Devon gets her dance on

Hey all you Devon fans out there, this weekend you need to take your ass to Vegas if for nothing else than to catch an eye full of the one and only Devon who will be shaking her money maker this weekend at Sapphire June 4-6th.  She blogged about her appearance on her myspace page.  Here is what she had to say …

Friday, June 05, 2009
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Hey everybody!! Just landed in Vegas! Will be dancing at THE GENTLEMENS CLUB, SAPPHIRE!! Thursday, through till Saturday nites! (the 4th, 5th, & 6th.! all @ SAPPHIRE!) So cum on out & visit with me! Do a lil dance, make a lil luv, get down 2 nite!! 🙂 Kisses! xoxo, Devon….


Devon Responds to the Drama

Devon made another blog post about all the drama around her last post.  I don’t know if this newest blog post from Devon is in direct response to the letter from Shane’s  World or the overall nasty comments coming her way from her original post.


Devon blogs Telling the truth, really seems 2 have caused a stirr…& honestly the reason ive distanced myself from the whole porno scene, is BECAUSE of the incodences that occored on that unimaginably awfull trip 2 mexico, nearly 2 years ago…come on…would that not make sense……thats all i have 2 say on this subject rt now. Except, Thank u, 2 all friends, n fans who have sent me many messages of luv, & support! Thank u. xoxo, Dev.

In the mean time, thanks to a cute little birdie, I came across another interesting rape related story regarding Shane’s World over at PornNewz. Count just how many times the word “rape” is used in this one very short story.

From PornNewz Post -Girlfriends Films has hired industry veteran Megan Stokes as the new VP of New Project Development. I heard the “new project” is a weapons-grade plutonium factory in Northern Lithunia. But now that Megan has departed from Shane’s World, I feel safe to air our dirty laundry. Here it goes. On more than one occasion…Megan raped me. She wasn’t pleasant about it either, it was a love-less rape, almost like being in a Max Hardcore movie where I was playing the role of Catalina complete with speculums and she even had her own Yellow Couch of Doom. She was brutal and her rapes were meticulously planned out to humiliate me to the highest degree. Her rape-style was a combination of Max Hardcore and Khan Tusion mixed with Eli Roth and Celine Dion. And she kept me chained up in the basement of Shane’s World where I was forced to watch Disney movies and read catalogs about shoes. Megan also would randomly slap people at Shane’s World for no reason whatsoever, she’d just backhand ya right in the middle of a conversation. She had a penchant for going all “Jerry Springer” on us on more than one occasion. I can’t tell you how many times I had to pull her and Valerie See apart as they argued over which one was going to rape me next. It was pure hell. So that being said…I’d like to wish Megan all the best in her future endeavors, which I’m sure will include raping Moose and TJ over at Girlfriends. Watch yer cornhole guys.

Shane’s World Responds to Devon

I got a letter today about the ongoing Devon story in which she claims while on a Shane’s World set of her movie Devon Does Baja she was raped by Jack Venice, who is now himself serving life in prison for an unrelated rape.

Shane’s World has read the false and unfortunate defamatory posting of Devon as relates to the alleged actions of Jack Venice. Shane’s World categorically denies the statements made by Devon, and intends to vigorously pursue all legal avenues to redress Devon’s improper and defamatory statements.

While it is not the custom or practice of Shane’s World to comment upon such matters, given the severity of the allegations Shane’s World is compelled to respond in this instance. First, at no time whatsoever did Devon ever report, state or even suggest that she was physically or sexually assaulted at any time by Mr. Venice. This is the first suggestion of such inappropriate conduct. One would think that Devon would have reported the matter to law enforcement, but she glaringly fails to make any mention of doing so. Shane’s World can only assume that Devon is attempting to malign Shane’s World’s reputation in retaliation for her own misgivings and decline in her career.

Shane’s World/Hush Hush Entertainment

Harsh fan reaction to Devon

After Devon made her post on MySpace, that I reported on yesterday she has since had some brutal fan reaction.


This one comment from a fan pretty much sums it up.

Either someone has taken over this myspace page again or you – DEVON – really are nuts. You put your fans through some big time crap with those allegations a few months ago. Then you said you would explain it all. Tha never happened. You just disappeared for months and months. Now here you are again with the same crap.

