What the fuck? Is there a full moon or something??

Is it a full moon or what?  Damn.  Lost of shit going down right now.  Look at all the crazy shit going on in porn right now.


Briana Banks arrested last week for DUI.  [source]

Then a few days later (last Thursday apparently) Fabian over at Manwin has been arrested and has been sitting in jail for days over a big tax evasion bust and the entire company is now subject to a tax evasion probe. [source]

Then we hear that adult model Katie King kills herself [source]

Next we hear shit is hitting the fan over at Elegant Angel with a nasty divorce in the works and the wife is wanting more than half … she wants the entire company!  [source]

Next we have Larry Flynt say fuck the AVN show.  According to the story he will not be exhibitng at the AEE show in Las Vegas this year, he will not be buying ads in AVN magazine or their website and he will not be going to the AVN show for the first time, ever.  [source]


Larry Flynt says he’s offered Casey Anthony $500,000 to pose in Hustler

CNN is reporting that … If Larry Flynt has his way, Casey Anthony could reintroduce herself — nude — to America on the pages of Hustler magazine, and make well over $500,000 in the process.

The pornography magnate told HLN’s “Nancy Grace” show on Thursday night that talks are ongoing that could land Anthony on the pages of his magazine, weeks after a Florida jury acquitted her of murder in her 2-year-old daughter Caylee’s death.

Anthony’s camp dismissed the report as “nonsense.”

But Flynt insisted he was serious about the offer, which he said would include $500,000 up front plus 10% of all profits. He said any payment that the Orlando woman might receive for interviews with media outlets would be “chicken feed” compared to what she’d receive by appearing in Hustler.

“If they want to get their hands on big money, they’ve got to go through me,” Flynt said.

Anthony’s trial in Orange County fixated tens of thousands of people during its seven-week run, many horrified by the girl’s death and others drawn in by the family drama. Since her release from jail early on the morning of July 17 — after getting credit for time served for her conviction on four counts of misleading authorities — she has remained out of the public eye.

The Hustler magazine founder said that, after a jury cleared the 25-year-old woman on murder charges, he initially did not consider reaching out to her.

But Flynt said his mind changed after being approached by “droves of men” as he was touring the country promoting his new book “One Nation Under Sex.”

“They said, Why haven’t you made an offer? Why don’t you want to publish her pictures?” Flynt said. “They said, She’s a really attractive person … I’ve never seen that happen before.”

Asked about whether the decision might be distasteful to the many who feel Anthony got away with murder, Flynt said his tour suggests to him that there was a real demand. He also claimed that a portion of any proceeds would go to charities aimed at addressing child abuse.

Flynt noted, too, that he has “never been one to shy away from controversy,” boasting on HLN about printing nude photos of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in 1975.

“You’ve got men who say hey, I want to see her in her birthday suit,” he said of the Anthony offer. “There may be some sick individuals … but that’s what life is all about.”

Earlier this month, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner said he got a similar flood of requests from people encouraging him to try to get Anthony for his magazine. But he shot down any possibility that would happen.

“It is amazing the number of people that have tweeted me immediately afterward, asking whether or not we would do a pictorial on her,” Hefner told CNN’s Piers Morgan. “And the answer is simply no. I wouldn’t reward someone like that for what has happened.”

Mark Lippman, the attorney for the woman’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, said he had no knowledge that his clients had talked with their daughter since her acquittal — including about this offer. Both parents testified at her trial, with defense lawyers claiming that George Anthony helped cover up his granddaughter’s death.

“This is all news to me,” Lippman told HLN. “And obviously, Casey is her own person, and she’s making her own decisions.”


Larry Flynt’s Hooker Booker

Apparently I have missed one of the great jobs of our industry in my recent article.  In a story published at Adult FYI, a former Hustler employee describes the details of her job which include the scheduling of hookers for her former boss Larry Flynt, who is now suing him for having to listen to him get sexually gratified over and over and over again by said hookers.  Apparently another part of her duties including keeping the old wifey occupied while he got his rocks off with his prostitutes in his office.  The wife as it turns out also works in the Hustler offices.  The hooker booker, for lack of a better term, was to keep the wife away from her husband “at all costs” during the times he was getting busy in his office with the whores.  It is not stated how much a hooker booker working for Larry Flynt would make but one can only assume she would have to be compensated well to avoid the risk of a sexual harassment lawsuit.  Ooops!  To late for that.

