The Epassporte Drama Never Ends

There is always some sort of cry baby drama going on over at the AVN owned GFY ( and well, today is no fucking different.  Actually that’s not true.  Today is a little different because today someone got banned from the popular industry board for telling the truth.  Only he made the mistake of telling the truth about one of the big boys and we all know how you can’t cross anyone in the fucking lame as “bro club”.

Well I say fuck those fuckers.  Epass was a big time member of the bro club and after fucking over 1000s of people, he apparently still gets to keep his membership. This is going to be one of those long and fucking complicated stories to stick with me. In the end you’ll see how the guy who fucked you all from epass is still in and around the big boys making money off of all of you fuckers still.

So let me connect all the little fucking dots for you people.

Python is an affiliate program who has been around since at least 1996. Back in the day it was headed up by a man who nobody would ever for a moment question his integrity, David Vanderpoel. Nobody has really seen or heard from him in awhile. Although he apparently still holds a financial interest in the company, but he’s moved on to bigger and better things. But the company hasn’t died out. In fact they acquired another affiliate program called Dollar Machine.

The “owner” of Python / Dollar Machine (or so says the industry buzz) is a man named Chad Moldon. He is married to a super hot fucking chick named Shaliza Somani.

She was a part owner of epass and was even heavily involved in the making of Middle Men and given a co-executive producer credit so don’t let her hot looks for a moment fool you.  She helped the owner fuck you all out of a shit ton of money.  Every single dime you lost to the ePass scam you can in part blame her.  Again I don’t care how fucking hot she is, the bitch fucked you out of your money.

This chick is said to still be working with Chris Mallick from ePass.  This is not some drama from her past, this is present day as she is still associating with the fucker from ePassporte.

By the way, the guy who brought this information to light was banned from posting on GFY anymore.  Apparently thou shall not speak ill will against anyone in the bro club.  AVN great job at running your shit man.  Thought you were going to clean up those boards?  Good job you are doing there.

DEA posts on GFY …. Anyone pushing traffic to or DollarMachine is putting food and wine on Shaliza Somani ‘s Table …she is married to the owner Chad Moldon.  Shaliza you personally had atleast %5 in epassporte holdings and if Chris Mallick sharted you were there to clean up the mess…How much time did you spend working on Middle Men Movie BOMB ?.Where is the money honey? Why have you gone MIA from GFY ?

What Gives?


Fuck DollarMachine
Fuck Epassporte


Michael O on GFY writes …. Its pretty clear now that Chris stole a lot of money from a lot of people right?  Shaliza is still associating with him and working with him so I have a hard time seeing what your problem is.

I liked Shaliza a lot and were very happy working for her for almost 5 years but she were Chris’ right hand woman and is still working for/with him! So that make her as guilty in my eyes as Chris is and as Chris have stated on this board his key people had a stake in ePassporte.

Is Square Up a real alternative to ePass?

With so many affiliates out there looking for an alternative to ePassporte, the new service from the co-founder of Twitter called Square Up is looking more and more attractive, at least to the bigger boys.  To date other ePass like payment solutions have been found to be far to expensive, unstable or unreliable.  But this service, who works for anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Android OS phone could really solve the payment problems.

If I wanted someone to pay me for an ad for say $1,000.  I could in the past just ask them to pay me via ePass.   It would cost me about 5% to do that but at the time that was the way everyone was doing it.  There was the Paypal option but again when it’s all said and done, about 5% to 7% there too.  Basically for someone to pay me the $1,000 they owed me, it would cost me $50.

When Square Up you can take their credit card directly and pay only like 3.5%.

There is a tiny catch here.  You can’t exactly take the card for selling website memberships, adult products like DVDs or even downloadable movies as that is against their TOS.  But if someone owes you money for say website design or for creating a banner for them or for advertising, then this may be a viable solution to ePass.  Just something to keep in mind when you are out there looking for a solution to replace the now defunct ePassporte.

ePassporte Out of Business

In a move that should shock nobody, today ePassporte announced they are now officially out of business.

It is with great regret we inform you that ePassporte must close its doors due to a lack of revenue and circumstances beyond our control.  Effective immediately, the call center, ePassporte’s sales and marketing team and risk management staff will no longer be available. We appreciate your support for the ePassporte program over the past 7 years and deeply regret we must close our doors at this difficult time. Sincerely,

Fucking Funny ePass Joke

Read a fucking funny ass joke on GFY today about ePass.

This morning I was woken up by loud knocks almost breaking my door down, I get up from bed and see 3 big guys in leather jackets that came to collect the money

here’s what I told them.

First, be assured that your funds are fully safe and protected. The funds are secure. The details are complicated, because there are funds in motion.

I also told them that they are my most important asset and I’m not going to treat them anyway other than the best I can.

Finally I added, “Rest assured that when I know something you will all be satisfied with the results. Again, your money is safe.”

They responded by breaking my nose and smashing my head on the nearest wall they could find. T
hey will be coming around tomorrow to collect

What’s going on with ePass?

