Is Mr. Marcus Back?

After all the things that that jackass did I was floored that AVN was quoting him in one of their recent stories. Fuck him and fuck AVN for supporting him or talking to him or having anything to do with him.

Mr. Marcus Sneaking Back Into the Business?


It’s truly unfortunate that adult performer Alicia Tyler, at the tender age of 27, was found dead from cause or causes not yet known.

Tyler, according to AVN, had just launched a comeback to the industry after being on hiatus since 2009 following the birth of her daughter. She was found dead Sunday at her mother’s California home. Apparently she had a history of stomach issues and asthma.

What I think is more unfortunate about this whole incident is that AVN chose to quote Mr. Marcus. And that confirms my suspicions that AVN is backdooring Marcus on us.

AVN states: Mr. Marcus, who performed with Tyler in one of her first scenes, related to AVN, “She gave a passionate performance that felt natural and elevated the scene. You could consider her a sexual goddess with ample sex appeal. She was definitely a fan favorite.”

Of all people to quote- the guy whose selfish behavior revealed the lie that the adult industry fosters safe, health practices. Notice, too, that it’s Peter Warren who wrote the story, and it’s Rob Black who’s told you Warren is not to be trusted. Remember, it was Black who also broke the story that Marcus and Steve Hirsch were in talks to have Marcus directing for the Vivid.

Looks like the propaganda machine is in motion to cram Marcus down your throats whether you like it or not.

Kristina Rose calls out worst male talent

A fan asks Kristina Rose who was the worst male talent she has ever worked with on her Tumblr page. Surprisingly she answered.

  • Brian Pumper
  • Mr. Marcus
  • Lee Stone
  • Dane Cross
  • Tony Desergio
  • Sasha
  • Jay Hunnington


If nothing else you gotta give the girl credit for speaking her mind.




Memorial Day Memories and Problems

There are days like today that I am reminded how stupid some people really are. They were interviewing a lady on the news who said she loved the city she lives in but the one thing she doesn’t like is how many new restaurants the city is building when there are all these homeless people around.  Instead of creating all of those new jobs with those new businesses she thinks it was a better idea to just give all that money to the poor people like her so they could pay it forward more easily.

I seriously sometimes just smack my head to my forehead on that one.

But it brings up a good point … and that point is, sometimes people really get caught up focusing on the wrong thing. This person like many others feel entitled and that rich people should just give them money because clearly they have it, I mean if those people can afford to build a new restaurant, why not just give it to her instead? The lady and others like her don’t get that this simple new business will create countless new jobs but beyond those people who will be hired as waitresses, cooks, cleaners, security, etc., they will also be doing business with other people like the guy who supplies them with the meats and fish. Then there is the guy who they buy that laundry service from to wash all of their linens each day.

This of course helps all of those companies as well, who also have their own employees and it’s a never ending cycle that helps to improve the economy as a whole.

So back to my point, which as you might have guessed has nothing to do with that dumb ass lady on the news, but about porn itself.  Sometimes we all get so caught up in our own ideas, hates, annoyances, that we don’t stand back and really see the big picture or as my grandmother likes to say, we can’t see the forest for the trees.

No things in our industry aren’t perfect right now.

I don’t know if the rumor is true that Steve Hirsch from Vivid really tried to hire Mr. Marcus _AFTER_ he faked his syphilis test, but if that rumor is true, well that’s just fucked up.

I don’t know if the rumor is true that one studio owner who is HIV positive is really have sexual contact with female performers on the set (even if it is just finger fucking her) without those young girls knowing he is HIV positive,well if that rumor is true, that’s just really fucked up too.

But in the end, despite these kind of problems, we are all so caught up in hating on each other we are forgetting to see the big picture – and that is, if we don’t shut the fuck up sometimes and at least try and work together for the big issues, then we are going to have more problems than we have right now.

So on this Memorial day I ask that you first and foremost honor those who deserve it most, our troops. Then sit back and really think about the big picture. Don’t think about how much you hate this person or that person … just think for a moment about something you can do to help our industry and who you might be able to do it with, even if it is a person you don’t like.

