Rob Black Throws down the Gauntlet

Tonight Rob Black over at AdultFYI calls out Mike South for saying “I have an OSHA compliance person on every one of my sets”.

Interesting point … you have to admit that Rob Black might be on to something. Do you really believe Mike South has a compliance officer at a location that he isn’t legally allowed to be filming at in the first place in Georgia where filming pornography is not legal to shoot?

Mike South what say you?




A new porn detection stick

Porn Detection Stick Looks in Videos and Images for Pornographic Content

(From Adult FYI) Paraben Corporation (, a leader in the digital forensics industry, announced the release of the Porn Detection Stick v1.5. The Porn Detection Stick is a USB drive that contains software designed to scan an entire computer or storage device for illicit images. This new version adds the ability to not only open each image for visual confirmation but also adds the ability to scan video content for potential pornographic content. The multi-point scan in the Porn Detection Stick can determine with great accuracy whether an image or video has pornographic content. This device can save parents and employers hours of sifting through tens of thousands of images and videos searching for pornographic content.

“The Porn Detection Stick is an excellent tool for me as a mother and business owner. I can protect my family and my company all with one tool,” stated Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben Corporation. The Porn Detection Stick was designed to allow everyday computer users to have the power of forensic technology to investigate potential issues that might exist at home or at work. The viewing of pornographic images and videos can be big problem in the workplace. Not only does it cost companies millions in lost productivity, it opens them up to risk of harassment and countless legal risks. The Porn Detection Stick is an excellent tool to stop liability issues in any organization and stop potential harm to children at home. The Porn Detection Stick is available at or from dozens of online retailers.

The Miss California Sex Tape

I just found this story over at AdultFYI. I couldn’t believe it, but then again, why not? She got naked how many times while modeling? So why not make a sex tape too? The way things are going it looks like Miss California may be taking Vivid up on their offer because at this rate she won’t be able to get any other kind of work.  At the very least she could always pose for Playboy for a quick buck or two.


The AdultFYI story – Following Topless Photo, Claims of Carrie Prejean Sex Tape? From Web site–which posted a photo of a topless Carrie Prejean, “Miss California”–has followed up that bombshell with a claim that they have in their possession a “sex tape” featuring Ms. Prejean.

The claim was met with skepticism and a degree of disinterest. Even the reliably verbal participants at the conservative online chat forum–which solicits donations from its users with an ad reading, “Hate ’em? End ’em!”–had little to say as of the afternoon of May 14, with only a handful of postings to the article, most of which had little to offer outside of the boilerplate accusations regarding “hateful” and “vile” liberals, etcetera.

One user offered a glimmer of wit, writing, “I believe I’m the only unhip human being who has never made [a sex tape].”

FreeRepubic drew its story from, which viewed the claim as bogus, and which criticized the site for having in the past made explosive assertions, promising evidence that it never presented.

Others wondered whether a May 1 press release from the National Organization for Marriage, which hastened to star Prejean in an anti-gay commercial, might have been an attempt on the part of NOM to “distance” the anti-gay group from the beauty queen, whose April 19 on-air comments about marriage equality drew both praise and ire.

Prejean, “Miss California” in the Miss USA beauty pageant last month, was asked by openly gay celebrity blogger and pageant judge Perez Hilton about her opinion on marriage equality.

Saying she was from a religious background, Prejean praised the freedom that some states in America offer for gay and lesbian families to wed, but said that her own opinion was that marriage ought to be reserved for heterosexual couples.

Hilton later posted a video blog in which he insulted Prejean for her comments, calling her a “dumb bitch.”

That blog garnered Prejean support from across the political spectrum, with Hilton’s remarks offending people of all political and sexual persuasions. However, the religious right used the comments to bolster claims that Christians are a “persecuted” minority, and to reiterate dubious assertions that all “liberals” and GLBT people seek to muzzle free expression and limit freedom of religion.

The National Organization for Marriage, which had supported California’s ballot initiative to rescind marriage equality for gay and lesbian families, was quick to feature Prejean in a new ad decrying family equality, but as Prejean–who reportedly began to neglect her job duties as “Miss California”–continued to make media appearances to talk about her status as a victim of “anti-Christian” sentiment and to speak against marriage equality, the story began to take on other dimensions.

