Shawna Lenee Did Her 1st Anal and Someone Almost Went to Jail

Someone recently posted that a movie was being shot in Miami with a $1 million dollar budget.  Below is exactly what was said on Adult FYI but right away I knew something wasn’t right.  Someone in Miami shooting with a million dollar budget?  Bull fucking shit.  If the report would have said $10,000 budget or maybe even $15,000 that would have been far more believable.  The next day a new post went up on Adult FYI about the girl in question being Shawna Lenee.

original image of Shawna Lenee from HD Porn

Sgt. Schultz writes: I recently heard that a big new porn company is all pissed off because a very expensive movie they are shooting in Miami had to be delayed because a mental case big star actress freaked out on set and split Miami in the middle of the movie.

They were stuck driving girls around in limos, keeping them in expensive hotels and entertaining them hoping to get this ladirect model back so they can complete the movie and keep the budget under a million bucks.

Holy shit how do you let something like that happen. One crew member said her ego was hurt and that is why she ran off. Maybe we will see her soon in one of those dipshit parodies This Ain’t Good For Business XXX.

Pringles writes me: Who the fuck is Sgt Schultz??

There’s two sides to every story.

He is obviously referring to Shawna Lenee last week in Miami on the FyreTV/Josh Stone Productions shoot.

Bullshit that it is a million dollar shoot. hahahaha

Shawna tweeted about it and says that she was assaulted on set by Josh Stone’s wife/girlfriend. According to Shawna she didn’t bail on them, in fact they renegotiated with them to get more money rather than Shawna calling the police to report the assault.

So what the hell really went down that day? Well according to my sources and with the help of Shawna Lenee’s own twitter account we were able to piece together a far more accurate version of the story.

Shawna Lenee with the help of LA Direct Models went into negotiations for her first ever anal scene. They wanted big bucks … far far more inflated price than it was worth, at least what I was hearing. I mean your average girl may do it for $5,000 for her first time but I heard Shawna Lenee wanted in the ballpark of $15,000 to $20,000. Don’t know if that is true, but that is what I heard from a couple of different people. Now keep in mind the typical cost to book a performer like Shawna Lenee for normal boy / girl sex is around $1,500 per scene.

Now the deal was done and Shawna Lenee went off to Miami to shoot her scene.  She was working for a company called Josh Stone Productions who was in turn making the movie for Fyre TV.

The first real sign of trouble we got was when Shawna Lenee tweeted ……

Then came the next series of tweets where Shawna Lenee talks about then not being the smartest people and other related insults.  She also talks about how a member of the crew tried to fight with her on the set.

I heard the crew member in question grabbed her arm, strong enough to at least leave a red mark and possibly pulled Shawna Lenee’s hair when she tried to walk away.  Witnesses said Shawna Lenee was “noticeably upset” and “very shaken by the whole ordeal” and that the party in question extremely overacted.

I asked if Shawna Lenee was being her typically rumored diva self on the set and from what I was told, she was a little bit being a problem.  “But that’s just her way”.  One person said that Shawna Lenee was being a little diva like but it was her first anal scene and she was probably just nervous about it.

Now take special note on this part of the tweet

So on top of everything else Shawna Lenee commits a crime, taking a bribe instead of reporting a crime – but even worse she then tweets about doing it, like a dumb ass.

But that isn’t even the best part of the story.

After all of this drama and mess, Shawna Lenee doesn’t even get paid.  The check Josh Stone productions gave her bounced.  Then they told her they would wire the money and it should hit her account by 9 am today.  As of 3 pm the money still wasn’t there.

So here is how all that went down.  The next day they got Shawna Lenee to come back on set and they shot her.  They gave her a check for the agreed upon amount but it was hand written.  The bank was a little suspicious so put a 10 day hold on it.  Sure enough, it bounced.

And you would think at this point the story would be over, right?  Well how wrong you would be.  According to Shawna Lenee, in her contract Fyre TV can’t just release her anal scene on the web.  It has to be released on the DVD as well and apparently Fyre TV apparently has suggested otherwise and now she’s pissed, reminding them that they agreed it wouldn’t just be a web scene.

This story is just so crazy and fucked up you almost don’t even want to believe it all really happens.  So in the end who is to blame?  Normally I would put all of this on Shawna Lenee’s lap because she has such a history of drama, drama, drama but to be honest, I don’t know if even a normal chick could have kept their cool under the circumstances she was put under and now bouncing her check?  That’s some real bullshit there.

I also lay some blame on her agents.  Why was a star dealing with payment issues in the first place?  Shouldn’t a company who has clearly had money issues in the past paid LA Direct Models directly and then they could have paid the model, taking the hassle out of the star’s life?  I don’t think a star should have to chase down her payment.  That kind of petty bullshit really should be handled in advance by her agent.  Period.

