The Texting Twins

What’s a girl to do to make a buck these days?  Apparently the answer is, be there for your fans in the most intimate way possible!  Girls like Vicky Vette and Nina Mercedez have learned that lesson and have built porn website empires from it.  They know that fans want to know them.  They want to be a part of their lives and they want to chat and be close to their favorite stars.

So today former Vivid girls announced a special promotion where they will be sending personal and sexy text messages to the members of their website for free.  The only real requirement is that you are a member of their official website

The girls decided to offer this personalized service “to bring their website to the next level” as the girls put it.  “We want our fans to be a part of our lives and we thought with the massive expansion of the mobile market, this was the best way to do it.  For years we’ve offered free gadgets and goodies for cell phone users, this was really just the next logical step.” said Lacey Love when asked what made them come up with the idea.

Any current or new member of the Love Twins official website can simply log in click the text us form in the members area, fill out the form and arrange to have the twin porn sensations send them a sexy text message for free.

The Love Twins are former Vivid contract stars with multiple AVN nominations who have been featured in Maxim Magazine, Swank, Club, Genesis and have worked with every major adult studio you can probably think of including Vivid Entertainment, Digital Playground, Smash Pictures, Jules Jordan Video, Amateur District, and Zero Tolerance.   Fans can follow them on twitter @TheLoveTwins or visit their official website



Happy Birthday Lacey and Lyndsey Love

Don’t forget to wish our favorite twins a very happy birthday and of course they will be our pick for Follow Friday so be sure to check them out @TheLoveTwins

Happy Birthday to The Love Twins

The girls told their fans via twitter earlier today that they appreciate all the kind wishes and to those asking what they wanted for their birthday they really only wanted one thing and that was for them to join their official website  They would love nothing more than to come home this evening to find out for their birthday 100 new members joined their site.  They said that would make it the best birthday ever!

Follow Cindy Behr on Twitter

We haven’t really done a twitter Follow Friday pick lately so I thought now would be as good as time as any to start that tradition back up.  So what hottie did I pick for you to follow this week?  None other than @CindyBehr.  I decided to pick a UK hottie in honor of Princess Zara Phillips’ marriage this week in Scotland.  Cindy Behr is a Bluebird Films UK contract star.

She’s been in a lot of their movies like Motorbirds, Blonde Confessions, Psychoward, What the Butler Saw, Twinz and even the highly awarded Bat FXXX: A dark knight parody … Which some call one of the best adult movies ever made.  I don’t know if that is true but I know the special effects in it were amazing and according to one of @TheLoveTwins, watching Batman fuck Katwoman made her so horny she couldn’t stand it!  I would say that’s one hell of a recommendation.  So boys and girls, follow Cindy Behr on twitter and get a piece of a little bit of naughtiness from abroad.

Cindy Behr

Every Friday I pick a new porn star to follow and will only make Twitter accounts of stars I know for a fact are legit. The pictures shown in this post are typically from the stated stars profile page at the time the post was made however you should note these change all the time, porn stars tend to change their avatars and twitter backgrounds a lot, so if you want to see their most current Twitter profile background you should check out their twitter page.



A Valentine’s Day Chat with The Love Twins

It’s been awhile since we last chatted so what have you girls been up to?

This last year has been great for us.  We launched our own membership website at  We are trying really hard to make it a special place for us to be with our fans so we are posting more than just videos and pictures.   We want our fans to be with us and be a part of our lives.  We have some great behind the scenes stuff, interviews, chats and even two different bonus sections.  One is with videos and pics of other twin porn star sisters and the other is well like every Monday we give a bonus movie so that is the other bonus section, all of those videos.

Twins?  Other twins?  Really?  There are other twin porn stars?

Oh yah!  There is Misha and Sasha, The Russo Twins, and the Milton Twins.  We have stuff from all of these twin sisters on our site.

Sounds like you two have really put a lot of work into your website.

I think we have and I hope that others think so too. We really have enjoyed making the at home sex videos and sharing them with our fans.

