Is Mr. Marcus Back?

After all the things that that jackass did I was floored that AVN was quoting him in one of their recent stories. Fuck him and fuck AVN for supporting him or talking to him or having anything to do with him.

Mr. Marcus Sneaking Back Into the Business?


It’s truly unfortunate that adult performer Alicia Tyler, at the tender age of 27, was found dead from cause or causes not yet known.

Tyler, according to AVN, had just launched a comeback to the industry after being on hiatus since 2009 following the birth of her daughter. She was found dead Sunday at her mother’s California home. Apparently she had a history of stomach issues and asthma.

What I think is more unfortunate about this whole incident is that AVN chose to quote Mr. Marcus. And that confirms my suspicions that AVN is backdooring Marcus on us.

AVN states: Mr. Marcus, who performed with Tyler in one of her first scenes, related to AVN, “She gave a passionate performance that felt natural and elevated the scene. You could consider her a sexual goddess with ample sex appeal. She was definitely a fan favorite.”

Of all people to quote- the guy whose selfish behavior revealed the lie that the adult industry fosters safe, health practices. Notice, too, that it’s Peter Warren who wrote the story, and it’s Rob Black who’s told you Warren is not to be trusted. Remember, it was Black who also broke the story that Marcus and Steve Hirsch were in talks to have Marcus directing for the Vivid.

Looks like the propaganda machine is in motion to cram Marcus down your throats whether you like it or not.

Gene Ross of AdultFYI Attacks Erika Icon

Gene Ross seems to have an issue with Erika Icon of The Rub PR.  He posted a story today making fun of a competitors blog called The Porn Life.  He mentioned that some stories that were going to be run on this blog were pulled because a “a female publicist told him not to run them. She is pretty much pulling all the strings there and blackballing people she doesn’t like”

I went to the site and found there is only one publicist listed and it is in fact a female, Erika Icon of The Rub PR.

Why so much hate for Erika Icon?  Is it possibly because she is a direct competitor of Rising Star PR who has been running full page ads on for years now?  Clearly Gene Ross’ loyalty lies with them and Alia Janine seems to be repped by Rising Star PR.  Maybe it is Rising Star PR who is having Gene Ross publish this trash piece on Erika Icon.  Maybe it’s not Erika Icon pulling the strings after all but just the opposite.  I mean if you look, Adult FYI does seem to post every single press release that Rising Star PR puts out.


 Alia Janine twitters: “I wish that Toyota dealer (aka wannabe adult news site owner) would realize we’re STOPPING the hate. Right in its fucking tracks.”

Another tweet from her: “How can someone call themselves “porn life” when their full time job is at a Toyota dealership? LMFAO!!!!!!”

The Grand Vizier writes to explain: is owned by this guy named Chris. Apparently he works at some car dealership here in LA. They were going to run interviews on certain people in the business, but a female publicist told him not to run them. She is pretty much pulling all the strings there and blackballing people she doesn’t like.”

Nikki Benz Website Troubles?

For years now Nikki Benz has run her own official website.  She hired her own webmaster and pays to shoot her own content.   Her webmaster keeps the new photo sets updated on her site and maintains her CCBILL affiliate program.  Her site was even nominated for a 2012 website xbiz awards but just after news of that nomination came out that her website while not to bad didn’t really have any updates for all of the year last year and it lacked the personal touch of the star herself and lacked updating.  The preview area of the site has basically been the same for as many years as I can remember.

And her affiliate program hasn’t had updates in a long time.

There was not a single listed update in the entire year of 2011, only 1 for 2010 and prior to that an update wasn’t given since August of 2009.

  • 02.01.10 – 4 New Hosted Galleries
  • 08.06.09  – 3 New embedded Flash Hosted Gallery, 1 new MGP, 3 New Hosted Galleries

Nikki Benz has been named the Penthouse Pet of the year last year. Her official website should be the hub of activity and news about Nikki Benz and her life.  Her sales team, also known as affiliates should be getting some sort of sales tools but nothing.  It’s all very strange.

