Shane’s World Responds to Devon

I got a letter today about the ongoing Devon story in which she claims while on a Shane’s World set of her movie Devon Does Baja she was raped by Jack Venice, who is now himself serving life in prison for an unrelated rape.

Shane’s World has read the false and unfortunate defamatory posting of Devon as relates to the alleged actions of Jack Venice. Shane’s World categorically denies the statements made by Devon, and intends to vigorously pursue all legal avenues to redress Devon’s improper and defamatory statements.

While it is not the custom or practice of Shane’s World to comment upon such matters, given the severity of the allegations Shane’s World is compelled to respond in this instance. First, at no time whatsoever did Devon ever report, state or even suggest that she was physically or sexually assaulted at any time by Mr. Venice. This is the first suggestion of such inappropriate conduct. One would think that Devon would have reported the matter to law enforcement, but she glaringly fails to make any mention of doing so. Shane’s World can only assume that Devon is attempting to malign Shane’s World’s reputation in retaliation for her own misgivings and decline in her career.

Shane’s World/Hush Hush Entertainment

3 thoughts on “Shane’s World Responds to Devon

  1. Wow that’s something. A company comes out and instead of taking the high road and saying they will look into these very serious allegations, they instead verbally attack the victim. What a bunch of ass holes. It would have been so easy to come out of this looking great by saying they would look into the matter but instead they do this? I will never ever ever ever ever ever buy anything with the Shane’s World or Hush Hush Entertainment name attached to it. These guys suck.

  2. Boy shanes world really put their foot in it this time. First of all, why would Devon make this claim? And what law enforcement agency is going to take the word of a porn star’s claim that she was raped on a porn shoot in a different country ? And how are they going to sue her and for what? And if they do sue her, which i highly doubt, they are just going to call attention to their selves. They could have taken the high road but they attack her personally, call her a washed up, etc. etc. way to go andrew….and most rape victems don’t tell anyone for obvious reasons… what a tool andrew, what a tool

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