So you film yourself having sex at home?  Seriously?

Oh yah!  It’s been a blast.  But it’s not always just having sex with some random guy.  We like to mix it up.  Like the other day we filmed me giving this guy a blowjob.  It was a longggg blowjob.  The poor guy couldn’t … you know.  lol  It took forever.

I guess being on camera isn’t quite as easy as some would thought.

Oh ya totally.  You have to worry about things like angels and well other people seeing you.  If you aren’t using to it, I can totally see how it might be intimidating.

It’s Valentine’s day soon and since that’s when I’ll be posting this little chat, let’s talk about love.  You and your sister in love?

Love?  Well hmmmm.  I can’t say that either of us are in “love” but we “love” being with someone special.  Does that count?

I have noticed you girls are pretty active on Twitter.  I follow you @TheLoveTwins.   Do both you and your sister chat equally or one more than the other?

My sister and I both equally try and do things but honestly Lacey is usually the one on Twitter.  She is much more talkative than I am.

How has life been treating you since your days at Vivid.  Are you glad you are on your own now or do you miss being Vivid girls?

Once you are a Vivid girl, you really are always a Vivid girl.  And while we are no longer under contract with Vivid we still work with them.  In fact, we did a movie with them this year along with the Russo Twins.  Not sure what they are going to call the movie or when it will be out but it was a lot of fun.  Here is a picture of us in one of the scenes from the movie.

So let’s play 20 questions.  I’ll ask you 20 questions, you and your sister give me a quickie answer for each.

(1) In your personal life have you ever fantasised about a person of the same sex?

Lacey: Of course!  Who hasn’t?  There are so many really hot girls out there, it would be hard not to think about them sexually.

Lyndsey: While I think some girls are really pretty, in my real life I really do prefer men so my fantasies are usually based on males.

(2) Do you have any fetishes?

Lacey:  I don’t know if it’s really a fetish but I love having sex on camera.  No seriously.  It’s such a turn on to me.

Lyndsey:  I really don’t.  I’m very vanilla, I guess they call it. 🙂

(3) How important do you think fidelity is in a relationship?

Lacey:  It really depends on the relationship I guess.  If I were married then I guess it would be more important.

Lyndsey:  Trust is the basis of any successful relationship and if you violate that trust then what kind of relationship do you really have?

(4) Have you ever had sex with a person significantly older or younger than yourself?

Lacey:  No really.  I prefer guys near my own age.

Lyndsey:  Depends on what you mean by significant.  5 years? Yes, 8 years? Yes.  15 years?  No.  I’m no Anna Nicole.

(5) Ever been to a sex party?

Lacey:  You are kidding me right?  You realize you just asked a porn star that question, right?  Of course.  More than 1. lol

Lyndsey:  Yes, my sister and I have both been to a sex party.  Actually we have hosted a few ourselves.

(6) Do you browse porn on the internet or on television?

Lacey: We have access to a lot of porn so I don’t really browse the internet for it.

Lyndsey:  I don’t surf the net for it but I do watch it.  I help my sister decide which movies to add to our site every Monday by watching them.

(7) Have you ever had phone sex?

Lacey:  No.  I’ve never been in a relationship where that even came up.

Lyndsey:  No.  I don’t know that I could do it.  I’m more shy and reserved than probably most people realize.

(8) Have you ever picked up someone from a singles bar?

Lacey:  No. I don’t know that I’ve ever been to a singles bar.

Lyndsey:  No way!  I’m much to shy for that.

(9) Would you have sex with someone for money?

Lacey:  You mean other than on film? I mean technically they pay us to have sex on film.

Lyndsey:  We get offered money all the time to have sex with fans.  We’ve been offered $10,000, $30,000 and once even $50,000 to go to Aruba with a guy for a week.  As flattering as it is that people would want to pay us crazy amounts of cash, we just don’t do it.

(10) Do you ever get jealous of your sister?