Then today I noticed something on her twitter page.  She doesn’t even list her website anymore at all.  How strange is that?  She works so hard to build her name up and well that only leads to a crazy amount of money she should be making on her official website and then now she won’t even list it on her twitter page?

Of course there could be a very good reason completely unrelated to the recent bad press as to why she doesn’t list her website on her twitter page anymore, like some contract she’s in or some side deal in mainstream she is doing and they don’t want her promoting her official website.  But it is rather curious that such a big star who has invested so much in the creation and maintaining of her website doesn’t bother to even mention it anymore, don’t you think?


AdultFYI Review of Nikki Benz’s official website – Sean from AdultFYI and Adult Cyber Mart writes: is the official website for porn star and 2011 Penthouse Pet of the Year, Nikki Benz.

The site offers everything a fan of Nikki Benz could hope for: tons of video clips, photos, various types of downloadable content, a really nice calendar of events and appearance dates and a daily journal.

I only found a few negatives about this site. First, it’s well designed but I’m not a big fan of the color scheme. A dark color on a website just doesn’t do it for me. I like bright and welcoming colors.

I also noticed that her daily journal was updated less than 20 times during the entire year of 2011. Again, websites need constant updating if you want to attract and keep members.  However, I must say that her calendar of events and appearances is updated on a more current basis.

This site is nominated for a 2012 XBiz award for Porn Star Website of the Year. That doesn’t carry much weight with me, but whatever.  Overall the site is pretty solid.

Membership to her site is $29.95 a month.  At my pay level that’s a little rich. But if money was no object I’d say it’s worth the price.

Sean’s Website Grade for B

The You Suck Award Goes to

A movie review today was posted on Adult FYI reviewing Jessica Drake’s official website.  Apparently it didn’t get such a good review.  In fact, I think it got one of their lowest reviews to date.  [source]

Sean from AdultFYI and Adult Cyber Mart writes: Jessica Drake is a multi-award winning superstar and member of several industry related halls of fame. She also has an exclusive contract with Wicked Pictures and she is a hot looking blonde which in my book supersedes all of her other accomplishments. That being said, her official website,, doesn’t come close to equaling her industry status.

The site is designed well and is easy to navigate. It also meets the industry standard by offering movie clips and pictures.

Taking the site tour I was a little confused with the description of the videos. It’s advertised that the site has scenes from all her latest Wicked movies. Great, but then further down the page I see a ‘View Movie Now!’ icon. So what is it, do members see the whole movie or just her scenes? Your guess is as good as mine.

Her biography and list of industry awards appear to have not been updated since 2008. The last award mentioned was a Best All-Girl Sex Scene won in 2007. I went to Wikipedia and discovered that since then she has won the following awards: 2009 AVN Award – Best Actress, 2009 AVN Award – Best Double Penetration Sex Scene, 2009 XRCO Award – Single Performance, Actress, 2010 AVN Hall of Fame inductee, 2010 AVN Award – Best Group Sex Scene, 2011 XRCO Hall of Fame inductee.

Her site also has a blog and appearance page as well. Both haven’t been updated since April 10, 2011.

This site, somebody’s attitude, or both, need a complete overhaul. A site cannot survive on name recognition alone. Her name may get fans to visit the site, but fresh content and updates keeps the fans coming back. Even the best restaurants change up their menu occasionally.

Membership to her site is $29.95.

Alexa rank for as of January 16, 2012: 249,029 [US]

Sean’s Grade for : D+

On a side note, the site seems to be run by the now defunct Adult Star Profits that from what I heard they took off with all the money owed to the girls and let them hanging.  But my question is, if that is true, then why keep the site up at all?  Clearly someone is running things.  NATs cost at the very least $150 a month.  So somebody is paying that bill, not to mention the monthly web hosting fees and the domain name registration fees.   So if you are allowing new joins and not updating the site then perhaps this  D+ was well deserved.  Her fans deserve better, especially if she is going to milk them for $30 a month.


