B. Skow Continuing to Shine

Skow Digital Crowned Best New Production Company by AVN

The Studio from Acclaimed Director B. Skow Continues to Produce Sexy, Original Content!

Skow Digital was crowned Best New Production Company by AVN Media Network at the 2013 AVN Awards. The studio launched in 2012, as a way for acclaimed director B. Skow to have more creative control and ownership over his future projects, from story-driven features to gonzo, vignettes, and niche porn.

“When taking a huge leap of faith, you’re never quite sure if you’ve made the right decision… until something like this happens,” states B. Skow. “Thank you so much to all the AVN Awards voters who enjoyed my debut movies and see the potential for future great releases from Skow Digital. This is my most prized AVN award yet.”

AVN has presented B. Skow’s movies with awards for Best Three-Way Sex Scene, Best Celebrity Sex Tape, Best Pro-Am Series, and Best Pro-Am Release.

The debut releases from Skow Digital include “Teen Sex Dolls” and the Best Gonzo Release nominated “Model House Invasion.”

For more information about “Teen Sex Dolls” from Skow Digital, visit http://www.exiledist.com/shop/teen-sex-dolls-061812/.

For more information about “Model House Invasion” from Skow Digital, visit http://skoweflyer.com/modelhouseinvasion/.

B. Skow received a total of 14 AVN Awards nominations for the 2013 show. The diverse array of noms were in categories for parody, gonzo, romance, pro-am, vignette, young girl, and specialty release. He also received 2 Best Director nominations.

The 2013 AVN Awards were held January 19 at The Joint in Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. For more information, visit www.AVNAwards.com.

About B. Skow: B. Skow has been a major force in adult entertainment for the past 20 years, from one of the most accomplished commercial and fashion photographers in LA. to directing award-winning porn. In 1992, at the age of 21, Skow moved to Los Angeles and landed a photographer’s assistant job on a box cover shoot of a major adult studio. Though he only caught glimpses of the glamorous shoot, it was enough to change his life. He worked his way up the entertainment industry ladder, and began shooting Hollywood celebrities like Pamela Anderson, as well as covers and layouts for the most prominent men’s magazines. By 1994, he was back photographing adult box covers, layouts, and advertisements. With years of experience under his belt, Skow began directing movies in 2005. He has been nominated multiple times by AVN and XBIZ for Best Director and Best Screenplay, and many of his movies over a wide array of genres, including blockbuster “The Condemned,” have all received AVN awards. The famed director’s new studio, Skow Digital, offers him full creative control and ownership over all his content, from story-driven features to gonzo, vignettes, and niche porn.

B. Skow inks new Deal

B. Skow aka Meggan Mallone‘s real life husband and former Vivid Gonzo maestro, has inked a 1 year distribution deal for boy / girl movies with Girlfriend Films of all people.  Girlfriends Films who is known for well … films about girlfriends has apparently decided to take a leap into the bg market and teamed up with B. Skow to do it.


Girlfriends Films & B. Skow Ink 1-Year
Distribution Deal for Boy / Girl Movies
AVN Media Presents the Exclusive Trailer for ‘Voilà,’
the 1st Boy / Girl Title to Release from Girlfriends Films!

Girlfriends Films and acclaimed director B. Skow have agreed on a 1-year distribution deal featuring boy / girl content.  The award-winning lesbian studio makes its first foray into distributing DVDs containing boy / girl sex.

