Meggan Mallone Leaves Vivid

Ready for this shocker? My sources are telling me that Meggan Mallone didn’t renew her contract with Vivid. Her contract was due to expire around the first of December and everyone expected her to resign, as she was one of the most active Vivid girls, attending all of the Vivid related publicity events and taking up extra scenes with others flake out during filming.

However at last minute for whatever reason she didn’t resign with them. We don’t have the exact reason for her departure from Vivid as of yet, but one rumor is it has something to do with Hanna Hilton’s exit from the business as well, yet while another source said “she is doing great, just needed a break”.

There is yet another source who says Meggan will return to work for other companies after the new year, but I can’t get anyone who can confirm that to be true or not.   I don’t know much else about Meggan right now.  I am still digging for more information on this story and will update you when I find it.

Meggan Mallone

9 thoughts on “Meggan Mallone Leaves Vivid

  1. Oh fuck. The only one at Vivid, besides Savanna, that I cared about and had potential to be THE girl at Vivid for the future. What did they do to her??

    Vivid did recently also just buy one of her domains.

  2. Read her Myspace status & mood updates. Something bad happened and now she hasn’t logged into Myspace and Twitter in three weeks. One week after she first left, Vivid buys one of her domains when they hadn’t before.

  3. i care man

    meggan is one of my favorites right now

    i hope she doesn’t leave porn all together

  4. I’ll email it to you. I had asked her on Twitter if I could message her at Myspace about her domains and she said yes. I tried to request to be friends or even send her a message and couldn’t because we need to know her email address. So I tried telling her on Twitter and she didn’t reply because she had been away. Now Vivid bought one of her domains, the one I was trying to get her to buy.

  5. Is she still even with Matrix models? Because I notice they list her as 19, yet she hasn’t been 19 in like 4 years.

  6. Many agencies lie about a woman’s age. Many agencies still list a woman that either left them months earlier or a woman that has already retired.

  7. I saw that she deleted her twitter page I guess she really is following Hanna Hilton footsteps.

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