Larry Flynt with Daisey Marie and Riley Evans from a Party in December of 2008

This is a photo of Larry Flynt with Daisey Marie and Riley Evans from a Party for Hustler that took place in December of 2008 Photos Source: AVN

FULL STORY FROM ADULTFYI : A former Hustler employee who sued publisher Larry Flynt claiming her work was disrupted by hearing him having sex with prostitutes will have to have her case decided by binding arbitration, a judge ruled.

Cheryl Oldham sued Flynt for sexual and age harassment.

In issuing her ruling Thursday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Judith C. Chirlin followed an order handed down by a three-justice panel of the 2nd District Court of Appeal on Sept. 18.

The appellate court reversed rulings by Chirlin in November 2006 and January 2007 that said Oldham’s lawsuit could go forward without arbitration. Chirlin had found that Oldham was not bound by an arbitration agreement in her employee handbook because it was unfairly weighted toward Flynt.

Flynt’s lawyers then appealed and won.

Chirlin told lawyers on both sides to choose an arbitrator by March 20 and then notify her of their selection. She set a post-arbitration status conference for Oct. 2.

Oldham began working for Flynt in 1999. Her lawsuit states that she had a prestigious job supporting high-ranking Flynt corporate executives.

“The acknowledgment (Oldham) signed after receiving the 1999 employee handbook made it clear that waiver of arbitration required the consent of (Oldham) and (Flynt),” Justice Frank Y. Jackson wrote in authoring the 10- page, unanimous decision.

In her lawsuit, Oldham alleges she was retaliated against for helping another female employee in a similar claim against Flynt. Oldham maintains that when Flynt found out she was helping the other employee, he called her into his office and asked her to testify that he did not harass anyone and that she never heard sex noises from his office, but she refused.

Later, Oldham was summoned into another meeting with Flynt, where she alleges she was told, “you’re overweight, unattractive, over 50 and probably unable to find another job. So, why would you do this to me?”

According to her lawsuit, Flynt was called to testify at an arbitration hearing in the other woman’s case, where he allegedly said, “I can’t stand the sight of Cher (Oldham), and I wanted to fire her. But I was advised I couldn’t fire her.”

Oldham’s decision to help the other woman caused her to be demoted to the position of receptionist at his video company to perform menial tasks, such as labeling envelopes, according to her court papers.

Shortly after Oldham was hired, Flynt’s assistant at the time told her that their boss often had prostitutes in his office and that his wife worked in the same building, the lawsuit states.

Oldham claims the assistant told her that if Flynt’s wife ever attempted to get into her husband’s office while he was with a prostitute, she should “divert and distract Mrs. Flynt at all costs until Flynt could get the prostitutes out of the building.

The prostitutes “made loud, obnoxious and repeated noises of sexual gratification that disrupted the office and (Oldham’s) ability to perform the essential functions of her job,” her lawsuit alleges.

When Oldham took her complaints to Flynt’s human resources department, the director told her, “I don’t want to know anything. I don’t want to hear it. I know nothing,” according to the lawsuit.

When Flynt’s assistant was on vacation, Oldham had to handle all of his telephone calls and appointments, including the scheduling of appointments with prostitutes, the suit alleges.

Oldham’s experiences working for Flynt left her “sick, sore, lame and disabled,” according to her lawsuit. CNS-01-23-2009 12:13

Hustler Anniversary party sucked balls?

I heard an interesting rumor today. I heard that the Hustler 34th anniversary party which was held last Saturday at the Highlands nightclub was a big fat bust and even more juicy is that I heard LFP Talent Coordinator China Barbor was fired over it. Well “had a parting of ways” as a direct result of the party she organized.

China Barbor was quoted as saying “I really wanted to throw a good party to celebrate Hustler, what better way to say ‘thank you’ than showcasing why we are No. 1?” I guess that didn’t work out so well for her now, did it?