It’s been awhile now since the ePass scandal first broke.  So how have things been going since then?  Well the first big cause for major concern was when they closed up shop in the US after the scandal and moved all their operations overseas.  But even then still some dumb asses were holding out that they would eventually get paid.  So what is the most recent update from ePass?  I found a post made just today at GFY.

Here is epass fuckin news….

Its bad? Yes its fuckin bad.

I was quit & calm. Reading but not writing much from last many days. I requested for a wire ***** five figures 11 days ago to an Australian bank. After couple of days when I didn’t get a written approval. I ring them to know the status for my wire request. They said my request was approved & I have to wait 7 to 10 days to see money in my bank. I said ok…. Its fair enough. Its one of their predefined terms.

Now after 10 days I see money still sitting in my epass account. I went to the contact us page to find the phone number. I see this:

We are currently experiencing an interruption of phone service at our Customer Service Center. We apologize for any inconvenience and working to have phone service restored. Until service is fully restored, please feel free to contact us by either logging into your ePassporte account and sending us message through the ePassporte Message Center or by sending us an email at

I was like WTF

Send them a message 911 to know whats going on. I got this message from them:

Thank you for your email. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. In regards to your inquiry, please be informed that your Bank Wire Transfer Request was approved on 09/10/2010, so it takes 7-10 business days for the funds to be credited into your Beneficiary Bank Account.

Wtf they can’t count or what?

  • Visa Virtual is dead—->
  • followed by
  • ICQ services & answers are dead—–>
  • followed by
  • Phone lines are dead———–>
  • followed by
  • Where the hell this all is leading towards? Are they just buying time to get away from all this shit with our money by giving us false hope every now & then.

I am a kind of man who believe in positives but: 

Is there no going back for ePass?

Today the affiliate program Elite Dollars sent out a letter to all of their clients.  Basically the letter lets them know they are throwing in the towel when it comes to using ePass, that they have tried and tried again with no luck to get webmaster funds released sot hey are no longer using them.  Now this seems like a pretty obvious decision to make by any company but I can’t help but wonder if there a way for ePass to recover from all of this?  Or will far to many other companies follow what Elite Dollars has done and run as fast as they can away from the sinking ship that is ePass.

I don’t know about you but the second I heard they cut all ties with the US and opened up their corp as a foreign based entity that was enough for me.  But after reading some comments by people on GFY apparently some dumb asses just don’t seem to see the writing on the wall.

What are your thoughts?  Think that ePass can or will ever recover?

The letter to affiliates from Elite Dollars ——- Effective Immediately, To all our affiliates, we regret to inform you that we have made the decision of current that moving forward from the 15th onwards, we will be discontinuing payment by Epassporte for all affiliates. We have waited to hear a positive update from the owners and operators, to which none has come. We understand that some people cannot access their funds by card or wire.

It is not our intent to hold any affiliates funds, however we feel that by sending money to Epassporte without explicit permission to do so will not only leave our affiliates in a bad position most of the time, but also put us in a position where our affiliates can not make use of funds we have sent to them, which in turns hurts everyone.

If at any time this situation changes for the better, and it is proven that the entire Epassporte system works without issue, we will immediately reinstate Epassporte as a preferred payment system. Please note , affiliate payouts which wish to remain on Epassporte with a documented request will be sent 5 days after the normal pay date, to allow us time to collect a sufficient file of those that wish to have Epass and load this exact amount and send the payments without fail.

Our staff will continue to be here for you at all times, to arrange alternative payments, such as Wires, Checks etc. We are exploring the setup of Payoneer and other solutions. Please note on the expense of the affiliate, we will do Western Union transactions at any time after the pay date. This will take some work on our end, but we are willing to do so. Please contact us immediately as payouts are due to go out on the 15th

More Serious ePass Cause for Concern

If not getting paid isn’t enough for some of you dumb asses, let me tell you about something I just heard.  I heard that Epassporte has canceled their business entities in state of California. These two companies no longer exist as legal LLCs in the state of California or anywhere in the U.S. As of September 10, 2010 they moved all of their business operations oversees to Curacao, an island in the Caribbean.  See link here, if you want proof they setup shop in Curacao.

That’s right, while you dumb asses were listening to the bullshit announcement today by the head of Epass, they were secretly moving all their shit out of the country.

Here is the information from their previous company that was a US based LLC.

Entity Number: 200308010145
Date Filed: 03/20/2003
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 2633 LINCOLN BLVD STE 610
Entity City, State, Zip: SANTA MONICA CA 90405
Agent for Service of Process: NATIONAL REGISTERED AGENTS INC (C1941323)

Entity Number: 200414910138
Date Filed: 05/26/2004
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 2633 LINCOLN BLVD #610
Entity City, State, Zip: SANTA MONICA CA 90405
Agent for Service of Process: NATIONAL REGISTERED AGENTS INC (C1941323)

ePassporte still having serious issues?

Some people are claiming things are being fixed with ePass but here is what I heard just today “ePassporte abruptly suspended our account when we requested a portion our funds be returned to us via Wire.”

So if you are stupid enough to continue doing business with ePass after the recent troubles consider yourself warned.  For fuck sakes, read the writing on the wall people!