More on the Bibi Jones Bullshit

Adult Cybermart ran a story today about Bibi Jones quoting this person who still claims he isn’t BiBi Jones using a fake name.  Now you may recall that previous he claimed to be a business professional, marketing guru and legal expert.  Well now apparently he is a webmaster as well and claims that a few thousands members would line up to pay money for her website and that she would be making $60,000 to $70,000 a month.

No seriously.  He really said that.

“If she attracted a few thousand members who’d pay $19.95 a month, that sounds like $60K or $70K a month? Basically that’s the deal. I don’t see how she loses either way. “I’m not some retard falling off the bus,” MFOB assures me.  

“But I’m here to protect her interests. You can be sure any bullies, any swine, any hustlers, anything that tries to get in her way will be met with attack.”

Every time this guy opens his mouth he shows how little he really knows about the business.  If she could really make $60k to $70k a month then by all means she needs to get on it.  However as I have 15 years experience in that specific thing and I can tell you, she won’t make more than $2,000.  I’ve seen her numbers she just doesn’t have that many fans.

As far as Jesse Jane goes, the story on Mike South today pretty much says it best …

Jesse Jane: One of the few proven commodities in Porn. Name anyone who’s been as consistent both on camera and off as Jesse. On camera, she’s pretty much followed the dream scenario of a successful porn career. Always leave them wanting more. Off,  She’s one of the most liked performers by the media, always positive, no attitude,  A total pro.  The Perfect face for Digital Playground.

Of course the best part of that story on Mike South was about Bibi Jones.  “Is this the new age Digital Playground contract star? Pick up random untested strangers, have un protected Sex anywhere, anytime, go back to work, spread the love?


2 thoughts on “More on the Bibi Jones Bullshit

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  2. If she could really make that kind of money, why isn’t she? I read on another site that her salary with digitalplayground is only like $40,000. So why would she stay around for $40k a year when she could be making $60k to $70k a month?

    Sounds like this guy doesn’t know what he is talking about.

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