Threesomes: How To Enjoy It

A threesome is a subject of interest for many and is at the forefront of erotic fantasies, but in practice, a threesome is not so idyllic; plus, this event can ruin your relationship. Of course, in porn movies, the sexual trio looks idyllic and arousing.

Several main characters end up in bed together, they all know each other’s bodies perfectly, the men have stony and endless erections, and the women reach orgasm like an assembly line.

Threesomes: How To Enjoy It

But when you try to put this fantasy into practice, you will see that your partner’s jealousy, fear, inhibitions, complexes over an imperfect body, and often the alcohol you took before the “event” for courage come into play. These factors are some of the biggest liquidators of pleasure.


How then do you enjoy a threesome so that the event doesn’t become one of your most shocking memories and affect your relationship?

Don’t force yourself

It is quite possible that you have wanted a threesome since your teenage years, but if this idea is not supported by your partner, say goodbye to your dream. You can sometimes try to open this topic and double-check whether her attitude has changed, but never force or persuade her. Even if you succeed, and your lover has agreed to a threesome just for you, she still won’t be able to enjoy it, and it will always be apparent. In addition, it is very likely that it will have a negative effect on the relationship between you. Consider what your priorities are: solo sexual acts or continuing your relationship.

Don’t underestimate the choice

Threesomes: How To Enjoy It

If you have decided to have a threesome, and both of you are okay with it, the next important step is to choose a third participant. The choice should certainly satisfy you both, the third person should be someone who will be pleasant to you and will not cause jealousy. It is good that you have a lush-breasted colleague at work, whom you have been looking at for the last five years, and she will agree to your proposal. But if your partner feels like a shabby mommy when she’s around, you can forget about the idyllic pleasure. Either she will get mad at you, or, on the contrary, she will close herself off because you will irreparably shake her self-confidence. To avoid this, choose an outwardly less attractive woman next to whom your partner will not feel “not so.

Beware of jealousy

A big problem with threesomes is jealousy, which erupts in one of the partners during or after the act. If you decide to invite two women into bed, always pay close attention to the fact that the attention and, in particular, the compliments are a little more directed to your partner. Naturally, you cannot behave in a way that makes your “guest” feel superfluous, but it is essential that your partner has the feeling that she can count on you as a partner.

Keeping the Spark Alive: 7 Benefits of Sex Therapy for Couples

Although sex is not always the main priority in a relationship, physical and emotional intimacy are healthy, natural, and important for overall well-being. As such, couples should communicate their feelings, concerns, and expectations about their sex life to ensure a satisfying relationship.

However, while discussing some sex-related issues may be sufficient to resolve them, some sexual dysfunctions, such as inability to reach orgasm or lack of interest, may be more difficult to address on your own. This is when a sex therapist might be of help.

And while discussing your intimate relationships with a stranger may seem uncomfortable and pointless at first, there are several advantages it can bring to your life. Below is a list of the most valuable benefits of sex therapy for couples, including improved communication, disclosed sexual fantasies, understanding each other’s needs, eliminated sexual boredom, dealing with mismatched libidos, and more. Continue reading to keep the flame burning!

Discussing Sexual Fantasies

Most people have sexual fantasies that they would not like to disclose to their partners. While it is okay to keep some intimate details to yourself, some of them can cause a lot of trouble in your relationship as they will hold you back from intimacy and enjoyment.

A sex therapist is able to help you and your partner feel comfortable enough to discuss your sexual fantasies, desires, and expectations. This can enhance your communication skills and lead to more sexual satisfaction. Does your partner browse through behind your back? Don’t assume they’re unhappy with you – think about how you can use it to the advantage of you both.

Understanding Each Other’s Needs

One of the most common causes of sexual dissatisfaction in a relationship is mismatched libidos. Some couples may have no problems with sexual arousal and the frequency of intimate moments. In contrast, others may experience difficulties in this area – one might want it more often than the other. Sex therapy can be helpful for couples willing to understand each other’s needs and accept them without judgment or rejection. There are always ways to keep everybody satisfied.

Dealing with Sexual Boredom

Having sex always the same way can become mundane and boring in the long term. This is why sex therapists often recommend trying new things to spice up your sex life and keep it exciting. Talking about sex in a safe environment with a professional will help you rethink your routine and devise new ways to satisfy your partner.