Lacey:  Of course, we are just like any other sisters.  We are maybe closer but we still have normal feelings like jealously.

Lyndsey:  Sometimes I guess.  Not really that often but ya I guess it happens.

(11) Do you see yourself married at some point?

Lacey: I hope so.  Sure.

Lyndsey:  I’m a big romantic so yes, I dream that one day I fall in love and get married.

(12) Do you think you want kids one day?

Lacey:  I don’t know.  That’s a question I guess you should ask me when I fall in love and get married. lol

Lyndsey:  Right now, hell no!  One day though when I get married of course I want the kids, the white picket fence, the dog.

(13) Who is more sexually aggressive, you or your sister?

Lacey:  Me totally.

Lyndsey:  Lacey is without a doubt.  I love sex but I’m far more reserved.

(14) Favorite show on TV right now?

Lacey: Vampire Diaries, but I also watch Chuck every week too.

Lyndsey:  My sister and I watch pretty much the same shows.  What she likes I always seem to like 2.

(15) Do you like reality TV?

Lacey: We used to watch a few shows but more and more lately I find we aren’t as interested.

Lyndsey:  Not really anymore.    I see a show like the Kardashians and it just makes me sad how fake they are.

(16) Thong or G-String?

Lacey: Thong

Lyndsey: Thong

(17) How important is money to a relationship?

Lacey:  Zero.  It’s not important at all.  I don’t care if a guy is rich or poor.  Money is irrelevant to the mechanics of a relationship.

Lyndsey: I know what I am supposed to say, that money doesn’t matter but really it kind of does.  What girl doesn’t dream of having some knight in shining armor take care of their every need.  No, I wouldn’t dumb a guy if he was poor but I admit it, I would like a guy to be able to take care of me.

(18) Will you be making more movies in the future?

Lacey:  Of course.  Without a doubt.

Lyndsey:  Ya I think so.  Maybe a few more.

(19) What is more important, family or friends?

Lacey:  Family.  Hands down, nothing is more important than family.

Lyndsey:  Family.  Family.  Family.  Family is so important and should never be taken for granted.

(20) Any male porn stars you haven’t worked with that maybe you would like to?

Lacey:  Rocco Reed is really cute.  I think he would be a lot of fun to try out.

Lyndsey:  I don’t really know many of the men out there in the business.  I don’t pay that much attention.

That’s it.  20 questions!  Thanks girls for taking the time to chat with us and answer our questions on this the day of LOVE … THE LOVE TWINS that is.  Ya guess that is a little cheezy.  Anything you girls want to say in closing?

Thanks for considering us for your site.  With our own website ( we are giving away an autographed 8×10 for anyone who joins our site this Valentine’s day.

The Love Twins Get a Makeover

Former Vivid Girls, Lacey and Lyndsey Love, the identical twin phenoms better known as The Love Twins, today announced they have relaunched their official website and are now offering fans a whole new look at their lives as porn stars at

Lyndsey Love said “Our fans kept asking when we were going to launch a membership site and start showing our movies.  At first we shied away from the idea because it was a lot of work and we didn’t even begin to how to get started and we knew if we ever did do something like this we had to be very involved in every single step.  They are our fans and they want to work with us not some weird guy we hired to do it all for us and pretend to be us.  And thanks to the help of our friends Kelli Roberts and Loryn Taylor, they made it so easy.  They helped us set things up in a way where we get to do all of our own updates, make all of our own posts, reply to fan messages, everything.

Besides the graphical overhaul, their new website includes the obligatory photos and movies that their fans can watch but also some unique features such as custom iPhone text reminders, and a feature they call Lacey vs Lyndsey where members can write in and ask for advice and both the girls give their answer in a unique twist on the he said/she said format.

The new website includes scenes from some of their more popular movies like My Evil Twin, Alphabet, Sisters Unchained and Joined at the Hip but also includes exclusive scenes the twins are shooting themselves at home.  Another interesting feature members of their new website might enjoy is a section of their website dedicated to other twin porn stars including Misha and Sasha, who were formerly known as the Sin Twins or the Anarchy Twins and there are even a few scenes from the very popular Milton Twins.

