Fuck You I Quit

For anyone who pays attention, it’s been coming for awhile now.  Things have changed and far to many restrictions.  I can’t post stories about the fucker who ripped a girl off for tens of thousands of dollars or the piece of shit producer accused of raping or at least forcing himself on several girls.

The new powers that be like to keep things more positive and upbeat.  It’s not that I don’t like the people in charge now, fuck I even flew to Texas to hang with her and her husband 3 times now.  It’s nothing personal.  It’s just everyone has their own styles.  I like to tell it how it is, she likes to sugar coat things.

All of that sucks balls but that still isn’t the only reason I am leaving.

I realized one day there aren’t many fuckers in this business I can really stand any more.  Most of these fuckers make me want to punch their lying fucking faces.

So that’s me, signing off.

Good bye fuckers.


Phoeniex Marie Video for Brazzer’s Scared Me

I know you fuckers get all pissed off when I make fun of some chick for doing something stupid like tweeting pictures of herself with no makeup or taking pictures with the duck face but I wouldn’t have to post this shit if you fuckers would stop doing stupid shit.

Today Brazzer’s ‘safe for work’ website tweeted a behind the scenes look at their new car wash movie or something shit like that.  Whatever, I couldn’t really tell you what it was really about because I was so fucking shocked from one of the chicks in the movie.

I didn’t even know who it was for the longest time.  Took me a while to figure out it was Phoenix Marie.

She showed up dressed down, no makeup, some kind of rash on her face.  But since you fuckers think I’m just being a dick all the time, don’t take my word for it, you look for yourself.  You’ll see exactly what I mean.

I get when you are at home you may not want to walk around all decked the fuck out in makeup but when you go out of the house, to work no less and knowing you are going to be on fucking camera, why the fuck?

People buy porno because it fucking turns them on.   These chicks might want to remember that next time they go to work looking like that or they may just find themselves with less and less work.





Is Brazzers Going to buy Digital Playground?

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear another Brazzers aka Manwin rumor.  They bought Playboy TV, Playboy in total, AVN, the AVN awards show, Sex.com, DeeCash and so on and so on.  Although some rumors about them turn out to be true from time to time, most of them don’t.  So when a rumor came in that Manwin is in talks to buy Digital Playground, I didn’t pay it much attention.  A few days later another source comes to me with the same story but with slightly different information on the negotiations.  Today another person came to me and this time he wanted to show me something on the ZZinsider website, which is a Brazzers, aka Manwin owned website.

So although this isn’t proof that Manwin is in talks to buy Digital Playground, clearly you can see some sort of deal has gone down.


Nikki Benz Celebrates 100k Twitter Followers at the Crazy Horse

Reigning Penthouse Pet of the Year Nikki Benz is an extremely popular entertainer and model who has the Twitter followers to prove it. Fans who just can’t get enough Nikki Benz follow her on the social networking site and get a daily dose of Nikki news and her trademark sense of humor. These ardent fans, affectionately known as the “Benz Mafia” are a rapidly growing group whose numbers recently reached a historic milestone. Nikki’s Twitter followers now number more than one hundred thousand and the total just keeps climbing.

“It means a lot to have reached over 100 thousand followers,” says Nikki. “My Twitter followers who are also known as Benz Mafia are amazing. I want to thank everyone for their support! I tweet often, usually about my career, my personal life, sports, my love for music and Starbucks. I often post sexy pictures and talk a lot about sex. It’s a perfect balance of everything that’s fun and interesting.”

Nikki’s fans can get a closer look at their favorite adult entertainer this week when she heads to San Francisco for a three-night dance engagement at Crazy Horse. From June 16-18, Nikki will be doing five shows at the spectacular club. As always, Nikki will be available after her stage shows to sign autographs, meet fans and offer exclusive memorabilia including her Penthouse Pet of the Year issue. “Following me on Twitter is fun,” says Nikki. “But my live shows are always special. I love meeting my fans and putting on a live show for them gives me a great sense of personal satisfaction. Hopefully the feeling is mutual.”