No More Fake Orgasms

Have you ever faked an orgasm? If you have, don’t worry: it is prevalent. However, faking orgasms can harm your relationship, especially if your partner does not know about your real feelings or needs. As such, discussing them with your therapist can solve this problem and, in turn, improve your sex life.

Discussing Sexual Pain Issues

There are different reasons that may cause pain during penetration, such as vaginal dryness, lack of lubrication, or vulvar vestibulitis syndrome. Poor communication between partners can be another reason for painful sex – we all have our individual characteristics. Therefore, talking about it with a therapist can help you identify problems and find suitable solutions. No wonder one side doesn’t feel like having sex if it’s painful for them.

Discussing Sexual Health Problems

Some of the most common sexual problems include erectile dysfunction, difficulty reaching orgasm, and lack of sexual interest. These issues can be caused by serious medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and prostate surgery. In some cases, they can affect sexual performance permanently; in others – only temporarily. Discussing your doctor’s diagnosis and treatment options with a sex therapist will help you decide whether and how you want to act and how your partner feels about all this.

Getting Closer

After discussing your sexual feelings and problems with a therapist, you will feel closer to your partner. Consequently, you will communicate better, resolve your sexual issues, and enjoy physical and mental intimacy more than ever before. Sex therapists are experts at facilitating communication and helping couples feel closer. As such, engaging in sex therapy can help you strengthen your relationship and keep the spark alive for many years to come.

In Conclusion

Sex therapy is an effective way to improve your sexual relationship in a safe environment. If you and your partner are willing to communicate about your sexual desires, needs, and problems, there is no doubt that you will benefit from it. The best part is that you can do it together, enhancing your intimacy and strengthening your relationship.

If you and your partner are not ready to discuss your sexual issues in person with a therapist, there are several other ways to improve your erotic life. For example, you can use sex toys or lingerie to add some spice to your sex life, watch erotic videos together, or experiment with new positions.

However, if you ever feel that your relationship is beyond repair or there are too many serious problems that you can’t go past, it is best to see a therapist as soon as possible as long as you still want to save this relation.

Sex therapy has helped many couples resolve their sexual issues and maintain healthy and intimate relationships.


How to initiate video chat roulette with a girl

Chat roulette is a whole lot of fun and thousands of people are doing it at all hours of the day and night. That doesn’t mean that you’re doing it, though. Getting yourself started isn’t something that everyone understands before they have some experience. That means that you’re probably looking for the best ways to initiate a chat roulette with a girl. It’s not just a matter of turning on your cam and having someone to talk to.

How to initiate video chat roulette with a girl

You want to make sure that the girl is going to want to talk to you and that she’s going to be able to enjoy herself. There are a lot of great tips for you to check out on CNet. They know what they’re talking about and they’re going to get you started on your way to having the kind of chat that everyone else is able to have. Once you can figure that out, you’ll be able to get into a roulette chat whenever you want it and they’ll only get better with the more of them you have. The better you get, the more women will try to seek you out when they want to have a good time with someone.

Always make eye contact

The first and most important thing that you can do is to make sure you’re always making eye contact whenever you turn on your webcam. It takes a lot more practice than you might think. Making eye contact in the real world means just looking into someone’s eyes. You can’t do that when you’re on a cam. Making eye contact on cam means looking directly into your webcam. It’s going to take a lot of practice to get it right.

This girl is all about making eye contact whenever she enjoys a hot and satisfying roulette chat. Of course, this also means that you have to look away from the girl. It seems very odd when you have to look away from someone in order to look into their eyes but you’ll get it after enough time. Just look into the camera whenever you’re talking and you’ll be halfway there already. You can only look at the other person when they’re talking because they’re going to be looking into their own cameras to make eye contact with you. It’s going to take a lot of practice but you’ll see how effective it is by the end of it all.

Make your room look good

Next up is everything that’s behind you. You really have to keep in mind that it’s not just you that’s on camera. You also have the room behind you on the screen. That means that you have to make sure it’s clean and ready to be presented to someone. If it’s dirty then the girl you’re chatting with is never going to want to get intimate with you. She’s just going to pass you up to have her fun with someone who knows how to take care of themselves. You always have to take the time to clean up before you get to have your fun. You’ll be rewarded for it by the best cam sex that you’ve ever had in your life. If you need to know how to clean up and look good on your cam then all you need is this article from the BBC. They go into the details that you need to always look your best on your cam. Create a checklist and just go down it before you turn on your cam and you’ll always have a better time when it comes to finding a girl for a roulette chat.

