Are relationships really all that?

Does marriage give love a bad name? Come on, you don’t need a “relationship” to get laid. But is no strings dating really possible?

You might be at a point in your life where you’ve been single for too long because you’re just not ready or interested in having a long term relation with someone. In fact there are a lot of people in this situation, and whilst being single can be productive way to live; it is often too easy to get stuck into our own routines. All of this can make the prospect of finding love to be a distant thought, but as good as being single is; there is a point where you need to have fun.

Naughty dating

The first thing which comes in mind is adult dating. These days you can just go on the net and find sites where other singles just want sex, it is really that simple. The best thing is that looking for no strings sex is actually a lot simpler than looking for love; after all there are less requirements for two people to have sex than there are for two lovebirds to stay together happily ever after. It is true that a lot of online dating is getting a bad rep, but there are also plenty of people for whom it works. The trend is actually that more people are getting lucky than not so it definitely worth a shot!

Single without sex

Here is the thing about being single: it’s okay as long as you manage to get laid every now and then. Staying alone and not having sex for long periods of time can really affect your confidence and before you even know it a couple of years have gone by; it’s easily done. Not having sex isn’t as much an issue, it’s more the fact that you can lose confidence. Once your confidence is down, you might just find it hard to approach potential partners by fear of disappointing them. It doesn’t matter how many partners you’ve had in the past, with anxiety replacing all that experience you learned over the years. This is why sex dating is great, it allows you to get back on the horse without too much pressure.

Use it or lose it?

No matter how anxious you might be, you ought to know that even if you haven’t had sex in a long time, it will all come back to you as soon as you get back on the saddle. It’s like riding a bike, you might be a bit rusty at first but give it a while to blow off the cobwebs and you’ll be good to go! The only thing you want is to find a sex partner that understands you and where you are coming from. So when you create your online sex dating profile, feel free to mention that you haven’t done it in a while and that you’re eager to get back to it. A lot of other people are exactly in the same situation, and they will feel comfortable having sex with you because you will understand them better. All you need to do is just be yourself, not need to lie. Things will take a little longer that way but you will get the results that are right for you.

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Stop obsessing about your #sex number

A research study on sex revealed that men lie about sex. I know, shocking right? It turns out that when asked, men tend to exaggerate how many people that have had sex with.

Unlike the women surveyed, men wanted their number to be big, or bigger than it was. They had no problem with the whole concept of nsa sex either (no strings attached sex). They wanted to bang as many woman is they could.

Women on the other hand apparently didn’t agree and when asked in this survey about their sex lives, they tended to lie too. Only unlike men, they toned down their number of sexual partners, instead preferring people to think they had far less partners than they actually did.

This study done by Ohio State University at Mansfield men associated the total number of sexual partners in their lifetime with being a “real man”.

When so many people lie about sex, how in the hell did these researches get people to fess up? They took 293 college students between the ages of 18 and 25 and hooked them up to a lie detector. Well not at first. When they first came in they asked them a bunch of questions like how many people have you had sex with. Then later on they hooked them up to a lie detector and asked them the same questions. That of course is how they found out that men tended to lie and say they had sex with more women than they really did and women tended to say they had sex with less men than they really did.

What I don’t get is why people still think your number is that big of a deal?

I remember watching some stupid movie where the premises was that if you had sex with more than 20 people you were doomed to a lie of misery — In other words, you were going to whore hell!

Why is sex still seen as a bad thing for women? Don’t people realize that sex is a good thing?

Men joke about wanting no strings attached sex and how great it is, but what they should be doing is sharing that knowledge with the women in their lives because truth is, there is nothing like a quick roll in the hay with some hot guy.

We don’t need relationships to enjoy sex and who cares if you’ve been with 10 guys or 1,000? That doesn’t make you a whore, that just makes you more experienced in knowing what you want and knowing what your body needs to feel good!

What kind of jack ass tricks girls into being an escort?

If a girl is going to escort, or do “privates” as some call it, then it should be her choice. What kind of jack ass tricks girls into being an escort? Apparently the answer to that question is Derek Hay of LA Direct Models. Because apparently, that’s just how they roll.


You may not have heard of the porn star Tiffany Fox before, but she’s doing something rather brave and I want to give her credit for it. Some people say you should never air your “dirty laundry”, but then what should a girl do when she’s been wronged, abused and taken advantage of? Shut her mouth and hope for the best? Yeah that totally is a great way to solve the very serious problems facing our industry.

Tiffany Fox

Today’s problem isn’t anything new. We’ve been speaking out against the likes of Derek Hay of LA Direct Models for a long time now. He’s been skirting the law for years.

But this time it might have bitten him in the ass.

According to Tiffany Fox (via Twitter @RealTiffanyFox), she was sent on a job claiming it for for a legit shoot. Turns out by legit shoot, LA Direct Models meant, private escorting gig for some random John.


