“Working for Manwin is like being in a lion’s den.  Everyone puts on a fake smile but you know the second you turn your back you’ll get the sting of a sharp tooth in your back.”

“We are given things to say when people say things about our involvement in the tubes like pornhub but we all know it’s bullshit and it just eats at you after awhile.  You know you are lying out your ass, but what the fuck can you do?”

“They will tell you whatever you want to hear when they first buy you out to keep you in line and make the transition go smoothly, while behind closed doors they are plotting to fire your fucking ass.  You don’t matter to them.  No matter how great you think you are and may be, you aren’t shit to Manwin.  You are nothing to them and never will be.”

“I never felt dirty being in porn before I started working for Manwin.”




From LUKEISBACK – Popular adult Superstar Sara Jay  is happy to announce that she & Brazzers have mutually agreed to resolve a hard fought lawsuit filed by Jay over a website called “SaraJayBlog.com”.  The popular star sued Brazzers claiming it had set up the Blog through an Affiliate with the express purpose of impersonating her and stealing traffic.  Brazzers disputed Sara Jay’s claims, asserting, among other things that it was not responsible for the actions of an affiliate that was sending it traffic.  Jay asserted that Brazzers was engaging in an industry wide practice of setting up similar blogs to ‘impersonate’ girls in the business to get traffic & sales.

After the case was filed, the Blog was taken down.  Brazzers tried to have the entire case thrown out by the trial court claiming Jay’s claims were barred by an arbitration agreement in a modeling release Jay had signed which Brazzers said also gave it the right to ‘promote’ images it owned in whatever manner it saw fit. After losing those arguments at the trial court level, Brazzers took an appeal up to the Court of Appeal which it lost resulting in an award of costs in Jay’s favor.

The case was ordered into mediation where the parties agreed to resolve the case with Brazzers agreeing Jay had the right to try and get the domain back for herself.
Sara Jay is quoted as saying: “I sued because there was a Blog out there purporting to be my ‘official’ blog which sent all the traffic – and sales – to Brazzers.   Needless to say, I take any attempt to use my name to make money of my name very seriously.  We won at the Trial Court & Court of Appeal levels.

However, with the blog now gone & Brazzers agreeing it would not stand in the way me getting back the url, settling made sense.   We were both incurring massive amounts of time, legal expenses & costs – time I could be spending shooting or on my career. I’d rather be on set having sex for my fans than in a court room.  It was a bitter battle with Brazzers & but it was better for both sides to resolve it.”

Of legal interest in the case was Brazzers’ claim that it had given an oral agreement for one Brazzers entity to use the model release rights to all other Brazzers entities.  The Court of Appeal found that an oral agreement pertaining to matters that are the subject of copyright (such as photographs) is invalid unless in writing.  (See attached.)  The court found that taking out the domain name “SaraJayBlog.Com” was not permitted by the Brazzers contract that Ms. Jay had signed.  It held that Ms. Jay’s “suit does not involve the subject matter of the [Brazzers’ entity] contract”.  Whether this judicial ruling will cause Brazzers to change its policy of promoting its websites using domain names of the actresses with whom it has signed releases remains to be seen.

Sara Jay notes: “It’s amazing what companies are trying to do based on purported ‘modeling releases’. All I can say is… be careful what you sign.”


Porn Hackers Strike Again

A few weeks ago news broke that Manwin’s sites have been compromised and tens of thousands of customers information may have been compromised.  This hack included the Brazzers’s forums.  Anyone who had an account there had their information compromised.  While they were busy backtracking claiming the hack was no big deal they apparently forgot to sure up the security on their other assets because on February 23rd YouPorn got hacked [source] which compromised an estimated 1 million accounts and the hackers even posted the list of YouPorn users and their email addresses.

This is a big deal for a few reasons …

  • First and foremost it directly links you to a site that illegal streams stolen porn which means that could potentially be used against you in those “John Doe Lawsuits” which could cost you hundreds or even a few thousands of dollars, depending on how active int he youporn site you were.
  • Next it’s a big deal because the hackers posted every users email address and that means every jack ass spammer out there has taken that list and put it in their database.  Now you are going to start getting way more spam.
  • Now people know you are into porn.  If you have enemies and are in a situation that viewing porn online could compromise you, well … an enemy could use that list against you.
  • And last but surely not least, it’s a big deal because more often than not people use the same email address and password for multiple sites so if they stole them for one site, they may now have access to your other accounts like paypal and amazon and whatnot.  So BE SURE AND CHANGE ALL YOUR PASSWORDS IMMEDIATELY!

