Fuck You I Quit

For anyone who pays attention, it’s been coming for awhile now.  Things have changed and far to many restrictions.  I can’t post stories about the fucker who ripped a girl off for tens of thousands of dollars or the piece of shit producer accused of raping or at least forcing himself on several girls.

The new powers that be like to keep things more positive and upbeat.  It’s not that I don’t like the people in charge now, fuck I even flew to Texas to hang with her and her husband 3 times now.  It’s nothing personal.  It’s just everyone has their own styles.  I like to tell it how it is, she likes to sugar coat things.

All of that sucks balls but that still isn’t the only reason I am leaving.

I realized one day there aren’t many fuckers in this business I can really stand any more.  Most of these fuckers make me want to punch their lying fucking faces.

So that’s me, signing off.

Good bye fuckers.


3 thoughts on “Fuck You I Quit

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  2. First of all, who’s preventing you from posting whatever you want. Isn’t that the point of your own personal posts on this site. I remember when all the gossip sites used to report such extreme happenings of the business whether good or bad. I know that things have changed throughout the years. Or does it all come down to the mighty dollar of advertising. Well, I will miss looking on this site daily for your updates. Hopefully, things will get better for you & I wish you well.


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