Try it and have fun

Naturally, no one wants to spend all of their time worrying about cleaning when they just want to have a good time. That’s why you always want to make sure you’re having fun with your sex chat. Getting yourself onto Arousr is the best way to make sure that happens. There are girls there that are always looking for a roulette chat and they never want to stop once they get started. They’re always horny and they’re always looking for someone new. You’re always sure to have someone to play around with any time you want it. If you want to be sure that you’re going to have fun when you turn on your webcam then this is where you can make it happen. Just find your girls and turn on your cam. It’s just that easy and you’ll find out right away how great it is to always have someone to play with. You’re not going to have that kind of luck anywhere else so there’s no reason to try it at another site. This is the one that works and there’s always a girl to suit your mood.


Squirting Orgasm: What It Is and How It Happens

Many times you might have seen mature porn pics on various porn sites where an older woman is playing with her vagina and suddenly some sort of fluid starts to come off the area. It will surely make you excited because many people check out the unique photo archive of mature cunts just to see the squirting of women. You will also see porn stars squirting in various sex cam shows.

Now, this will make you wonder, if you are a man, can your partner squirt? Or, if you are a woman, you might think, can you squirt? Well, men and women think squirting is easy and any woman can do that especially because they see the pornstars in the industry squirting in each scene frequently. However, when it comes to improving your sex life, the last from where you would want to learn will be the porn industry.

Squirting Orgasm: What It Is and How It Happens

So, you would be excited to know about squirting orgasms by now. Look, in this article, we will take a holistic approach and show you what science says about squirting orgasms and what things you can do to improve your chances of squirting. It will clear all your confusion in mind. So, let’s begin.

If you know what is mature porn, then you also know that in such porn, squirting orgasms are very common. But, not all women can squirt and that is a reality. However, if you try the methods shown above, your chances of success in making your partner squirt will go up quite a lot.

Squirt Orgasms: What the Science Says

You might have heard before that in order to ejaculate, you need to have a penis. Well, that is not true. What you actually need is a urethra which is a tube that lets the body pass out the fluids. Now, in many places, you will see that when it comes to women’s ejaculation, they will refer to that fluid as urine.

But, it doesn’t have to be urine in every case. Also, the fluid that acts as a lubricant is different from what you will expel from your vagina during orgasm. At times, this ejaculation of fluid from a woman’s vagina can happen due to the skene’s gland’s secretion. Sometimes, this gland is also referred to as the female prostate.

Is Squirting Orgasms Common in Women?

In many videos of sex 18+, you will see a mature porn star squirting many times. This will make you believe that any woman can squirt whenever she wants to during orgasms. But, the reality is far from what you see in a mature porn video. You should know that porn videos generally portray a much-exaggerated version of sex.

Look, many studies have been conducted to see whether most women squirt or not. Look, the data is still inconclusive and many women have failed to squirt throughout their life. However, some women can squirt quite easily. So, yes, squirting may not be common in women.

Squirting Orgasm: What It Is and How It Happens

Are Squirting and Ejaculation Same for Women?

Here is an interesting thing that you should also know. Many people use the words squirting and ejaculation interchangeably. However, many kinds of research have shown that both these things are different. In both cases, fluids are released.

However, when it comes to squirts, the fluid is mostly urine which is watered down. However, there will be some element of ejaculate present in the squirt. But, the ejaculate is on the other hand a whitish and thicker fluid that looks quite like diluted milk.

How to Make a Woman Squirt During Sex?

Now, let’s talk about squirting. You will be wondering you can make your partner squirt. Yes, it is possible to make someone squirt if you follow these tips;

Stimulate the G-Spot

If you want to make your partner squirt, then you have to find her G-spot. Once you find it, you will have to keep stimulating the area. In case your partner says that she feels like peeing, it is a very good indication that she might be getting closer to squirt.

Avoid Stress

If you pressurize your partner too much, it can be a detractor for squirting orgasms. Look, if your partner is stressed due to the fact that she needs to squirt to make you happy, in such a case, she will find it difficult. So, it is better to make her feel calm by making the sex area erotic.