A reported breast enhancement procedure that Miss California USA, Prejean’s employer, paid for hit the headlines, as did news of a topless photo Prejean said she had posed for at age 17.

The NOM’s May 1 press release sought to clarify that Prejean was not an employee or spokesperson for the group.

The group’s president, Maggie Gallgher, stated, “Carrie appeared with NOM as a private citizen; she does not work for the National Organization for Marriage. She is a spokesperson for her own views, as anyone watching her can tell.”

Gallagher’s statement continued, “We are grateful to Carrie Prejean for her willingness to stand up for marriage.

“We would love to work with Carrie in the future if she chooses, and we wish her well in all her future endeavors whatever she chooses.

“We’re proud of her. Americans are proud of her. She is a remarkable young woman. Thank you, Carrie.”

But the release’s tone of praise notwithstanding, some, including GLBT site Towleroad, wondered whether the group might be trying to put some distance between itself and Prejean.

The rumored sex tape was mentioned in online conversations about the statement and its meaning.

Sarah Palin was a relative latecomer to the party, posting a comment at in which Palin, who ran for vice president last year, spoke of a “liberal onslaught of malicious attacks” targeting Prejean and calling the purported wave of anti-Prejean press “despicable.”

Wrote Palin, “Carrie and I spoke soon after the attacks started; I can relate as a liberal target myself.

“What I find so remarkable is that these politically-motivated attacks fail to show that what Carrie and I believe is also what President Obama and Secretary Clinton believe – marriage is between a man and a woman,” Palin went on.

The reference to President Obama was an echo of Miss USA owner Donald Trump’s May 12 press conference, in which Trump announced that despite the topless photo, Prejean would be allowed to keep the “Miss California” title.

Trump also observed that President Obama, who has said that gay and lesbian individuals and families should be protected equally by the law and not singled out for discriminatory treatment, had said that he believed in reserving marriage as a special right for heterosexual couples.

Such comments, together with a perception that the Obama administration has lost interest in advocating for GLBT equality issues, has brought concern among GLBT leaders into the headlines.

It seems that speaking of Prejean in jest constitutes just such a “malicious attack” in the eyes of the right. Conservative site indicated displeasure at what it seemed to regard as blasphemy against Prejean in the form of a comic remark made by Joan Rivers on The CBS Early Show.

A May 13 article at the site focused on Rivers saying, “God wants you to shut up,” and declared that, “Co-hosts Harry Smith, Maggie Rodriguez, and Julie Chen all laughed in response and shared in mocking Carrie Prejean.”

Rivers expressed exasperation at the Prejean story, calling a Prejean interview “Totally irrelevant,” and adding, “I am against gay marriage. That two men can get married and I can’t get a damn date? I am so pissed off.”

Rivers went on to say of the flap, “It’s all so stupid and she’s taking it so seriously and [Prejean is] so well coached.”

Asked co-host Maggie Rodriguez, “So… your advice to her is just chill out a little bit?”

Answered Rivers, “My advice is oh, relax. God wants you to shut up.”

Rivers’ book “Men Are Stupid… And They Like Big Boobs” was also referenced in the chat, in the context of Prejean’s reported breast enhancement procedure.

Another celebrity unwilling to genuflect to Prejean was former “Miss Nevada” Katie Rees, who, like Prejean, had posed semi-nude before going on to win her title.

Unlike Prejean, however, Rees lost her title when the photo came to light. To Rees, the difference in how she and Prejean were treated constitutes a “huge double standard,” reported a May 12 E! Entertainment story carried at

Rees said that the photo of herself was not taken professionally, as was the semi-nude photo of Prejean; still, because she had signed a contract stipulating that she had never posed for “nude or semi-nude” pictures, Rees lost her crown at Trump’s behest.

Not so Prejean, who was excused by Trump.

The article quoted Rees as saying, “Semi-nude photos are semi-nude photos.”

Added Rees, “I don’t know why I am the only one who was punished for their behavior.

