Erota Unveils Ai-Powered Platform for Besoke Erotic Narratives

EROTA introduces a groundbreaking platform that redefines erotic storytelling
through the power of artificial intelligence. Founded by Amin Fozoli, a visionary dedicated to celebrating sexual diversity and creativity, EROTA empowers users to explore their fantasies in a safe and supportive environment.

With EROTA, crafting a personalized erotic story is effortless. Choose from a variety of themes, characters, and scenarios to tailor your narrative to perfection. Whether you prefer a steamy encounter between lovers or an adventurous escapade with multiple partners, EROTA offers limitless possibilities for self-expression and exploration.

EROTA introduces a groundbreaking platform that redefines erotic storytelling through the power of artificial intelligence. Founded by Amin Fozoli, a visionary dedicated to celebrating sexual diversity and creativity, EROTA empowers users to explore their fantasies in a safe and supportive environment.

Diverse Story Themes: Whether you crave romantic encounters, adventurous escapades, or intense fantasies, EROTA provides a wide range of explicit story themes to match your mood and ignite your imagination.

Multiple Perspectives: Experience the narrative from various angles with options like ‘You (Male)’, ‘You (Female)’, ‘Him’, ‘Her’, or ‘They’. Each perspective offers a unique lens through which to explore and engage with the story.

Varied Explicit Partners: Choose your preferred partners—women, men, couples, or groups—to match your sexual preferences and create a truly personalized experience that resonates with your desires.

Writing Style Flexibility: Tailor the tone of your story from casual to classic, or even biblical, adding a unique twist that enhances the narrative’s authenticity and appeal.
“EROTA is a reflection of my passion for erotic literature and the belief that storytelling can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and sexual expression,” says Amin Fozoli, Founder of EROTA. “Our platform combines innovative AI technology with a commitment to privacy, ensuring every user can explore their desires freely and authentically.”

Join the EROTA community today and embark on a journey of sensual discovery. Visit to create your own personalized erotic story in seconds. With EROTA, every fantasy becomes a reality, crafted with care and creativity to ignite your imagination and satisfy your desires.

Virtual Swinging and Streamer Porn: All You Need to know

Contrary to popular belief, streamer porn doesn’t exist exclusively for the benefit of lonely singles looking to satisfy their kinks. Increasingly, it’s also becoming a popular choice for couples looking to hook up with other couples from around the world.

Swinging is nothing new, but behind the scenes, there’s always been a curious yet cautious audience unwilling to take the plunge. These are the kinds of couples who are genuinely fascinated by the whole thing but simply cannot bring themselves to going all the way.

Hence, virtual swinging facilitated by streamer porn is the obvious solution. All the fun, excitement, and naughtiness of hooking up with other couples, with none of the potential consequences of in-person encounters.

The best of both worlds, some might argue.

Essential insights for Newcomers to Virtual Swinging

Still, it’s understandable that even getting into the virtual form of swinging can be daunting for some. If you have no prior knowledge or experience with the swinger’s lifestyle, it’s natural to be nervous.

Precisely where a few tips, pointers, and insights from the pros can help – those who know the world of virtual swinging better than anyone else:

1. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re in the minority

First and foremost, it’s worth bearing in mind that most folks giving virtual swinging a go right now are completely new to the scene. It’s not been around for particularly long and the events of the past 12 months have motivated more couples than ever before to give it a go. So rather than feeling like a fish out of water, it can be reassuring to remind yourself that you’re basically in the same boat as everyone else!

2. It’s not all about super kinky and crazy sex

One of the most important things you quickly learn about the swinging scene (virtual or otherwise) is that it isn’t exclusively about sex. The swinging community is exactly that – an extensive social network of sorts where there’s something for everyone. Friendships are formed, long-term relationships are established, and you become part of something that’s bigger than the traditional perception of swinging.

