Phoeniex Marie Video for Brazzer’s Scared Me

I know you fuckers get all pissed off when I make fun of some chick for doing something stupid like tweeting pictures of herself with no makeup or taking pictures with the duck face but I wouldn’t have to post this shit if you fuckers would stop doing stupid shit.

Today Brazzer’s ‘safe for work’ website tweeted a behind the scenes look at their new car wash movie or something shit like that.  Whatever, I couldn’t really tell you what it was really about because I was so fucking shocked from one of the chicks in the movie.

I didn’t even know who it was for the longest time.  Took me a while to figure out it was Phoenix Marie.

She showed up dressed down, no makeup, some kind of rash on her face.  But since you fuckers think I’m just being a dick all the time, don’t take my word for it, you look for yourself.  You’ll see exactly what I mean.

I get when you are at home you may not want to walk around all decked the fuck out in makeup but when you go out of the house, to work no less and knowing you are going to be on fucking camera, why the fuck?

People buy porno because it fucking turns them on.   These chicks might want to remember that next time they go to work looking like that or they may just find themselves with less and less work.





2 thoughts on “Phoeniex Marie Video for Brazzer’s Scared Me

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  2. I love how Monica Foster is bitching about someone making fun of someone else, while calling that person a homo and even more amusing is that she herself called Phoenix Marie a “fat ass”. Apparently she forgot about that.

    And Monica calls herself a Christian. LOL

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