XBIZ announces the Adult Talent Appreciation Gala

If you are in the adult industry you will want to head on over to Hyde Sunset lounge on November 16th at 8 pm for the Adult Talent Appreciation Gala hosted by XBIZ. It’s also a Prop 60 party and FSC is also celebrating their 25th anniversary. You must RSVP to attend this event. If you want to go just let your agent know or email events@xbiz.com. You must be a verified member of the adult industry to attend.

The world-class Sunset Boulevard venue will kick off with red carpet arrivals at 8 p.m. on Nov. 16, welcoming all adult industry members for a raucous Prop 60 victory party. Cocktails, schmoozing and all manner of delicious debauchery will ignite the moodily lit chambers of Hyde Sunset.

The RISE Advocacy Award, presented by the Free Speech Coalition, will be bestowed upon an individual whose advocacy has substantially defended the liberties of adult talent. This year, Prop 60 inspired many to stand up and fight for the community, but the industry will continue to face threats to its continued prosperity and freedoms. Henceforth, the RISE Advocacy Award will honor those who heroically crusade for the greater good.

Without a strong performer voice, we would not have been able to wage such a strong campaign against Proposition 60,” Leue said. “The unity we have seen in the past year has been inspiring — thousands of performers, coming together, fighting against stigma and demanding their rights. Through social media, op-eds, campaign videos, marches, protests, radio shows and rallies, performers have gotten international coverage to what many thought was a niche political issue. I am proud to stand alongside them in the fight, bring their strength to the battles that lie ahead and honor them with the RISE Advocacy Award.

The RISE Image Award, presented by the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, will crown an individual who has cultivated such a professional, exemplary and positive image, that they uplift the community as a whole. Given the tremendous social media power and popularity of adult talent, they can strongly affect perceptions both within the business and in the mainstream. Those paragons who professionally balance entertainment and courtesy will earn the RISE Image Award.

“I am happy to present the RISE Image Award on behalf of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee,” Preston said. “As the award presented to a performer who has cultivated a positive reputation and elevated the community, I feel this is the perfect representation of what APAC strives for in the performer community.

The RISE Legacy Award, presented by XBIZ, will anoint an individual whose storied career has created such an enduring legacy in the business, their beneficial impact will be felt for generations to come. To ascend unto the heights of iconic influence, an adult performer must produce a body of work as noteworthy for its prolific quantity as for its distinguished quality. Those all-stars whose very presence commands the sort of respect befitting a legend, will claim the RISE Legacy Award.



HPV is no big deal, eh?

Got a letter today from a concerned citizen. I thought I would share it with you because some of this needs to be said.

For a long time now people like Mike South and others have been bitching loudly about the porn industry testing standards. Case in point … HPV. We can test for it, but we don’t. “It’s not a big deal” says one industry big shot.

Well I wonder what Michael Douglas has to say about that … he now suffers from throat cancer, which has now been directly related to HPV he contracted through oral sex.

HPV is no big deal huh?

If we really want to protect the talent then why the fuck aren’t we actually doing it with the most basic of services like mandatory HPV testing?

Stop with all the bullshit full body suit ads. That’s so fucking stupid. It makes me want to punch that bitch in the nose who came up with that stupid shit.

Let’s instead talk about real solutions.

Spend time and money on things that fucking count.

Testing your fucking talent for shit that can actually kill them.

Cancer is serious shit.

But in the end you really only care about one thing and that is the bottom fucking line and the bottom fucking line is, it is far to cost prohibitive to test for things like HPV.

 So please shut the fuck up with your full body shit ads already and stop pretending like you fucking care about anything but your big fat 6 figure a year paycheck to stupid cunt.

Fuck you. Do something that really matters.

And by really matters I don’t mean try and spend your time covering up where all the fucking money went for the talent pool that got donated that magically disappeared.

In closing, fuck you Diane Duke. May you contact a plethora of diseases and go to jail for stealing that money. Oh sorry forgot, “misappropriation of funds”.

Could the FSC have made stars worse off?

