Goodbye Big Love Talent

Lukeisback is reporting that Big Love Talent has closed its doors for good and all remaining talent has been sent over to sign with 101 Modeling.  Their entire website has been removed and loads only a white blank page in its place.  An unusual move, considering they could have easily just redirected it over to 101.

Big Love Talent Agency is gone. The guy who ran it, Chris, has sent his girls over to his former partner, Robert Moran at 101 Modeling. Chris is also going to be working at 101 part time. Why did this happen? I don’t know the answer yet, but I’m working on it. Anyone who has info please contact me, you can remain confidential. Chris and/or Robert- If you’d like to answer a couple questions let me know. Thank you

Shawna Lenee pulls her official website

Shawna lenne doesn’t have her twitter account anymore.  Not only did she turn that off but on her myspace page, she posted, “Yes, I tore my site down. Why? I never got paid. Please do not email me asking why. I’ve been getting a ton. 😀 ”

For a quick recap.  Shawna Lenee negotiated a big deal to do anal.  There were problems, to say the least (Read full story here).

She refused to speak with her agent, LA Direct Models so instead of dealing with that mess, she went and signed with Big Love Talent.  There seems to have been some issue there.  Some rumors are that Derek Hay tried to strong arm the owners of Big Love Talent threatening them that they drop her “or else”.

Then we have news that Derek Hay got Premium Cash to withhold payment from monies earned or so the rumor mill goes and so Shawna Lenee finally snapped, said fuck and pulled her twitter page and website. How much of that story is actually true, who the fuck knows.

But what we do know is that we can always count on some juicy Shawna Lenee gossip to get us through the week.

Let’s Show Lacey Jane Some Big Love

I got an email today about some new talent who has recently signed with Big Love Talent. Her name is Lacey Jane and I personally can’t wait to see her work. I don’t know what it is about her, but I think she looks just amazing.

Lacey Jane is hot, blonde and has only shot a few scenes so far. She’s 21, and a whopping 5’9. Big Love Talent is booking her for all kinds of scenes including blow jobs, boy / girl sex scenes, interracial, anal sex and even a little bondage on the side.

I predict we’ll see big things from this little girl in the future.   I really think she has amazing potential.

Shanwa Lenee has jumped ship and ready to get her some Big Love

If you haven’t heard the news, Shawna Lenee, one of the industries biggest “IT” girls right now has decided to change management and is now booking through Big Love Talent.

If you are interested in working with Shawna Lenee you can click here for her booking details.

Although no official reason was given as to why she left LA Direct Models, some people have speculated that the departure was due the drama with her first anal scene.  I don’t know if that is true, but if it is I understand.  They were her agents, they should have been far more involved and more importantly, secured her payment.  That is their job.  Should never have been left to the talent to secure payment for services rendered.

Summer Bailey Hates on Big Love

Miami based porn star Summer Bailey calls out her former agents, Big Love Talent on Twitter, and issuing a warning to all other girls considering working for them.

Big Love Talent is the most shitty agency! They don’t get you your money and one of them trys to fuck you all the time. Xxx girls watch out

ISIS TAYLOR tweets – Soon after making this tweet Isis Taylor (@IsisTaylor) responds with — @SummerBailey hey keep your comments about biglove to yourself honey. those guys are really cool…. & good friends of mine;

SUMMER BAILEY RESPONDS – @isistaylor I can speak my mind.

Then a few days later you have a new tweet by Summer Bailey – Interested in booking xxx Star @SummerBailey to host your event? contact us now Management

Kiara Diane is looking for some Big Love

Kiara Diane started in the adult business around October of 2008 and until recently has always been repped by LA Direct Models.  That is until now.  Kiara Diane is now having all of her bookings done through a company called Big Love Talent, who is also out of LA.  Isis Taylor recently made the move to be repped by Big Love Talent (she was the Twistys Treat of the month for November 2009)  and it seems Sunny Leone did as well.  Although I should mention Goldstar Modeling still lists Sunny Leone as an active client, so Sunny may just be taking bookings from both.  I’m not sure on that one.  Jayden James is also with this company so although they don’t have a huge talent roster they do have a few great names.

As far as Kiara Diane goes, she is one of the hottest stars right now in the business getting booking after booking after booking after booking and not just crap ass web work either.  Kiara Diane often gets bookings for movies as well.   She is really one of THE it girls in the business right now alongside Kagney Linn Karter, Tori Black and Shawna Lenee, so it seems strange to me that LA Direct Models would ever dream of letting that little goldmine go but they did and well she seems to be doing quite well for herself with this new company.


For more information on how you can book Kiara Diane for your next movie click here.  You can also follow her directly on twitter at

Here is another Kiara Diane pic for you.  This is one I found on her MySpace page, where she is posing for FreeOnes.