Sex Positions to Try

There are many sex positions that can elevate the chances of squirting for a woman because they stimulate the G-spot perfectly. Here are those sex positions that you can try;

  • Doggy style
  • Spooning
  • Reverse Cowgirl

Offbeat Reasons – About using huge dildo

Huge dildos, which are always on the list of best-selling sex toys, are always at the top of the hotness. Maybe you are one of the huge dildo lovers. If I ask you why you like it, the most probable answer is satisfaction. People always buy sex toys for various reasons, but for huge dildos, the reason is not just because of the fulfillment.

Offbeat Reasons - About using huge dildo

As an extender

Besides sex, it actually has a medical effect. If you often feel discomfort or even pain when you are entered, note: every time. Then you probably have vaginal stenosis. It’s not a serious condition, so there’s no need to panic. The clinical treatment is now surgery for lateralization, but many women don’t want to have surgery. Then their doctor may suggest that they buy a larger dildo as a vaginal opening expander to enlarge their vaginal stenosis by rubbing and sticking. After several times, you will see the difference. But in this way, the huge dildo may bring more pain than pleasure. However, be careful to use it gently, and if there is tearing and bleeding, you must pay attention to hygiene to avoid inflammation.

Easy to handhold

“guess what? –that whole length does not go in me. most of it works as a handle-thing and adjust the angle with while the first 5ish inches (or less) is inside me.”

Not everyone would be attracted to a longer dildo, but certainly wouldn’t say no to a more convenient way to use it. The length is one of the biggest selling points, but some users like it not because it can be more fulfilling but because it can be used as a handle for better control. Generally speaking, the most common huge dildo is 10-inch dildo. If you use part of it for holding in your hand, it goes into the length of about 7 or 8inch, almost as the standard dildo length, but it is more convenient to hold in hand. You can use it partly into the body while also easily changing the angle and frequency.

More realistic

Compared to real intercourse, masturbation is already less exciting, so if you want as much restoration as possible, you can choose a larger dildo to increase the feeling.

When you are alone, you can’t see your partner’s hot naked body, you can’t get the kisses, touches and skin-to-skin contacts, and you can’t hear him gasp for breath. To balance it out, that’s when some intense sensation is needed to heighten the thrill, and the huge dildo’s greater length and wider size is its definite advantage.

Suppose this is the purpose you are using for. In that case, you may need a more flexible and soft dildo, preferably with a super suction sucking cup at the bottom, so that it can be easily inserted in various locations and at various angles. But this does not mean that it does not have hardness, only the surface is kind of soft, but the inside is also not easily deformed. Otherwise, it will not be able to simulate the real penis erection state.

Meet the male anus

If you mention sex toys for male masturbation, you may think of toys that simulate oral or vaginal sex, such as masturbators, pocket pussy, etc. The ultimate goal of these toys is to ejaculate, but this is not the only way to make men orgasm; stimulating the prostate from the anus can also lead to orgasm. Don’t think that only gay have such ideas, it is true that there are various dildos for gay, but straight men also have the right to enjoy prostate orgasm.

The huge dildo can stimulate the prostate gland without accident due to its large size, making it highly sought after by male users. But if you don’t have experience with anal play before, I recommend starting with a smaller anal plug for the safety of the muscles around your anus.

No matter what your reason is, you can get one to please yourself. If you haven’t tried it yet, why not step forward and maybe it can surprise you in the way that you never expected. If you just want to try it and are not ready to spend a lot of money, you can start with a large cheap dildo.

Using BDSM Porn to Break Into Your Wildest Fantasies

BDSM porn can help open the door to one of the most enticing, and poorly represented, sexual fetishes in modern practice. Just make sure you’re watching the right reel.

Using BDSM Porn to Break Into Your Wildest Fantasies

Eroticism represents a lifestyle, in which the participants’ physiological and philosophical relationship with their own pleasure is privileged. Something that is incredibly personal and at times can feel a bit isolating. The world of BDSM belongs to the category of eroticism because its practices are more closely linked to a relationship that derives pleasure from pushing boundaries, than one built on simple carnal desire. More than that, BDSM relationships take a huge amount of trust, as well as an undeniable need to be well-read and well versed on what the practices truly include, and how to best perform them. It’s not a sexual fetish that any willing participant can just jump into. You need to know what you’re doing, and your partner needs to be well equipped to engage in these activities with you.