Tiffany Fox did the right thing. She could have kept her mouth shut, left LA Direct Models and signed with another agency, to avoid the potential backlash she might face for outing Derek Hay and LA Direct Model’s illegal practices as acting as an escort agency, but no … she did the right thing. She told the truth.
Heck, she even got an attorney and reported it to the FBI.

This very incident is why I’ve always been against LATATA, the union of porn agents, because Derek Hay can use his influence to say, to try and black list this girl, when all she did was the right thing.

What LA Direct Models did to her was wrong. You don’t send a girl out to be a hooker, when you tell her it’s for a legit movie.


Study Confirms that Everyone Lies About Sex

In what is probably not a big surprise to many, a new study out confirms that everyone lies about sex. {source}

Someone’s got a secret…

I do my best to be as honest as possible. Telling the truth is just so much easier than lying. Unfortunately there are some people that can’t handle the truth and you will get a reputation for being a prick. At least you’re an honest prick rather than a lying prick.

There is one exception to my honesty policy and it’s sex.

To be honest with you I don’t know why I feel so compelled to lie about sex but I am. I’ve been lying about sex since before I even started having sex.

I lost my virginity to my high school girlfriend in senior year. We dated for six months before she was ready to have sex. God knows I tried to have sex with her every single day of those six months. Right as I was about to finally put my penis in her vagina and lose my virginity once and for all she stopped and said, “You’ve done this before, right?”

“Yes,” I replied without any hesitation. It was just a reflex. There I was, about to have sex for the first time (which I’m convinced to this day that she knew I was also a virgin because we had talked about it before) and I lied about sex.

Ever since then lying about sex has been second nature.

A new study by Ohio State University confirms that I’m not the only one lying about sex. It turns out everyone lies about sex!

293 college students between the ages of 18 and 25 were asked to complete a questionnaire about 124 different behaviours while connected to a lie detector.

When asked about their sex lives, the men participating claimed to have more sexual partners when they weren’t connected to the lie detector than when they were connected. The women of the study claimed to have fewer sexual partners without the lie detector than when they were connected to the lie detector.

On average the women had more sexual partners than the men.

“There is something unique about sexuality that led people to care more about matching the stereotypes for their gender,” said Terri Fisher, the study’s author and a professor of psychology at OSU. “Sexuality seemed to be the one area where people felt some concern if they didn’t meet the stereotypes of a typical man or a typical woman.”

So there you have it, everybody lies about sex.

If everybody is doing it then there’s nothing wrong with it, right?

15 ways to make him say wow!

I found this the other day and I just had to LOL at it. [source]

Fifteen secret pleasure spots that are sure to make him say wow

Have you been wishing lately that your man had more mojo than no-no? More raging bull than bull that just sort of walks around really calm? You are not alone. If you and your boo have lost that sexy love monster that made you go bump in the night, then maybe you need to ramp up your foreplay from fore to eight.

What better way to reach his softer side than to awaken his most secret soft spots, those little-known erogenous zones you can’t even find in a biology book? Here is a list of your man’s all-time favorite secret pleasure spots guaranteed to drive him Mary-Todd-level crazy.

  1. The penis.
  2. The tip of the penis.
  3. The base of the penis.
  4. The middle of the penis.
  5. The right side of the penis.
  6. The left side of the penis.
  7. The northeastern side of the penis.
  8. The first third of the penis
  9. The second third of the penis.
  10. The third third of the penis.
  11. The starboard side of the penis.
  12. The bottom of the penis.
  13. The top of the penis.
  14. The area of the penis that’s like three inches from the tip on his right like a little bit below halfway down.
  15. The entire penis.

Google Me This … Facebook Me That

To a website owner there is nothing more valuable than that sweet ass search engine traffic.  It’s free and it is highly focused.  So if someone wants to find blue shoes with pink toe nails, they google that and find your site.  That is as specific as it gets.  If the site in question actually provides the end user with what they searched for then you can pretty much bet that traffic will convert at insane rates.

Website owners report that tube traffic converts for them at rates of 1:2500 to 1:30,000.  While search engine traffic converts to sales at rates as low as 1:25 and 1:300.  So what this means is, if a tube site sends you traffic you’ll make 1 sale for every 2500 to 30,000 people.  If a search engine sends you traffic you will make on average 1 sale for every 25 to 300 people.

So that is why so many people want that all to sexy search engine traffic.  So what is the most searched for word in the world?

According to an article posted on the site Factoidz [source], the most searched for word in the world isn’t sex related at all, like one might think.  Nope.  In fact it turns out the single most Google’d word is FACEBOOK!  2,060,000,000 a month, which works out to be about 25 billion times a year just in Google alone, people search the word Facebook.

Porn has a globally monthly search volume of 277,000,000, sex has a slightly higher search volume of 338,000,000 a month.  That means that each year on Google alone about 2.724.000.000 – that’s over 2 billion, almost 3 billion times a year someone search for the word porn and over 4 billion times a year (4,056,000,000) someone is out there searching for the word sex.