“The Graduate XXX: A Paul Thomas Parody” Box Art

“The Graduate XXX: A Paul Thomas Parody” Box Art

Invokes the Classic Tale of Seduction

Scheduled to Release September 30 from Exile Distribution,

“The Graduate XXX” Stars India Summer, Raven Alexis & Anthony Rosano!

Paul Thomas Presents and Exile Distribution reveal the box art for “The Graduate XXX: A Paul Thomas Parody.” Featuring Ben (Anthony Rosano) staring longingly at Mrs. Robinson’s leg (India Summer), the cover perfectly invokes the classic movie of seduction. “The Graduate XXX” is available on DVD September 30 and also stars Raven Alexis, Dale Dabone, Veronica Avluv, Kagney Lin Karter, Lexi Belle, Marie McCray, James Bartholet, Herschel Savage, Rod Fontana and Ron Jeremy.

To download the box art for “The Graduate XXX: A Paul Thomas Parody,” visit http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7ES3OKWL.

To view the safe-for-work trailer for “The Graduate XXX: A Paul Thomas Parody,” visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=929q00V9tlA.

“For me, ‘The Graduate’ is about a younger generation’s struggles to step out of the shadow of their parents and find their own path in life,” states Director Paul Thomas. “While beautiful and funny, the original at times beats the viewer over the head with its symbolism of isolation, suffocation and alienation. It is this aspect ‘The Graduate XXX’ hones in on in a satirical manner. In place of Benjamin’s classic look of uncertainty on the original cover, we’ve replaced it with lust. After all, when a beauty like Mrs. Robinson says to undress, the woes of the world can wait.”

“The Graduate XXX: A Paul Thomas Parody” puts a XXX spin on one of mainstream media’s most promiscuous features. Just like the original, “The Graduate XXX” follows the life of Ben (Anthony Rosano) after he graduates college. Ben falls in love with Elaine Robinson (Raven Alexis), but in the process gets mixed up in an affair with his parents’ friend and Elaine’s mother, Mrs. Robinson (India Summer). The parody treats viewers to a movie ripe with perfect comedic timing, erotic encounters, and an all star cast including Dale Dabone, Veronica Avluv, Kagney Linn Karter, Lexi Belle, Marie McCray, James Bartholet, Herschel Savage, Rod Fontana and Ron Jeremy.

Distributors interested in requesting the adult trailer for “The Graduate XXX” may email Howard with Exile Distribution – Howard@exiledist.com.

Paul Thomas directed 12 films honored with AVN’s Best Picture award. The production company, Paul Thomas Presents gives the famed director the freedom to fully explore the darker aspects of his mind and soul to create cutting-edge, erotic films. Paul Thomas Presents’ first releases included the award nominated films “The Twilight Zone Porn Parody” and “Pervert”. “The Graduate XXX” reveals a new side to the prestigious director, as Paul Thomas looks to make it his 13th Best Picture.

Exile Distribution is aiding retailers and preventing online piracy of “The Graduate XXX: A Paul Thomas Parody” by employing Takedown Piracy (www.TakedownPiracy.com). Takedown Piracy is the most effective companies patrolling the Internet for pirated content and copyright infringements. Its services help steer consumers back to stores.

About Paul Thomas:
Paul Thomas is a storyteller, filmmaker and sexual pioneer. He is also the most prolific and awarded director in the history of adult entertainment. Paul Thomas’ erotic features have been the gauge of quality XXX movies for over twenty-five years. From timeless classics “Justine” and “Masseuse”, to bestselling re-imaginings of “Debbie Does Dallas”, “Deep Throat” and “The Devil in Miss Jones”, PT has created the most mainstream relevant adult films ever. His new company, Paul Thomas Presents will explore the darker, psychosexual nature of human nature in the most uncompromising and intelligent means possible. For more information, visit www.Twitter.com/PaulThomasX.

About Exile Distribution:
Exile Distribution is a new, high-end adult movie distribution company offering the best product available. Overseen by President of Sales Howard Levine and owned by Exquisite Multimedia, Inc.’s Jerry, Exile draws upon the knowledge of two of the adult industry’s most successful salesmen. Maintaining a small and selective client list, Exile specializes in providing personal attention. Exile’s no-compete policy ensures the company will throw its full support behind each title it represents. Retailers and distributors may always expect an extensive knowledge of the movies offered through Exile, meeting with market trends and demands. Exile Distribution combines the respectable sales practices of the past with elite business foresight. For more information, visit http://ExileDist.com.

Paul Thomas is out B. Skow is in

I guess out with the old, in with the new would probably have been a better headline but then would you have really known I was talking about Paul Thomas no longer being under contract with Vivid after 20 longer years?

After a very long and unusual relationship, Paul Thomas seems to no longer be with Vivid.  This is according to a post made on Adult DVD Talk from Howard Levine of Pulse Distribution who now reps the Vivid line of products.  When asked what happened to Paul Thomas Howard reply that he simply has moved on.


In response to working with B. Skow he reveals “Our directors are pretty much B Skow right now, who has received nothing but glowing reviews everywhere.  To be honest with you, everything i have come out with in the last 10 months that he has done, has sold out of first printing and has been reordered. It has legs.”

