Someone IS Taking It Up The Ass

As I reported last week, there was a nice little rumor that one or maybe both of the Love Twins would be performing again on video and that at least one of them would be taking it up the ass.  Turns out, I was right.  My source did not let me down.

The Love Twins themselves have now confirmed this rumor via twitter.

Here is what they’ve had to say about it all ….

  • They are doing a POV style movie that features Lacey’s real life boyfriend. (source)
  • One scene in the movie will be a POV BJ scene that includes both Lacey and Lyndsey Love.  One scene in the movie has Lacey Love doing anal. (source)
  • One scene in the movie will feature just Lacey Love playing with herself and the blow job scene that features both the Love Twins ends in a facial.  (source)
  • The girls are now brunettes (see twitter pics shown below)
  • This movie should be in stores sometime late this summer (source)
  • They shot the entire movie themselves – so it will be considered amateur footage (source and source)
  • They do have plans to do one professional movie that is scheduled to be shot later in the year.  That movie will be from the producers of Hocus Pocus XXX (source)

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