Just who is Jamie Profit?

Last year some blogger was bullying yet someone else online and when that person threatened to sue him, he proudly proclaimed that @JamieProfit was representing him and that anyone who had any problem with him could take it up with his lawyer.

But just who is this Jamie Profit? Was he really even a lawyer?

He’s obviously a fan of the hate blog in  question as he had been re-tweeting their posts for awhile now. But just yesterday Jamie Profit posted on Mike South’s website stating ……………..

WOW. Good article and read. Keep up the good work Mike. You do have the best porn blog in the biz.

So apparently he had a following out with the owner of the other blog who he had previously claimed was the best blog ever.

Interesting, huh? Wonder why they would have a falling out?

Awhile ago Monica Foster even tweeted that @JamieProfit looked similar to a lawyer who was in fact working for Randazza Legal Group. Did they actually look alike?

Well they both wore glasses, so I guess they had that in common. But did Jamie Profit ever actually work for Randazza or is he even a lawyer at all?

I decided to give Randazza a call. Much to nobody’s surprise, they had never heard of this Jamie Profit nor ever had anyone with such a name working for them.

So the question is, who is Jamie Profit?

Turns out he’s just another online troll pretending who at one time pretending to be a lawyer to get some attention. Today who knows what scam he’s running but I can say for sure, he doesn’t work for Randazza Legal Group.



The who’s who of …. say fucking what?

If you read Mike South’s website you might hear him occasionally talking about some fucktard named Uncle Peg.

The story gets a tad fucking confusing sometimes because the guy has many names and aliases.

Michael Whiteacre is also known as Ari Scott Bass.

Michael Whiteacre is also known as Uncle Peg.

Sean Tompkins is not Michael Whiteacre, however they are friends and apparently created the site, therealpornwikileaks (TRPWL for short), where they often talk trash and bash people in the industry they don’t like, which is apparently just about fucking everyone.

If you are a female, either Sean or Michael have no problem threatening violence against you.

Michael Whiteacre is in a long term relationship with a girl named Christina. We are talking like 5 or more times here in just the last two years alone.

Michael Whiteacre has been arrested numerous times for beating said girlfriend and is apparently wanted by the police for failing to show up for one of his 20,000 fucking court dates relating to his multiple domestic violence cases.

Sean Tompkins to my knowledge has not been arrested for beating up his girlfriend, or to my knowledge even has one. But he is just as much a crazy psycho has his friend, the wife beating Michael Whiteacre.

So now you know what the fuck Mike South is talking about when he refers to this Uncle Peg fucker on his website.


Rob Black Throws down the Gauntlet

Tonight Rob Black over at AdultFYI calls out Mike South for saying “I have an OSHA compliance person on every one of my sets”.

Interesting point … you have to admit that Rob Black might be on to something. Do you really believe Mike South has a compliance officer at a location that he isn’t legally allowed to be filming at in the first place in Georgia where filming pornography is not legal to shoot?

Mike South what say you?




Rod Daily Test Back – Say He is Not HIV Positive

Rod Daily, Cameron Bay’s boyfriend … you know the guy who is also the guy who performs in all of those gay porno flicks, and escorts, got his test back from a private clinic and he says “Based on CDC protocol, the answer is no”. So he is saying according to the test he took in a private clinic he is not HIV positive.

There are like a million questions going through my head right now but I guess the number one question that comes to mind is, where did his girlfriend get it from if it wasn’t from him?

Cameron Bay has gone on record as saying “I can also say he has been in the industry now 8 years and has never had an issue also he never shot bareback. Im not trying to start shit im not trying to say anything im juat speaking up about something I know and witnessed.”

Okay well I guess we’ll see how this one continues to play out.


Edit / Update: Mike South corrected me in stating that Rod Daily has not gotten his test back yet from the private testing facility and that his statement about the CDC protocol was from yesterday in regards to something else.


Brazzers hires Gay Porn Star for Straight Movies

It seems Manwin owned Brazzers has recently put Danny D under contract. The problem? Danny D is also gay male porn star Matt Hughes. It wasn’t to long ago that Brazzers spoke out saying how they wouldn’t shoot crossovers (those guys who did both gay porn and straight porn) because of the increased risk of HIV exposure. Plus there are a lot of female stars who just flat out (and rightfully so) won’t perform with male porn stars who do gay or tranny porn and who also do straight porn.

Hey, what’s a little HIV risk between friends, right?

Today Kurt Lockwood tweeted – @christianxxx1 R U still fucking trannies bareback? Because I’m working w @CaliHayesXXX tomorrow & it sucks that you double dip & add risk

Kurt Lockwood isn’t alone in his concern over the added risk of HIV exposure when you hire those who do both gay and straight porn. So the question is, what is Manwin going to do?  Are they going to keep a gay performer under contract, to have sex with straight porn stars increasing their risk of HIV exposure?

Manwins Contract Boy Has A Gay Porn past [source – Mike South]

Remember how Brazzers/Manwin made lotsa noise about how they don’t shoot “crossovers”? Well Their newest Contract boy” Danny D, performed lots of gay porn as “Matt Hughes”.

If they had looked on their own tube sites they’d have known it.  I’m also hearing that Matt/Danny has, shall we say, some performance problems when working with the girls.

Now here’s what I REALLY don’t get…whats with the putting the gay performers in straight scenes anyway?  It seems that porners have forgotten all the rules for making successful straight porn…..No wonder this biz is in the toilet.


HPV is no big deal, eh?

Got a letter today from a concerned citizen. I thought I would share it with you because some of this needs to be said.