Sunny Leone Website Gets BAD Review

Last night Sunny Leone won the porn star website of the year.  Her site was run by Webquest and has very little if any updates in terms of her affiliate program and it turns out same goes with her website.  Yet XBIZ still gives her site without any real updates the site of the year.  Interesting.   I don’t know why Webquest doesn’t put more effort into updating Sunny’s site but hey, as long as companies like XBIZ keep giving her awards, who cares, right?

[Source: Adult FYI] XBiz Names The Porn Star Site of the Year; They’re Welcome to Their Opinion; Here’s Ours….

Sean from AdultFYI and Adult Cyber Mart writes: Sunny Leone is all the rage while appearing on a television show called Bigg Boss 5 in India. Her website,, was also named the Porn Star Site of the Year by XBIZ. Fortunately for you, I take none of that into account in reviewing her website.

The site meets the industry standard in offering the usual content: HD video clips, high-res photos and a blog.

However, it appears she hasn’t updated her Twitter posts since last June and her Blog hasn’t been updated since November. I also tried to access her ‘My Schedule’ and could not. This is a red flag for me since she had been in the mainstream news for weeks while appearing in Bigg Boss 5 yet the only place the word ‘India’ is mentioned is in her biography.

It appears a new photo gallery and video clip are updated on a weekly basis which is nice.

Overall this site is missing something…oh, yeah, Sunny Leone herself. Updating content once a week is kinda lame considering any webmaster could do that. But with no hint of a personal touch from Sunny leaves this site empty.

Membership to her site starts at $19.99 a month.

Sean’s Website Grade for C-

Tits and Tats not always a good combo?

Gene Ross at Adult Cyber Mart posted an interesting story today about Andy San Dimas [source]

Andy San Dimas Warns Industry Girls: Don’t Get Tattoos; Which Parody is She Dumping On?

I wish Andy San Dimas had been around when the hooker with the $10 bill tattooed on her ass came to visit me. That incident may have damaged me for life especially with the fact that $10 ass tattoos are not redeemable at Barnes & Noble.

Nonetheless, San Dimas, who plays Adrian in the porn parody of Rocky, shares that piece of advice with wannbe female performers in the adult industry. Don’t get tattoos.

San Dimas, who sports three on her left arm, must know what she’s talking about. She aired her views in a Rocky parody BTS’er with the show’s director Will Ryder including at the end of her interview taking a shot at some other parody she found horrible.

Ryder says the tattoos give her an image as being a wild chick and they needed to do some cover-up for the Rocky movie.

“I wish I didn’t have these,” rues San Dimas.

“They can really hinder your work and I hate wearing tattoo makeup, but I’ll do it. I don’t mind that it’s there, but you’re conscious about getting it on clothes and getting it on white furniture or a wall. It’s very obnoxious to deal with. My advice to young porn girls, don’t get tattoos.”

San Dimas’ Adrian character, who lives with Ron Jeremy in the movie, starts out looking dowdy and frumpy. But by the end of the feature she’s back to being this sex bomb her fans know and love.

“He [Jeremy playing Pauly] orders her around like a maid until she meets this guy Rocky,” explains San Dimas.

“She’s not too sure about him at first because she’s a goody-goody and he seems like a bum. A girl like Adrian wouldn’t usually date a fighter. I think it scares her a little bit, but eventually she becomes sexier as Rocky’s star rises in the boxing world.”

Ryder admitted that a creative tug-of-war presented itself by portraying San Dimas’ character as too plain versus the sex bomb that lurks beneath the cat glasses. An effective compromise was reached. Even San Dimas worried about how it would be brought off.

“But after I saw the picture of me posing as Adrian, it wasn’t that bad,” she admits. Even, she says, the part where she has to embrace a sweaty Anthony Rosano [playing Rocky] in the ring to tell him she loves him.

Asked what she thought about Rosano’s portrayal, San Dimas, a former video store clerk, comments, “I think he did a really good job. He’s always a great actor, always knows his lines and that’s why I enjoy working with him.”

The 2011 XBiz Awards’ Female Performer of the Year, San Dimas, who’s been in the business close to five years, also shared a Best Acting Nod with India Summer in This Ain’t Glee XXX.

“To me you’ve become one of the go-to girls in the industry,” observes Ryder whoalso cast San Dimas in the parody of Charlie’s Angels.