“I was only 19 when those photos were taken of me, and it was me in my personal life, far before I was crowned Miss Nevada,” continued Rees.

“Carrie actually posed for these professional semi-nude photos. I think that’s worse.”

Nor has Rees, like Prejean, been elevated to the status of culture war saint. Rather, she indicated that her reputation had suffered.

“I have been scrutinized in the press and have tried to move on with my life, but it’s hard,” the article quoted Rees as saying.

“Everywhere you go, people judge you on these photos and already think they know the type of person you are.”

Rees compared her conduct in the midst of controversy to Prejean’s, saying, “At least when those pictures of me came out, I admitted I was wrong and told young women in America how big of a mistake it was and to be careful because everything can affect your future.

“That’s more than Carrie has done. She has lied about her age when she took the photos, lied about how many there were and hasn’t acknowledged that she was wrong by breaking the contract.

“I don’t think that is a good role model and I hope young women recognize that,” Rees added.

Larry Flynt’s Hooker Booker

Apparently I have missed one of the great jobs of our industry in my recent article.  In a story published at Adult FYI, a former Hustler employee describes the details of her job which include the scheduling of hookers for her former boss Larry Flynt, who is now suing him for having to listen to him get sexually gratified over and over and over again by said hookers.  Apparently another part of her duties including keeping the old wifey occupied while he got his rocks off with his prostitutes in his office.  The wife as it turns out also works in the Hustler offices.  The hooker booker, for lack of a better term, was to keep the wife away from her husband “at all costs” during the times he was getting busy in his office with the whores.  It is not stated how much a hooker booker working for Larry Flynt would make but one can only assume she would have to be compensated well to avoid the risk of a sexual harassment lawsuit.  Ooops!  To late for that.

Larry Flynt with Daisey Marie and Riley Evans from a Party in December of 2008

This is a photo of Larry Flynt with Daisey Marie and Riley Evans from a Party for Hustler that took place in December of 2008 Photos Source: AVN

FULL STORY FROM ADULTFYI : A former Hustler employee who sued publisher Larry Flynt claiming her work was disrupted by hearing him having sex with prostitutes will have to have her case decided by binding arbitration, a judge ruled.

Cheryl Oldham sued Flynt for sexual and age harassment.

In issuing her ruling Thursday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Judith C. Chirlin followed an order handed down by a three-justice panel of the 2nd District Court of Appeal on Sept. 18.

The appellate court reversed rulings by Chirlin in November 2006 and January 2007 that said Oldham’s lawsuit could go forward without arbitration. Chirlin had found that Oldham was not bound by an arbitration agreement in her employee handbook because it was unfairly weighted toward Flynt.

Flynt’s lawyers then appealed and won.

Chirlin told lawyers on both sides to choose an arbitrator by March 20 and then notify her of their selection. She set a post-arbitration status conference for Oct. 2.

Oldham began working for Flynt in 1999. Her lawsuit states that she had a prestigious job supporting high-ranking Flynt corporate executives.

“The acknowledgment (Oldham) signed after receiving the 1999 employee handbook made it clear that waiver of arbitration required the consent of (Oldham) and (Flynt),” Justice Frank Y. Jackson wrote in authoring the 10- page, unanimous decision.

In her lawsuit, Oldham alleges she was retaliated against for helping another female employee in a similar claim against Flynt. Oldham maintains that when Flynt found out she was helping the other employee, he called her into his office and asked her to testify that he did not harass anyone and that she never heard sex noises from his office, but she refused.

Later, Oldham was summoned into another meeting with Flynt, where she alleges she was told, “you’re overweight, unattractive, over 50 and probably unable to find another job. So, why would you do this to me?”

According to her lawsuit, Flynt was called to testify at an arbitration hearing in the other woman’s case, where he allegedly said, “I can’t stand the sight of Cher (Oldham), and I wanted to fire her. But I was advised I couldn’t fire her.”

Oldham’s decision to help the other woman caused her to be demoted to the position of receptionist at his video company to perform menial tasks, such as labeling envelopes, according to her court papers.

Shortly after Oldham was hired, Flynt’s assistant at the time told her that their boss often had prostitutes in his office and that his wife worked in the same building, the lawsuit states.

