Could the FSC have made stars worse off?

I read something interesting on Tara Lynn Foxx’s blog which made me realize how seriously fucked up things must be over at the FSC if they didn’t bother to take into account sound medical advice FROM REAL DOCTORS before ordering over 300 porn stars take a shot that they didn’t need, that wouldn’t help them and even worse, could have made them even sicker. [source]

I’m a doctor. Actually a specialist for infectious diseases and used to work for the CDC until I went into private practice. My advice, do not take a penicillin shot unless you have been diagnosed with syphillis or any bacterial disease. It simply will not work and in fact if you get it after you take the medicine you can get it worse. The reason being bacterial infections have weaker bacteria and stronger bacteria. Because they act as colonies the stronger ones actually try to protect the weaker ones. The weaker penicillin will kill weak bacteria, but in doing so will leave the stronger ones the ability to run rampant. Think of it this way, if Rambo had to constantly care for young kids he couldn’t go off being Rambo. Unfortunately the only time penicillin will work is ONCE diagnosed. It and no antibiotic can be used in a pre emptive strike for the reasons I outlined above. Remember everyone advising you to take this shot has a financial or control interest at stake. I’m simply a doctor trying to give you sound medical advice. Have a nice day.

So why bring it up now, since it all took place last month?  Because people like Mrs. Duke from the Free Speech Coalition and reps at Manwin are still going around claiming victory and that they helped so many.  In reality what they did was down right negligent and possibly criminal.  What they could have done is cause you far more harm and possibly a life time of problems.  On August 22nd Diane Duke said  “We’ve talked to the nations utmost expert on syphilis.”  Yet doctor after doctor has some out saying don’t take the shot, it may do more harm than good.  So who is this “expert” that claims otherwise?  The 1 guy who says fuck what real doctors say, listen to me and Diane Duke instead?  Mike South kept warning performers to be careful about taking the shot but people just blew him off like he was a crazy bastard.  Guess he’s not such a crazy fuck after all, hey?

I’d prefer people are well informed vice get shots because uninformed people or those who have a financial interest aka the producers and FSC push you into something that could kill you. Also, one item I have not seen discussed is the following:   No matter what the FSC says there is no quick test for syphilis. And no they don’t have doctors working on it. If the CDC hasn’t come up with one why do they think they will?

Also, the incubation period is 10 days, then the test. The only safe way for you now is to wait out the test THEN any partners you have must have waited it out and had no sex with people who haven’t waited it out. See what I mean? From a statistical standpoint no one is safe until 30 days after the LAST person is tested. Not 10.

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