Did Bibi Jones Just Cost DP Some $$?

Times are tough right now and every single deal you can make matters with the way things are going. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already fucking know. Shit sucks right now and for some two bit whore to open her stupid mouth and ruin some potentially lucrative promotional deals for Digital Playground has to be fucking the stupidest thing ever.

So what the fuck am I talking about?

Last week Bibi Jones, under a fake name sent out a series of inflammatory emails to all the gossip sites, online news sites and any other remotely relevant adult blog she could find.

In the email she called Jesse Jane fat, old and said she was jealous of her. Had she just left it at that, it might not have been so bad. Sure trashing a fellow contract girl isn’t the smartest move ever, but whatever, it wasn’t anything bad enough where it might have cost the company money.

But then the dumb cunt takes it a step further and starts laying into Riley Steele. She tells people, not really fucking sure how many but enough that the information got around, that Riley Steele is unreliable, about to be fired by Digital Playground and that she has a “serious substance abuse problem”.

Now for just a moment think about someone who might be considering working with Digital Playground for a magazine layout, an interview, a store signing for the latest release or anything of that nature? Hearing what Bibi Jones is going around spreading about Riley Steele, would you want to work with her?

That is in a nutshell the big fucking deal. Bibi Jones cost Digital Playground at least 1 deal that I know of, and who knows how much long term damage she did to the company’s reputation as well as Riley Steele’s.

The people I work with didn’t want me to make this post because they thought it might be inflammatory but I said I don’t give two shits about that. If BiBi Jones wanted attention, which you know she did by the fucking stupid emails she is sending out, I say we give it to her.

BiBi Jones sent the emails out under a fake name. She pretended she was a man. She would later go on to Twitter under a similar fake name, pretending she was an older man, well established in business.

Here are some of the problems with that. I got these from someone else, so I don’t want to take credit for coming up with them but still I am using them because they are good fucking points.

Men and women are very different. When a man is insulting a woman he would do it different than another female would. Females are brutal and they go for the throat. Where a man would be like ah that dumb bitch, a woman will nit pick every little thing about her looks. Only another female would go into detail about how Jesse Jane is over weight. A man doesn’t give two shits about the way fat shifts in a body. Who the fuck would even think about some shit like that? Apparently another female would.

Next problem with her emails, if this really was just some random fan that supports BiBi Jones and she had nothing to do with the emails, then how would he have insider information about Riley Steele’s relationship with Digital Playground and her ability to make scheduled meetings or appointments and fulfill her contractual obligations?

Nobody that doesn’t work with DP would be privy to any of that fucking information.

Next remember the part where this fake man is claiming to be business savvy? Someone pretended to him the scenario that what Bibi Jones is doing is like some American Idol reject telling a rock legend like Bob Dylan to move aside because he’s old and doesn’t know anything. Jesse Jane is a legend in porn, Bibi Jones has made what? 2 movies? Maybe 3? Who the fuck does she think she is?

Show some fucking respect already.

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  2. You would think that but since she and her friend are sending out emails to everyone that they can find calling Jesse Jane fat, and Riley Steele a deranged drug addict we can assume that they aren’t quite friendly. LOL

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