I think Fabian from Manwin is a jackass. I have made my feelings about him to him very clear on more than one occasion, but if he came to me tomorrow and told me he would give me the money to help someone in our industry – some sort of performer friendly project, I would consider working with him.  I may not like him, but sometimes you have to put your feelings aside and look at the big picture. I probably wouldn’t trust him enough to actually do anything with him for real, but I would be mature enough to at least consider it. And that’s what I am asking each of you to do as well on this day.

Let’s put our hate aside for this one day and think about others for once. Think about what we can do to really solve some of our industry problems.


Mark Ashley Calls out the Derek Hay Scam known as LATATA

Porn performer Mark Ashley calls out the  scam known as LATATA – [source]

This post I think I’ll devote to a subject that has been getting some attention lately. Agencies. It’s a touchy subject for discussion publicly mainly because most performers are worried about backlash in the form of economic reprisals from a few of the agencies. If you want my honest opinion, the porn industry needs to do away with this scam. You think an association of adult talent agencies has our best interests at heart? Really? Before I get into public slandering of a bunch of sociopathic bullies and manipulators, lets get right to the heart of the matter. The money.


For starters they take an agency commission of 15-20% of talent income. That means for every 1 million dollars doled out to pay talent, $200.000 of that goes to pay someone with no real talent to speak of other than sitting on their asses in front of a computer and doing what 90% of the industry talent used to do for themselves. And thats just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve all heard stories of buying out of the agency for a large fee. Are these contracts even legally binding? And what about the constant blacklisting that goes on against any talent that dare question their authority? Or for petty reasons that have more to do with pushing independent contractors out of the way to make room for their shitty b-list talent that’s too scared to rock the boat. How many of you listen to the same bullshit that comes out of their mouths (you need to lose weight, you need to get breast augmentation, you have to do this scene even though you are tired and sore, we have to hold your rate, you have to start doing anal scenes,etc.) and wanted to throttle them? How often do they get a needle in their arm and piss in a cup to test for work? How often do you see their lazy asses in the gym to stay fit for work? And thats just the shit I’ve been hearing for a few years now. Did they prevent Mr. Syphillis er Mr. Marcus from going to work with a forged test? Did they prevent the condom law from going into effect? Did they improve conditions on set? No they didn’t. They put 20% of our money into their own pockets and tried to tell us that we need them more than they need us. Well now we are in the middle of a crisis in our business and are they doing anything except lining their pockets? Fuck no. They’ve trashed the industry to the point where the girls are more hookers than entertainers. And that requires a lot of grooming to achieve. Most people are born with a little self esteem, these jack offs attack any sign of common sense and self preservation.


My experience with agents is summed up like this – they want a docile  bitch to go along with whatever hack set they send you to. And then they want a dumb dog to just shut the fuck up and do the job. I’ve been lied about rate, who I’m working with, and what type of scene I’ll be doing and I’m supposed to just go along with waiting a month for a check with their cut taken off. I have never authorized  any checks to be written to me by a a talent agency. They seem to think this is ok. What a joke. And they are also getting really efficient at grooming the girls away from any real communication with the other talent. That would breed discontent. It’s no wonder I only last a few scenes with an agent and then bail…


The agency licensing and bonding procedure they try to legitamize themselves through wasn’t designed for porn. It was designed for agents who deal with SAG or million dollar contracts in mainstream movies or television. We don’t make enough and most of our careers aren’t long enough to have some fucking parasite attached to us. And the shitty thing is they have taken so much power for themselves that most people think they are powerless to do something about it. Remember LATATA is only a recent thing and judging by the way the industry is going now I’d say it’s time for these parasite pimp scumbags to hit the fucking road. They’ve had their chance and they fucked up. Remember everyone – YOU CAN BOOK YOUR OWN SCENES!!