3. Shyness is a highly desirable trait in the world of swinging

This applies to virtual swinging and the conventional variety, as not everyone is into the overly-confident (and in some cases) downright terrifying ‘professionals’ who’ve seen it all and literally done it all. Rather than considering it an obstacle, try to look at any shyness or nervousness you have as a desirable trait. And again, remember that the vast majority of other couples giving it a try for the first time are just as shy as you.

4. Streamer porn is the perfect entry point (no pun intended)

If you’re an experienced swinger and know exactly how the whole thing works, you’ll find an endless network of couples online to do your thing with. If you’re a first-timer and haven’t a clue what you’re doing, streamer porn can be the perfect entry point. Think of it a little like a one-to-one tutorial service, where you can learn the ropes, ask questions and generally find out what swinging is all about. A far less daunting prospect than diving into the real-world experience with no clue what you’re doing.

5. It’s pure dynamite for spicing up relationships

It’s important to remember that with virtual swinging via streamer porn sites, you’re not actually interacting physically with anyone else. Instead, you and your partner only have each other to do your thing with. This is one of a number of reasons why a virtual swinging can be great for spicing up relationships, giving you the opportunity to get creative in ways you’d have never otherwise dreamed of. There’s no physical ‘cheating’ or ‘infidelity’ involved, so there’s also zero guilt.

6. Virtual swinging is completely safe

Last but not least, virtual swinging is also a seriously enjoyable scene to get into with absolutely no negative consequences to worry about. You don’t have to give a second thought to your physical safety and security, as you’re not meeting anyone in person. STIs are also eliminated from the streamer porn equation, as is the lingering risk of picking up COVID-19 along the way. Quite literally, the worst that can happen is you don’t hit it off with the couple you hook up with. Which is hardly the end of the world, given the thousands of other couples ready and waiting to make your acquaintance (and more) online!


Luke Ford … by the numbers … 5 years later

In 2012 we posted about some of the most popular posts on the site over a 6 year period. At the time the top 3 posts were ….

  1. Shawna Lenee Did Her 1st Anal and Someone Almost Went to Jail
  2. Hanna Hilton Leaves The Porno Business
  3. Hot Porn Stars Under 25

But what about now, 5 years later? What are the most popular posts

Well 5 years later and the most popular post on this site (over the years combined views) is the Shawna Lenee post! Over the years since the post was originally made it has received over 3.8 million views!

  1. Shawna Lenee Did Her 1st Anal and Someone Almost Went to Jail
  2. Savannah Gold Found Dead
  3. Hanna Hilton Leaves The Porno Business
  4. Hot Porn Stars Under 25
  5. Hanna Hilton The $750 an hour hooker
  6. Genital Warts
  7. From Playmate to Porn Star. Oh yah! A Bunny Goes Hardcore.
  9. Is Erik Everhard Fucking Girls To Death?
  10. Jenna Jameson is now doing real webcam shows


Kendra Lust Claims to be Friends with XXX Star PR but truth is …………

Kendra Lust has for awhile now been referring girls from her agency Society 15 to use the services of XXX Star PR.

They even claim to be friends. They are both from Michigan after all.

Kendra Lust XXX Star PR

But when it comes to promoting her own brand, funny she doesn’t use his services.


The press release I got today was from Galaxy.


So exactly what does that say about XXX Star PR that Kendra Lust doesn’t even trust her own public relations to them?

Something to think about …………


Just who is Jamie Profit?

Last year some blogger was bullying yet someone else online and when that person threatened to sue him, he proudly proclaimed that @JamieProfit was representing him and that anyone who had any problem with him could take it up with his lawyer.

But just who is this Jamie Profit? Was he really even a lawyer?

He’s obviously a fan of the hate blog in  question as he had been re-tweeting their posts for awhile now. But just yesterday Jamie Profit posted on Mike South’s website stating ……………..

WOW. Good article and read. Keep up the good work Mike. You do have the best porn blog in the biz.

So apparently he had a following out with the owner of the other blog who he had previously claimed was the best blog ever.

Interesting, huh? Wonder why they would have a falling out?

