#PR: CINDY STARFALL Offers Free Shipping On CindyStarfall.net Items This Memorial Day!


Porn OCD delves into the background of the popular Vietnamese adult actress.

For Immediate Release: May 24th, 2017

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) To celebrate Memorial Day, adult entertainment superstar Cindy Starfall is giving shoppers free shipping on merchandise purchased via CindyStarfall.net. From May 26th through the 31st fans looking to add some of Cindy’s collectibles to their life will have an added incentive to shop. Use the coupon code "AMERICA" to activate this discount upon check-out. 

“For fans that have been thinking about ordering a Magic Mug or an autographed DVD, now there is no excuse,” laughed Cindy. “I’m always looking for a reason to do something special for my supporters, so I thought free shipping on my merchandise in honor of Memorial Day would be cool.”

Some of Cindy’s products include a Cindy Starfall body pillow, a life-size stand-up banner, autographed magazines, her official calendar, the Cindy Starfall T-Shirt and much more. New products being added for this promotion include new panties and new movies like Wicked Pictures recent release Axel Braun's Asian Connection

Porn OCD recently caught up with Cindy for a revealing interview on Caramel Girls. Cindy candidly discussed her transition into adult entertainment from working in the corporate world. Cindy also comments about taking all of Mandingo into her tiny frame as well as one of the most revered scenes in her career - the double vagina penetration from The Gangbang of Bonnie Rotten. All of which can be read about in the jaw-dropping interview here: http://bit.ly/cindystarfallpocd.

Now is the time to shop for Cindy Starfall merchandise! Celebrate Memorial Day with free shipping on all of the goodies found on CindyStarfall.net!

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Memorial Day Memories and Problems

There are days like today that I am reminded how stupid some people really are. They were interviewing a lady on the news who said she loved the city she lives in but the one thing she doesn’t like is how many new restaurants the city is building when there are all these homeless people around.  Instead of creating all of those new jobs with those new businesses she thinks it was a better idea to just give all that money to the poor people like her so they could pay it forward more easily.

I seriously sometimes just smack my head to my forehead on that one.

But it brings up a good point … and that point is, sometimes people really get caught up focusing on the wrong thing. This person like many others feel entitled and that rich people should just give them money because clearly they have it, I mean if those people can afford to build a new restaurant, why not just give it to her instead? The lady and others like her don’t get that this simple new business will create countless new jobs but beyond those people who will be hired as waitresses, cooks, cleaners, security, etc., they will also be doing business with other people like the guy who supplies them with the meats and fish. Then there is the guy who they buy that laundry service from to wash all of their linens each day.

This of course helps all of those companies as well, who also have their own employees and it’s a never ending cycle that helps to improve the economy as a whole.

So back to my point, which as you might have guessed has nothing to do with that dumb ass lady on the news, but about porn itself.  Sometimes we all get so caught up in our own ideas, hates, annoyances, that we don’t stand back and really see the big picture or as my grandmother likes to say, we can’t see the forest for the trees.

No things in our industry aren’t perfect right now.

I don’t know if the rumor is true that Steve Hirsch from Vivid really tried to hire Mr. Marcus _AFTER_ he faked his syphilis test, but if that rumor is true, well that’s just fucked up.

I don’t know if the rumor is true that one studio owner who is HIV positive is really have sexual contact with female performers on the set (even if it is just finger fucking her) without those young girls knowing he is HIV positive,well if that rumor is true, that’s just really fucked up too.

But in the end, despite these kind of problems, we are all so caught up in hating on each other we are forgetting to see the big picture – and that is, if we don’t shut the fuck up sometimes and at least try and work together for the big issues, then we are going to have more problems than we have right now.

So on this Memorial day I ask that you first and foremost honor those who deserve it most, our troops. Then sit back and really think about the big picture. Don’t think about how much you hate this person or that person … just think for a moment about something you can do to help our industry and who you might be able to do it with, even if it is a person you don’t like.

I think Fabian from Manwin is a jackass. I have made my feelings about him to him very clear on more than one occasion, but if he came to me tomorrow and told me he would give me the money to help someone in our industry – some sort of performer friendly project, I would consider working with him.  I may not like him, but sometimes you have to put your feelings aside and look at the big picture. I probably wouldn’t trust him enough to actually do anything with him for real, but I would be mature enough to at least consider it. And that’s what I am asking each of you to do as well on this day.

Let’s put our hate aside for this one day and think about others for once. Think about what we can do to really solve some of our industry problems.