BDSM plays with the concepts of pain, pleasure, trust, and control. All in a kind and caring way. Essentially, the genre is defined as an erotic act between a dominant party, who finds their own pleasure by controlling their partner; and a submissive party, the object of desire of the dominant and in turn, wishes to be controlled. This kind of relationship is reflected in spaces that transcend the sexual and press against the boundaries of our most intimate emotions, in which the aim is to stimulate fantasy through play.

Which may sound a bit overwhelming to anyone who doesn’t have much experience with BDSM– and frankly, it should. “BDSM is a practice, an art. Something that is performed by true professionals and loving, caring partners. BDSM porn is a really great way to expose a novice and sate some of their curiosity about the genre.” Say the curators of one of the web’s best streaming porn sites, PornDoe. “It’s important to remember that not all BDSM porn is created equally. Particularly what’s considered ‘mainstream’ BDSM porn. Things like 50 Shades are not an accurate representation of BDSM, and should never be used as a suitable allegory for what the genre really is about… But there is genuine, representative BDSM porn out there, that can be incredibly useful for the novice sub or dom.”

Understanding BDSM

BDSM, sometimes misinterpreted exclusively as sadism, is an acronym that refers to a series of alternative erotic practices that have been gaining important recognition in our society. The B stands for Bondage, D for Domination or Discipline, S for Sado or Submission, and finally M for Masochism. Understanding that each of these disciplines is an important thread in the tapestry of BDSM is a good first step in truly understanding the fetish.

For most BDSM novices, reading through the different kinds of sexual acts that can be involved in play can seem a bit overwhelming (and exciting) at first. But in BDSM, there is one word to rule them all, and perhaps the most important act of all, that can help quell any anxieties you might feel. That word is “consent”. If it is not conscious, consensual, sensible, and safe, it is not BDSM. The famous safety words, which stop any action in its tracks, are absolutely necessary. All BDSM practices must be consensual, otherwise, it becomes abuse. Once we are transported into the universe of BDSM– we enter into a space where discipline, safety, and consensus prevail. Allowing everyone involved to safely explore their deepest desires without judgment or risk.

Another incredibly important word and act within the community is “aftercare”. Aftercare refers to the period immediately following the BDSM activity, during which both partners attend to the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of the other party. It’s a way to help ground participants of a scene, after experiencing an emotional and sensory kaleidoscope, which can oftentimes create a life-altering release. Both physically and emotionally. Outside of the fetish community, people seem to ration kindness toward casual partners, often because they are afraid of developing feelings for them or sending the wrong signals. But, aftercare is about being a kind human being, and adheres strictly to the three fundamentals of BDSM: healthy, safe, and consensual. At all times, and in all things.

Safe Practice and Exploration Through BDSM Porn

There are numerous BDSM communities, where in addition to providing a safe space for members to discuss their practices, they can also provide a number of resources for online communities to find physical spaces. These communities seek to educate people so that they can develop their skills safely and explore their desires in an informative way; as well as learning how to protect themselves against sexual predators and combat the social stigma to which they are subjected. If you feel like joining one of these communities isn’t yet an appropriate choice for you, BDSM porn can offer many of the same benefits, without the direct interaction with the community. Something that many who are just BDSM curious, or just starting to explore their own fantasies, can dip into the genre without having to adhere to the lifestyle.

Finding the best BDSM porn to start your journey isn’t just about visiting the most popular sites, but by doing a bit of research about where you can find accurate representations of the acts being portrayed. Ensuring that the porn you choose to view coincides with the values of the community. As opposed to just being abused for shock value. While useful BDSM pornography is available, it’s important to be mindful not only about what the values of the community entail, but also be realistic about your own values, wants, needs, and boundaries.

Knowing and understanding the fundamentals of both your own desires and the values of the BDSM community, it becomes blatantly apparent– psychological work, trust, and safety that goes into scenes– what is truly representative of BDSM in pornography. So the more you learn about the community, the more you learn about yourself, the quicker you will be able to recognize real BDSM porn when you see it– and the more intimate your own experience can become.