Is someone writing this for you?

Does this page belong to porn star Devon or is some idiot making this stuff and putting it on your page?

Did something really happen to you while on that Shane’s shoot or did you just not the like contract you signed and you decided to be a flake again…which you have done all your career?

Well Devon, are you ever going to really set things straight? Just come out and do it. Tell us if this is your page. Tell us this isn’t your page. Tell us the truth if there is a real story out there.

Because im tired of this and its hard being your fan with all this crap.

You know the sad truth is, there seems to be some strong sources out there to back up Devon’s story and like the lack of support she got from Shane’s world, she is now also getting no support from her own fans. Is this sort of a side effect of being a porn star? Are these girls just supposed to accept sexual abuse as well? I feel bad for Devon. I don’t know if any part of any story is true or not. Did Jack Vencie rape Devon? Fuck if I know. But what I do know is, Devon may be a famous porn star but she’s a human being too and she clearly needs someone in her corner and obviously that isn’t what she has. That’s kind of fucked up if you ask me.

Did Jack Venice Rape Devon?

You won’t believe this story. Well maybe you will. It wasn’t to long ago that we learned Shane’s World has control of Devon’s official website, won’t release it back to her and recently turned in into a tranny links list, presumably out of revenge. This was also about the same time that Casey Parker left Shane’s World and the other rumors about the company having serious problems were coming out. Since then nobody has really heard a word. That is, until now.



Devon blogs on her official myspace page — Wednesday, May 06, 2009 – YES, IT IS TRUE… Category: Life

For everyone who has asked over the last 2 years, YES, it is indeed TRUE, the rumors of what occored during the shooting of Devon does Baja, was by far the WORST experience imaginable….(take a look @ the track records of some of the performers they continue 2 promote…such as, convicted, imprisoned, sex offenders.)

The rumors were that i was raped, by jack venice, who is now serving life in prison 4 raping a collage girl, in i think, sandiego, n also that there was very severe physical, n verball abouse, all of wich is indeed true. even the owners of the company shanes world, new about it, yet did nothing….that would b y i never did another movie 4 shanes world. if u get a chance, check out their site, they r still promting jack venice, who has been convicted of rape, n is now serving a life sentance. will not be up 4 paroll 4 at least 10 years….so karma really is a bitch, cuz it came back around n got that piece of shit! xoxo, Devon.

You can find out more news about what is going on with Devon’s career at

What the fuck is going on over at Shane’s world?

First we hear news that one of their long time VPs leaves Shane’s World for a job over at Girlfriend films. Next thing is we hear that Casey Parker left them. Next I notice something very strange and that was that they now control Devon’s official website and instead of developing it, they make into a links list for trannies, shemales and interracial porn.    That’s some fucked up shit man.  I don’t care how pissed you are at a former client, you don’t do shit like that.  It’s low brow and down right unprofessional.   What the fuck is wrong with people today?  Here is a screen capture of what they put up at her official website.


From what I was told this was done without her knowledge or permission.   Devon who is currently represented by Goldstar Modeling, took a short break at the end of last year (From August 2008 – Dec 2008), only to recently return to working just this month.  From what I have been able to gather, Devon turned over control of her domain name after she left Digital Playground.   The folks over at Shane’s World said if she did that they would develop a new official website for her and so she released control of the domain name for the sole purpose of them creating a new website for her. Despite many promises to do so, they never actually did.

Here is a screen capture of the whois record of ownership for the domain name.


Devon began working with a webmaster and graphics company on her own but something with that deal fell through.  We can only speculate as to what is going on over at Shane’s World but the rumor mill has it that Shane’s World isn’t doing well and by their recent unprofessional behavior with the handeling of Devon’s official website, who mind you only turned it over to them because they promised to develop it with her, we can see there just may be some truth behind these rumors of their imminent demise.