At this point in her career, San Dimas say she’s leaning more towards acting.

“Before I wouldn’t have said that. I started out as kind of a gonzo-girl and then once people figured out I can act and memorize things, my gonzo career has pretty much died.

“So I always play a character, a sitcom character or I find myself playing the token alt-chick which I do really well- as the bad girl.

“I feel more at home with parodies than with the gonzo-stuff. I used to say that I’d rather be on gonzo sets but that’s kind of lazy thinking. In the end I get more out of doing a parody or a feature. I feel more accomplished. You become a bigger star and get noticed and people have more respect for you.”

For his part, Ryder says as a producer and director with X-Play he goes to great lengths to get the parodies just right.

“We try to make them really, really good. We spend money on them. We get the sets right. We try to get the action right. I get just about everyone’s parodies sent to me or get I copy of them and watch. There are some really good ones out there, but there’s some really, really crappy ones, too.

“As a producer I’m blown away even if the laugh track’s not appropriate or the editing is terrible.”

He asks San Dimas if, on the set, she can tell what’s a good one or a bad parody.

“Yeah, because I’m usually never hired for the bad ones,” she laughs.

“I’m not going to name names of this particular parody, but there is this show that I’m a huge fan of. I know every thing about it. I begged people for like two years to make this parody and everyone told me no one wants to see those people fuck. It’s never going to happen.

“Well then one day I hear that they’re making it and they’ve already cast it. I was not in it. The girl that they chose to play the character that I wanted to play, they didn’t put a wig on her, and she didn’t look anything like her.

“With me you wouldn’t have needed a wig. They were on a very tight budget and couldn’t afford to pay me to be in the movie. Which, honestly, I was such a big fan of the show I probably would have worked out something just to be in it.

“I wound up watching the trailer for it, and it’s terrible, like no one has ever seen the show. I don’t even think the person writing it saw the show.”

In case you missed the interview we did with San Dimas back in the day: READ IT HERE



More on the Bibi Jones Bullshit

Adult Cybermart ran a story today about Bibi Jones quoting this person who still claims he isn’t BiBi Jones using a fake name.  Now you may recall that previous he claimed to be a business professional, marketing guru and legal expert.  Well now apparently he is a webmaster as well and claims that a few thousands members would line up to pay money for her website and that she would be making $60,000 to $70,000 a month.

No seriously.  He really said that.

“If she attracted a few thousand members who’d pay $19.95 a month, that sounds like $60K or $70K a month? Basically that’s the deal. I don’t see how she loses either way. “I’m not some retard falling off the bus,” MFOB assures me.  

“But I’m here to protect her interests. You can be sure any bullies, any swine, any hustlers, anything that tries to get in her way will be met with attack.”

Every time this guy opens his mouth he shows how little he really knows about the business.  If she could really make $60k to $70k a month then by all means she needs to get on it.  However as I have 15 years experience in that specific thing and I can tell you, she won’t make more than $2,000.  I’ve seen her numbers she just doesn’t have that many fans.

As far as Jesse Jane goes, the story on Mike South today pretty much says it best …

Jesse Jane: One of the few proven commodities in Porn. Name anyone who’s been as consistent both on camera and off as Jesse. On camera, she’s pretty much followed the dream scenario of a successful porn career. Always leave them wanting more. Off,  She’s one of the most liked performers by the media, always positive, no attitude,  A total pro.  The Perfect face for Digital Playground.

Of course the best part of that story on Mike South was about Bibi Jones.  “Is this the new age Digital Playground contract star? Pick up random untested strangers, have un protected Sex anywhere, anytime, go back to work, spread the love?


The Red Scare is Among Us Thanks to PornWikiLeaks

Yesterday Mike South said he had intel of more names of people involved in the porn wikileaks site.  This time he named Jack Vegas, Donny Long, Keith O’Conner, and Joe LiBrandi.  While he didn’t provide any proof, nor hint at who his sources were or even if they had any proof, he named names anyway.

This is like the good ole days of the RED SCARE.  Name your enemies before they name you.  Proof of validity of your statements be damned!