Awhile ago Monica Foster even tweeted that @JamieProfit looked similar to a lawyer who was in fact working for Randazza Legal Group. Did they actually look alike?

Well they both wore glasses, so I guess they had that in common. But did Jamie Profit ever actually work for Randazza or is he even a lawyer at all?

I decided to give Randazza a call. Much to nobody’s surprise, they had never heard of this Jamie Profit nor ever had anyone with such a name working for them.

So the question is, who is Jamie Profit?

Turns out he’s just another online troll pretending who at one time pretending to be a lawyer to get some attention. Today who knows what scam he’s running but I can say for sure, he doesn’t work for Randazza Legal Group.



Is Kendra Lust a hooker? I found some proof!

Yes, Kendra Lust is a low class hooker.  No, not a high class “escort” like you might assume.

Before you cry “slander” … have you seen the Pamela Peaks website lately?


To slander someone I have to make a false accusation. Well as you can see for yourself on the Pamela Peaks website, Kendra Lust is in fact a hooker.

Some of her little fanboi’s might argue, HOW DARE YOU CALL HER A HOOKER! SHE’S A HIGH CLASS ESCORT.

Is she now?

Most people think that an escort and a prostitute are the same. In some senses it can be said to be the same, but an escort is considered to be much for an entertainment purpose.

A prostitute is approached just for fulfilling sexual desires. However, an escort is quite different. An escort is a service by beautiful women and handsome men who are hired for entertainment purposes.

A John doesn’t go to Pamela Peaks website for anything more than to fuck a girl. That makes her a hooker, not a high class escort. The price also factors in this.

So let’s talk about that for a moment. A high class escort can be expensive. Kendra Lust is charging $1900 per hour for her and Pamela Peaks plus Pamela Peaks get a cut of that as the madam and possibly another cut for location fees. So that means Kendra Lust is making only about $500 or $600 for that hour.

A high class escort will work for no less than $1000 an hour and some are making significantly more than that. If you are willing to blow a guy for a couple hundred bucks, I’m sorry but you are not more than common street trash.

After doing some research, it turns out that Pamela Peaks works in a two bedroom apartment. One is her personal bedroom and the other is for John’s as they come in and out of the place.

The bathroom, or so I am told, is so nasty from all the spray tan residue that the floors are actually black. As one girl said “It’s so disgusting you want to throw up the second you walk in.”

Have I ever personally seen Kendra Lust in Pamela Peaks apartment blowing John’s? Nope. I can’t say that I have. So maybe Pamela Peaks for no good reason is just lying. She only puts Kendra Lust on the website to fuck with her.

But then tell me, why can you call Pamela Peaks right now and actually book time with Kendra Lust?


Is Kendra Lust making death threats to her talent?

I heard a very interesting Kendra Lust story today.

Of course it’s hard to know what people say about their agents being true or not, but one particular girl that used to be with her agency — Society 15 is claiming Kendra Lust actually went as far to threaten her life and that of her family if she left.

How bad but things be for you that you have to threaten a girl with physical violence to get them to stay?

I mean I knew things weren’t going well for them when her great “friends” like Jessa Rhodes and Briana Banks wouldn’t even stay around. If you can’t even keep your self proclaimed BEST FRIENDS around, that speaks volumes about your agency.

But damn, actual threats of physical violence? That’s fucked up.