Loryn Taylor and Kelli Roberts said they will stay on and work with Lacey and Lyndsey Love including launching an affiliate program for the twins in the near future and they are even working with them on releasing a Love Twins branded novelty line.


The Love Twins first came on to the scene when they were signed by Vivid in 2005 and shortly after released their first movie Two Hot which would go on to be nominated that year for best sex comedy.  Their follow up movie True Hollywood Twins would go on to receive the same nomination the very next year.  When The Love Twins contract with Vivid Expired in 2007 they would go on to work with several other companies making movies for everyone including Digital Playground, Jules Jordan, Adam and Eve, Smash Pictures and more.  The Love Twins would also grace the covers of several men’s magazines including Swank, Club and Genesis and eventually they would launch their own official website, which they run themselves.  You can also follow them on Twitter at


Loryn Taylor has been in the business for 8 years including a 5 year tenure at the Playboy owned as a marketing manager. Eventually she ventured off onto her own, working as an independent consultant for a variety of affiliate programs setting up commission deals and cross sells deals and the money was there, enough for her to stop looking for a company to work at and start her own.   You can follow Loryn on Twitter by going to


Kelli Roberts has 15 years of industry experience, running a collection of over 50 adult websites as well as working as an independent marketing consultant with several large companies. In 2010, she wrote and produced her first movie, Hocus Pocus XXX.   She also runs the popular porn star ranking website You can follow Kelli on Twitter by going to

Happy Birthday Love Twins

Happy Birthday Love Twins

Luke Ford would like to wish a very happy birthday to Lacey and Lyndsey Love. These natives of Cleveland, Ohio were born on August 26th, 1983. The two lovely ladies are actually both very shy, believe it or not. In fact, before they started in porn, the girls had each only been with two other guys. As struggling co-eds the twins decided to give porn a try and it wasn’t long before top studios took notice and they signed exclusive contracts as “Vivid Girls”. In 2009 the twins took a year break from the industry, but they are back now, and making their comeback with The Love Twins XXX Home Movies.

The Love Twins XXX Home Movies

What do Identical Twin porn star sisters Lacey and Lyndsey Love do at home ? Apparently Quite A lot ! They decided to grab their own camera and film it all for us too!! When One sister has anal sex does the twin sister watch ?? Lacey Love does her 1st ever anal Scene!! Starring Lacy and Lyndsey Love.

Boobs! Can’t get enough of them!

When we talk about porn stars we often refer to their breast measurements.  You hear talk about someone being an “a” or even a “d” or whatever.  But what the heck does that even mean?  Well breast size really refers to bra classification and goes from the smallest A, B, C, D, and DD F, G, H and sometimes even larger.  But you will find with the much larger sizes, those girls have to get their bras custom made or from a specialty store.  It’s not like a porn star with size G breasts can just go to their local JC Penny to buy a bra.

So I thought it would be a great idea to actually show you the various cup sizes.

A Cup (Morgan Dayne’s tits)

B Cup (The Love Twins)

C Cup (Meggan Mallone)

D Cup (Tory Lane)

DD Cup – all natural (Hanna Hilton)

DD Cup (Brea Lynn)

[nggallery id=30]

Something I’ve always wanted to know is, why do breasts sag as woman get older?  Well turns out there is a very simple reason for it and it has nothing to do with gravity. 🙂  Apparently breasts get fatter as you get older. When you’re in your twenties, mammary glands are comprised of fat, milk glands and collagen. As woman get older, the collagen and milk glands get replaced by more fat. Unfortunately, the fat doesn’t make the breasts larger. It makes them sag more.

Also you also hear people joking about how her tits must way 10 pounds or whatever.  Well experts say that breast fat doesn’t really weigh all that much.  An “A” cup weighs in at a quarter of a pound while a “D” cup is about one pound.