Come see Penthouse Pet of the Year Nikki Benz at Crazy Horse in San Francisco June 16-18 and don’t forget to join the growing legion of Benz Mafia followers on Twitter. Crazy Horse Gentleman’s Club 980 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94102-4012 (415) 771-6259 http://www.crazyhorse-sf.com For more of Nikki check out her personal website at www.nikkibenz.com and her popular social hangout www.twitter.com/nikkibenz


Cherry 2 Now Available on DVD


Cherry’s Girls Turn up the Heat in the Highly-Anticipated Sequel
“Cherry 2” — the sexy sequel to Digital Playground’s bestselling all-girl movie “Cherry” — streets today. Digital Playground’s first foray into the girl-girl genre has been hailed by critics as “groundbreaking, addictive” and “sensational.” “Cherry 2”  takes over where episode one left off, delivering even more intense and erotic girl-girl action.

Check out the sexy cinematic trailer for “Cherry 2” at www.JewelBoxFilms.com

“This next release is nastier than the first one, as far as the sex goes,” says “Cherry 2” writer/director Kay Brandt.  “The story moves into some rather dark and mysterious places which allows for the sexual performances to be more intense than the previous episode.  The pairings are unique and the chemistry is off the hook between the girls.”

“We’re thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve gotten from the first movie,” says Digital Playground’s CEO Samantha Lewis. “We’ve grabbed the attention of the industry and fans in a big way, with both critical and artistic praise. I know fans of ‘Cherry’ are  going to love part two.”

The series is helping to open up a new area of the adult market that is proving to be very popular among consumers. “Cherry 2” continues the journey of provocateur Cherry, the mysterious owner of a private lesbian strip club. The JewelBox fan site also contains exclusive cast photos, free downloads, wallpaper and is optimized for iPhone and iPad users.

“Cherry 2” is available as a 1 DVD + 1 Blu-Ray Combo Pack. It stars Judy Thompson, Vicki Chase, Nina Mercedez,  Andy San Dimas, Dana DeArmond, Evelin Rain, Missy Martinez, Zoey Holloway, Diamond Foxxx, Jiz Lee, Brooklyn Lee, Kimberly Kane and Tuesday Cross.

About Digital Playground:  Digital Playground is the world leader in adult filmmaking and interactive formats boasting the largest HD library available, as well as sexy and powerful novelty lines to compliment blockbuster films. Since the Company’s inception in 1993, Digital Playground has earned over 350 awards, currently garners more than 80% of high definition sales within the adult market, and is a leading provider of Blu-ray™ titles. Female owned and operated, Digital Playground emphasizes quality first, employing fastidiously high production values in erotic film for women, men and couples. Digital Playground’s commitment to excellence, innovative technology, brilliant full-length productions and exclusive Contract Stars are the secrets to its success and makes Digital Playground the most highly demanded supplier of content for hotel, IPTV, cable, pay-per-view and mobile networks worldwide. For additional information, visit www.digitalplayground.com, www.facebook.com/DigitalPlayground, or www.twitter.com/dpxxx.


Illegal Tube Sites Gets Accidental NBC Promo

TMZ is reporting that illegal tube site YouPorn.com unknowingly got some free press on last week’s episode of You’ve Got Talent.  You’ve Got Talent airs on NBC and features celebrity judges Piers Morgan, Sharson Osbourne, and Howie Mandel with Nick Cannon acting as the Ryan Seacrest like host.  Basically what happened was, one of the show staffers was recently visiting the porn site and didn’t clear his browser’s history so when they used his computer to shoot a YouTube promo the YouPorn site appear on the history list.

Watch the video here

‘America’s Got Talent’ … And Hardcore Porn

America’s Got Talent” just accidentally aired an advertisement for hardcore porn — all because some dumbass forgot to clear his or her (but probably his) browser history.

The promo aired during last Wednesday’s episode — and if you freeze the video just right, you can see YouPorn.com show up as the person types in YouTube.com.

According to our computer experts, the only way YouPorn would have shown up was if someone using the computer had visited the site in the past.

Looks like AGT is a fun place to work.

Hollywood Bit Torrent Lawsuit Linked to Porn

Washington Judge Revokes Subpoenas In Huge BitTorrent Piracy Lawsuit [source]
One of the lawsuits claims about 25,000 people downloaded The Hurt Locker illegally.