I read something interesting on Tara Lynn Foxx’s blog which made me realize how seriously fucked up things must be over at the FSC if they didn’t bother to take into account sound medical advice FROM REAL DOCTORS before ordering over 300 porn stars take a shot that they didn’t need, that wouldn’t help them and even worse, could have made them even sicker. [source]

I’m a doctor. Actually a specialist for infectious diseases and used to work for the CDC until I went into private practice. My advice, do not take a penicillin shot unless you have been diagnosed with syphillis or any bacterial disease. It simply will not work and in fact if you get it after you take the medicine you can get it worse. The reason being bacterial infections have weaker bacteria and stronger bacteria. Because they act as colonies the stronger ones actually try to protect the weaker ones. The weaker penicillin will kill weak bacteria, but in doing so will leave the stronger ones the ability to run rampant. Think of it this way, if Rambo had to constantly care for young kids he couldn’t go off being Rambo. Unfortunately the only time penicillin will work is ONCE diagnosed. It and no antibiotic can be used in a pre emptive strike for the reasons I outlined above. Remember everyone advising you to take this shot has a financial or control interest at stake. I’m simply a doctor trying to give you sound medical advice. Have a nice day.

So why bring it up now, since it all took place last month?  Because people like Mrs. Duke from the Free Speech Coalition and reps at Manwin are still going around claiming victory and that they helped so many.  In reality what they did was down right negligent and possibly criminal.  What they could have done is cause you far more harm and possibly a life time of problems.  On August 22nd Diane Duke said  “We’ve talked to the nations utmost expert on syphilis.”  Yet doctor after doctor has some out saying don’t take the shot, it may do more harm than good.  So who is this “expert” that claims otherwise?  The 1 guy who says fuck what real doctors say, listen to me and Diane Duke instead?  Mike South kept warning performers to be careful about taking the shot but people just blew him off like he was a crazy bastard.  Guess he’s not such a crazy fuck after all, hey?

I’d prefer people are well informed vice get shots because uninformed people or those who have a financial interest aka the producers and FSC push you into something that could kill you. Also, one item I have not seen discussed is the following:   No matter what the FSC says there is no quick test for syphilis. And no they don’t have doctors working on it. If the CDC hasn’t come up with one why do they think they will?

Also, the incubation period is 10 days, then the test. The only safe way for you now is to wait out the test THEN any partners you have must have waited it out and had no sex with people who haven’t waited it out. See what I mean? From a statistical standpoint no one is safe until 30 days after the LAST person is tested. Not 10.

Beware of known theives bearing gifts

Mike South recently posted an article about the APHSS and this so called special refund that Manwin is offering.  He warns of what this refund could really cost you and possibly even your family.

Just remember that nothing is free in this world and this so called refund you get for testing could really turn out to be a huge nightmare for you, your neighbors and your family.

Why You Don’t Want To Be In APHSS

I know what I am talking about here, remember pornwikileaks?  I’m sure that most of you do remember it.  The problem is you may not remember it correctly, allow me to refresh your memory.  Did pornwikileaks have your medical data from AIM in it?  In case you forgot, it didn’t.

It did have data from AIM that was compromised but the damaging data they got from that database was your real name, nothing else was as damaging.  With that they found you on facebook, or myspace or twitter they found your family, your friends they got a lot of it wrong and they made up even more but the one thing you all wanted removed, was your real name.

Now Diane Duke will tell you that the APHSS Database will contain nothing but your name and your availability to work.  The FSC will not know how you tested. If that is true then how will they know what to do in the event of a positive or God forbid an outbreak?  The database serves no real purpose.  In a recent meeting Diane pointed out how important it is that you actually check your partners test, that you shouldn’t rely on the database or anyone else to do that for you.

OK so the APHSS database contains your real name and your availability to work.  It can’t be depended on to insure that your test is current and it can’t help in the event of an outbreak of anything.  What IS it for?

Why would you risk putting your real name out there for essentially nothing?  Why would you entrust that information to, of all people, the FSC?  Honestly if that information got into the hands of another Donny Long how long do you think it would take to find your porn name with your real name and start that nightmare over again?

From what I hear most of you trust talent Testing and you like them.  that’s a good thing, you should stick with them like they have stuck with you, but tell them you do not want your information in APHSS.  View the tests yourself and don’t spread your personal information around, particularly to people who have no need for it.