Another fun boobie fact … did you know that an estimated 250,000 woman a year get a boob job?   The majority of women getting boob jobs will go up two full cup sizes and in the U.S. more than 2 million woman have breasts implants.

The Love Twins are back with a vengence

I seen something on Adult DVD Talk the other day that caught my attention.  Of course anytime a female posts something and makes reference to cock, that tends to grab my eye.

… it is unlike what we have come to know of the girls from their previous movies. There is no glitz and glam. There are no attempts at trying to act. It’s just raw passion. I’ve not seen the girls have such an appetite for a cock before.

I checked out the trailer for the movie and it looks like this may be true.  The Love Twins in most of their Vivid movies always lacked that insatiable appetite for sex.  That passion, that vigor that makes you go DAMN THEY REALLY WANT THAT COCK.  I’ve always liked their three way scenes when they are giving head.  They have that shit down to an art-form but now I must admit, I really can’t wait to check out this movie.

It will be nice to see the twins in a less directed, more free, FUCK ME NOW kind of way.  I’m not the biggest fan of amateur home movies but the one thing I can say for them is that you get a raw energy in them that you don’t tend to get from the scripted scenes.

The Love Twins XXX Home Movies” is now available on DVD

click here to view the trailer

[nggallery id=29]

Identical twin porn stars, The Love Twins, Lacey and Lyndsey Love mark their return to hardcore with the release of The Love Twins XXX Home Movies. This movie is the first in a new line that Amateur District is producing which features the real amateur footage of famous stars.

This new series is quite a departure from what Amateur District is known for. Typically Amateur District releases titles featuring real amateurs girls they find on the streets, at golf courses and shopping malls. But the XXX Home Movies series marks the first time that Amateur District will purposely feature movies with famous porn stars.

Kelli Roberts, marketing coordinator for Amateur District says “When I first started doing marketing for Amateur District I had this project in mind. I knew that a lot of famous girls were out there shooting their own amateur type footage for their websites so I made contact with several of them and suggested they let us have some of the footage they shoot to release on DVD. It’s a win / win for everyone because their fans get to see some unique footage of the girls, shot at home by the porn stars themselves on DVD while at the same time the press for the release of the movies helps market their own websites. So in the end everybody is happy. Fans of the Amateur District line want to see the real footage, the stuff that isn’t all edited up and faked. They want to see the real deal and that is exactly what this series gives them.”

The Love Twins XXX Home Movies features all scenes that the girls shot themselves. The literally went out bought a camera and filmed themselves having sex and gave it to Amateur District who then turned it into a movie for them.

The Love Twins XXX Home Movies will be released on August 2, 2010. The Love Twins XXX Home Movies as with all Amateur District titles are distributed exclusively through Pulse Distribution. For wholesale inquiries please contact Howard Levine at Pulse Distribution at or by calling (818) 435-1607.

The Love Twins first came on to the scene when they were signed by Vivid in 2005 and shortly after released their first movie Two Hot which would go on to be nominated that year for best sex comedy. Their follow up movie True Hollywood Twins would go on to recieve the same nomination the very next year.

When The Love Twins contract with Vivid Expired in 2007 they would go on to work with several other companies making movies for everyone including Digital Playground, Jules Jordan, Adam and Eve, Smash Pictures and more. The Love Twins would also go on to grace the covers of several men’s magazines including Swank, Club and Genesis. The girls would also go on to launch their own official website, which they run themselves. It is a free website where their fans can go to keep up with what they are doing, preview their movies and just chat with the girls. You can also follow them on Twitter at

Amateur District movies provide genuine Amateur content and is considered a one of the premier amateur lines. The Amateur District line of movies was originally launched in October of 2006 with the release of their first movie, Absolute Asses and within a year had their first of what would turn out to be many award nominations. Amateur District produces quality amateur movies and their official website is located at You can also follow Amateur District on Twitter by going to

Follow THE LOVE TWINS on Twitter

Every Friday on Twitter people do this thing called Follow Me Friday where you pick one or more names from your list of friends / followers and suggest them to your other friends / followers so they can follow them too.  So I thought, what a great idea! Every Friday I’ll pick some hot and sexy porn star and this week the pick is @TheLoveTwins

The Love Twins

Every Friday I pick a new porn star to follow and will only make Twitter accounts of stars I know for a fact are legit.  The pictures shown in this post are from the stated stars profile page at the time the post was made however you should note these change all the time.  If you want to see their most current Twitter profile background you should check out their twitter page.