We gave the boys over at LFP a call to confirm this rumor but as expected couldn’t get very far. What we do know is that China Barbor “hasn’t been in the office this week” but one person we spoke to thought she may come back while yet another party claimed they had no idea what was going on and indicated everything was wonderful over at LFP and there was absolutely no truth to the rumors … that the anniversary party was great and everyone was happy.

So I went over to the AVN photo galleries to see just who was at the party, because in an earlier press release they indicated that “celebrities” would be there. What I didn’t find was one photo of anyone really famous. Unless we are now counting Ron Jeremy as a celebrity. And for that matter, I seen no A list porn stars either. There was Marina Maywood, Samantha Sin, and some girl named Whitney there. AVN reported that “Larry Flynt made an appearance in addition to celebrities and behind-the-scenes members of the adult industry.” But the closest to A list porn insiders besides Ron Jeremy you could get would be Holly Randall, daughter of photographer Suze Randall.

I don’t know if the party was really as great as they LFP are saying or a big ass mess as others are saying but what I do know is if these famous people where there, I sure didn’t see them in the pictures and wouldn’t you think that they would have been able to capture, I don’t know ONE celebrity in a photo if they were there?

Where is Tera Patrick whom LFP recently won an award for distribution of one of her titles? Where is Nina Mercedez who distributes her new line of movies? Where is the chick that is on the May cover of Hustler Magazine? Even Meggan Mallone didn’t show up? I checked out Meggan Mallone’s myspace and she showed off her cover of Hustler for May 2008 but she didn’t make any mention of going to any Hustler party. I realize that Adam & Eve contract girl Ava Rose is in the July issue (albiet not the cover girl) and she was there, but what about May (current issue on stands at the time of the party) and the June cover girls for Hustler?

I don’t know but it sounds like to me that someone fucked up somewhere.


A former New Orleans prostitute who will be featured in Larry Flynt’s Hustler magazine appeared at his office Tuesday to accuse Sen. David Vitter of having a sexual relationship with her in 1999.

Wendy Ellis told reporters that Vitter visited her two to three times a week for sexual relations between July and November 1999.

Flynt produced parts of an Aug. 22 polygraph test that he said confirmed her account, but Ellis could provide no financial records, photographs or other evidence to support her assertion that the Louisiana Republican was a client during that time.

Vitter has denied those claims.

“I want the truth to be known,” Ellis said. “It was a pure sexual relationship. He would come in and do his business.”

Ellis declined to comment when asked if she was being paid or reimbursed for her statement regarding Vitter, but she later said she would appear in Hustler magazine in January.

She would not say if she is being paid for the layout.

“She looks … good,” Flynt said.

Vitter, 46, a first-term senator, apologized in July for committing a “very serious sin” and acknowledged his phone number was among those called several years ago by a Washington escort service run by Deborah Jeane Palfrey. Federal prosecutors accused Palfrey of racketeering by running a prostitution ring that netted more than $2 million over 13 years, but she claims her escort service was a legitimate business.

Vitter’s admission came after Hustler magazine told the senator that his telephone number was linked to Palfrey’s escort service.

The senator was not charged with a crime.

Vitter’s office did not immediately return a phone message Tuesday.

On Monday, Vitter spokesman Joel Digrado wouldn’t comment on the Flynt press conference. In an e-mail, Digrado said, “Sen. Vitter and his wife have addressed all of this very directly. The senator is focused on important Louisiana priorities like the water resources bill and the Iraq debate.”


Meet Your Favorite Porn Star in Las Vegas at the Adult Entertainment Expo

Adult Entertainment ExpoIt’s not every day you get to meet a porn star. At least for most of us it’s not. That’s why, if you’re a fan of X-Rated entertainment, there’s only one place to be this week and that’s Las Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo, where you get a chance to meet your favorite porn stars in person, instead of the way you would normally spend time with them.