Thought of the day — Paul Thomas

I was thinking back to something Monique Alexander said at the show after accepting her award and it was just a small comment that didn’t even register in my head at the time but it was something to the effect of how her and Paul Thomas have had their problems.

monique-alexander-paul-thomasphoto source: AVN

Don’t know why I started thinking about it but when I did suddenly my mind wondered to thoughts of the time Paul Thomas was on the set of one of the movies he was directing for Briana Banks and how he brought her to tears, as he discussed how much he hated girls with big fake boobs and how it disgusted him and how looking at them made him want to toss his lunch.  Mind you Briana Banks was about 10 feet away at the time and heard every word.

Then I flashed to the behind the scenes footage I seen once of Paul Thomas working with our very own Love Twins, Lacey and Lyndsey and while directing the girls in a scene made an off hand remark, perhaps not realizing the behind the scenes camera was nearby about how stupid they were and he hopes to never have to work with them again.  Of course I should mention that one of the twins were only about 3 feet away when he made the nasty comment.  I remember watching that footage and thinking to myself what a total douche Paul Thomas was for being so mean to those girls.  They were only doing exactly what he told them to do.  Then scolded them and called them idiots for following his direction. Years later I hear he is still bad mouthing the Love Twins.

Then I remember hearing something about Paul Thomas and Jenna Jameson having issues working together and recall something in the Vivid Valley series where he makes some nasty remarks about her.  With so many Vivid girls having problems with the same guy, did nobody over at Vivid think that maybe just maybe it’s not a problem with the talent it’s a problem with the ego of the director?

Then I let my mind wonder a little more and remember a comment Devon once made about him more than 10 years ago.  It’s been far to long to remember her exact words but I think the phrase “ass hole” was used a few times to describe him.

Is there anyone this guy gets along with?  Apparently not many of the Vivid girls.

Since he’s such a dick to so many of the Vivid girls and this has been a long standing issue going on years now, why do they continue to employ him?  Is it because he wins awards?  Because seriously wouldn’t it make sense that the movies would be better if they had a director who worked better with the girls so you would in theory have a chance at winning even more awards?

In an interview Briana Banks did in Vegas this year she makes a side little comment about enjoying drama free sets.  One can’t help but wonder if the drama she refers to is that which Paul Thomas tends to create with his hostile work environments.

Why would Vivid pay a man to work with their girls who goes out of his way to make them feel like inadequate pieces of shit?

The Love Twins Go Gold … Goldstar that is.

As I reported last month, The Love Twins’ manager now heads up Goldstar’s New York office and as everyone expected the girls have now officially made the move from LA Direct Models to Goldstar.   That’s right, The Love Twins are now with Goldstar.   They are in good company because just last week Sunny Leone also left LA Direct Models and signed with Goldstar and of course Goldstar also reps another former Vivid girl, Devon, although she hasn’t really been active in making movies since late August (when her AIM test last expired).

This announcement was made the day the girls got home from their last trip to LA.  I tried to reach the girls for common but understandably they were tired and only gave me a short statement which said that they are happy with all that Derek (aka Ben English) has done for them after they left Vivid but they also look forward to the new adventures that they will have while with Goldstar.

The Love Twins official website

Sunny Leone Goes Gold

As news broke about Sunny Leone leaving LA Direct Models, which happened about October 15th, or as LA Direct Models put it, Contrary to the press report issued by Ms Leone in the last few days, it would not be truthful to say that Ms Leone has departed the agency.    Rather, the agency has found it increasingly difficult to work with the new manager of Ms Leone and had reached the conclusion that things had reached a point at which it might be better for her to seek an alternate agency.

Sunny Leone apparently went over to Goldstar Modeling.   Just today I found this listing featuring Sunny Leone on the Goldstar website.  This is where the story gets interesting and quite twisted.  Goldstar Modeling reps Devon, former Vivid girl, who at this point is their only really BIG client, so adding Sunny Leone to their lineup is a huge bonus.  Goldstar recently bought up Blue Max models and named the former owner as the new head of Goldstar New York.  Why this is interesting is this this guy is the one manager of The Love Twins, also former Vivid girls, who mind you has LA Direct Models act as their booking agent, at least for their LA gigs.  Of course if you look at their profile page you will see that they can’t even bother to spell one of the twins name right — it’s Lyndsey.  But that’s not really the point so more on that later.

