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We haven’t really done a twitter Follow Friday pick lately so I thought now would be as good as time as any to start that tradition back up.  So what hottie did I pick for you to follow this week?  None other than @CindyBehr.  I decided to pick a UK hottie in honor of Princess Zara Phillips’ marriage this week in Scotland.  Cindy Behr is a Bluebird Films UK contract star.

She’s been in a lot of their movies like Motorbirds, Blonde Confessions, Psychoward, What the Butler Saw, Twinz and even the highly awarded Bat FXXX: A dark knight parody … Which some call one of the best adult movies ever made.  I don’t know if that is true but I know the special effects in it were amazing and according to one of @TheLoveTwins, watching Batman fuck Katwoman made her so horny she couldn’t stand it!  I would say that’s one hell of a recommendation.  So boys and girls, follow Cindy Behr on twitter and get a piece of a little bit of naughtiness from abroad.

Cindy Behr

Every Friday I pick a new porn star to follow and will only make Twitter accounts of stars I know for a fact are legit. The pictures shown in this post are typically from the stated stars profile page at the time the post was made however you should note these change all the time, porn stars tend to change their avatars and twitter backgrounds a lot, so if you want to see their most current Twitter profile background you should check out their twitter page.



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