Movie Review for Stroke It

When a friend of mine called to say a movie that I had wanted to review for awhile now was about to be on Playboy TV I got so excited.  I love Vivid movies, they are normally so high quality.  The movie I was going to be reviewing is called Stroke It starring Meggan Mallone.  This was one of the first movies she did for Vivid and it was filmed prior to her boob job so she still had the very tiny little breasts.  Playboy TV tends to rename the Vivid movies they show for some weird reason so they were calling the movie “All the the Wrist”.  By the name(s) of the movie one would tend to think this is one of those handjob gonzo titles but in fact that wasn’t the case.  I think it was just some random name they came up with that was remotely relating to sex because the movie wasn’t about hand jobs at all.

The movie was directed by B. Skow who years later Meggan Mallone would go on to move in with, leave porn for, get engaged to and eventually have his child.  They call this movie an “all sex” or “gonzo” film.  This is basically just another way of saying this movie isn’t a feature film.  It’s just a collection of sex scenes typically of a similar nature.  There is no pretense of a story, instead these kind of movies have themes like all big boobs or all blondes.

I want to say that I am normally a huge fan of Vivid movies.  In fact, they have until recently been some of my favorite adult films.

This movie was a sad, sad attempt at a Vivid film.  It wasn’t even that hot in terms of sex, with the exception of Meggan’s sex sscenes the rest was just really odd and uninteresting.   In one scene there was no sex at all.  It was a girl in the shower giving us a close up look at her shaving her hairy pussy.  Who the hell thought it would be sexy to watch a girl shave her hairy pussy?  It was un-sexy, and well downright nasty.  Not my cup of tea to say the least.

There is a scene in the movie with Evan Stone who I normally really like but this scene was really badly done.  The directing in this thing left me going WTH?  It was cheesy and forced.  I didn’t like it at all.

Minus the 3 Meggan Mallone scenes, this movie was a total and complete waste.  I was highly disappointed.  It was like they gave some guy they just met off of the street a camera and said go for it!  His lack of experience clearly came through in the way he shot the girls.

I love Meggan Mallone.  I love Vivid movies but I have to say what I don’t love is this movie.   If I had to give it a rating I guess I would give it a 3 out of 10.  If you care to see the movie for yourself you can watch Stroke It online on the official Vivid website.

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Review for Meggan Does Malibu

Movie Description: Meggan and her best friend are on their last fling to California from their home town in Ohio. It’s their last chance for fun before settling down in the heartland. They meets an adventurous, romantic Bohemian artist, a California original, and with her comes a … morehost of sexy seaside men…and suddenly all the old rules seem not to apply. Adult’s most awarded director, Paul Thomas, brings together Malibu, Meggan, threeways and facials, in a sand, sun and sex spectacular, Meggan Does Malibu. It’s a tale told as only Paul Thomas can, from the people who do sex and story best…Vivid. Starring Meggan Mallone, Gianna Lynn, Holly West, Jennifer Dark, Rocco Reed, Alan Stafford, Trent Tesoro, and Joey Brass. This movie is available on DVD.

Hello my name is Mandee and well this is officially my first movie review for the Luke Ford website.   I will be posting several movie reviews for you in the future so I hope you find them helpful.

The first scene starts off with Meggan Mallone walking around in jean shorts and a pink polka dot bikini top. She meets up with a friend of hers and they get a stranger to take their photo together as if they were tourists.  Turns out the two are supposed to be from Ohio there in California for a vacation.

Eventually they make their way to the beach and again run into the guy who took their picture earlier. He helps them in their pursuit of finding some celebrities. They find their way onto his boat and as her friend goes to take a phone call Meggan and the stranger, played by Rocco Reed to start to make out. Making out leads to fucking in just about every part of his boat house.   These two are great together.  It’s a very good scene in terms of sexual energy and passion.

In the next scene we see Gianna Lynn playing with her breasts, then heads to the couch to see her fiance.  She misses him and she can’t wait to have sex with him.  As he starts to eat her pussy you notice right away she didn’t shave that day. With a day or so worth of growth on her pussy it gives it a very unusually dark look. It’s hard to explain how it looks other than to say it looks weird. I felt sorry for the dude trying to eat her pussy. You know that fucking stubble didn’t feel good.