Cherry Pimps brings you a week of hotties

Cherry Pimps’ WildonCam channel exclusively on Streamate is bringing fans a phenomenal schedule of stars this week including Aaliyah Love, Adriana Chechik and Megan Rain.
Starting the week off on Monday will be a WildonCam double-header. First, sexy girl next door Hope Howell will be live at noon for Boy/Girl show. Then at 5pm fiery redhead Lauren Phillips will be going live starting at 5pm for a hardcore Boy/Girl show.
On Tuesday sultry sex kitten Aaliyah Love will be live for an extra dirty Boy/Girl show starting at 5pm. Then on Wednesday gorgeous blondes Natalia Starr and Alix Lynx will be live starting at 5pm for a must see Girl/Girl show.
Thursday get another double dose of live shows. First the extra hot and wild Jessica Ryan will be live for a hardcore Boy/Girl show starting at noon; followed at 5pm by superstar and the ultimate dirty girl Adriana Chechik who will be live for a hardcore Boy/Girl show.
Finishing off the week and kicking off April on Friday is stunning super starlet Megan Rain who will be live starting at 5pm for a sure to please Boy/Girl show.
All shows are listed in Pacific Standard Time.
03/28/16 Monday12pm PST Boy/Girl
Featuring: Hope Howell
Description:  Girl next door stunner Hope Howell Fucking LIVE March 28th at 12pm PST
03/28/16 Monday5pm PST Boy/Girl
Featuring: Lauren Phillips
Description:  Red Hot Lauren Phillips HARDCORE LIVE March 28th at 5pm PST
03/29/16 Tuesday5pm PST Boy/Girl
Featuring: Aaliyah Love
Description:  Hot blonde starlet Aaliyah Love Extra Dirty Fucking LIVE March 29th at 5pm PST
03/30/16 Wednesday5pm PST Girl/Girl
Featuring: Natalia Starr with Alix Lynx
Description:  Gorgeous blondes Natalia Starr and Alix Lynx LIVE March 30th at 5pm PST
03/31/16 Thursday12pm PST Boy/Girl
Featuring: Jessica Ryan
Description:  Extra hot and wild Jessica Ryan HARDCORE LIVE March 31st at 12pm PST
03/31/16 Thursday5pm PST Boy/Girl
Featuring: Adriana Chechik
Description:  Queen of the Dirty Adriana Chechik HARDCORE LIVE March 31st at 5pm PST
04/01/16 Friday5pm PST Boy/Girl
Featuring: Megan Rain
Description:  Hot young spinner Megan Rain FUCKS LIVE April 1st at 5pm PST
You can always find the latest shows by visiting and all of Cherry Pimps Network updates by visiting Cherry Pimps website Follow them through social media on Twitter @cherrypimps or @wildoncam.

Demon Seed Radio Redesigns Site & Has New Year’s Fiesta

2015 was an amazing year for Demon Seed Radio, but 2016 is going to a total takeover!

Demon Seed Radio has completed a redesign of their site. The new and improved version is easier to navigate,aesthetically more pleasing to the eye with crisp graphics, and chock full of new content with even more past shows posted to the site. Plus, the site now loads at lightening fast speed.


This Friday, January 1st, will be their very first show of the New Year, and they’re kicking it off with a fiesta. Butthole Fiesta will be the title of the show and potentially a trending hashtag on Twitter, before and after the big event. Host Bobby Genital will be peeing in guest Camille Black’s butthole, while she sports a sombrero to make it even more festive. Intern Miles Striker will be dressing as Baby New Year donning baby diapers and a baby mask, while attempting the Mentos Challenge. There will be a lot to celebrate with the New Year and Camille and Whitney’s birthday, and maybe even some cake.

“We’re excited about Butthole Fiesta, our site redesign and being back on iTunes and Google Play,” says Bobby G. Host and Executive Producer of Demon Seed Radio. “2016 is off to an amazing start and we’re going to have some big announcements really soon!”

“This is going to be an amazing birthday with the fiesta, the Mentos Challenge and birthday cake,” says co-host Whitney Morgan. “This is one show you don’t want to miss, and listening live is the most fun you can have!”

Demon Seed Radio now back on iTunes and Google Play again. Catch reruns of the show on both platforms, along with syndication on The Mixx, Wildfire After Dark on Wildfire Radio and Stitcher.

Tune into Demon Seed Radio Fridays at 5:15pm to 7:15pm PST/8:15pm to 10:15pm EST on the Planet Platypus at Call in and talk to the guests and hosts by dialing 708.79.DSR69. Interact live with the hosts and other listeners in the Planet Platypus Chat Room—go to, sign in and start chatting.