18 thoughts on “Shawna Lenee Did Her 1st Anal and Someone Almost Went to Jail

  1. This stupid whore…. Kara Bear… or whatever she calls herself is one dumb bitch. She already tried to kill herself and now wants us to believe someone was going to pay her $25000…….

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  4. First let me say if she was still working under LA Direct models then I agree, the agency should have been dealing with this. Derrick (Ben English) from what I knew in the past took $75 as a charge from both actress and company, this guy makes a killing. I likely doubt she was making $5000 grand for an anal scene, but if he knew about the situation he should of handled it. Ben English is a bad egg not to mention a pimp himself. I mean that literally he pimps his girls out to high clients. So un professionalism doesn’t surprise

    Either way this girl wasn’t to smart, she should have kept on walking, it already a red flag, but in this business people are nasty and straight fuck*en rude. I have dealt with some bullshit, nothing like that but it’s just not worth it.

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  6. I feel bad for her. I know she has some mental problems but she is still very pretty. Maybe she’ll come out of retirement again. 😉

  7. 🙂 Hey Ryan, I’ve always been a hit!
    The funny thing is.. I have the copy of my check from my bank after it was bounced. You know those ones where they stamp “INSUFFICIENT FUNDS” across it. I can’t remember if my copy is white or yellow.

    Oh and for those saying my awesome ass wasn’t worth 5g’s..
    Turns out it was worth 14g’s. I know, that’s unheard of.. Some think it’s impossible.. But, my butt is totally worth that much..

    I think my fiance said he was going to send you a picture Ryan, did you get it yet? May 12th, 2012 is my wedding day and Oct. 14th, 2011 is my due date for my second child. Yepp.. Big news! We have been trying for awhile now so we are very excited.

    I know I disappeared and found my true love and stuff. But I always had this question in my mind: “Should I send in that copy of the blank check just to get this ‘liar’ thing straightened out?”

    I hope everyone in the industry is doing well. Although there are only a few close friends that I miss.. I have the tell the world that my life has been the most amazing fulfilling life ever since I quit porn. Things that I never thought I deserved have happened in my life.. All thanks to the love from my fiance. 🙂

    Bye all!
    -The Former Shawna Lenee

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  9. Yikes.. After reading my post over, I realized I said blank check instead of bounced check. haha. Well.. I wont be sending a blank one over! We gotta wedding and baby to pay for, lol. Just want to make my correction so no one says “hey thats one dumb porn star”.. You know how some people take mistakes like that as a judgement of character. just wanted to make a correction!

    Thank you Ryan for putting my message out there. I appreciate it a lot. 🙂

  10. Hey Ryan ;D Everything is going great and my relationship is stronger than ever! I’ll be 4 months along on Friday (Everything seems to be going by so fast!).. Just want to say that everyday is a blessing and I’m so lucky to have my fiance. I don’t know what news you’ve heard as we only have a few close family && friends that we speak to (it’s better that way ;D). Just don’t want you to wonder! Got a growing belly here && we just can’t wait to find out if our baby is a boy or girl in two weeks! (I’m hoping for a girl but I just know I’m having another boy!) <3 Hope everyone is doing well, much love!
    ..And yeah.. I still check on the gossip to see what's going on in the industry! It's kinda nice not having to read about me all the time, LOLS! <3
    -The Former Shawna Lenee

  11. ^^False post. I must clarify that I do not know a Jim Cooper. At least I do not remember, and believe I have never started to work out a business deal with this person. Please correct me if I am wrong, my memory may need to be re-freshed. It has been awhile. I have only done one anal scene, the only one is in the main topic of this post. Next, I have never even thought about doing a DP scene, as that was never for me. If this Jim Cooper guy knew how much talking-into it took me to do an anal scene alone, he may put his foot in his mouth. Lastly, I have to say that I do not appreciate someone using porn-stars names to promote their links in a way to make a few cents- In ways that are untrue. It is not fair to me, and it is not fair to the people who are deceived otherwise by clicking the link. I know, this happens so many times in the adult industry. I just don’t appreciate how people aren’t truthful. It makes me look back and say to myself “Wow.. I’m so happy I don’t have to associate myself with liars and people who will say anything to get girls to do what they want”. I’m not saying this is true about everyone in the industry, there are SOME good people. I am so thankful I am not gullible anymore, and I learned better “think before I believe” skills. I’ll end this comment with a question. If this “Shawna Double Penetration Movie” hasn’t been shot yet, and I’ve been out of the business since April 2010, and I am pretty busy being almost 9 months pregnant, engaged, and in school full-time- How in the world is me shooting this movie going to happen at this time in my life? I really hope guys and girls can stop being taken advantage of. New girls in the industry AND the poor guys who are deceived to click BUY links thinking they are going to get something else than what
    BS they paid for. I guess the longer I’m out of the industry, the more reasons I find to look back and say “Are you kidding me? Why didn’t I realize this was such a shady business before, even though I was told a million times?!” 🙂 Thanks for listening to my thoughts. -Much Love, the former Shawna Lenee <3

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