Over the past few months, a group that calls itself the U.S. Copyright Group has setup two operations to nab people who downloaded illegal copies of Hollywood movies.

First, in February, they brought suit against about 23,000 people who had downloaded the movie The Expendables using the peer-to-peer software BitTorrent. Then, in April, they filed a lawsuit against about 25,000 people who they say downloaded illegal copies of the Academy Award winning film, The Hurt Locker.

This works in a round-about way: U.S. Copyright Group, which was formed by the Washington-based law firm Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver, gives a court a list of IP addresses of users they say have downloaded movies. The court then issues subpoenas to allow the law firm to request the names behind those IP addresses from internet service providers.

Today, the technology news site Ars Technica reports that a judge in The Expendables lawsuit has decided to revoke the subpoenas he granted two months ago. Ars Technica reports:

Two months after Judge Wilkins approved the subpoenas, they have still not been served; upset at this behavior, he has now revoked them. In explaining his decision, the judge said the delay was “especially surprising given the fact that one of Plaintiff’s stated reasons for ‘good cause’ for the expedited discovery was that the ISPs typically retain the information that Plaintiff seeks only for a limited period of time… Plaintiff’s delay in pursuing the discovery they requested on an expedited bases is inexcusable.”

Further, the judge has realized that few of the IP addresses in question are likely to belong to DC residents; the plaintiffs admitted as much in a recent status conference. “The Court finds it inappropriate and a waste of scarce judicial resources to allow and oversee discovery on claims or relating to defendants that cannot be prosecuted in this lawsuit,” said the judge.

So what’s going on here? Why would USCG bring lawsuits and not act on the subpoenas?

CNN Money has a great overview of the cases, today, and they report that USCG usually goes after a few thousand defendants at a time and of those thousands many of them choose to settle out of court:

[Corynne McSherry, intellectual property director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation] and other critics have attacked the USCG for what they say is a “pay up or we’ll getcha” method — that is, pay a relatively small fee to settle or face tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and potential penalties.

Massachusetts resident Dmitriy Shirokov received one of those demand letters last year, and he promptly filed a lawsuit accusing USCG of making a business out of threatening people. The suit alleged that USCG exploited copyright law — and that its goal was to frighten people into paying up a small settlement of $1,500 to $2,500 rather than face litigation.

ArsTechnica explores that thread a little further, explaining that USCG lawyers said they hadn’t acted on the subpoenas because they were waiting on the court to resolve the issues of venue. The court didn’t agree with that and ArsTechnica spoke to one lawyer who posed another theory: The money, he said, is in going after illegal downloads of pornography:

David Kerr, a Colorado lawyer who has worked with 250 different P2P defendants over the last year, has a different take: the settlement money in such cases comes mainly from porn videos.

Based on his experience, Kerr told me that “the settlement rate for porn films is about 80 percent, whereas for legitimate films it is usually less then 50 percent. Plus, all settlements for porn films are usually several hundred to thousand dollars more than for legit films. You can go to the public docket and see that all of Dunlap’s other cases besides the porn films are totally dead.”

David Kerr, a Colorado lawyer who has worked with 250 different P2P defendants over the last year, has a different take: the settlement money in such cases comes mainly from porn videos.

Based on his experience, Kerr told me that “the settlement rate for porn films is about 80 percent, whereas for legitimate films it is usually less then 50 percent. Plus, all settlements for porn films are usually several hundred to thousand dollars more than for legit films. You can go to the public docket and see that all of Dunlap’s other cases besides the porn films are totally dead.”


Ronnie The Limo Driver at Rick’s in Indianapolis


A new Rick’s Cabaret opens in Indianapolis with three days of parties, hosted by Howard Stern Show character “Ronnie the Limo Driver.”

“I’m hosting the opening parties,” explained Ronnie the Limo Driver from the Howard Stern Show. “But I know that everyone will be paying more attention to the Rick’s Cabaret Girls–they are among the hottest girls anywhere,” he proclaimed.