Next Gianna Lynn got face fucked then they made their way to the bed and she rode his cock. This scene was strangely not Paul Thomas like. The energy just wasn’t there at all. Normally he gets more out of her performers but this time it just looked so strangely forced. She was trying to hard and the guy was just phoning it in. Trent Tesoro didn’t have much chemistry with Gianna Lynn at all.  While they were fucking thy got interrupted. It seems the maid came in to clean the room. As she said she would come back later he told her that was okay. Instead he threw her on the couch and started fucking her. Her seemed far more into Holly West than he did the last girl.  Soon Gianna Lynn joined the two and it made for a great threesome. The scene got much better when Holly West joined the mix.  The scene ended rather strangely. While her man was still fucking the maid, she quickly jumped out of bed, put on her clothes, grabbed her suitcase and took off. The other two didn’t seem to notice or case or care that the chick took off.

In the next scene she hooks up with not one, but two men, neither of which were her fiance. The two men she hooks up with this time are Alan Stafford and Joey Brass. There seems to be very little reason as to why she decided to go off and fuck two other guys when her fiance was in town, other than “some unfinished business” but this is a porno so really do you need a reason to fuck?  Gianna Lynn is more sexually aggressive than most females so pairing her with the right men is important. You can really see the difference from the last scene and the sex just comes off much hotter. Again the only real problem I have with her is that the bitch really needs to shave her fucking pussy. That shot looks so fucking nasty because, all black and seriously, someone buy the bitch a fucking razor already.

At the end of the scene both the men unload on her nice, big titties.  That was pretty hot.

In the next scene it’s time for everyone to go back to Ohio or Idaho, wherever they are from.  Meggan Mallone reveals she is going to stay in California and move in with the guy she fucked the other day. In this part of the movie Meggan and Gianna Lynn’s fiance have a heated exchange of words where basically he calls her a slut for just hooking up and moving in with some random guy.  What is interesting about this scene is that in real life Meggan Mallone was in a relationship with Trent.  But by the way those two went at each other, you wouldn’t have guessed it.  Guess it’s true what they said about Paul Thomas and his ability to bring out the best in any porn actress.

Meggan Mallone heads over to her new place and it is there she meets his crazy ex-girlfriend played by Jennifer Dark.  The three seem to get along rather well and that of course leads to a great threeway that ends in him unloading on their faces and in their mouths.

In all the movie was about an hour and 34 minutes long but still unusual to have only 4 scenes. Most movies today have 5 sex scenes in that same time period, but this was had some rather long sex so in all the movie only included the 4 scenes.

The movie ends and Meggan going on her way. thinking about her time in Malibu and moving into her own apartment which interestingly enough just so happens to have been the same location that they shot Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel.
At the very end you get a shot of Paul Thomas on the Pier in a cameo.

On a strange note, the movie credits say it was written and directed by Chuck Lords, yet most sources of information say it was directed by Paul Thomas. Since Paul Thomas made the non-sex cameo at the end of the movie that would make sense. So I did some digging and it turns out Chuck Lords is just another name Paul Thomas uses to attach his name to projects he isn’t particularly proud of.
Overall I would say if you are a fan of Meggan Mallone then this movie is a must have. She looks hot, fucks great and has two sex scenes in the movie.

This movie is available on DVD

Boobs! Can’t get enough of them!

When we talk about porn stars we often refer to their breast measurements.  You hear talk about someone being an “a” or even a “d” or whatever.  But what the heck does that even mean?  Well breast size really refers to bra classification and goes from the smallest A, B, C, D, and DD F, G, H and sometimes even larger.  But you will find with the much larger sizes, those girls have to get their bras custom made or from a specialty store.  It’s not like a porn star with size G breasts can just go to their local JC Penny to buy a bra.

So I thought it would be a great idea to actually show you the various cup sizes.

A Cup (Morgan Dayne’s tits)

B Cup (The Love Twins)

C Cup (Meggan Mallone)

D Cup (Tory Lane)

DD Cup – all natural (Hanna Hilton)

DD Cup (Brea Lynn)

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Something I’ve always wanted to know is, why do breasts sag as woman get older?  Well turns out there is a very simple reason for it and it has nothing to do with gravity. 🙂  Apparently breasts get fatter as you get older. When you’re in your twenties, mammary glands are comprised of fat, milk glands and collagen. As woman get older, the collagen and milk glands get replaced by more fat. Unfortunately, the fat doesn’t make the breasts larger. It makes them sag more.