For a long time now people like Mike South and others have been bitching loudly about the porn industry testing standards. Case in point … HPV. We can test for it, but we don’t. “It’s not a big deal” says one industry big shot.

Well I wonder what Michael Douglas has to say about that … he now suffers from throat cancer, which has now been directly related to HPV he contracted through oral sex.

HPV is no big deal huh?

If we really want to protect the talent then why the fuck aren’t we actually doing it with the most basic of services like mandatory HPV testing?

Stop with all the bullshit full body suit ads. That’s so fucking stupid. It makes me want to punch that bitch in the nose who came up with that stupid shit.

Let’s instead talk about real solutions.

Spend time and money on things that fucking count.

Testing your fucking talent for shit that can actually kill them.

Cancer is serious shit.

But in the end you really only care about one thing and that is the bottom fucking line and the bottom fucking line is, it is far to cost prohibitive to test for things like HPV.

 So please shut the fuck up with your full body shit ads already and stop pretending like you fucking care about anything but your big fat 6 figure a year paycheck to stupid cunt.

Fuck you. Do something that really matters.

And by really matters I don’t mean try and spend your time covering up where all the fucking money went for the talent pool that got donated that magically disappeared.

In closing, fuck you Diane Duke. May you contact a plethora of diseases and go to jail for stealing that money. Oh sorry forgot, “misappropriation of funds”.

No more Playboy radio in Sirius XM?

Guess what I just heard …. Playboy Radio is out and it’s all thanks to Manwin’s bad management.

Mike South also ran a similar story today stating …

Sirius has not been happy with Manwin’s running of 102 & 103, Fabians tax issues as well as the Mister Marcus issue have tainted the Playboy Brand, Playboy is not happy at all, and all though there is a contract in place between Playboy & Manwin, Sirius has decided to CANCEL Playboy channel 102, it will go dark Friday morning.

Sirius is also trying to end Manwins 103 contract, it expires in October.  Sirius is fed up with Manwin, Playboy is fed up with Manwin, seems everyone is seeing Manwin for what they are now.

Now Manwin is saying that they were too hot for Sirius but you can bet your ass it’s the shady shit that got Manwin tossed off the air.

Full Mike South story can be read here.

Jesse Jane Leaves the Boys Behind

It looks like the rumors are true … porn sensation Jesse Jane has opted to no longer perform on camera with male talent (at least for now).  She’s saving it all for her real life man and new fiance.  It doesn’t seem to however have hurt her popularity as she comes in yet again as the #1 contract star in the world over at Fame Registry this month.

Mike South first reported this rumor last week and my sources are saying the rumor looks to be true.

Could the FSC have made stars worse off?

I read something interesting on Tara Lynn Foxx’s blog which made me realize how seriously fucked up things must be over at the FSC if they didn’t bother to take into account sound medical advice FROM REAL DOCTORS before ordering over 300 porn stars take a shot that they didn’t need, that wouldn’t help them and even worse, could have made them even sicker. [source]

I’m a doctor. Actually a specialist for infectious diseases and used to work for the CDC until I went into private practice. My advice, do not take a penicillin shot unless you have been diagnosed with syphillis or any bacterial disease. It simply will not work and in fact if you get it after you take the medicine you can get it worse. The reason being bacterial infections have weaker bacteria and stronger bacteria. Because they act as colonies the stronger ones actually try to protect the weaker ones. The weaker penicillin will kill weak bacteria, but in doing so will leave the stronger ones the ability to run rampant. Think of it this way, if Rambo had to constantly care for young kids he couldn’t go off being Rambo. Unfortunately the only time penicillin will work is ONCE diagnosed. It and no antibiotic can be used in a pre emptive strike for the reasons I outlined above. Remember everyone advising you to take this shot has a financial or control interest at stake. I’m simply a doctor trying to give you sound medical advice. Have a nice day.

So why bring it up now, since it all took place last month?  Because people like Mrs. Duke from the Free Speech Coalition and reps at Manwin are still going around claiming victory and that they helped so many.  In reality what they did was down right negligent and possibly criminal.  What they could have done is cause you far more harm and possibly a life time of problems.  On August 22nd Diane Duke said  “We’ve talked to the nations utmost expert on syphilis.”  Yet doctor after doctor has some out saying don’t take the shot, it may do more harm than good.  So who is this “expert” that claims otherwise?  The 1 guy who says fuck what real doctors say, listen to me and Diane Duke instead?  Mike South kept warning performers to be careful about taking the shot but people just blew him off like he was a crazy bastard.  Guess he’s not such a crazy fuck after all, hey?

I’d prefer people are well informed vice get shots because uninformed people or those who have a financial interest aka the producers and FSC push you into something that could kill you. Also, one item I have not seen discussed is the following:   No matter what the FSC says there is no quick test for syphilis. And no they don’t have doctors working on it. If the CDC hasn’t come up with one why do they think they will?

Also, the incubation period is 10 days, then the test. The only safe way for you now is to wait out the test THEN any partners you have must have waited it out and had no sex with people who haven’t waited it out. See what I mean? From a statistical standpoint no one is safe until 30 days after the LAST person is tested. Not 10.

Manwin in cotrol of APHSS

Mike South revealed today that Manwin who owns several of the largest illegal tube sites in the world is in fact in full control of APHSS and the talent testing database. [source]

Think it’s no big deal?  Then you are a dumb ass.

If they are willing to commit one crime, why would they not commit others?

Don’t be naive.  Manwin has been know to do many shady things so what the fuck makes you think they won’t do something shady with your personal information and medical records?