Devon Meet The Love Twins

What do Devon and the Love Twins have in common? Well they are all former Vivid girls and as of today, they are also all part of the Gold Star Modeling network.  In short it was revealed today on AVN that the Gold Star Modeling network acquired Blue Max Models who up until today handled the Love Twins.

A representative from The Gold Star Modeling network was contacted for a comment but basically had nothing new to say only that things were very new still and they aren’t even sure what is going on, who the new girls are, and how they are going to integrate them all together but they seem to look forward to the challenge.   The people at Blue Max Models couldn’t be reached for comment at this time, nor could The Love Twins.

As of this posting the link to the Gold Star New York website was not functioning, which is the new home of Blue Max Models.

Firefox can’t find the server at

More on this story as it develops.

The Love Twins

The AVN story is as follows ….

GoldStar Modeling Goes National

Joel Lawrence’s agency opens offices in Miami, N.Y.

LOS ANGELES – GoldStar Modeling on Wednesday announced it has opened offices in New York and Miami as the agency expands its reach on a national level.  GoldStar owner Joel Lawrence told AVN that Blue Max Models in New York and Alternative Modeling in Miami have become part of GoldStar Modeling. The new GoldStar branches will each have their own Websites – and – launched by Monday. Both sites will also be accessible from the main Web portal.

Lawrence, who founded GoldStar in June of 2005, said the deals came together quickly during the month of August after productive negotiations with Blue Max Models’ Joe Max and Alternative Modeling’s Eli Thomas.

“We absorbed Blue Max Models and Joe Max is now exclusively handling the business in the tri-state area,” Lawrence said. “That will be his sphere of influence and to that aim there will be talent based out of New York, male and female.

“The idea is more girls coming to New York, probably two a week, and ideally more talent coming out of New York, both male and female which could be going to any of the branches.

“In addition, more LA producers would be able to shoot out of New York. There will be a lot of cross-pollination going on.”

Thomas will oversee all operations for the new GoldStar branch in the Florida market.

“That same basic paradigm also exists, except Eli’s sphere of influence will be just Florida,” Lawrence continued. “We will offer housing, transportation and other support services and our talent will be available to any of the branches. So if an LA girl wants to go to Florida, we’ll have housing and transportation for her, and the same with New York. It’s likely that well make it a little bit of a triangle.”

Lawrence said that both the New York and Miami offices would also offer locations, access to equipment, and other production support services.  Thomas, who started Alternative in 2003, told AVN the new venture has been well-received.

“There is a lot of positive feedback that we are getting from producers in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale,” Thomas told AVN. “I’m excited because now we have a solid foundation with the talent in LA. It’s a win-win for everybody. The girls are excited and the producers are excited. I’m excited too because my goal has always been to be a national agency.”

Thomas said he would be working closely with Lawrence’s LA hub to build the Miami presence, including incorporating the same computer booking systems.

“And I’ll be hiring my own support staff as far as photographers and drivers to help us,” Thomas added. “The Florida market is constantly growing, I find I get at least one to two new producers contacting me per week.”

Gold Star’s New York arm will be based out of Long Island, where Max has operated Blue Max Models since 2003.

“I think it’s going to be phenomenal. We are the first nationwide agency,” Max said. “I think it’s going to change the industry. It’s going to be a lot easier for producers to book and easier for talent to find work. This was something we’ve been discussing for a while and it fell into place real quick.”

Max, who is stationed about 25 minutes from New York City, said he has watched the New York market grow during the past two years.

“By leaps and bounds. It’s amazing, more and more people are coming into New York to shoot now. … They are tired of the same old places.”

Max told AVN his territory would also include Pennsylvania.

“I’m about two hours away from every producer we work with,” said Max, who used to make frequent trips to Florida with his New York girls before he met Thomas.

Lawrence said he has about 105 LA-based girls and 10 guys on his roster. But when the transition is complete in a few weeks, he’ll have at least 135 girls and 25 guys. He said his bookings have already increased by over 20 percent.

“Everyone believes in the vision of being a national company because at the end of the day that will ultimately be what provides the greatest service for the producers and the talent,” Lawrence said. “I am firmly committed to this, and it’s reaped instant results in a lot of ways.”