Mr. Marcus still blaming others for his mistake

Mr. Marcus is a piece of shit who lied to countless people and won’t man up to what he did.  He is a big piece of shit that even tried to play the race card and now he blames what he did on Diane Duke of the FSC.

“Marcus wanted to take his story directly to the performers and Diane Duke wouldn’t let him.”

When I read that bullshit on AdultFYI it just pissed me off.

That POS put a lot of people at risk and more than that, could cause some other serious medical complications.  It’s not just a little STD that can be cursed.  It can cause scaring that could cause infertility among many many many other things.

But instead of manning up he blames everyone else.  He doesn’t take responsibility for his actions and now thinks that if all of this is Diane Duke’s fault then that somehow makes it better?!

Fuck him!




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