Just look at this list of talent appearing. It’s a who’s who of porn, including stars like Tera Patrick, Lexi Tyler, Jenna Haze and Gianna Michaels. Then there are legendary figures of the adult world like Ron Jeremy, Larry Flynt and Seka. Not only will you be able to meet your favorite porn star, you’ll be able to preview the latest and greatest in adult products. It’s best I don’t go into detail, but I’m sure you understand.

Then, after the Expo is over, you have the chance to attend the AVN Awards. Yes, that’s right, for the first time in history, the AVN Awards are open to the public. (BUY TICKETS) During the 24th Annual Awards, the industry salutes its own with trophies behing handed out for Oscar-like categories such as Best Director and Best Actress, as well as categories the Oscars wouldn’t touch, such as Best Three-Way Sex Scene. (I’m rooting for ‘My Baby Got Back 39’)


Detroit council rejects Hustler strip club

The Detroit City Council today voted 5-3 against transferring a topless dancing permit from a downtown bar to potential owners wanting to open a Larry Flynt Hustler Club.

The property at 415 E. Congress is currently home to the Zoo Bar. An owners group, known as HDV Greektown, has asked for the license transfer.

An attorney for the owners said earlier this week that the club would employ up to 125 people.

Before the vote, an attorney for the Perfecting Church in Detroit urged City Council to vote down the license transfer.

Attorney Richard Mack of Detroit said the Zoo Bar is licensed for topless entertainment but hasn’t been an adult entertainment club for at least two years. The venue is mainly used as a concert hall, he said.

However, during the weeklong festivities before Super Bowl XL, adult film star Jenna Jameson hosted a party at the Zoo Bar that featured topless dancing.

“We must stand against this,” Mack said. “In this case, the club will be one of the largest strip clubs in the area – if not the state – within one block of a child day care center where parents may have to pick up their children at night.”

Mack said downtown crime will surge and property values will decline with a strip club in the area.

The City Council declined to act on a previous request to transfer the permits in 2003, prompting the owners to sue for the right to open.

The bar owners first took the council to court when it tried to prevent the opening of a Deja Vu strip club at the same location. A judge had ruled that the club could open.. At that time, owners also had talked about opening as a Hustler club.

The previous ruling permitted the owners to open a Deja Vu nightclub, but the council never transferred the liquor license.

Attorney Frank Palazzolo, who represents HDV Greektown, said the owners filed another lawsuit this year after the City Council declined to act on the transfer.

Palazzolo said: “My client is disappointed with today’s vote and we’ll just continue with the litigation that has already been institued.”

Council members who voted against the transfer were: Brenda Jones, Kwame Kenyatta, Martha Reeves, JoAnn Watson and Monica Conyers.

Sheila Cockrel, Alberta Tinsley-Talabi and Ken Cockrel Jr. voted for the transfer.

Sheila Cockrel declined comment except to say her vote reflected the “serious litigation” that is still pending.

Kenyatta countered that he’s not worried about the lawsuits.

“I think we’ll weather the storm on this,” said Kenyatta, who voted to reject the license transfer.


(HOLLYWOOD, CA) It’s not very often that a company decides to terminate contract discussions with a rising director when they share a movie that sits in the number one position on the DVD sales chart, but that is exactly what VCA Pictures is doing as the Larry Flynt owned company says goodbye to Eon McKai.

With Neu Wave Hookers at the top of the charts, VCA Pictures and McKai were involved in contract negotiations that would have provided the young director with one of the best deals in the adult movie business.  However, as Neu Wave Hookers continued to garner tremendous early sales and attain a higher charting position, the negotiations became more labored and ultimately the decision was made by company executives that it was best to terminate the talks.   

“Anytime a director has a certain buzz about him and occupies the top spot on the sales chart provides them with extra incentive to strive for more than what might be practical from a company standpoint.  We made the difficult decision to end talks and are saying goodbye to Eon McKai,” stated LFP’s creative director Drew Rosenfeld

VCA Pictures will continue to promote Neu Wave Hookers through a variety of methods including online contests with internet companies such as the new offering through Adult DVD Empire.

“We are very excited about the performance of Neu Wave Hookers and this title will be strong for many months to come,” stated Peter Reynolds VP of sales and marketing for VCA Pictures.