Oldham claims the assistant told her that if Flynt’s wife ever attempted to get into her husband’s office while he was with a prostitute, she should “divert and distract Mrs. Flynt at all costs until Flynt could get the prostitutes out of the building.

The prostitutes “made loud, obnoxious and repeated noises of sexual gratification that disrupted the office and (Oldham’s) ability to perform the essential functions of her job,” her lawsuit alleges.

When Oldham took her complaints to Flynt’s human resources department, the director told her, “I don’t want to know anything. I don’t want to hear it. I know nothing,” according to the lawsuit.

When Flynt’s assistant was on vacation, Oldham had to handle all of his telephone calls and appointments, including the scheduling of appointments with prostitutes, the suit alleges.

Oldham’s experiences working for Flynt left her “sick, sore, lame and disabled,” according to her lawsuit. CNS-01-23-2009 12:13

Problems in Paradise? LA Direct Models is being called out for bad business practices

I smell some problems in paradise.  LA Direct Models has quickly grown to be the biggest agency in our business right now.  No matter what you can say about them, you can’t take away from the fact that they currently rep a shit ton of famous chicks and their client roster is top notch.

That being said, we’ve begun to notice some cracks lately such as their public letter about their breakup with Sunny Leone.  Sunny Leone leaving them to go with Goldstar.  The Love Twins going with Goldstar.  That you can say you would probably expect since their manager is now with the agency but prior to this month, the girls still stayed with LA Direct.  You hear random stories about them not booking girls, that one chick was claiming that they only booked her once in the previous month.  That chick with the mom in the business, whatever the fuck her name was.    One booking for an entire fucking month?  Damn!

Now there is this story over at Adult FYI, which is basically claiming that Derek is doing some bad business deal and making some very unhappy clients because a chick flaked out on a shoot and instead of honoring their standard “kill fee” for the girl flaking, they opted to piss the client off even more by not honoring the kill fee payment.

If a client cancels prior to the shoot they are expected to cough up cold hard cash in the form of a cancellation fee, so it’s not unreasonable to ask LA Direct to do the same if the talent they send out does the same.

With business practices like this, one can only wonder how long it will be before someone else takes over at the top dog of bookings?  Girls talk, let’s not pretend they don’t and if LA Direct isn’t able to get them bookings, I’m sure they won’t hang around for long.

Adult FYI : Dust of lethal Hardcore posts on Jazel Tay leaves set and La Direct Models does not give kill fee!!

Jazel followed me to the location we were suposed to shoot at. We get there and she decides she doesn’t want to do the shoot. She never even got out of the car. Aparently the driver was her boyfriend, and even though I got the feeling from him that he wanted her to do the shoot, she got upset and said she didn’t feel well and that they were leaving.

We have an agreement with LA Direct that if we cancel a girl right before a shoot that we give them a kill fee, and they are supposed to do the same if the girl cancels. When I asked Derek about this for this situation he claimed that he didn’t have any of the girls $ so he couldn’t pay us even if he wanted to. Stoney then emailed him and he gave another excuse saying that it was my fault because I allowed the boyfriend to drive her. I’m sorry, but this is rediculous.

Hanna Hilton The $750 an hour hooker

Holy shit I can barely believe my eyes but turns out there may just be some truth to the rumors that former Penthouse Pet and current Vivid girl Hanna Hilton is working as a high end escort through an agency associated with the very looking scary Pandora Peaks, who if nothing else is at this point running a website claiming it to be true.  Hanna Hilton a hooker?  This is something I had to look into more ….

First I looked into a high end escort site The Luxury Companion.

This however turned out not to be the place that had Hanna Hilton listed.

I first read about the story over at AdultFYI and PS Babylon, and didn’t give it much thought.  I mean why would this girl who only recently started doing boy / girl scenes and is signed with Vivid be hooking on the side?  No way, no fucking how.  I’ve seen far to many fake escort bios to believe this shit, right?

Wrong!  It looks like something may just be true in this story.  The Adult FYI story referenced a website (Naughty Reviews), as proof of the story.  On its own I would have discounted this website all together because it’s very common for fake escort bios to go up or moreover, real escorts using fake photos.

