Jesse Jane is Not Retiring But She is Leaving DP

Jesse Jane tweeted tonight to make it very clear she isn’t retiring, she is only leaving Digital Playground and her Jesse Jane persona behind.  “Me retiring never I love doing porn I’ll be around a few more years as my other persona

So the question is, are the rumors true that she is going to ink a deal with another company?  Who else could really afford a big name like her?  Wicked Pictures is obviously out of the picture.  They messed up everything with their Brazzers deal.  So who is left?  Adam and Eve?  They aren’t known to have the big budgets on contract stars that someone like Jesse Jane will require.  So that just leaves Vivid and Bluebird Films.

Although the obvious choice would be Bluebird, don’t discount Vivid to quickly.  Remember the coupe they pulled off with Jenna Jameson and to some extent Tera Patrick, many years ago.

With they blow our minds again and get Jesse Jane after she ditches Digital Playground?  We’ll see!!

Then again she could surprise us all and make her own line of movies and say F-YOU to all studios.


7 thoughts on “Jesse Jane is Not Retiring But She is Leaving DP

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  2. If digitalplayground really cared about Jesse Jane as a PERSON not just a product and wanted to keep her around they should just flat out offer her right here and now her name and website, no restrictions. Then let her go do what she wants to do with them and then she will see they do care about her the person not her the product and maybe she will consider staying with them or resigning later on.

    Just my thoughts

  3. IF DP CARED? SERIOUSLY? When the fuck did you guys start thinking that dp gives 2 shits about anyone but themselves? Of course they don’t care about her. She is a product to them, a brand they have enjoyed making money off of for years. They made their feelings clear awhile ago when they didn’t have her back when that new bitch started talking out of her ass.

  4. Ask any ex DP contract girl and they will tell you how much Ali joone the half owner of DP screwed them over. He steals your money and he laughs at you behind your back.

  5. I don’t fucking get why so many chicks forget this is the BUSINESS OF PORN. This isn’t a fucking sorority. It’s about making money. These companies don’t give two shits about anyone but the bottom line.

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