Also you also hear people joking about how her tits must way 10 pounds or whatever.  Well experts say that breast fat doesn’t really weigh all that much.  An “A” cup weighs in at a quarter of a pound while a “D” cup is about one pound.

Another fun boobie fact … did you know that an estimated 250,000 woman a year get a boob job?   The majority of women getting boob jobs will go up two full cup sizes and in the U.S. more than 2 million woman have breasts implants.

Meggan Mallone has some sexy stories

Meggan Mallone may be on a career hiatus but in the mean time her latest movie from Vivid has been released and this one is called Meggan’s Sexy Stories and I happened upon the trailer for you fuckers to enjoy.

Paul Thomas packs in the production value with these five hot stories that all end in hot, hot sex. Watch mom peek in the tent while camping, to find out just how close her daughter and her best friend truly are! Then watch mom play cougar to one of her daughter’s sexy, young boy toys. Watch Meggan’s boyfriend control her from afar with a remote controlled vibrator! See a real rock star surprise his baby on her birthday. And finally, watch a porn star turned tv repairman return to his first career on a service call! PT tells the stories. B. Skow shoots. Meggan stars. Now that’s porn. Starring Meggan Mallone, Lexi Belle, Charisma Cappelli, Syren Demer, Ami Emerson, Dane Cross, Kevin James, Mr.Pete, Randy Spears, and Alec Knight.

Meggan Mallone Leaves Vivid

Ready for this shocker? My sources are telling me that Meggan Mallone didn’t renew her contract with Vivid. Her contract was due to expire around the first of December and everyone expected her to resign, as she was one of the most active Vivid girls, attending all of the Vivid related publicity events and taking up extra scenes with others flake out during filming.

However at last minute for whatever reason she didn’t resign with them. We don’t have the exact reason for her departure from Vivid as of yet, but one rumor is it has something to do with Hanna Hilton’s exit from the business as well, yet while another source said “she is doing great, just needed a break”.

There is yet another source who says Meggan will return to work for other companies after the new year, but I can’t get anyone who can confirm that to be true or not.   I don’t know much else about Meggan right now.  I am still digging for more information on this story and will update you when I find it.

Meggan Mallone

Pornstars and their Halloween Costumes

I thought some of you might be interested to see what the pornstars dressed up as this Halloween. So here you go.

aria giovanni costume

Aria Giovanni (Pregnant Nun)


Bree Olson (Little Bo Peep)


Brooke Banner and her brother (Pimp ad Ho)

courtney cummz costume

Courtney Cummz (Fairy Angel??)


Dane Cross and Faye Reagan

jelena jensen costume

Jelena Jensen (Silk Spectre)


Jessica Drake

kelly madison costume

Kelly Madison

kiara diane costume

Kiara Diane (Sexy Sailor)

kirsten Price costume

Kirsten Price (2nd place Beauty Contestant)


Monique Alexander

Nina Hartley and Tori Black

Nina Hartley and Tori Black

regan reese and Luscious Lopez

Regan Reese and Luscious Lopez


Prinzzess (looks a lot like Savanna’s costume)


Savanna Samson (Sexy Angel)

shawnaleneecostume1Shawna Lenee

Shawna Lenee (Sexy Sailor?)


Zoe Britton (black leotard and jacket??)


Gina Lynn (super hero)


AJ Bailey (Sexy Nun)


Meggan Mallone (St. Paulie Girl)

And the winner for the BEST costume goes to Rachel Starr as Cleopatra of the Nile!


I found two more of Gina Lynn, she had several parties so she had more than one costume!


Gina Lynn (motorcycle girl)


Gina Lynn (sexy devil)

Meggan Mallone and Nikki Jayne give you an Erotic Horror Night


FRONT4x6 flyer frnt webBACK4x6 flyer bck web

WHO: Vivid Girls Nikki Jayne and Meggan Mallone are contract actresses with Vivid Entertainment, the world’s leading adult film company.

Blonde, blue-eyed, British bombshell Nikki is known for her stunning beauty and irrepressibly bubbly personality. Sultry Meggan is half Cherokee Indian and was a super-sexy mainstream fashion model before she signed with Vivid.