Releasing in late September, “Voilà” is the debut boy / girl title from B. Skow under the distribution deal.  The trailer is currently available exclusively at AVN.com –http://avnlive.avn.com/media/Voila-Trailer-486219.html.
Girlfriends Films Vice President Moose states, “We thought long and hard about the decision to venture into the boy / girl market, realizing how big of a step it was, but when the opportunity to distribute B. Skow’s gorgeous and original feature films presented itself, we knew it was a great fit.  His movies are of the highest caliber and will revolutionize the couples market.”
The movies will be story-driven, feature films geared towards the rapidly expanding couples market.  According to B. Skow, plots will vary from light-hearted romantic comedies to intense sexual dramas with an edgier feel.
“While the movies may contain boy / girl sex, I think people will realize many of the core values which make Girlfriends Films exceptional are still present,” says B. Skow.  “The movies will always be sex-positive with high production values and an emphasis on aesthetics.”
A modern boy-meets-girl-meets-girl tale, “Voilà” stars Penny Pax, Veruca James, and Kris Slater, alongside Dana DeArmond, Dani Daniels, Yurizan Beltran, Gigi, and Earl Slate, and includes boy / girl, girl / girl, and three-way sex scenes.  To download the cover, visit http://www.girlfriendsfilms.com/voila.zip.
In “Voilà,” Tony (Slater) and Liz (Pax) are childhood sweethearts having an adult love affair.  Although their love is deep, Liz is feeling bi-curious and to satiate her yearnings, they engage in a threesome with a mysterious, beautiful girl named Voila (James).  To Tony’s despair, Liz falls in love with Voila and runs off.  When Voila eventually shows up at Tony’s door and reports that Liz abandoned her too, they are bonded by heartache.  Tony and Voila develop feelings for each other, though Tony wonders if he’s fated to pine for Liz until his dying day.  Love can magically appear in “Voilà,” but it takes a lot longer to vanish.
The Girlfriends Films’ community was recently introduced to B. Skow as the studio’s newest girl / girl director.  B. Skow is working on existing Girlfriends Films lines, as well as new, high-end lesbian features.  His first lesbian movie for the studio, “Lesbian PsychoDramas: Volume 11” is will release on September 14.
To view a SFW (safe-for-work) preview of B. Skow’s appearance on Girlfriends Films’ talk show, “The Kinky & Creepy Show,” visit http://youtu.be/ST4JH1tuxnE.
Fans wishing to learn even more about B. Skow may visit his XCritic.com blog at http://www.xcritic.com/blogs/bskow.php.

Movie Review for Stroke It

When a friend of mine called to say a movie that I had wanted to review for awhile now was about to be on Playboy TV I got so excited.  I love Vivid movies, they are normally so high quality.  The movie I was going to be reviewing is called Stroke It starring Meggan Mallone.  This was one of the first movies she did for Vivid and it was filmed prior to her boob job so she still had the very tiny little breasts.  Playboy TV tends to rename the Vivid movies they show for some weird reason so they were calling the movie “All the the Wrist”.  By the name(s) of the movie one would tend to think this is one of those handjob gonzo titles but in fact that wasn’t the case.  I think it was just some random name they came up with that was remotely relating to sex because the movie wasn’t about hand jobs at all.

The movie was directed by B. Skow who years later Meggan Mallone would go on to move in with, leave porn for, get engaged to and eventually have his child.  They call this movie an “all sex” or “gonzo” film.  This is basically just another way of saying this movie isn’t a feature film.  It’s just a collection of sex scenes typically of a similar nature.  There is no pretense of a story, instead these kind of movies have themes like all big boobs or all blondes.

I want to say that I am normally a huge fan of Vivid movies.  In fact, they have until recently been some of my favorite adult films.

This movie was a sad, sad attempt at a Vivid film.  It wasn’t even that hot in terms of sex, with the exception of Meggan’s sex sscenes the rest was just really odd and uninteresting.   In one scene there was no sex at all.  It was a girl in the shower giving us a close up look at her shaving her hairy pussy.  Who the hell thought it would be sexy to watch a girl shave her hairy pussy?  It was un-sexy, and well downright nasty.  Not my cup of tea to say the least.

There is a scene in the movie with Evan Stone who I normally really like but this scene was really badly done.  The directing in this thing left me going WTH?  It was cheesy and forced.  I didn’t like it at all.

Minus the 3 Meggan Mallone scenes, this movie was a total and complete waste.  I was highly disappointed.  It was like they gave some guy they just met off of the street a camera and said go for it!  His lack of experience clearly came through in the way he shot the girls.

I love Meggan Mallone.  I love Vivid movies but I have to say what I don’t love is this movie.   If I had to give it a rating I guess I would give it a 3 out of 10.  If you care to see the movie for yourself you can watch Stroke It online on the official Vivid website.

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Paul Thomas is out B. Skow is in

I guess out with the old, in with the new would probably have been a better headline but then would you have really known I was talking about Paul Thomas no longer being under contract with Vivid after 20 longer years?

After a very long and unusual relationship, Paul Thomas seems to no longer be with Vivid.  This is according to a post made on Adult DVD Talk from Howard Levine of Pulse Distribution who now reps the Vivid line of products.  When asked what happened to Paul Thomas Howard reply that he simply has moved on.


In response to working with B. Skow he reveals “Our directors are pretty much B Skow right now, who has received nothing but glowing reviews everywhere.  To be honest with you, everything i have come out with in the last 10 months that he has done, has sold out of first printing and has been reordered. It has legs.”

He goes on to say “He is the best director we have had in a long time.”

If you like, you can follow B. Skow on Twitter.

So what exactly happened to Paul Thomas? Howard says in another post in that same thread “he has moved on to do make movies for other companies as well as Vivid. He is no longer under contract. It was all amicable. He is a great guy and a great director. He has been with Vivid for 20 years, it us just time to do other things.

paul thomas