Shawna Lenee Gets Busted in a Lie

My fascination with Shawna Lenee’s craziness began the day I heard her on the Opie and Anthony show having a mental breakdown.

I wondered who the hell this crazy hot bitch was so I looked her up.  Turns out her crazy goes back years.  So it should be of no surprise to anyone that Shawna Lenee in all her crazy glory would make up some huge and crazy story about the first time she was to perform an anal scene.

Since I originally posted my Shawna Lenee story about all the drama with her anal sex scene I have gotten a handful of letters correcting some of my “facts” so in all fairness I thought I would write up a story from the other side.   Then I got a whopper of a letter with some evidence that just flat out proves she lied.  So instead I changed my story idea to include the ACTUAL story behind the Shawna Lenee anal scene as told by the people who where there and those directly involved including some of the other talent who had to be there and endure her bullshit first hand.

As the story goes, Shawna Lenee was going to do her first anal scene.  However she was not the only one booked for her first anal scene that day, her friend and fellow LA Direct Models co-worker Sadie West was going to do her anal scene on that movie as well.

A few weeks prior to the shoot Sadie West backed out of doing anal.  The company agreed to keep her in the movie and instead changed her scene to just a normal b/g.  Everything seemed set and Shawna Lenee and Sadie West flew down to Miami for the shoot.

Sometime between the flight and the day they show up on set Sadie West and Shawna Lenee get into a little tiff.  It is unclear what their argument was about.

When they arrive on the set Sadie West decides that she’ll go ahead and do her first anal scene after all and more than one witness reports that Shawna Lenee goes into full diva mode at this point.  I am told she gave the director an ultimatum and that was if Sadie West does her first anal in this movie than she won’t do hers.

I am told that Shawna Lenee was a “nightmare” to deal with on set, when they could even get her to show up.

On the day in question (the supposed fight day) I am told what really happened was, one of the female employees of the production company got so sick of dealing with Shawna Lenee and her attitude they took all of her shit threw it out and said leave.  She was like ‘OMG how could you do that to me, don’t you know who I am?’

No physical contact ever took place, however Shawna Lenee took the opportunity to claim there was and that she was going to file a police report and that the production company offered her a bribe not to.  The production company assures me that is not the case and they would not commit a felony like that.

That the only altercation that took place was Shawna Lenee running outside to pick up all her shit being kicked to the curb and yelling about how stupid the people are working on this movie.

Shawna goes back to her hotel and starts twittering all these untrue things and once again bashing the production.  That night after being counseled again she decides she wants to finish the film she started and now she even wants to do her first anal.   Apologies were made and all is fine again.  Or so everyone thought.

The next day she shows up and does her anal scene and completes all her dialog with no issues.  Everyone was elated and glad that nightmare was all over.

She was paid by check, she leaves the set with a smile on her face and immediately goes to twitter still bashing the production.

At this point the producers of the movie decided to call her agents again to basically say they were fed up.   Her agent (LA Direct Models) apologized again for her behavior and said he would talk to her one on one when she arrived back in LA but Shawna Lenee refused to come talk to them so the directors canceled the check and overnighted her payment to the office of her agents.

Shawna was made aware that this process was happening but she still remained on twitter saying she was written a bad check.  THIS WAS FALSE.  Shawna Lenee knew that at any time she wanted she could go to the LA Direct Models offices and pick up her check.

There were about 8 well known performers taking part in this production including Lisa Ann, Evan Stone, Sadie West, Misty Stone,  Rachel Starr, and Shyla Stylez.  Not a single one of them reported to have even one tiny problem on the set of this movie, nor with getting payment for their performances.  Only Shawna Lenee had this reported horrible experience.

Soon after this was all over Shawna Lenee was no longer represented by LA Direct Models and instead now works with Big Love Talent who previously took on Jayden James as a client.  Another well known crazy person who was once with LA Direct Models.

Oh and off the record, someone who doesn’t want to be named made it very clear that despite the bullshit spewing from Shawna Lenee’s mouth “she was never offered $50,000 or even $25,000 to do anal for them.  She is just flat out making that shit up“.

What I don’t understand is why do production companies still book crazy bitches like Shawna Lenee and Jayden James?  You hear about their problems all the fucking time so why in the fuck do you still waste your time with them?

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