So now it seems the hackers have struck another Manwin owned site again.  Manwin (aka Brazzers) recently took control of Digital Playground including their family of websites and what they apparently forgot to do is make sure security was strong, especially after the their other sites started to get hacked.

So tonight Jesse Jane tweeted about her site being down, it’s been down over an hour now and her site isn’t alone.  The main Digital Playground site is down as well.


There is no official news who has hacked the site yet or what information (if any) will be exposed for the Digital Playground customers but since their DVD store was also hacked, it could potentially be a very big deal, including the loss of username and passwords as well as email addresses and credit card numbers and maybe (possibly) your home address!


Manwin Goes on the Defensive

This just in …….. GET OUT YOUR BOOTS BOYS AND GIRLS, the shit is getting thick in here … said with my finest, folksy Texan accent.  Love it?  Hee!  You know you do! 😛

For awhile now Manwin has owned and operated several of the largest ILLEGAL tube sites in the world, displaying videos they don’t own or have the rights to on these websites.  Companies request the videos get removed, sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t and even if they do the videos go right back up there.  They then feed these videos through to the members area of Brazzers as well. Nice way to side skirt that law about theft, right?  They just blame it on their users.  Sure they benefit from it but hey, what’s a little law skirting between friends, right?

Manwin will give you some big bullshit song and dance how technically what they do isn’t against the law but all know the truth and hey, so do the guys from Mega Upload.  Just ask KimDotCom how that’s going for him.

So back to Manwin, today they are claiming they have no relation with Filesonic or ANY file sharing site.  REALLY?  REALLY???  Apparently they don’t realize that just because they call it something else, it’s still an illegal file sharing website.  A tube site in fact that shares  stolen movie clips, which is what they are nailing those guys for.  So basically they got all mad because someone on GFY was like omg Manwin is in with Filesonic and they demanded the little guy on GFY who posted the story prove it or get banned.   The guy wasn’t smart enough to prove it through proving that their 8 or so illegal tube sites are in fact FILE SHARING WEBSITES, so he got banned.


Manwin Denies Relations with Filesonic or Any File Sharing Site

The company, which also owns Brazzers, has issued a rare public statement denying a claim made by a GFY poster, and is seeking ‘proof or ban’ over the poster’s claims

Adult industry powerhouse Manwin has reacted quickly to deny comments made in a thread posted to GFY.com Wednesday morning in which the original poster makes several claims, including this one: “Turns out that FileSonic is owned and operated by the same people who own Brazzers, how about that?” In reaction, Manwin has taken the rare step of issuing a public statement demanding that GFY administrators commence an immediate “proof or ban” action against the poster.

The Manwin statement—which is directed at GFY admins but which also promises a “swift response” in reaction to anyone who clains that Manwin has “relations” with Filesonic, a file sharing site that just disabled its file sharing function in the wake of the Megaupload closure by the Feds—is posted here in its entirety:

“In response to false allegations linking Manwin to FileSonic, made today on the industry message board GFY, Manwin issues the following statement:

“Manwin, which owns Brazzers, has no relations—business or otherwise—to FileSonic, nor to any other file sharing sites. Any statement otherwise is a fabrication, and will be met with a swift response.

“GFY rule #9 guards against false accusations:

“False accusations against a person or company. We all want to know what companies and individuals have done you wrong. Just make sure you back any claims you make up with solid proof. If you plan on calling someone a scammer, liar, cheat, or anything else, have your proof in order and post it with your claim. False accusations will be grounds for immediate banning.

“In light of the above, Manwin requests GFY look into the thread started by “bbm” and request the user prove their claim, or face immediate banning—as per the message board’s policy.”

Manwin’s response has been posted to the GFY thread, and GFY’s Eric Matis has confirmed that the poster was banned for making accusations without providing proof.