DJ R Man” will be the featured spinner.

WHAT: Get ready to be scared and turned on at the same time. Nikki and Meggan will host Erotic Horror Night to kick-off Halloween celebrations. The girls will meet with fans and pose for photos.

WHERE:  At the popular Japanese restaurant/club Maikobe, 45 South Fair Oaks, Old Town Pasadena, CA 91105.  Tele:  626-795-5215 or 818-688-1006.

WHEN: Wednesday night, October 28.  Meet Nikki and Meggan starting at 9 pm.

FOR PRESS CONTACT:   Contact or call 800-762-4761.


Vivid’s Leading Director B. Skow Will Host X-Rated Challenge at Adult Expo Sept. 25-27 and Lucky Attendees Get to Play and Win


NEW YORK CITY — (September 22, 2009) – Four legendary former Vivid contract actresses are pitted against four current Vivid Girls head on in a two-round “Vivid Girl Feud,” a parody of the long-running “Family Feud” TV show at EXXXOTICA New York, the leading adult expo on the east coast, which takes place at the N.J. Expo Center from Friday, Sept. 25th through Sunday, Sept. 27th in Edison, NJ.

AJ Bailey and Monique Alexander 

Vivid’s award winning director B. Skow will host the good-natured tussles on Friday, Sept. 25th from 5:45pm to 6:30pm and on Saturday from 6:45pm to 7:30pm with one team of the former Vivid contract actresses against the current girls, aided and abetted by attendees at the expo.


Savanna Samson and Meggan Mallone

The “civilian” players will be selected at random from the crowd at the expo and will get to head each team, trying to win prize packages filled with Vivid merchandise.  There will be Foreplay Rounds and Climax Rounds of questions with a sexy theme.  The questions were originally posted on the EXXXOTICA website and the answers are based on responses from “100 people” similar to the famous TV show.
Former Vivid actresses Heather Hunter, Christy Canyon, Dyanna Lauren and Mercedez will form one team.  Dyanna Lauren and Mercedez are still actively making adult movies while Christy Canyon has moved on to write a book about her experiences “Lights, Camera, Sex!” and is currently a host of the popular Playboy Radio Show “Night Moves.”  The multi-talented Heather Hunter has been in the music business where she has made recordings as a hip hop artist; she’s hosted “The Peep Show” on PPV TV and is a painter and an author (“Insatiable: The Rise of a Porn Star.”)
The second team is comprised of current Vivid Girls are Monique Alexander, Meggan Mallone, Savanna Samson and AJ Bailey, who has been described as “the world’s smartest porn star.”  All of these superstar actresses have large and active fan bases that eagerly await their latest movies.


Christy Canyon and Mercedez

“This is going to be a fun event,” said Christy Canyon.  “I’ve loved being part of the Vivid family, but like all families, we’re competitive, so I think attendees at the Expo will be in for a really hot feud between us and the newer girls.”
The Monique, Meggan, Savanna and AJ will be at the Expo all three days and will be posing for snapshots and will meet and greet fans at The Fantasy Island booth.


Dyanna Lauren and Heather Hunter

See the Vivid girls in NYC




WHO:   BULLDOG London Dry Gin (London’s newest, most mixable and aphrodisiac-laden premium spirit) and Vivid Entertainment, the world’s leading adult film company, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.



WHAT: Meet four of the industry’s superstars, Vivid Girls Monique Alexander, AJ Bailey, Meggan Mallone and Savanna Samson at their only NYC appearance.  The girls will pose for snapshots and autograph free copies of a special free 25th anniversary DVD.
The Vivid Girls are in NYC to appear at EXXXotica New York Expo from Sept. 25-27 in Edison, NJ.

Guests will sample BULLDOG London Dry Gin “a defiantly delicious and undeniably sexy, ultra-premium icon from London.”


WHERE:  Touch at 240 West 52nd Street (between: Broadway and 8th Avenue) / 212-489-7656.  Zagat rated Touch the #1 Dance Club in the city.
WHEN:     Thursday, September 24th.  Private party with complimentary open bar featuring BULLDOG London Dry Gin from 9-10pm and open to the public at 10pm.


FOR PRESS LIST, INTERVIEWS OR IMAGES:   Contact or call 800-762-4761.  RSVP by Noon ET on Sept. 24 please.