APHSS is a bad mistake waiting to happen and the people who took down pornwikileaks wont be there to do it again.

Exercise your right to say NO…..It isn’t worth the 50 bucks a month you may or may not get back from the FSC.

Trouble in paradise? New testing concerns

Last week Cindi at LukeisBack posted a story about the new testing prices through the FSC’s testing centers.  Sounded like we were finally getting somewhere but then Kiss Ass Pictures tweeted something ……….

@KickAssPictures – As stated earlier, for at least the next 60 days, we will ONLY be accepting test from Talent Testing Service. … if things change sooner we’ll let you know but all agents we book with have been informed of our decision!

I just wonder now if maybe things aren’t going as well as some would have you believe in terms of getting the new FSC testing database setup.   What do you think?

Hollywood Bit Torrent Lawsuit Linked to Porn

Washington Judge Revokes Subpoenas In Huge BitTorrent Piracy Lawsuit [source]
One of the lawsuits claims about 25,000 people downloaded The Hurt Locker illegally.

Over the past few months, a group that calls itself the U.S. Copyright Group has setup two operations to nab people who downloaded illegal copies of Hollywood movies.

First, in February, they brought suit against about 23,000 people who had downloaded the movie The Expendables using the peer-to-peer software BitTorrent. Then, in April, they filed a lawsuit against about 25,000 people who they say downloaded illegal copies of the Academy Award winning film, The Hurt Locker.

This works in a round-about way: U.S. Copyright Group, which was formed by the Washington-based law firm Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver, gives a court a list of IP addresses of users they say have downloaded movies. The court then issues subpoenas to allow the law firm to request the names behind those IP addresses from internet service providers.

Today, the technology news site Ars Technica reports that a judge in The Expendables lawsuit has decided to revoke the subpoenas he granted two months ago. Ars Technica reports:

Two months after Judge Wilkins approved the subpoenas, they have still not been served; upset at this behavior, he has now revoked them. In explaining his decision, the judge said the delay was “especially surprising given the fact that one of Plaintiff’s stated reasons for ‘good cause’ for the expedited discovery was that the ISPs typically retain the information that Plaintiff seeks only for a limited period of time… Plaintiff’s delay in pursuing the discovery they requested on an expedited bases is inexcusable.”

Further, the judge has realized that few of the IP addresses in question are likely to belong to DC residents; the plaintiffs admitted as much in a recent status conference. “The Court finds it inappropriate and a waste of scarce judicial resources to allow and oversee discovery on claims or relating to defendants that cannot be prosecuted in this lawsuit,” said the judge.

So what’s going on here? Why would USCG bring lawsuits and not act on the subpoenas?

CNN Money has a great overview of the cases, today, and they report that USCG usually goes after a few thousand defendants at a time and of those thousands many of them choose to settle out of court:

[Corynne McSherry, intellectual property director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation] and other critics have attacked the USCG for what they say is a “pay up or we’ll getcha” method — that is, pay a relatively small fee to settle or face tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and potential penalties.

Massachusetts resident Dmitriy Shirokov received one of those demand letters last year, and he promptly filed a lawsuit accusing USCG of making a business out of threatening people. The suit alleged that USCG exploited copyright law — and that its goal was to frighten people into paying up a small settlement of $1,500 to $2,500 rather than face litigation.

ArsTechnica explores that thread a little further, explaining that USCG lawyers said they hadn’t acted on the subpoenas because they were waiting on the court to resolve the issues of venue. The court didn’t agree with that and ArsTechnica spoke to one lawyer who posed another theory: The money, he said, is in going after illegal downloads of pornography:

David Kerr, a Colorado lawyer who has worked with 250 different P2P defendants over the last year, has a different take: the settlement money in such cases comes mainly from porn videos.

Based on his experience, Kerr told me that “the settlement rate for porn films is about 80 percent, whereas for legitimate films it is usually less then 50 percent. Plus, all settlements for porn films are usually several hundred to thousand dollars more than for legit films. You can go to the public docket and see that all of Dunlap’s other cases besides the porn films are totally dead.”

David Kerr, a Colorado lawyer who has worked with 250 different P2P defendants over the last year, has a different take: the settlement money in such cases comes mainly from porn videos.