This review site listed Hanna Hilton as only 4 out of 5 stars when it came to performance.  One reviewer who claims to have been with her said ……

Hanna is a “former Penthouse Pet” and a current “Vivid contract girl” with a “terrific body”. She has a “beautiful” face, “incredible breasts” and a “perfect ass”. This “drop dead gorgeous” country girl can be booked through “Pamela Peaks” who is a “pleasure” to deal with. While one reviewer mentioned that she probably “wasn’t worth” her “very high” price, others seemed “happy” to pay for the experience of being with a “centerfold”.

This is where I got interested. I know that Pamela Peaks is a whore who pimps out porn stars. I happened to have previously done some in depth interviews with a porn star who worked with Pamela Peaks agency.  So we know this part is true.  So I looked again at the bio and noticed the email address of  I knew this wasn’t Hanna Hilton’s official website so I checked it out.  It was actually the same hooker website that Pamela Peaks creates for all of her girls that do escorting through her.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, Hanna Hilton working for $750 an hour to have sex when she makes significantly more money doing movies and special appearances as a Vivid girl.  It didn’t make sense.  But despite that, everything else added up to prove the story had some legitimacy.  Here are the naughty details of her special “services”.  Despite the website saying she doesn’t offer sex, only blow jobs and pussy licking …..

Partners all reported that Hanna has “unbelievable DD natural” breasts which are great to “lick” and “suck” on. She also has a “great ass” and one partner especially enjoyed having her “bend over” while “standing” so that he could “gawk” at the “spectacular view” and “DATY” her “super wet” pussy. She has a “perfect pussy” that “tastes great” and she has been known to “moan” and “grab” her tits and “squeeze” her nipples while she is having her “kitty licked”. One partner also mentioned that he had a full “make out session” with her complete with lots of “hand roaming” and “DFK”. Hanna gives a “fabulous BBBJ” with a “great technique” that is all “lips” and “tongue” but she does not allow “CIM” or “COF”. Partners have said that they “couldn’t wait” to get “inside” her pussy and they fucked her in a number of positions including: “MISH”, “CG”, “RCG”, “ACG”, “DOGGIE”, “STANDING DOGGIE”, and even “ANAL DOGGIE”. In “CG” her “gorgeous natural” breasts look “incredible bouncing” up and down and she “squeezes” them into your face while “riding” hard. One partner asked her to get in “DOGGIE” position and then “admired” her “clam” for a few minutes before “entering”. She “asked for it hard” and he “thumped her” until her lips were “bright pink”. In “MISH”, one partner said she raised her legs up “in the air” and he “pounded” her “tight pussy” really “hard” and then “pulled out” and finished on her “beautiful breasts”. While she did allow a partner to visit “GREECE”, he “had to stop” soon thereafter as she said “it hurt”.

Donny Long gives a big FUCK YOU to the law

On Friday I read an article at AVN how a judge blocked the release of the infamous Mini-Me Sex tape.

Actor Verne Troyer prevailed in court Friday as a federal judge granted his request for a temporary restraining order to halt the release of a sex tape featuring the “Austin Powers” star and his former live-in girlfriend, Ranae Shrider.

U.S. District Judge Philip Gutierrez ruled that Verne Troyer “will suffer irreparable harm to his reputation” if the video is released. Best known for his role as Mini-Me opposite Mike Myers in “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” and its sequel “Goldmember,” Troyer is currently featured in Myers’ new comedy “The Love Guru.”

This sex DVD was being shopped around to distributors by the guy who was selling the Paris Hilton sex tape. The celebrity sex-tape broker Kevin Blatt was really the first who went public with graphic descriptions of the video’s content, well that was after TMZ published a clip of it on their website.

Well it turns out this guy didn’t actually have the tape … at least this is the story he’s giving after he was hit with a $20 million dollar lawsuit and court order to crease and desist.  He now claims he had only seen it and dediced to try and sell it to others only to see who may be interested in buying it.  YAH RIGHT!!  We so believe you dude.

