And the douche bag who faked his test was …….

And the douche bag who faked his STD test was Mr. Marcus

That POS put a lot of people at risk and more than that, could cause some other serious medical complications.  It’s not just a little STD that can be cursed.  It can cause scaring that could cause infertility among many many many other things.

What Mr. Marcus did was wrong in so many many ways and companies need to step up, and work together to say you went way to far Mr. Loser and never work with him again or ever promote any of the products he produces as well.  Just remember, if he lied about this, what else won’t he do?  Mr. Marcus has proved he is the scum of the earth.  I for one won’t have anything to do with the douche-bag and hope that others in the industry follow suite.

You know what pisses me off the most about all of this?  Even in his apology he tries to make excuses for what he did.  He can’t even take responsibility for what he did.  I hate people like him.  He makes me want to puke and I for one know I’ll take an active stance working AGAINST HIM.  Any company that wishes to hire me in the future as a consultant, I will not work with if they have -anything- to do with Mr. Marcus.

He says ““I have to live with this, no one else does””

WRONG YOU PIECE OF SHIT.  WE ALL HAVE TO LIVE WITH WHAT YOU DID!  YOU FUCKED WITH THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY!  A 30 day halt on production had to go into effect because of what you did.  You are such a clueless piece of shit who can’t even admit to the very very serious industry wide repercussions.

People make their living making movies you loser.   Think of all the people who will make ZERO dollars in the next 30 days because of you.  That includes production assistants, directors, performers and let’s not forget the less work that is now available for the DVD authorers, the editors, the artists who make the box covers, the sound guys and photographers.  There are so many people that will not be making money or making way less money this month because of you.  How the fuck do you think they are supposed to support their families BECAUSE OF YOU?

What do you effects so many of us in the industry so you are wrong you total and complete piece of shit, we all have to live with what you’ve done.  FUCK YOU!


3 thoughts on “And the douche bag who faked his test was …….

  1. Here are some industry related feedback – @DevonXXX said “Yea,..Buut, he knew what he was doin was seriously wrong..the guy doctored a fuckin test..! There is NO excuse 4 that.”

    @BarryScott_xxx “apology seemed insincere & in contempt.. Now just go away..!”

    Keisha Brown says “<--woww. Considering what he does for a living, that's so shady. We can't trust anyone!!!!!" Jacky St. James 'Mr. Marcus Should Be Held Financially Responsible: @alanaevansxxx "I have verified with a producer that Mr. Marcus created a fake test and filmed with that test July 25... 4 days after his reactive result. I hope everyone is ready for condoms. Thanks Mr Marcus for faking your test... everyone says its him.... And there are 5 cases now."

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