I have it from an impeccable source that Jack Vegas is one of the guys leaking info to Donny Long. I have heard other names as well but this one is checking out. Might at the very least wanna have him explain before you hire him again. I’m also getting good intel that Keith O’Conner, former owner of is involved in PWL along with Joseph LiBrandi and Donald Carlos Seoane

The same day Keith O’Connor responded to Mike South with an interesting twist, he basically said that now that he is aware of the site he doesn’t like it and he would be willing to put his money where his mouth is and pay the person who reveals the real people behind the site a $5,000 bounty.

So here is your chance to cash in with $5,000 bucks.  Just reveal who is really behind PWL and you get the money.

Earlier today Jack Vegas responded, this time speaking with Gene Ross over at Adult FYI.

Porn Valley – I talked to Jack Vegas Thursday night.  In the Mike South pick-a-Wiki sweepstakes, Vegas is now being fingered by some “impeccable source” as the latest culprit behind Porn WikiLeaks.  But, just to make sure he’s got his bases covered, South’s also tagging Keith O’Connor as another co-brains behind Donny Long’s operation.  South’s also been of the opinion that Joe Brandi’s another mastermind behind Porn WikiLeaks. The fact that Brandi has categorically denied such accusations doesn’t prevent South from using the blind man with a Remington 870 Pump Shotgun approach. I.E., you’re bound to hit a target if you keep coming up with names.

Fact remains, South’s yet to offer proof of any of the allegations.

Vegas says he’s had issues with a certain male talent who’s apparently South’s “impeccable source”.  “He thinks I fucked him over a couple of days ago. It’s been real petty bullshit. This guy is planning on leaving Los Angeles, and he’s been putting out all kinds of crazy rhetoric,” says Vegas.

Vegas gives me the probable source’s name, and I’ll keep it out of this article for the time being.  “He’s [the source] real bitter and he’s been putting the story out there,” says Vegas noting that his girlfriend has been the subject of Wiki-scrutiny as well as good friends Dick Chibbles and Tommy Gunn.

“All of a sudden this story about Wiki leaks shows up,” says Vegas.  “Now there’s people on Twitter looking for my head on a stick as a result of the Mike South story.”

Vegas says he’s contacted the guy he suspects as being South’s informant.  “He won’t answer the phone.” Vegas makes a very good point. In the six years that he’s been involved in the business he’s never had a negative thing written about him. Which re-emphasizes my point. The person or persons involved in WikiLeaks harbors a grudge against the business.  Vegas has always struck me as a stand-up guy and has always worked at getting along.

I also go back many years with Keith O’Connor. True, O’Connor’s very capable of masterminding an operation like PornWikiLeaks and he’s taken his lumps in some of the porn forums like on other issues.  O’Connor’s a true computer savant and knows how to make a ton of money creating websites and using that knowledge. O’Connor was my webmaster when I had, but I know him from way before that.

Keith’s very knowledgeable about the industry and ran Defiance Films and was also a key man over at Metro for a time. Keith married Taylor Rain and had a kid with her. I assume they’re still together though I haven’t talked to him in awhile.  But Keith’s always been very supportive of my efforts and was a long time advertiser on AdultFYI.  Yes, Keith also loves to gossip it up about the business and stir the pot, but not in a harmful way as to damage people.

Regarding Vegas, none of South’s conjecture makes sense. And Vegas is telling me because of South’s article he’s already lost employment.  “One of the directors goes, ‘what the hell is this story with Jack Vegas leaking on WikiLeaks? Don’t book him no more.’”  Vegas says the story has damaged his reputation with a few other people as well and he’s contacted a lawyer.

I was going to leave the story there but then something interesting happened to me this morning.  I was on the phone with my grandmother, and we were joking around about something and she said “thou does protest to much” and it hit me.  Why didn’t we see this before?

There is a person out there who despite claiming to have found God and retired from porn, still actively visits and posts on any porn related website that she can find.  This same person invokes the name of God and then says in his name people should go to hell.  Who does that?