Porn wasn’t always like this. It was Jim South and 3 skeezy pimps until 2006. Most girls would do 5 scenes and figure out that they could book their own scenes and dictate the terms. Now you do it out of obligation. The only way to do porn is for yourself. Thats it.. Another way it’s changed is the girls had waaaaay more say in who they worked with. You knew who would show up be cool and rip through a scene with no problem. You knew that if you worked with an A list male talent, you weren’t going to catch an infection or be treated like shit. You knew he wasn’t injecting his dick with Caverject to maintain wood. Now you get some agency/Manwin propped up fraud that never had to really prove himself to begin with. There was natural order. The strongest guys with the strongest girls. The performers had a say in what was going on. Now it’s petty grooming and guilt by an agent. I don’t want to fuck an agency. I want to fuck the girl I’m working with. The director used to actually be concerned with who wanted to fuck who. Nobody cared.It was that simple. Now it’s a fucking joke. And the joke is on you….


No more Playboy radio in Sirius XM?

Guess what I just heard …. Playboy Radio is out and it’s all thanks to Manwin’s bad management.

Mike South also ran a similar story today stating …

Sirius has not been happy with Manwin’s running of 102 & 103, Fabians tax issues as well as the Mister Marcus issue have tainted the Playboy Brand, Playboy is not happy at all, and all though there is a contract in place between Playboy & Manwin, Sirius has decided to CANCEL Playboy channel 102, it will go dark Friday morning.

Sirius is also trying to end Manwins 103 contract, it expires in October.  Sirius is fed up with Manwin, Playboy is fed up with Manwin, seems everyone is seeing Manwin for what they are now.

Now Manwin is saying that they were too hot for Sirius but you can bet your ass it’s the shady shit that got Manwin tossed off the air.

Full Mike South story can be read here.

Mr. Marcus still blaming others for his mistake

Mr. Marcus is a piece of shit who lied to countless people and won’t man up to what he did.  He is a big piece of shit that even tried to play the race card and now he blames what he did on Diane Duke of the FSC.

“Marcus wanted to take his story directly to the performers and Diane Duke wouldn’t let him.”

When I read that bullshit on AdultFYI it just pissed me off.

That POS put a lot of people at risk and more than that, could cause some other serious medical complications.  It’s not just a little STD that can be cursed.  It can cause scaring that could cause infertility among many many many other things.

But instead of manning up he blames everyone else.  He doesn’t take responsibility for his actions and now thinks that if all of this is Diane Duke’s fault then that somehow makes it better?!

Fuck him!




And the douche bag who faked his test was …….

And the douche bag who faked his STD test was Mr. Marcus

That POS put a lot of people at risk and more than that, could cause some other serious medical complications.  It’s not just a little STD that can be cursed.  It can cause scaring that could cause infertility among many many many other things.

What Mr. Marcus did was wrong in so many many ways and companies need to step up, and work together to say you went way to far Mr. Loser and never work with him again or ever promote any of the products he produces as well.  Just remember, if he lied about this, what else won’t he do?  Mr. Marcus has proved he is the scum of the earth.  I for one won’t have anything to do with the douche-bag and hope that others in the industry follow suite.

You know what pisses me off the most about all of this?  Even in his apology he tries to make excuses for what he did.  He can’t even take responsibility for what he did.  I hate people like him.  He makes me want to puke and I for one know I’ll take an active stance working AGAINST HIM.  Any company that wishes to hire me in the future as a consultant, I will not work with if they have -anything- to do with Mr. Marcus.

He says ““I have to live with this, no one else does””

WRONG YOU PIECE OF SHIT.  WE ALL HAVE TO LIVE WITH WHAT YOU DID!  YOU FUCKED WITH THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY!  A 30 day halt on production had to go into effect because of what you did.  You are such a clueless piece of shit who can’t even admit to the very very serious industry wide repercussions.

People make their living making movies you loser.   Think of all the people who will make ZERO dollars in the next 30 days because of you.  That includes production assistants, directors, performers and let’s not forget the less work that is now available for the DVD authorers, the editors, the artists who make the box covers, the sound guys and photographers.  There are so many people that will not be making money or making way less money this month because of you.  How the fuck do you think they are supposed to support their families BECAUSE OF YOU?

What do you effects so many of us in the industry so you are wrong you total and complete piece of shit, we all have to live with what you’ve done.  FUCK YOU!