The Love Twins Have Some XXX Rated Home Movies

Recently I confirmed a rumor that Lacey Love of the Love Twins was doing an anal scene. Well I finally have a few more details about this movie I have been hearing so much about.

The Love Twins are not making another movie with any other studios. But what they are doing is releasing what they are calling their XXX Home Movies, which is a collection of random scenes of them, that they have shot all themselves, true amateur style. They shot all of the footage themselves and I am told the movie should be in stores sometime in July of this year.


I sat down with Lacey Love to ask her a few questions about their latest project.

You typically hear of amateur girls going pro. Minus the release of a few celebrity sex tapes here and there, this is the first time I’ve heard of pros, going amateur. You guys are former Vivid girls, used to working on big budget features, what in the world made you decide to do this movie?

We had the same reservations when we thought about doing this. Our fans are used to seeing us in a certain way and we weren’t sure about doing the amateur stuff because of that. But then a friend pointed out that there is a huge audience who likes just the amateur stuff, just like there are people who only like feature films with plots, so we really are releasing this title for those people, the fans who like the amateur genre of movies. It’s something we’ve never done before and we hope they like it.

Anal sex in a homemade movie  That’s just fucking crazy.  You could have sold your first anal scene for a ton of money.  What were you thinking?

This isn’t about the money.  Don’t get me wrong, money is great but doing this movie our way allows us to do things the way we want.  The anal sex you see in our movie isn’t simulated or staged.  It is a night of great sex between me and this guy I was seeing at the time named Mike.  That is what we wanted to share with our fans, real moments, not staged or scripted “scenes”.  We wanted them to see us having real sex.  No matter how hard you try, you just can’t capture that in a professional production.

You and your sister suck a furious cock.  Will we be seeing any tag team BJs in this movie?

Duh!  Totally!  My sister and I team up on Mike in this movie.    When I first started this project, I wasn’t sure Lyndsey would be on board so I made the deal with just me and Mike doing our thing.  Then later on we brought in Lyndsey.  It was so great.  I’m glad she agreed to do it with me.  I don’t think it would have been half as good if she wasn’t in on the project with me.  She’s my twin sister, my other half.  I don’t feel complete without here.

Will you be doing more movies?

I hope so.  I hope that our fans like it enough to want us to do more movies like this in the future.  We do have one professional movie scheduled for the end of this year with Kelli from Klub Kelli.  But at this point I don’t know much else about the movie.  She’s mentioned a few things here and there but I’m still not even sure what the movie is about.

As far as our own movies go, we have a really great movie in mind.  I can’t reveal to much right now but basically it is a movie where the fans help us make it.   Can you imagine, an entire movie where the fans produce it.  They pick the scenes, the costumes, the co-stars, everything.  How much fun will that be?

Are you fucking kidding me?  That sounds like a great idea.  I’m abso-fucking-lutely on board with this project.  Any idea when you will be starting it?

Well yes and no.  We are about 90% complete with setting it all up.  When we are done I promise to come back and let you know.  For now we are trying to put together the final touches and it’s taking a little longer than hoped but we want it all to work.

What else do you have going on?

We started selling autographed 8x10s of ourselves on our website. You can check those out at

Other than that, we don’t really have much else going on. Lyndsey is addicted to Farmville on Facebook. LOL  But ya, that’s about it. Oh ya, we got to many friends on Facebook so we had to create a fan page. That is