But what is most interesting is this person knowingly and admittedly participated in the porn wiki leaks website.  This same person also has publicly released the real life name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and other related information about someone in our industry.  Actually most recently she has been giving out more than few names and personal information on people in our industry.

During the past who weeks, anyone who has actually attempted to help in regards to the PWL website, she has attacked and verbally abused and in one case even making real life threats to them.

And that’s when it hit me — she proclaims so much, so loudly that she isn’t associated with the PWL website, but it’s like she does it to much.  So much that it seems as if she actually is the one with something to hide.

Could it be that Monica Foster really is the mastermind behind the porn wiki leaks website?  Or if not the master mind then perhaps a willing and active partner in crime?

I think there is more than enough evidence to support the possibility.

I’ll however let you draw your own conclusions.  There is enough people right now in the RED SCARE, I don’t want to add to it.



Lisa Ann Kicked off of Hustler Set

Adult FYI reported a very interesting story today about Lisa Ann and the upcoming 3D Hustler production of the newest Sarah Palin porno parody.

To sum it up, Lisa Ann was kicked off the setup of the latest shoot, replaced with Joslyn James.  They claimed that Hustler made her so she better start showing some respect and then told her to get her has been ass off of their set.  You can read the full story below.

The only thing I keep thinking is …… the 2012 elections are soon.  What better time to have a political porno parody war.


PARAMUS, NJ– During her interview for the latest edition of the adult webcast, Video World TV, XXX star Lisa Ann opened up about her now famous on-set blow up with director Axel Braun. The confrontation culminated in Lisa being fired from the lead role in the highly successful Nailin’ Palin adult video franchise.

While conducting her first interview as Video World TV host, Adam & Eve contract star Alexis Ford spoke to Lisa Ann about a number of the veteran porn performer’s projects. However, it was when Alexis asked Lisa about her experience performing in the “Palin” parodies that things got it bit heated on the VWTV set.

“My Palin career has been fantastic,” Lisa said. “It’s opened so many doors for me…but sadly I have been replaced.”


Joslyn James or Lisa Ann … who makes the best Sarah Palin?

Lisa proceeded to go into detail about her on-set altercation with director Axel Braun during the shooting of Who’s Nailin’ Palin? 2. Lisa said what led to the blow up was that she had been on set all day waiting to perform, and when she informed Braun at 11:30pm that, according to her agreement with the company, her work day was to end at midnight and that she had an early call time the following morning for another shoot.

“That turned into a very nasty verbal tongue-lashing at me,” Lisa remembered. “He talked to me like an abusive boyfriend would talk to some eighteen-year-old porn girl who’s on crack.”

“He fired me,” Lisa continued. “He tells me to get my ‘washed-up’ ass off set and he never wants to shoot me again.”

From there Lisa went on to explain how an online campaign of negativity followed her dismissal from the popular porn series.

“So they hired another Pailn. Not only do they shoot another Palin movie, but they tweet and send out messages and do interviews about how much time they wasted with me and how much better the new Palin is.”

As Lisa relived the story of her dismissal, Alexis offered support to her guest, but Lisa assured Alexis that she was just fine.

“I don’t care. I think the whole thing is hilarious. Just so the world knows, porn can sometime be like high school with drugs and money. That’s what porn is.”

You can see the Lisa Ann Video World TV interview with Alexis Ford at

Porn Valley- Sir CharlesZ posts on : If you follow Lisa Ann on Twitter, you likely noticed that she was pissed off royally after being fired from her latest movie (a 3D parody for Hustler) and being replaced by Joslyn James. Personally, I think it’s outrageous that a legend like Lisa would be treated in such a shabby manner.

She’s posted the emails she sent and received back from Hustler on her website:

Let the Politics Begin!
My email exchange with a Hustler employee…

———- Message ———-
From: Lisa Ann
Date: Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 10:53 AM
Subject: ?
To: Drew

Today I ask myself why i would even be brought into that situation…
It was not a matter of pushi8ng back my call time or me coming too early. I was booked for Monday- NOT Tuesday morning. It is completely unfair that i am treated with such lack of respect for all of the hard work and consistency I have shown your company. The to ice the cake I have to fight for myself when someone looks at me and speaks to me with such disrespect.

i would like to know what you will be offering me as a kill fee and how this will ultimately be settled. I am sure we are CLEAR I will never be on another set for Axel Braun.