Rick’s Cabaret Indianapolis features 3 stages, an exciting food menu, private VIP rooms, full liquor service, facilities for bachelor and group parties, and of course, the famous Rick’s Cabaret Girls. The club is located just a couple of miles from the famous Indianapolis Speedway.

Ronnie promises a lot of fun. “I heard that the club is amazing. And nothing beats being surrounded by beautiful girls in the Rick’s Cabaret atmosphere.”

“The people who run Rick’s Cabaret really know what they are doing,” he said. “I can’t wait to get to the new Rick’s Cabaret Indianapolis,” Ronnie said.

Rick’s Cabaret Indianapolis

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Did Bibi Jones Just Cost DP Some $$?

Times are tough right now and every single deal you can make matters with the way things are going. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already fucking know. Shit sucks right now and for some two bit whore to open her stupid mouth and ruin some potentially lucrative promotional deals for Digital Playground has to be fucking the stupidest thing ever.

So what the fuck am I talking about?

Last week Bibi Jones, under a fake name sent out a series of inflammatory emails to all the gossip sites, online news sites and any other remotely relevant adult blog she could find.

In the email she called Jesse Jane fat, old and said she was jealous of her. Had she just left it at that, it might not have been so bad. Sure trashing a fellow contract girl isn’t the smartest move ever, but whatever, it wasn’t anything bad enough where it might have cost the company money.

But then the dumb cunt takes it a step further and starts laying into Riley Steele. She tells people, not really fucking sure how many but enough that the information got around, that Riley Steele is unreliable, about to be fired by Digital Playground and that she has a “serious substance abuse problem”.

Now for just a moment think about someone who might be considering working with Digital Playground for a magazine layout, an interview, a store signing for the latest release or anything of that nature? Hearing what Bibi Jones is going around spreading about Riley Steele, would you want to work with her?

That is in a nutshell the big fucking deal. Bibi Jones cost Digital Playground at least 1 deal that I know of, and who knows how much long term damage she did to the company’s reputation as well as Riley Steele’s.

The people I work with didn’t want me to make this post because they thought it might be inflammatory but I said I don’t give two shits about that. If BiBi Jones wanted attention, which you know she did by the fucking stupid emails she is sending out, I say we give it to her.

BiBi Jones sent the emails out under a fake name. She pretended she was a man. She would later go on to Twitter under a similar fake name, pretending she was an older man, well established in business.

Here are some of the problems with that. I got these from someone else, so I don’t want to take credit for coming up with them but still I am using them because they are good fucking points.

Men and women are very different. When a man is insulting a woman he would do it different than another female would. Females are brutal and they go for the throat. Where a man would be like ah that dumb bitch, a woman will nit pick every little thing about her looks. Only another female would go into detail about how Jesse Jane is over weight. A man doesn’t give two shits about the way fat shifts in a body. Who the fuck would even think about some shit like that? Apparently another female would.

Next problem with her emails, if this really was just some random fan that supports BiBi Jones and she had nothing to do with the emails, then how would he have insider information about Riley Steele’s relationship with Digital Playground and her ability to make scheduled meetings or appointments and fulfill her contractual obligations?

Nobody that doesn’t work with DP would be privy to any of that fucking information.

Next remember the part where this fake man is claiming to be business savvy? Someone pretended to him the scenario that what Bibi Jones is doing is like some American Idol reject telling a rock legend like Bob Dylan to move aside because he’s old and doesn’t know anything. Jesse Jane is a legend in porn, Bibi Jones has made what? 2 movies? Maybe 3? Who the fuck does she think she is?

Show some fucking respect already.

Monica Foster made me fucking laugh today

My lol moment of the day has to go to Monica Foster who posted on lukeisback about the CalOSHA meeting today.

MonicaFoster Says: What an interesting day. I mentioned on (HER WHORE BLOG) last night that I am coming out of retirement back to performing as long as it’s condom only, and it looks like condom only is the only option now anyhow.

I just have to say fucking lol on this one.  Does this bitch really think we don’t know why she “retired”?

What the fuck?  This bitch couldn’t get work when it wasn’t only condoms only, years ago when work was plentiful and now that the industry has cut production back drastically due to the economy she now thinks anyone will want to work with her?

Bitch who the fuck are you trying to fool?