Mini-Me filed suit against TMZ, SugarDVD (who was making a $100,000 to get a hold of the tape) and Kevin Blatt (the man shopping it around to adult distributors).  Verne Troyer (aka Mini Me) claims the video was stolen from his home and is now seeking $20 million in damages. The judge’s order prevents any adult video distributor from taking orders for the video and blocks TMZ from posting any further excerpts from the tape.

TMZ pulled down the original clip Friday evening, and SugarDVD has removed all mention of the offer for the video from its Web site. Judge Gutierrez may issue a more binding preliminary injunction in the case unless TMZ and other parties can show a valid reason for releasing the footage. The temporary order expires July 7.


Now here is where it gets good …. adult content producer Donny Long apparently isn’t really all that smart, as he is boasting over at AfultFYI how he is buying Mini Me Sex domain names and he has posted a clip of the mini-me sex tape and continues to keep it posted even after the judge’s orders.  Beyond that, isn’t Mini Me a trademarked name from the movie?  I don’t know … just a thought on more law blatlant Donny Long law violations.  Here is exactly what Donny Long had to say from that Adult FYI story.

Donny Long writes: Well since I have been called the misget pornographer lately, I have had some interest in this Mini Me sex tape.

Looks like has taken down the clip from the mini me sex tape. I love it how someone can film this and then sue when it goes public, What a crock of shit. Anyways since Mini Me thinks he can stop people from showing it I have made a website just for him showing the video and pictures.

Check it out click here

I have also bought a bunch of other good Mini Me domain names so I am really hoping someone gets the balls to post the rest of it!


Pick your name wisely bitch or it could fucking haunt your ass for life

When becoming a porn star it’s really to bad they don’t give a class on how to pick your name.  In reality we know that most girls go into this business for money but what nobody stops to think about or just doesn’t understand is how to BE a porn star.  That is the business end of things.  Let us start with something simple like picking a name.

All to often young starlets pick a name like Peaches or Princess or some weird spelling variation thereof.    Or an even bigger mistake they don’t investigate the name they do pick.  Such is the case with the story of Nikki Jaymes.

I was reading a really fucking funny story today on AdultFYI in which some photographers were complaining about how the pussy of this girl named Nikki Jaymes really smelled bad.  Then there was this other girl who also happened to be a porn star named Nikki Jaymes (and blonde to boot) who was catching shit over it.  People apaprently kept asking how her pussy was and if it really stunk.

So girls let me give you a little bit of advice before becoming a porn star, at least about your name.

Pick a name that is easy to spell.  If you pick a complicated name then it will make marketing your image much harder.  If your name is Candy spell it like Candy not Candee or some other confusing variation.

Pick a first AND a last.  You want to give yourself every chance you have to set yourself a part from the crowd.  Being a successful porn star is about building a brand and to build a brand you need a way to indtify that brand.  There are a lot of Tera Patricks in this world but there is only one Tera Patrick.   There are a lot of girls who go by the name of Jenna in this world but there is only one Jenna Jameson and only one Jenna Haze.

When you pick a name learn to fucking use Google.  Find out if there are any other adult performers or nude models using that name.  Had the young Nikki Jaymes from the AdultFYI story bothered to do that she would have found the other girl and it would have saved her a load of grief a month into her career.

My last bit of advice is to not infringe on any other person’s fame, brand or legal copyright.   This means don’t pick names like Barbie (first or last), Lexus, Mercedes, Toyota or something like Jenna Jamerson or Tera Patricka.  They may seem like popular choices but the second you gain any sort of real fame the people who own the rights to those names will sue your ass off.

A good case in point is Lexus Locklear who got sued by the auto company Lexus and now has to go by Lexi and the countless Barbie lawsuits.

Actually I do have one more bit of advice for you and that is OWN THE RIGHTS TO YOU OWN NAME.  Never -ever- under any circumstances agree to any deal where you the performer doesn’t own the rights to your own name.  Do not let them put it into your contract and do not let them trademark your name.

Pick a name and buy the .com for it BEFORE performing and if there is any talk of trademarking your name, YOU be the trademark holder for your name.

Don’t be a stupid whore …. be a rich one.