———- Reply message ———-
From: Drew
Date: Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 11:55 AM
Subject: RE: ?
To: Lisa Ann


I am not offering you shit!!!!! You had already made up your mind at 11:15pm that you were leaving when you walked onto MY set, interrupted a dialog scene with demands on how soon you would be in front of the camera.

When I told you 30min, you snapped back that it was unacceptable because that would put you there until 3am. I said no, probably 2AM. You then proceeded to ask Axel. He responded that it would be more like 3AM. The argument with you and Axel was ridiculous but still, we were in the middle of an important scene on a green screen, with 13 people, shooting in 3D??? YOU single handedly derailed my entire shoot. What do expect when you come at us like that. YOU threatened to leave and he told you several times to talk to Mark. It became a challenge as to who would win the argument and you made your decision. YOU left me at that moment with no options. I had wardrobe fitted for you, you were already in makeup, etc…

As for you, and your consistency with Hustler….? This company put “LISA ANN” back on the fucking map several years ago and you know it. I made sure we continued to hire you. I know what you sell those DVD’s for. I made sure you got whatever you wanted, whenever you needed it. I made sure we plastered your image and name larger than life, year after year, in our booth in Vegas. So let’s be sure it’s all in proper perspective, OKAY?

At 10PM Marc started telling me that you were getting antsy. You were only there for 4 hours at that point? Leaving me hanging at midnight with no options is a total lack of respect for me!!

No more worries Lisa. We have an understanding. I won’t be putting you in any more “SITUATIONS” again.

I am very disappointed. Go Tweet THAT!

DR [Drew Rosenfeld]

Which Major Porn Company is Going Out of Business?

Read an interesting story today at Adult FYI about a “very well known, very very well know” porn company going out of business.  This could have major ramifications for a lot of other people in the business.   Especially if this company in question owes you money.  I have no idea who this company is but I suspect we will find out soon enough.

Which Major Porn Company is Going Out of Business? Take a Guess.  Thursday night I get a phone call from the owner of a very well known porn company. Very well known. Very, very well known.  He called me with “bad news”. The bad news was that the monthly deal I had with him was coming to an end. Basically, I was freelancing some daily copy for his website. Pretty clever stuff I must admit, though obviously not under my byline. I used to do this all the time back in the days of Extreme Associates, so I know the drill when it comes to providing wacky, colorful shit to accommodate pix and video clips.

[The chump change in this day and age, by the way, was enough to pay the bills, but not nearly enough to afford me the luxury of hookers.]

“You know that article you wrote the other day about the death of the porn industry?” he continued, noting that his own company was soon to be one of the fresh corpses in a porn film noir plot, and I was about to be the sap, the sucker, the patsy, the fall guy.

The owner tells me it’s bad out there. But apparently to make me feel better about the fact that he was reaching into my pocket to retrieve the Metro Bus pocket change that was obviously weighing my cargo pants down, he told me that his salesman was also having his salary cut, and that his webguy was going to have to double up and take over the job I was doing. Info which I really don’t give two shits about.

So I say to the guy, at least make sure the final check goes out ASAP because I have bills. He assured me it would.

Okay, so let me get this straight. The lousy money he was taking out of my pocket was somehow going to save his company in an eleventh hour last ditch attempt. Well, consider this.

This site has the biggest mouth in the business when it comes to leaks. If said owner, who asked me to keep our conversation hush-hush, doesn’t think that one story naming names puts out the red alert that his company’s toxic, he needs to think again by giving it to a gossip monger in the shorts. Dumb, dumb, really dumb.

The industry is funny this way. Because it’ll be interesting times for all trying to collect payables when people realize he’s about to close his doors. Ever see buzzards hovering over a fallen moose competing for the carcass?

Let’s see: keep the story hush-hush, but you’re taking money out of my pocket? Yeah, sure, of course. Mums the word.