How To Survive Sexual Frustrations  During Lockdown if you are Single

Unless you’ve been living in a cave the last few months, no lives have gone untouched by the current Coronavirus situation. Whether you’re alone or with family, it all comes with unique struggles. However, if you’re currently single, loneliness is one of the hardest things that we as human beings have to deal with, let alone in times of a pandemic! This post is for those of you who are single and want some tips on how to stay sane during these crazy times, from investing in your mental health to keeping it (virtually) real with VR porn.

Focus On Yourself

Keeping yourself busy is a great way to get out of your head if you’ve started feeling sorry for yourself that you’re home alone and don’t have a partner to share this difficult time with. And not only will hobbies keep you busy, but you may also discover new things you like and this can be a great conversation starter for when you do meet someone new.

Yes, you may be alone right now, but why not take this opportunity to do something that you can only do when you’re by yourself. We often make excuses like “I can’t exercise in the morning because I don’t want to wake up my partner” or “I don’t have time for hobbies and a relationship at the same time”. Now is the perfect time to work on yourself. Read, exercise, take an online course, sort out your finances, learn a new language, invest in your mental health and become the best version of yourself, so when you do meet someone new, you’ll be ready for them!

Take Your Masturbation To Another Level

Let’s not even try to pretend that we aren’t all sitting at home and masturbating our quarantine loneliness away. Admittedly, this is a great way to pass the time, especially if you’re single, but what if you could make that experience even better?

As we all know, porn has been around for decades, however, VR porn has only been around for a few years and is quickly gaining popularity in the adult sector. The great thing about it is that you can watch it from various perspectives. You can be the lead character who gets involved in the action from a POV (point of view) perspective or if you prefer the voyeuristic angle, you can just observe the scenes from the side. You can also use toys to heighten the experience and some are specifically designed to be used in a VR environment.

Unlike regular porn, here you can choose any scenario you want and act it out as if you were actually there and the realistic feel is a welcome change during this lockdown. This is also a place where you can’t be judged for your desires and you are free to experiment with absolutely anything and anyone, regardless of what kinky fetishes you may have!

Learn Some New Sexual Techniques

Getting experience through physical touch is, of course, the best way to learn new sexual techniques, but when you’re on a Coronavirus quarantine, you shouldn’t have to stop learning and experimenting just because you can’t touch anyone! However, with the strict 2-meter distance rules, let’s keep the learning virtual…for now.

There are lots of great online tantra courses you can do where you can learn anything from a pussy massage to how to get deeper intimacy and satisfaction from your relationships. This will also be a great way to start a conversation with someone new once quarantine is over, “Hey, I learned some new skills online but had no one to try them out with, how do you feel about a bit of experimentation?”

Up Your Dating Skills

Dating may be limited right now, but for some, it has been a great excuse to get creative with their romance. Have you seen that video of the guy who saw a girl dancing on the roof and sent her a drone with his phone number? That’s what we’re talking about!

Sure you could just use dating apps, but you could also go to the park (if your country allows it), find someone you like, and see if you can strike up a conversation. As long as you’re staying 2m away from each other, there’s no harm in getting to know someone new. And during times like these, there will be plenty of other people who are just as lonely and looking for some company.

What men really think about women’s pubic hair

When I first started in the adult industry nearly 20 years ago it was all about the bare pussy! Years later you started to see a few stars with a landing patch and then came Sasha Grey’s appearance on Entourage in 2010 and her super duper hairy bush changed everything in porn.

Now we have a variety of hairy private parts to choose from. Some girls shave a little, some girls have a patch and some girls go all bare down there.


Photo Source: Team Skeet

But the real question is, what do mean really prefer?

Turns out Huffington Post and teamed up to conduct a survey. They asked over 5,000 guys what they thought.

Turns out that 41% of men prefer it to be fully shaved or a Brazilian (the little landing strip). While only 5% prefer the all natural look.


Source: Huffington Post


Casual dating tips for the modern man

Casual dating is no easy feat, especially when it comes to getting out there and making that first move. It can prove tough enough chatting to a woman in a club or bar but even tougher still to meet someone who is looking for a more casual situation like you. Thankfully as time has passed, the dating scene itself has evolved and made meeting women for casual sex a much easier and less stressful process.

