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Movie Description: Meggan and her best friend are on their last fling to California from their home town in Ohio. It’s their last chance for fun before settling down in the heartland. They meets an adventurous, romantic Bohemian artist, a California original, and with her comes a … morehost of sexy seaside men…and suddenly all the old rules seem not to apply. Adult’s most awarded director, Paul Thomas, brings together Malibu, Meggan, threeways and facials, in a sand, sun and sex spectacular, Meggan Does Malibu. It’s a tale told as only Paul Thomas can, from the people who do sex and story best…Vivid. Starring Meggan Mallone, Gianna Lynn, Holly West, Jennifer Dark, Rocco Reed, Alan Stafford, Trent Tesoro, and Joey Brass. This movie is available on DVD.

Hello my name is Mandee and well this is officially my first movie review for the Luke Ford website.   I will be posting several movie reviews for you in the future so I hope you find them helpful.

The first scene starts off with Meggan Mallone walking around in jean shorts and a pink polka dot bikini top. She meets up with a friend of hers and they get a stranger to take their photo together as if they were tourists.  Turns out the two are supposed to be from Ohio there in California for a vacation.

Eventually they make their way to the beach and again run into the guy who took their picture earlier. He helps them in their pursuit of finding some celebrities. They find their way onto his boat and as her friend goes to take a phone call Meggan and the stranger, played by Rocco Reed to start to make out. Making out leads to fucking in just about every part of his boat house.   These two are great together.  It’s a very good scene in terms of sexual energy and passion.

In the next scene we see Gianna Lynn playing with her breasts, then heads to the couch to see her fiance.  She misses him and she can’t wait to have sex with him.  As he starts to eat her pussy you notice right away she didn’t shave that day. With a day or so worth of growth on her pussy it gives it a very unusually dark look. It’s hard to explain how it looks other than to say it looks weird. I felt sorry for the dude trying to eat her pussy. You know that fucking stubble didn’t feel good.

Next Gianna Lynn got face fucked then they made their way to the bed and she rode his cock. This scene was strangely not Paul Thomas like. The energy just wasn’t there at all. Normally he gets more out of her performers but this time it just looked so strangely forced. She was trying to hard and the guy was just phoning it in. Trent Tesoro didn’t have much chemistry with Gianna Lynn at all.  While they were fucking thy got interrupted. It seems the maid came in to clean the room. As she said she would come back later he told her that was okay. Instead he threw her on the couch and started fucking her. Her seemed far more into Holly West than he did the last girl.  Soon Gianna Lynn joined the two and it made for a great threesome. The scene got much better when Holly West joined the mix.  The scene ended rather strangely. While her man was still fucking the maid, she quickly jumped out of bed, put on her clothes, grabbed her suitcase and took off. The other two didn’t seem to notice or case or care that the chick took off.

In the next scene she hooks up with not one, but two men, neither of which were her fiance. The two men she hooks up with this time are Alan Stafford and Joey Brass. There seems to be very little reason as to why she decided to go off and fuck two other guys when her fiance was in town, other than “some unfinished business” but this is a porno so really do you need a reason to fuck?  Gianna Lynn is more sexually aggressive than most females so pairing her with the right men is important. You can really see the difference from the last scene and the sex just comes off much hotter. Again the only real problem I have with her is that the bitch really needs to shave her fucking pussy. That shot looks so fucking nasty because, all black and seriously, someone buy the bitch a fucking razor already.

At the end of the scene both the men unload on her nice, big titties.  That was pretty hot.

In the next scene it’s time for everyone to go back to Ohio or Idaho, wherever they are from.  Meggan Mallone reveals she is going to stay in California and move in with the guy she fucked the other day. In this part of the movie Meggan and Gianna Lynn’s fiance have a heated exchange of words where basically he calls her a slut for just hooking up and moving in with some random guy.  What is interesting about this scene is that in real life Meggan Mallone was in a relationship with Trent.  But by the way those two went at each other, you wouldn’t have guessed it.  Guess it’s true what they said about Paul Thomas and his ability to bring out the best in any porn actress.

Meggan Mallone heads over to her new place and it is there she meets his crazy ex-girlfriend played by Jennifer Dark.  The three seem to get along rather well and that of course leads to a great threeway that ends in him unloading on their faces and in their mouths.

In all the movie was about an hour and 34 minutes long but still unusual to have only 4 scenes. Most movies today have 5 sex scenes in that same time period, but this was had some rather long sex so in all the movie only included the 4 scenes.

The movie ends and Meggan going on her way. thinking about her time in Malibu and moving into her own apartment which interestingly enough just so happens to have been the same location that they shot Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel.
At the very end you get a shot of Paul Thomas on the Pier in a cameo.

On a strange note, the movie credits say it was written and directed by Chuck Lords, yet most sources of information say it was directed by Paul Thomas. Since Paul Thomas made the non-sex cameo at the end of the movie that would make sense. So I did some digging and it turns out Chuck Lords is just another name Paul Thomas uses to attach his name to projects he isn’t particularly proud of.
Overall I would say if you are a fan of Meggan Mallone then this movie is a must have. She looks hot, fucks great and has two sex scenes in the movie.

This movie is available on DVD

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