Shawna Lenee pulls her official website

Shawna lenne doesn’t have her twitter account anymore.  Not only did she turn that off but on her myspace page, she posted, “Yes, I tore my site down. Why? I never got paid. Please do not email me asking why. I’ve been getting a ton. 😀 ”

For a quick recap.  Shawna Lenee negotiated a big deal to do anal.  There were problems, to say the least (Read full story here).

She refused to speak with her agent, LA Direct Models so instead of dealing with that mess, she went and signed with Big Love Talent.  There seems to have been some issue there.  Some rumors are that Derek Hay tried to strong arm the owners of Big Love Talent threatening them that they drop her “or else”.

Then we have news that Derek Hay got Premium Cash to withhold payment from monies earned or so the rumor mill goes and so Shawna Lenee finally snapped, said fuck and pulled her twitter page and website. How much of that story is actually true, who the fuck knows.

But what we do know is that we can always count on some juicy Shawna Lenee gossip to get us through the week.

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