First things first is deciding which dating site to join. There are a whole army of them out there each with their own quirks and groups of people. While you have your standard vanilla dating website you’ll also find more tailored ones for people who might like older women and men, outfits, BDSM, or even just looking to meet and fuck tonight. It doesn’t matter which you choose just so long as you’re happy with the environment. Of course the next step is then creating an online dating profile…

It may come as no surprise but honesty is key when it comes to composing an online profile. After all if everything you write in said profile is a lie then anyone who meets you will see through it instantly. Be open and up front regarding all details both big and small as it will make things much easier on yourself and anyone you might meet. If you hate talking about sports then say so. If you’re adventurous and outgoing then make it heard.

This is even more important when it comes to making it clear what it is you’re looking for from the website – whether you want a long-term deal or just a fling for example. People do not like being lied so don’t enter “looking for a long-term relationship” purely because you think it might result in more responses. When they realise you were lying about yourself and your intentions it will never end well.

So you’ve joined the site, you’ve filled out your profile honestly and landed yourself a casual date with an attractive woman – now how do you prepare?

While the term casual date might give off a filthy image where effort is minimal, that isn’t necessarily true. Being casual doesn’t mean you should completely stop making any effort at all. Sure you’re simply meeting with the intention of sex, but the road there shouldn’t be too different from a normal date. Dress smartly, go out for a drink and dinner and treat the woman with respect.

Safety is something that is often overlooked when it comes to casual dating. While it seems hardly worth worrying about, it pays to make sure you take the proper precautions especially when meeting complete strangers from the web. Meet in a place that feels familiar and safe to the pair of you if possible. That means trying to avoid bringing the woman to yours or vice versa. You do not know this person so get the chance to do so around others in a public place.

Most importantly though just remember to be yourself. After all, the woman meeting you is expecting the guy you wrote about in your profile.

Outdoor sex: be kinky and get crazy!

Modern culture can offer multiple ways to entertain yourself and your date. However, sex remains the best one to keep as close as possible. But what if your sex life worsened? What if it does not feel as good as before? Calm down, there is no need to search for a different partner. There are a lot of pleasant ways to enliven your sex life. Some people would rather use sex toys, others would go further and try roleplaying or sadomasochistic experiences. Yet, sex in public places is one of the yummiest ways of variegating your sex life! Our team and Brides Hub decided to reveal the list of best places to have outdoor sex in. Just try not getting caught!

Park, forest, glade. Let’s start with something simple. Natural spaces are awesome to have sex in for numerous reasons. Forests are quite empty and no one would catch you being naughty. As well, innate natural spaces can edge your feelings and passion. No matter how hard humanity is trying to urbanize the world, a human being is still nature’s creature and feels comfortable when coming together with it. A city park is another kind of thing: you can easily offend other visitors with your behavior (though, such situation can be even more exciting!).

Airplane, car, train. Moving vehicles can be a nice place for sexual amusement. Sex in an airplane’s bathroom (or even with the flight attendant!) is a widespread men’s fantasy, porn industry often exploits this scenario – and it works every damn time! Though, believe our experience, your imagination exaggerates the potential rapture: bathrooms are often tiny and stinky, having sex in such place might become a mockery instead of delight; besides, bathrooms on planes are checked every 20 minutes, so you would be really short on time. A car is always a good choice; a quick blowjob is even convenient while being stuck in a traffic jam. Likewise, if your car’s windows are blackened out, you can even have a coitus right after arriving a mall’s parking. A train experience is the most complicated case, but we are willing you to try it out and tell us more!

The changing room. A few minutes ago you were looking for a new sweater and now both of you are in the fitting room having sex! You should agree, this is a music for your ears. Even so, there are some basic rules: try choosing the dressing room in a big department store with the door that goes all the way to the bottom. Employees of such huge shops do not really care what happens in the fitting room unless you steal.

Imagine such scenario: you are at a cocktail party in a fancy fusion restaurant wearing a bow tie, and her dress is red and skinny. She gives you a wink and five minutes later you meet near the bathroom. Yes, this is a marvelous opportunity to have some fun! Although, try being quiet: securities in luxurious places can throw you out for such behavior, obviously. Small tip: if you are about to have sex in a public bathroom, choose men’s – male solidarity is a thing and other guys wouldn’t mind.