The guy who was banned “BBM” was a member of GFY since 2005. Here is his post, which will no doubt be deleted and magically disappear soon enough.  I’ll bold the part that got him nailed.

In the last few days there was a lot of fuss about all these file sharing sites shutting down which got me interested so I did a little digging and found out a few surprising details. Turns out that FileSonic is owned and operated by the same people who own Brazzers, how about that? This information seems to be kept a secret pretty good, but here and there stuff leaks. I’ve talked to a friend of mine who had some copyright issues with FileSonic and he managed to get the records unsealed during some legal proceedings and he was pretty shocked to find out who the real owners were. I guess that is why they’ve split for cover and effectively shut the whole thing down, cos let’s face it, being in Canada and USA and all is not very good for you freedom options these days if you own a site like that. There are also a few more interesting facts. It seems like FileSonic were redirecting traffic, spreading it across a ton of domains to keep traffic rankings significantly lower than they really are, check out filesonic.fr, filesonic.jp and the rest! Combined traffic of FileSonic alone is probably bigger than that of Megaupload.

FileServe.com (owned by Choopa) shut down was motivated by exactly same reason in my opinion, being way too large and being in USA. Getting one of the biggest file sharing host is a pretty smart move for Choopa. All this makes me think that Megaupload was probably not the biggest or the baddest out there. These two combined probably were and are still pretty monstrous, not to mention the fact that each of them operated several quite large satellite services like WUpload for FileSonic and UploadStation and FileJungle for FileServe.

I also think that may be we are getting too worried and making a big mistake here getting all nasty towards older, managable hosts. If Brazzers owned one, it sure as hell was good for them and they do not delete their stuff from anywhere, even from other hosts. I also spoke with a few guys from several affiliate programs and they say they don’t bother too much about their content being hosted there cos it’s a free ad space. Lots of people come and buy memberships (provided of course the site is good enough to justify that).

Also I think that if a person doesn’t want to buy or can’t buy a membership they won’t do it no matter if the content is there or not. Those guys also told me that getting stuff removed is pretty simple as these hosts are easy to talk to most of the time. So instead of fighting them may be we should consider working with them on some sort of beneficial partnership? You guys willing to entertain ideas on that?

All these folks who got kicked out of all the major dead or dying hosts are going to look elsewhere and new players will start popping up which in fact is a lot worse than dealing with those familiar hosts we have online now. New guys will have to be aggressive to grow fast. So attention should be paid.

Anyway there is a lot of food for thought here. May be they are not as bad as we think? Look at Brazzers and a few other big sponsors they do not care much about their content being shared and I think they either know smth we don’t or have a vision.

What we should worry about are those damned tubes, like http://www.xvideos.com/

It’s Alexa is 50 and you can find anything there from every sponsor, free, and that seems really dangerous to me.

So what do you think about all of that?

Manwin Buys DP for rumored $50 Million

Everything you are reading here should be considered a rumor – as in an unproven fact.  These rumors may or may not be true, in part or in whole.  You should never consider a rumor as a fact.  What you read here may be in part true, or in whole completely false.  That’s the thing about rumors, you never really know.  I am only sharing with you water cooler stories I have been hearing.  They may or may not be true.  THEY ARE RUMORS.

Last June we reported that Manwin was in talks to buy Digital Playground.  Truth be told, by the time we had posted that story they had been in talks for awhile and had already started to take over the day to day operations of the DP family of websites.

It would take another two months however before the buyout would take place.  It took so long because according to rumors DP was over valuing their catalog.  Well, at least in the eyes of the buyers.

It was during this time Jesse Jane had decided not to renew her contract with Digital Playground and made a very public to do about it.   Jesse Jane’s people went into talks with several other companies including taking a meeting with Brazzers.  Just days later she announced she had resigned with Digital Playground.  Insiders are now saying it was actually a deal with Manwin that Jesse Jane did her new deal with because at that time they had already secretly bought out the company.  So the insinuation that the contract girls would be cast aside after AEE in Vegas, is ridiculous.

Mike South and Adult FYI are reporting buyout sum was $50 million but I have a source that says that number is very wrong.  It includes a large up front cash payment that is nearly double that and over the next five years additional payments will be made.  He doesn’t know an exact amount but estimates it to be around $150 million over a period of 5 years.

