Devon Responds to the Drama

Devon made another blog post about all the drama around her last post.  I don’t know if this newest blog post from Devon is in direct response to the letter from Shane’s  World or the overall nasty comments coming her way from her original post.


Devon blogs Telling the truth, really seems 2 have caused a stirr…& honestly the reason ive distanced myself from the whole porno scene, is BECAUSE of the incodences that occored on that unimaginably awfull trip 2 mexico, nearly 2 years ago…come on…would that not make sense……thats all i have 2 say on this subject rt now. Except, Thank u, 2 all friends, n fans who have sent me many messages of luv, & support! Thank u. xoxo, Dev.

In the mean time, thanks to a cute little birdie, I came across another interesting rape related story regarding Shane’s World over at PornNewz. Count just how many times the word “rape” is used in this one very short story.

From PornNewz Post -Girlfriends Films has hired industry veteran Megan Stokes as the new VP of New Project Development. I heard the “new project” is a weapons-grade plutonium factory in Northern Lithunia. But now that Megan has departed from Shane’s World, I feel safe to air our dirty laundry. Here it goes. On more than one occasion…Megan raped me. She wasn’t pleasant about it either, it was a love-less rape, almost like being in a Max Hardcore movie where I was playing the role of Catalina complete with speculums and she even had her own Yellow Couch of Doom. She was brutal and her rapes were meticulously planned out to humiliate me to the highest degree. Her rape-style was a combination of Max Hardcore and Khan Tusion mixed with Eli Roth and Celine Dion. And she kept me chained up in the basement of Shane’s World where I was forced to watch Disney movies and read catalogs about shoes. Megan also would randomly slap people at Shane’s World for no reason whatsoever, she’d just backhand ya right in the middle of a conversation. She had a penchant for going all “Jerry Springer” on us on more than one occasion. I can’t tell you how many times I had to pull her and Valerie See apart as they argued over which one was going to rape me next. It was pure hell. So that being said…I’d like to wish Megan all the best in her future endeavors, which I’m sure will include raping Moose and TJ over at Girlfriends. Watch yer cornhole guys.

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