Based on his experience, Kerr told me that “the settlement rate for porn films is about 80 percent, whereas for legitimate films it is usually less then 50 percent. Plus, all settlements for porn films are usually several hundred to thousand dollars more than for legit films. You can go to the public docket and see that all of Dunlap’s other cases besides the porn films are totally dead.”


New FSC Talent Testing Prices Leaked

If what Mike South is saying is true, the newly formed FSC testing center will be significantly more expensive.  Here is what he says ……

Prices for FSC Testing Leaked By MikeSouth – From an insider


The pricing has been set for the FSC APHSS it will be as follows:

$150 per test

$50 a year per performer

$250 a month per producer

150 a test?  SERIOUSLY?  Theres a fail for you.

50.00 a year dues for performers and 250.00 for producers?  What have you done to even consider asking for this money?

Talent testing is way cheaper for the same tests with the same database, why would anyone pay more and have to join a union to do it?

Who is dreaming up this cock-a-maimy stuff?


Photo Gallery from the FSC Freedom Party

(Hollywood, CA) The Free Speech Coalition rocked Hollywood September 1st with a fundraiser party at the Whisky A Go-Go on Sunset. The event was hosted by Tony Batman and Rock of Love star Heather Chadwell.

Wicked Pictures, Digital Playground, Hustler Hollywood and Girlfriend Films were just a few of the companies that took part of the event. The venue was packed with some of the top names in adult; seen were Sunny Leone, Jessica Drake, Kaylani Lei, Tanya Tate, Riley Steele, Kayden Kross, Madelyn Marie, Diamond Foxxx, Belladonna, Nina Hartley, Brooke Banner, Alanah Rae, Bailey Jay, Nicki Hunter and more. To see the photo gallery click HERE

Photos by Michael Alexander for Sugar Bear Media.

Damn Video Secrets is more shady than I thought

Since I originally posted my story about the unethical and shady business practices of Video Secrets I have been getting email after email of people telling me their stories.  I knew with so many rumors going around about these guys they had to be bad news but damn after reading all these emails, I don’t know what to say.  How the fuck do companies still keep doing business with them?

Here is an interesting email I got yesterday.

After reading the article you wrote concerning Video Secrets and what they get away with.  We helped to set up individual studios in Europe for years.   We would hire managers for each studio, train them and the girls on how the entire business worked and everything was going great.  That was until I met Chuck, one of the owners of Video Secrets.

He convinced us to move over to his network and at first it was great but eventually Video Secrets decided they didn’t need us anymore.  They would instead go out and offer secret and back door deals to these managers who were running each of the individual studios in Europe.  They would lure them away from us with the lure of large amounts of cash.

We tried to complain but all we got was the runaround.  Eventually they took away all of our studios and we were left with nothing.  We were out of business.  I did eventually get a hold of one of the owners of Video Secrets and all he really had to say was “What do you expect us to do?  Turn a blind eye on a chance to make more money?  Dumb ass!”  and then he laughed and hung up the phone.

The only real sense of justice we got out of all of this is that as soon as we were out of business the studios they lured away from us with promises of big amounts of cash all ended up getting screwed and since we weren’t in business anymore they couldn’t come running back to us.  I guess it’s true, you reap what you sow.

So my friends next time you want to do business with Video Secrets, you might want to remember this story or one of the hundreds of other ones going around about people screwed by Video Secrets.  And do keep in mind that it was this company, Video Secrets that the Free Speech Coalition named ethical and the Internet business of the year.  What the hell where they thinking?

I got another email about two days ago from a young man who wishes that we don’t identify him because he is still in the adult industry and doesn’t want to risk being blackballed because he came out and told the truth about what he knows about Video Secrets.  But what he told me in his email is that he worked for them for three years and seen with his own eyes the things that go on behind closed doors and said he knows for a fact that Video Secrets is a bunch of really shady fucks.  Some of the things such as shaving sales and duplicate billings of customers is true, or at least it was when he worked there.  When he left the company he was told that if he ever opens his mouth he would never have another job in this industry again and for years and years he has stayed quiet about all he knew.

I tried to convince the guy to go on record and work with attorneys for some kind of class action lawsuit but no such luck.