He goes on to say “He is the best director we have had in a long time.”

If you like, you can follow B. Skow on Twitter.

So what exactly happened to Paul Thomas? Howard says in another post in that same thread “he has moved on to do make movies for other companies as well as Vivid. He is no longer under contract. It was all amicable. He is a great guy and a great director. He has been with Vivid for 20 years, it us just time to do other things.

paul thomas

Thought of the day — Paul Thomas

I was thinking back to something Monique Alexander said at the show after accepting her award and it was just a small comment that didn’t even register in my head at the time but it was something to the effect of how her and Paul Thomas have had their problems.

monique-alexander-paul-thomasphoto source: AVN

Don’t know why I started thinking about it but when I did suddenly my mind wondered to thoughts of the time Paul Thomas was on the set of one of the movies he was directing for Briana Banks and how he brought her to tears, as he discussed how much he hated girls with big fake boobs and how it disgusted him and how looking at them made him want to toss his lunch.  Mind you Briana Banks was about 10 feet away at the time and heard every word.

Then I flashed to the behind the scenes footage I seen once of Paul Thomas working with our very own Love Twins, Lacey and Lyndsey and while directing the girls in a scene made an off hand remark, perhaps not realizing the behind the scenes camera was nearby about how stupid they were and he hopes to never have to work with them again.  Of course I should mention that one of the twins were only about 3 feet away when he made the nasty comment.  I remember watching that footage and thinking to myself what a total douche Paul Thomas was for being so mean to those girls.  They were only doing exactly what he told them to do.  Then scolded them and called them idiots for following his direction. Years later I hear he is still bad mouthing the Love Twins.

Then I remember hearing something about Paul Thomas and Jenna Jameson having issues working together and recall something in the Vivid Valley series where he makes some nasty remarks about her.  With so many Vivid girls having problems with the same guy, did nobody over at Vivid think that maybe just maybe it’s not a problem with the talent it’s a problem with the ego of the director?

Then I let my mind wonder a little more and remember a comment Devon once made about him more than 10 years ago.  It’s been far to long to remember her exact words but I think the phrase “ass hole” was used a few times to describe him.

Is there anyone this guy gets along with?  Apparently not many of the Vivid girls.

Since he’s such a dick to so many of the Vivid girls and this has been a long standing issue going on years now, why do they continue to employ him?  Is it because he wins awards?  Because seriously wouldn’t it make sense that the movies would be better if they had a director who worked better with the girls so you would in theory have a chance at winning even more awards?

In an interview Briana Banks did in Vegas this year she makes a side little comment about enjoying drama free sets.  One can’t help but wonder if the drama she refers to is that which Paul Thomas tends to create with his hostile work environments.

Why would Vivid pay a man to work with their girls who goes out of his way to make them feel like inadequate pieces of shit?

Porn Star Uncovers Anti Porn Scam

Lies, Fraud, Felonies, Naked Girls … no I’m not talking about the plot of the next Paul Thomas feature for Vivid, I’m actually talking about the tag lines for a so called “not for profit” organization that claims to be a human rights advocacy group to help ex porn stars.

I have a great story for you today my friends. Kayden Kross is a well spoken advocate of well … PORN. She likes to suck cock and gets paid to do it but even more interesting is that she is also someone who has a

A recent story published over at Mike South by the one and only Porn Star Kayden Kross, which was meant to be a rant about Shelley Lubben of the Pink Cross Foundation, turns out to unveil a little felony going on.

Kayden Kross Blogs : Ha ha funny story: Shelley and I were on the radio yesterday and she spent the whole time talking over me. I was quiet for her while she made her points and then she spoke over the top of me when it was my turn to speak. Picture a third grader with her finger in her ears saying “lalalalalala I can’t hear you lalalalala”. It was not far off from that. But I was able to get a few things in. Her reaction was incredible when I pointed out that her Pink Cross foundation was not, in fact, a non-profit. According to the Attorney General’s office, there is no Pink Cross Foundation on file as a charitable organization. The only records are a filing with the Secretary of State as a regular corporation. She started ranting “Yes it is Yes it is i care about these girls you don’t know what they go through…..!!!”. Picture a raving lunatic. It was not far off from that either. The distinction needs to be made: just because you aren’t making money off of it doesn’t mean it’s a non profit.

Interesting … it seems that The Pink Cross foundation isn’t a Not For Profit company after all, despite the fact that this is how the represent themselves and that my friends is FRAUD … and a felony in most states.


As a result of this the Pink Cross Foundation website now states they are pending their non profit status however we’ve all heard Shelley Lubben state for how long now that they are a non profit organization?  Can anyone say FRAUD?  Here is a screenshot taken directly from the Pink Cross Foundation Website on June 22, 2008.  Apparently you can back date donations and make them tax exempt even though they were donated prior to an organization legally gaining tax exempt status.  Very interesting.  I did not know that.


Now here is another screenshot taken the very same day.  Notice on this one they are claiming not for profit status and even more funny is that claim to make a difference in “millions of lives”.    MILLIONS OF LIVES?  WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS  BITCH SMOKING?  Seriously!