Movie Review for Stroke It

When a friend of mine called to say a movie that I had wanted to review for awhile now was about to be on Playboy TV I got so excited.  I love Vivid movies, they are normally so high quality.  The movie I was going to be reviewing is called Stroke It starring Meggan Mallone.  This was one of the first movies she did for Vivid and it was filmed prior to her boob job so she still had the very tiny little breasts.  Playboy TV tends to rename the Vivid movies they show for some weird reason so they were calling the movie “All the the Wrist”.  By the name(s) of the movie one would tend to think this is one of those handjob gonzo titles but in fact that wasn’t the case.  I think it was just some random name they came up with that was remotely relating to sex because the movie wasn’t about hand jobs at all.

The movie was directed by B. Skow who years later Meggan Mallone would go on to move in with, leave porn for, get engaged to and eventually have his child.  They call this movie an “all sex” or “gonzo” film.  This is basically just another way of saying this movie isn’t a feature film.  It’s just a collection of sex scenes typically of a similar nature.  There is no pretense of a story, instead these kind of movies have themes like all big boobs or all blondes.

I want to say that I am normally a huge fan of Vivid movies.  In fact, they have until recently been some of my favorite adult films.

This movie was a sad, sad attempt at a Vivid film.  It wasn’t even that hot in terms of sex, with the exception of Meggan’s sex sscenes the rest was just really odd and uninteresting.   In one scene there was no sex at all.  It was a girl in the shower giving us a close up look at her shaving her hairy pussy.  Who the hell thought it would be sexy to watch a girl shave her hairy pussy?  It was un-sexy, and well downright nasty.  Not my cup of tea to say the least.

There is a scene in the movie with Evan Stone who I normally really like but this scene was really badly done.  The directing in this thing left me going WTH?  It was cheesy and forced.  I didn’t like it at all.

Minus the 3 Meggan Mallone scenes, this movie was a total and complete waste.  I was highly disappointed.  It was like they gave some guy they just met off of the street a camera and said go for it!  His lack of experience clearly came through in the way he shot the girls.

I love Meggan Mallone.  I love Vivid movies but I have to say what I don’t love is this movie.   If I had to give it a rating I guess I would give it a 3 out of 10.  If you care to see the movie for yourself you can watch Stroke It online on the official Vivid website.

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