The rumor is now that Manwin is in talks with Vivid.  My sources are saying these talks have been going on for a few months now and are all but a done deal.  One Vivid insider says that Hirsch made his money off of some big Playboy deal a few years ago and since then he just doesn’t give a fuck. He’s been looking for an excuse to leave porn since then anyway.

Another insider is saying that the Vivid deal will not include a continuation of the Axel Braun contract.  According to a few different people he is to hard to work with.  “Not worth the bullshit that comes with working with him”.    “His ego an antics make him to much of a liability“.

So who does that leave us with?  If Manwin buys Vivid that means they control all the major studios except Bluebird Films.  Think about it …… there is Wicked Pictures, Vivid Entertainment, Digital Playground and Bluebird Films.  They are the big 4 in the jizz biz, making the big budget features.

Will Bluebird Films cave and join the other major studios?  My sources say “not in a million fucking years”.  Owner Paul Chaplin was once quoted as saying he was never in the porn business to make money, he makes the movies he wants to watch.  Perhaps that will be the one thing that keeps Manwin at bay.  We shall see.

In the mean time we have a few other Manwin rumors to address.  Not to long ago there were reports that Zero Tolerance were in “financial dire straights” that the only thing making them any sort of money was their toy line but with their venture with the now bankrupt Store Program ended, things took a turn for the worse, even in that division of the company.  This made them prime for takeover by Manwin.  While to date Manwin hasn’t really made any move on the lower tier “gonzo type studios” like Zero Tolerance, Red Light District, Elegant Angel, etc. because Zero Tolerance is considered to be the best in that category there was always the chance that Manwin would consider it but my sources are saying to date that is not the case.  They would rather just freeze out the smaller guys and let them go out of business than waste their money and resources on trying to acquire them.

One Brazzers insider said that Manwin might have considered Zero Tolerance a little more seriously if their collection of websites weren’t run so piss poorly.  I don’t know how much if any of that is true, but that is what I am hearing.

Next I heard a rumor about Manwin in talks to buy out a network company like Webquest.  I talked to my source who said “Webquest? LOL  Why would Manwin buy them?  They have no real value.  They are only worth the value of their biggest contract which they could lose at any time.  Then what would they be worth?”

So if they aren’t going to go after traffic networks, I wonder what they will focus on buying next?  AVN?  Maybe XBIZ?

Manwin Bans ALL .XXX Associations

Manwin, who I think we all will agree now owns a controlling share of the actual internet, or at least the adult portion has made a very interesting decision today.  Effective immediately they will not only refuse to do any sort of business themselves in terms of buying .xxx domain names, they will also not do any business with anyone who does.  This includes buying ad space, selling ad space, buying content, selling content, affiliates and so on.

So anyone who owns a .xxx will flat out find themselves not able to do any sort of business at all with any Manwin owned or run websites which includes Wicked, Twistys, Brazzers and well quite honestly far more than I could ever count.  So before you rush to buy your own .xxx you might want to keep that in mind.

Something tells me that Manwin won’t be the only company making this decision, especially when it comes to their affiliate program.

LUXEMBOURG—Manwin issued a statement Friday announcing that in addition to the antitrust lawsuit it filed Nov. 16 against ICM Registry and ICANN over the approval of the .xxx TLD, it also “has determined to cease any and all internet liaisons with the .xxx Top Level Domain.”

In addition, the announcement states that as of today, Friday, Dec. 2, Manwin has banned all activities between its brands and internet sites registered with a .xxx TLD.

“We oppose the .xxx domain and all it stands for,” said Fabian Thylmann, Managing Partner of Manwin. “It is my opinion that the .xxx domain is an anti-competitive business practice that works a disservice to all companies that do business on the internet.

“The lawsuit was just the beginning,” added Thylmann. “Through this ban, we hope to make a strong statement against the .XXX domain.”

Manwin said it will no longer permit content from or advertising for .xxx websites on its tube sites. In addition, it will not permit its content to be used or advertised on .xxx websites. This will prevent ICM or .xxx from exploiting the 60 million daily visitors to Manwin’s network sites, it said.

By permanently blocking the .XXX domain, Manwin also said it hopes to send a clear message that it does not support ICM or .XXX.